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Jeff Driskel is on campus, what do you expect from him?

Driskel UA Check out this video from the UA All-America Game, which includes plenty of screen time for Jeff Driskel, who most Gators fans hope will be to Florida's offense what Keanu Reeves was to The Matrix.

Driskel's 67-yard touchdown run is at the 2:40 mark, followed by defensive tackle Gabe Wright razzing him on the sideline by calling him Tim Tebow and Cam Newton. Driskel handles that pretty well, but I'm sure he'll get tired of those comparisons and expectations eventually (if he isn't already).

Andre Debose bucked the notion that he's the next Percy Harvin when he came in, and Driskel will probably want to carve out his own legacy too.

Speaking of Debose, here's a funny moment from this season. He was talking about the praying mantis-like technique he uses to catch (and drop) kickoffs, and he was smiling until a reporter said, "You know, Percy catches kicks like that too." Debose shot him a death stare and said, "Yea, well I don't know how Percy catches kicks." Oops.

Anyway, back to the video, Driskel also gets interviewed around the 5-minute mark, and there's some footage of the pregame speeches and a Haka dance as well. I know most of you are fiending for recruiting talk about now, and I promise to have more on it in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, what are you expecting from Driskel this spring and in the fall? Given John Brantley's apparent lack of skill, Jordan Reed's apparent lack of playbook study skills and Trey Burton's apparent lack of an arm, would you rather just throw Driskel in right from the start and get him seasoned? I know there's value to letting a player observe from the sideline and ease into it, but that sure as hell didn't work with Brantley.

As far as expectations go, Driskel is going to have the world on his shoulders, and that's no easy thing to handle. The guy is good and I expect him to be successful, but he's not Tebow, and unfortunately that's what many will demand of him. It'll be fascinating to see how he deals with all that in the spring.


Let me know what you think. Do your best to stay on topic. Pretty, pretty, pretty please.


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Driskel is starting by mid season. Maybe Brantley will flourish in a true pro set. Doubt it.

I expect him to suffer under Weis and ride the pine for some time.

Another freshman who hopefully contributes by the end of the season

I believe we will see Driskel starting by 4th game. Go Gators!

I've seen Jeff Driskel highlight tapes from high school. I saw him in the Under Armour game. I've seen him get interviewed. This guy bleeds orange and blue and is Gator to the core. Love the guy. Driskel is VERY impressive, and I expect him to be one of the top QBs in college football, lead us to SEC titles and maybe National Championships, maybe even compete for a Heisman one day. BUT - that won't happen this upcoming season. Call me crazy, but I actually believe Charlie Wies is going to turn John Brantley into the superstar QB we all thought he would be (before this past season). I agree Mike, that Brantley has disappointed, but it was mainly towards the end of the season. I really believe Meyer and Addazio's horrible offensive schemes and the miserable dud we call the "Three-bow" project, totally destroyed Brantley's confidence. I really believe Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio BETRAYED Brantley by not adapting the offense to his traditional, pro-style skills. I don't want to see Jordan Reed and I don't want to see Trey Burton. I want to see the redemption of John Brantley this year under the tutelage of Charlie Wies. It'll happen. I'm a believer in Brantley!

I agree with suicyco, Brantley will be much better in a pro set.

I wasn't impressed with him in the UA game , and don't think he will be a star , just another good player not great.

You have very few players that fit a Pro Set so maybe in a couple years he will be ready to lead a pro set offense. Thats if Weis sticks around that long

I absolutely agree with SUICYCO. Addazio & Meyer totally screwed up John Brantley. A blind man could see it (but obviously the AD could not.) Don't blame Brantley or the players for the bad season. The talents were there, just horrendous coaching didn't give anyone a chance. The coaching was so bad it was almost unbelievable. Brantley will be very good, maybe even very very good this fall.

After watching all the games this year, I think brantley suffered more from the play calling than anything else. he was never in there long enough to make an impact and the first time he made a mistake he was pulled in favor of burton or reed. Or he would drive the gators down to the goalline and burton and reed would take the "glory"... by the end of the season burton basically became a drone. he went in and out as the coaches called and whether he made a great play or a pick he'd have the same look on his face. I was really excited to see brantley come in to play but it was clear after the 3rd game of the season the system was not adapted to fit his skill set, instead meyer and co. had adapted brantley to fit the system... and that never ends well...


"by the end of the season brantley..."

in addition... i think brantley does a bit better next season under weiss. but it takes a while to learn all the formations and remember for some of the guys this is a huge change from what they were asked to do under meyer...

i think another 8-4 season if things go well... we're playing a hard schedule coming up next year, but luckily he have alot of key matchups back home

At this point, I have no idea how you can say with confidence that Brantley is the unquestioned starter going into next season.

He's a good kid, we rightfully cheered for him to succeed. He got his shot, and unfortunately missed. We've all heard tales of how Brantley looks like Peyton Manning in practice, but those practices don't count in your Win-Loss record. Once he suited up on Saturdays it was a different story, especially in big SEC/rivalry games where we NEEDED him to make throws. Throwing the football is still throwing the football, pro-style or not.

I expect Weis to throw all 5 QBs (including Tyler Murphy) into an open audition for the starter. Driskel may even go out there and win it. Realistically though? I think he sits this year, packs on a few pounds and will be ready to go for 2012, barring a breakout season from one of the other 4 guys at QB.

Are the rumors true that Trey Burton is really switching to D?

I haven't been to this site in months. Glad to see we have one of our own writing it finally. Good riddance to the Gator hater Goodman.

We have so many good quarterbacks now, there's no reason to suffer thru the agony of the Brantley experiment any longer.

Posted by: Tom | January 14, 2011 at 12:31 PM

The feelings mutual. Although it was a wee bit entertaining covering the train wreck that was Florida football last year....

Very exciting things happening in Gainesville! I hear Driskel is trying to get Chikallo to come too.

Go Gators!

I thought Jo gave pretty coverage. 2010 season was what it was, can't candy coat it. Anyone that was in G-ville back in the '70's and '80's knows that things could be way worse than they were last year.

Go Gators!

Gators just hired 4 time Pro Bowl NFL great Bryant Young as Dline coach. Time for every great blue chip dline prospect to jump on board. Come on Anthony this is the clincher.

Mike is doing a great job, but Jo Goodman was awesome as well. If Jo is a Gator Hater, I didn't get the memo. Besides, even if he was (secretly), he did a great job of hiding it. So I disagree with you Tom. Jo busted his butt and made an excellent blog with regular updates. My man Jo, no good riddance from me. Wish you nothing but the best brother!

Chick don't miss the bus. UM has a lonnng road ahead of it.

John Brantley is staying; Addazio is GONE. All good news.

Brantley+ Weis + spread offensive players = Losers and last in the SEC again!!!

Why is the hoops team stuck in neutral in a down year for SEC bball?

If Jacoby Brisset comes to UF then Driscol will ride the Pine and end up transferring. Remember Brantley was a far better recruit a few years back. UF will need a quarterback that can get away from the pass rush because Alabama, MSU and SC and Auburn will be very very strong defensively for the next couple of years. UF should have kept Charlie Strong team went south after he left.

probably holds 4 kicks, then transfers. not a good fit 4 a charlie weight offense..

Muschump is a joke.. and what team are you a fan of?

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