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Jenkins cited for marijuana: Muschamp has his first test

Janoris He won't be going high in the NFL Draft this year, but Janoris Jenkins will be damned if that's going to keep him from getting high in a Gainesville night club.

Jenkins was cited for misdemeanor possession this weekend after the fuzz spotted him rolling a marijuana cigarette in the bathroom of a club, giving new coach Will Muschamp his first bit of negative press. It's not an arrest, so I'll keep the Official Muschamp Arrest Counter at zero for the time being, but it's still a big moment.

Muschamp did a lot of talking about discipline during his introductory press conference, and his players will no doubt be interested to see how he handles this from a player like Jenkins, who'll be a team leader next season after putting off a pro career to return for his senior year. The crime is pretty tame. The fact Jenkins got caught is the bigger issue to me.

I (and most likely you) know people (certainly none of us would ever do it) who smoke weed and don't get busted for it. It's not a big deal when enjoyed responsibly, and the effects are far less dangerous than alcohol. At least that's what people I know tell me.

But here's Jenkins, bringing drugs into a club and having them out in the open where cops can see him. That just speaks to a general lack of common sense, a missing piece that I feel excludes him from the "top 1 percent of 1 percent" that Urban Meyer said he strived to recruit. He also got hit with a Taser and charged with fighting and resisting arrest in 2009.

A very small number of people would be able to avoid illegality in a four-year career in college football, but the art is in not getting caught. As a reporter said when Brandon James got popped for buying weed from a police informant a few years ago, "Doesn't he know there are people who can get that for him?"

In light of that, let's all pause and appreciate Percy Harvin. Harvin enjoys his marijuana, a fact proven by his failed drug test at the NFL Combine. That was incredibly dumb, and I wouldn't be shocked to know that a few of the games he missed for "injury" at UF were really because of drug issues, but in three years, Harvin didn't run afoul of Johnny Law. He was a big star who kept his nose clean and seldom disappointed on the field. Realistically, THAT is the top 1 percent of 1 percent, as far as college football goes.

Moving forward, this is mostly a non-issue to me. The deadline to declare for the NFL Draft has passed, meaning there's no chance Muschamp cracks the whip, Jenkins gets upset and bolts for the pros. It would seem a bit harsh to suspend him for a game seven months from now, but even if that happens, it's just FAU.

But for a struggling program largely relying on young players, leadership will be a constant battle. This issue isn't likely to crush Jenkins' credibility with his teammates, but it does cast doubt about whether he's the kind of guy you want atop your roster's power pyramid.


Anyone really upset about this? Do you care? What do you think Muschamp will do?


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You just implied that Harvin "might" have missed games at UF because of drug use without any proof that he did.

I guess the fact that the guy has a severe issue with migraines is irrelevant.

I can hear the song now,

Hear we go again..........

sit him 4 the 1st series of the 1st game like the previous enabler did..

Or how about Cypress Hill,

I want to get high so high

Their new moto....The last Gator to leave the practice field has to bring the ganga!

What mikey-mike doesnt get is he is a repeat offender. granted i know some people (me) as every1 does who've done pot but i certainly dont know anybody who has been tasered by the cops b4..

Great post Mike. Weed laws are so stupid and hypocritical that it just annoys me to see people being punished by law for it.

Rapidly, marijuana laws are going bye bye as they should. The billions of dollars wasted on catching pot smokers is absurd. Meanwhile people drink legally and fight, beat up each other, kill people in cars, and generally phukk up their lives.

Maybe I should change my total now.

To the Turd blog writer: this isn't a case of common sense gone askew, rather a case of an overblown ego. The sheer arrogance to have pot out and exposed in a bar, and to be rolling a doobie no less, says to me this guy thinks he runs the place. Typical thug Turd. Your new boy Muschump just got a wake up call on the real "UF way". And BTW, don't be telling people that the issue isn't the crime, but getting caught. Is that more FU logic?

