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What'd you think of the Tebow documentary?

Tebow documentary

"Tim Tebow: Everything in Between," a documentary chronicling Tebow's path to the NFL Draft, just wrapped up on ESPN. I missed the first 15 minutes (which a friend tells me was the best part, of course), but from what I saw, there wasn't anything too groundbreaking.

It airs again later tonight if you missed it, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Here are some of mine:

-Tebow gave Matthew McConaughey a run for his money in that. Every time I turned around, he was taking his shirt off. I'm sure that was fun for some viewers though.

-The draft-day stuff was pretty cool to watch. Seeing his agent, Jimmy Sexton, working the phones and predicting what would happen was the most interesting part of what I saw. Also, Sexton's reaction to Dez Bryant getting drafted (thus making Tebow a more likely pick) was awesome, and his quote "I still wake up and see Michael Crabtree in the room across from me" about a similar situation was priceless.

-Lots of Tebow working out, and while it's neat to see the work he puts in, that's part of what'll make people leave that documentary saying, "God, I hate Tebow." Plenty of players work themselves into the ground getting ready for the draft, but Tebow is the type of guy who always gets more credit for doing that. He's obviously a really hard worker, as evidenced by him working out with linemen when he got to UF, but that was pretty much the focus of what I saw tonight, and I can see why that leaves those with "Tebow Fatigue" feeling nauseated.

-Also, it's important to keep in mind the source. Sexton was an executive producer, as was UF booster Bill Heavener, who was Bob Tebow's college roommate. Heavener's son made the documentary, and as a kid with a journalism degree, I'm naturally very skeptical of the objectivity of the film. It's not like they have footage of Tebow with strippers and didn't run it, but the film is basically an hour-long ad for Tim Tebow, Inc.

-Still, none of the above is Tebow's fault. He's the kind of player every fan wants on his or her team, and this documentary backed that up. Boy, were the Gators lucky to have him.

-I still have to watch the beginning on the re-run, but from what I saw, I'm keeping the first Tebow documentary ranked above this one. Here's a clip, beginning with my all-time favorite Tebow line: "BIG NUTS!"



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