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How will Stan Drayton's departure affect recruiting?

Drayton After getting a late start, finally putting together a staff and having to wait on his coordinators to lose in the NFL Playoffs, Will Muschamp didn't need anything else to overcome on the recruiting trail. He got it anyway.

Muschamp's staff is incomplete once again, as running backs coach Stan Drayton leaves Florida for the second time, this time to be Ohio State's receivers coach. Drayton was also the Gators' recruiting coordinator, had been formerly honored by Rivals.com for his recruiting skills, and he was the guy with the most experience at UF.

So far, no reaction to this, but in the oh-so-fickle world of recruiting, you never really know. I know y'all have an isatiable thirst for recruiting news, and I'll be the first to admit that the whole business is a huge turn-off for me, being that it's the pinnacle of the rumor-driven, shady reporting that I've come to detest.

BUT, just because I love my blog readers so much, I made a phone call today. Monsignor Pace safety Jabari Gorman, a four-star safety who Drayton recruited, told me he'd known "for a while" that Drayton was leaving (to be closer to family) and that it wouldn't affect his commitment. This is important not only because Gorman is good, but he's also the only commit since Muschamp took over. Pulling a talented kid out of Miami was a good get for Muschamp, and if he loses Gorman without another solid pickup, he doesn't have much to hang his hat on with this recruiting class.

As for the potential fall-out from Drayton leaving, Ja'Juan Story seems to be the next problem. The 6-3, 190-pound receiver committed in June but is now playing the percentage game ("Don't worry, I'm still 64 percent committed. I'm 22 percent de-committed, 10 percent undecided and 4 percent sure that people who put legitimate stock in these numbers should be committed to an asylum").

Story is looking at the Buckeyes, where Drayton would now be his position coach. Drayton wasn't the main guy handling Story, but taking a familiar face away from School A and adding him to School B is not good news for School A.

Really, all we can do is sit back and see what happens in the coming days. Signing Day is next Wednesday, and while bringing in the current 15-man class with no changes would be a disappointment for a program used to No. 1 rankings, there's something to be said for Muschamp and his crew hanging on to the guys Urban Meyer brought in.

Check the paper and site Friday for my UF recruiting feature, and I'll have another post up soon with the big fish still out there that the Gators are chasing.


In the meantime, who do you want to see Florida close with? Worried about Story? Does Drayton leaving bother you?


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That was strong.

It bothers me yes, but im sure Texas fans are upset muschanp left them as well. Its just the college football landscape. Here today, gone the next. One can never be upset for someone leaving for greener pastures. But I am excited to see what our staff(if it ever gets full) will be able to do over the course of a full year, with all that NFL experience i think we will bode well.

I honestly think we have done alright, its not like we dont have talent there, we got the best qb, fb, and a top 5 tight end and rb, all crucial to running a pro-set, or any offense for that matter. If we can keep story on board i will be even happier, if not we are still pretty stacked at wr. I actually forsee some guys tranferring (lack of playing time).

Mike what do u think???? I know the pro-set is in the immediate future, but i think without a true proven power back, and several scat backs, and so many wr i would hope wed run alot of 4-5 wide, passing spread type deal.


You can teach writing substance, but you can't teach writing style. Either you got flow or you don't.

Thanks Mike!

we will be just fine:)

And you guys were talking about the hire of Golden!!!! BWAAAAAH your coach is still sitting on his hands hoping!!!! Good luck

What recruiting, what has Muschamp done since coming in (crickets) What has Weis done to assist recruiting (crickets). They have done nothing, Meyer is the only reason they have a top maybe 20 class after all is said. This does not bode well for the gators. Golden meanwhile is recruiting like a machine and getting many kids that actually had UF on their list but Golden went after them and now they are canes.

there's something to be said for Muschamp and his crew hanging on to the guys Urban Meyer brought in.

We have lost three 4 star recruits since Muschamp came in.

Lets go gators

Just saw the clip of Urban Meyer presenting the game ball to Ian Lockwood who passed away. Even though I am a Cane fan, I just wanted to say that Meyer is a coach that U guys should be proud of. My prayers go out to the Lockwood family.

This is NOT the same as Muschamp leaving Texas.
The "Recruiting Coordinator" secretly negotiating with another program during the HEIGHT of recruiting season, then actually jumping ship as the final weekend approaches?
Drayton is a SCUMBAG, pure and simple--good riddance, in the long run, but he couldn't have DONE a more efficiently well-timed job of screwing us on his way out the door.
Anyone with an OUNCE of honor would have at LEAST warned Muschamp of his considerations when he came to him at the start. F*ck him.

Don't need him. Graham Stewart 4 Star LB announced last night he is a Gator.

Dru, I'm not sure of the details on this so I don't want to say too much, but I believe Drayton may have left to be closer to family because of some recent issues with his father's health. That's what Gorman was talking to me about at least, and he was very understanding of the situation. So if that's the case, you may not want to hate Drayton too much.

Daniel, thanks for the compliment. I'm going to forward that to my bosses.

And Swift, I definitely think some transfers are due. I want to get into that in a post after NSD. As far as the offense, I really have NO clue what's going to happen. They have spread players and a pro-style coach, and I think that uncertainty is one of the reasons some recruits are holding back.

I don't know who the Gators will recruit hopefully someone great who can step up big time and be the big man for the Gators I think we need a new safety and wide receiver we have Burton, Brantley , and Reed so we are good at the QB spot. Go Gators I have big hopes for this upcoming seasons team we will be champs

I hope we get Taylor Domeniche. He would start ahead of Thompson. How can we run a pro style offense with no pro style receivers on the roster?

Yeah we have Matt Elam at safety but we need someone else, and we also have Jeff Driskel, #10 overall prospect at QB, maybe Debose could step up and play wideout.

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