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Jeff Driskel is on campus, what do you expect from him?

Driskel UA Check out this video from the UA All-America Game, which includes plenty of screen time for Jeff Driskel, who most Gators fans hope will be to Florida's offense what Keanu Reeves was to The Matrix.

Driskel's 67-yard touchdown run is at the 2:40 mark, followed by defensive tackle Gabe Wright razzing him on the sideline by calling him Tim Tebow and Cam Newton. Driskel handles that pretty well, but I'm sure he'll get tired of those comparisons and expectations eventually (if he isn't already).

Andre Debose bucked the notion that he's the next Percy Harvin when he came in, and Driskel will probably want to carve out his own legacy too.

Speaking of Debose, here's a funny moment from this season. He was talking about the praying mantis-like technique he uses to catch (and drop) kickoffs, and he was smiling until a reporter said, "You know, Percy catches kicks like that too." Debose shot him a death stare and said, "Yea, well I don't know how Percy catches kicks." Oops.

Anyway, back to the video, Driskel also gets interviewed around the 5-minute mark, and there's some footage of the pregame speeches and a Haka dance as well. I know most of you are fiending for recruiting talk about now, and I promise to have more on it in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, what are you expecting from Driskel this spring and in the fall? Given John Brantley's apparent lack of skill, Jordan Reed's apparent lack of playbook study skills and Trey Burton's apparent lack of an arm, would you rather just throw Driskel in right from the start and get him seasoned? I know there's value to letting a player observe from the sideline and ease into it, but that sure as hell didn't work with Brantley.

As far as expectations go, Driskel is going to have the world on his shoulders, and that's no easy thing to handle. The guy is good and I expect him to be successful, but he's not Tebow, and unfortunately that's what many will demand of him. It'll be fascinating to see how he deals with all that in the spring.


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