We all know lots of people who do pot but dont know any who've been arrested or let alone been TASERED.
The dude's a repeat offender so we'll c if musty is just padding his resume like the last enabler, urbin '1 series' myers.

If I thought I could play like Jenkins or Harvin and toke a doobie, I'd smoke too!!

Jenkins arrested again...damn those cots at the Alachua County Detention Center must really be comfortable and the food (training table) must really be good. The Gators frequent the place so much. LMAO

A) He wasnt arrested.

B) it is just a small amount of weed; something that most of the University of Miami players and ex-head coach does all the time. Why do you think Randy Shannon was so mellow on the sideline? BAhwhahahahahahahahaa

A citation is still an arrest! Just because he did not see the inside of the jail does not mean any thing. I recently had a kid who worked for me that stole one of my trucks and went on a crime spree and was caught the next morning and he had stolen stuff piled up in the back of my truck and he never saw the jail...he was cited...which means he will be in court on the charges.It is up to the arresting officer to determin whether he actually goes to jail or not on minor arrests. They likley didn't have enough room in the jail with all the other U-felons already there.

Sidcan-----chill OUT. Looks like u could use some Gainesville green yourself. Does anyone remember Warren Sapp? He's doing fairly well know don't ya think?

The coach should kick him off the team.

I am going to volunteer to teach an orientation class to incoming freshman football players (and JUCO transfers).

First lesson - need weed, have a close friend get it for you and smoke it at their house. Second lesson - too drunk to drive home, call a cab or 1 of your 60 teammates. Third lesson - stressed/upset over your girlfriend and feel like wanting to take out anger - have a close friend look under the "theraputic" section of Craigslist for some temporary "relief". This would eliminated 93% of all misdemeanors and arrests at UF.

"Anyone really upset about this? Do you care?"

No, and no... *yaawwnn*...whats new?

The "How To Not Get Caught" seminar with So Cal Gator is a million-dollar idea. You're a powerpoint presentation away from having D-1 coaches knock down your door.

Posted by: pipeline

Sam Shields too.

Mike, where's all the recruiting news? You need to update this site more.

Muschamp needs to punish Jenkins and make an example of him because if he doesn't, there will be more arrests of the Carlos Dunlap and Chris Rainey variety soon.

Though I too have partaken of the sacred herb in my years up at G-ville, Jenkins is not a typical student paying his way through college. He's a student-athlete on scholarship representing UF, and he needs to be held to a higher standard.

Muschamp's punishment should replicate what Jenkins would face in the NFL under similar circumstances. Obviously, Jenkins can't be fined, but he needs to be SERIOUSLY punished. If Muschamp overlooks this, he'll regret it later.

By the way, Cane trolls, you criticize our arrests, but you also criticized our role model QB (Tebow) and you ran your coach out of town, even though the guy did a great job keeping the Canes on the straight path. On the inside, you guys ONLY care about winning (like Kirby Hocutt). Hypocrites. How you dream of having Thug U back. Like Melvin Bratton said, it's a country club now.

Rico Nice,

I can sum up the recruiting news for you. Florida still only has 15 recruits and every day loses another potential prospect to Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and Ohio State. Of the handful of remaining top 150 players, only 1-2 have Florida even listed as an "interest". I believe they are so desperate now to fill their class, they are trying to lure 3-star linebackers away from Boston College. Muschamp has "stolen" no one away from Texas or even the state of Texas (biggest shocker of all recruiting news). We better hope for some shockers on national signing day. Although, our class is still ranked in the top 5 or top 15 depending on which service you look at, so not all is lost. Our class last year was so loaded, that it shouldn't have too much of an effect. Keep in mind that QB is the obvious #1 position to fill and UF got the #1 ranked QB....

Sidcane you are wrong. Not in the state of Florida.

If you were issued a citation "on scene" and not transported to a facility for booking and released on a summons, you were not traditionally arrested. States can call or define "arrest" in a number of ways, such as detaining a person in the back of a patrol car, however, the "arrest" a job application is concerned about is, you were "taken into actual custody" for purposes of a charge forthcoming.

It's ok though that MDCC degree is going to get you somewhere one day.

Chick said : forget about it ! I am a CANE !


The bottom line here GAtor fan is the dude is a repeat offender.
HE WAS TASERED 4 GOD SAKES. (dont know any1 who has been TASERED). So u cant rationalize every1 does it, which u'all do with every GAtor offense (thier college kids, UM did it (Cane envy), i did it, etc. etc.).

Has Muschamp even left Gainesville since he became coach? We have lost a lot more recruits than he has brought in. Who has he gotten since he took over? I could get past not having head coaching experience but he is falling on his face in recruiting.Very alarming!

And I applaud him for going after Chickillo but we see how that worked out. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with Brissett.

Rick, the only recruit that Muschamp got on his own was Jabari Goreman from Monsignor Pace in Miami. Goreman turned down UM and another school.

Yea Gorman was a good get. Anyone else hear about this:

Florida Gators running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Stan Drayton, a native of Cleveland, OH, will leave the team to take the wide receivers coach job with the Ohio State Buckeyes as early as next week, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has confirmed.


This will hurt losing our recruiting coordinator a week before signing day.

Like Melvin Bratton said, it's a country club now.

Posted by: Rico Nice | January 25, 2011 at 02:59 PM

WAS a country club Rico. Say what you want about Golden coming from Temple but that dude is no joke. If he puts half the work in coaching as he does recruiting look out. God I wish they still had Shannon.

Its not a big deal! Everyone is doing it and eveyone everyone knows is doing it. Hes a college star and the best cornerback in the NCAA. If muschamp wants to be an idiot and bench his best player, then let him. Hell have a long season ahead of him

Rick, I was just talking trash about the U. I respect Al Golden. I think UM took a major gamble on him, and I think the guy is in over his head, BUT, the guy is sharp and he's busting his ass, and he seems classy. I respect the guy, trash talking aside. Nevertheless, I think his lack of experience (as well as the U's loss in allure) has shown in his hiring of coaches, particularly the offensive coordinator (dude is totally inexperienced and Golden never even met the guy) and his defensive coordinator, who's basically his buddy from Temple. I think Golden is going to bust his behind for the U, and that's always admirable, but I don't think that's going to translate to wins. Just voicing my honest opinion (Cane trolls, don't get mad, as I'm sure you'll trash Muschamp as well). Remember, Shannon seemed like the perfect hire as well, and that didn't turn out too well. Muschamp, on the other hand, has put together an impressive coaching staff. At the end of the day, their win-loss records will speak for themselves. When the Canes start getting whupped again, all the optimism in Cane camp will evaporate quicker than Jacory Harris's Heisman fantasies.

Rico, you live in fantasy land. UF has done nothing since Muschamp came in. The UF sites are completely silent and many of the top recruits dont even have UF on their final list. Golden has been taking over the recruiting trail and he is setting up 2012 also, next year the State of Miami is back open.

Posted by: UFelony30andmore

Do you just come on here fishing for comments to start an argument? Yeah, great Golden has a Top 50 class - wooo hoo. UF's is 5th and we stole Jabari Gorman penetrating the recruiting wall around South Florida. What are you selling Brissett on - playing football and basketball in front of dozens and dozens of fans. UNC v UM game on UM's campus was dead. I will give it you UM, they win the national championship every year between Jan-Aug with there off-season swag.


Muschamp whiffs again.

Rico, Golden lacks experience? He took the worst team in D 1 football and made them winners. Will he wilt under the bright lights of Miami with their fickle fan base? Maybe, but the guy is hustling. If there is any coach that lacks experience it's Muschamp. I can not for the life of me figure out why Foley would hire a head coach at Florida thats never been a head coach. This is the University of Florida not UCF. I think it was a bad move and I am not the only one. Hope he proves me wrong but so far I am not impressed.

He should not be doing that stuff the law has all ready got him

our guys just need to quit being Stupid!! grow up guys especially you janoris please!!

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