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If you're hoping Muschamp will be like Meyer, 2011 NSD is a good sign

A first-year Florida coach signs 18 recruits, gets mixed reviews on his first class and finishes way behind Florida State. Sound familiar? It happened in 2005, when Urban Meyer brought in his inaugural crew, and that was the case this year for Will Muschamp.

Why do I bring this up? Because it's a coincidence and SPORTSWRITERS LOVE COINCIDENCES!

This doesn't mean Muschamp is headed for unprecedented success and years of happy hunting on the recruiting trail, but it's important to cut him some slack based on the tough situation he walked into. He officially took over a month before National Signing Day and didn't get his full staff together until...today, when he hired Derek Lewis to coach tight ends and moved Brian White to running backs.

The Gators finished No. 14 on Rivals.com (Meyer's first class was No. 15. Just sayin) and could move a bit since there are still a few players out there who've yet to sign. I'd name them, but last time I did that it turned out to be a gigantic jinx, and I don't want to piss off my readers.

No. 1 prospect and apparent attention whore Jadeveon Clowney is waiting to announce until all eyes are on him (this feels like a Super Sweet 16 episode or something). He's probably not Florida-bound, to which I say you should be thankful. That punk thought it'd be funny to "announce" on Facebook that he's headed to a crappy team a few months ago and freak everyone out. He picked East Carolina as his joke school, and as a lifelong Pirates fan, I'm confident that the football gods will punish him with a career to match his last name.

Some good and bad news today, and I'll make it quick because I'm burned out.

Bad first, we'll end happy: Lake City DT Timmy Jernigan is going to FSU, and Richmond (Va.) LB Curtis Grant is going to Ohio State. Both are considered the bluest of chips, and Muschamp couldn't get Jernigan despite the fact he grew up a UF fan. That always hurts, and apparently Jernigan was upset with the way Meyer and Dan McCarney left, so I suppose Muschamp can't shoulder the blame.

Good: WR Ja'Juan Story and DB Marcus Roberson are headed to Gainesville, and as of writing, Jeff Driskel is still alive and well. Story committed to UF in June, but he and the Buckeyes had been casting sultry glances at each other, and he said he hadn't even made up his mind when he sat down to announce today. Roberson is a big pickup, a South Florida DB to go along with Jabari Gorman. Y'all have to be pretty happy with Muschamp for snagging those two.


Like I said, I'm beat, but I'm planning a new feature for Friday that you will either think is hilarious or the dumbest thing you've ever seen. What did you guys think of NSD and Meyer's work on ESPN? No matter how bad you think it was, no UF committs were arrested for fondling girls the night before, so you'll always have that to hang your hat on. Kid gets an A for creativity though.


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Big Mike, I think we have a great class and I'm very happy with who we signed. No complaints here, especially in light of Muschamp's transitions, as you duly noted. Dude, your blog is on fire. Keep up the good work. Love the humor and the personal views, like calling Jadeveon a punk and all that. Like the line about Jajuan and Ohio State giving each other "sultry" glances. Good writing bro. Peace out and GO GATORS!!!!

I'll take a top 15 class despite the loss of Coach Meyer. Lost is the fact that Jenkins stayed. Our pass defense should be pretty good

That Jernigan-tale is particularly exemplary of recruiting-silliness--and how we don't even WANT some of these head cases, as it turns out. Not only was it not Chomp's fault, this kid holding him and the rest of UF responsible for his case of "hurt and betrayal" at Meyer and Co. leaving without telling him after all their long relationship is just foolish, selfish and ridiculous on so many levels, both the idea of it and the way he kept it a secret attitude through it all, 'til the very end. Between him and all the grandstanders, with their hats and animals and phony little fake-outs--the hell with them all. Clowney may be the worst of the lot, but they're all a bunch of self-inflated prima donnas, it's pretty obvious. Character is part of what makes a young player teachable, and whether or not he will be a part of a larger whole, the TEAM, in a useful way.

Way 2 set the bar high, mikey-mike (& what kind of name is that 4 an adult).. Incoming recruits rap sheet; AC leonard was kicked out high school football 4 insubordination & ja'jaun story been arrested already, so when the GAtors mention reloading they mean rearming..

Congrats to Muschamp and Co for pulling together a top 15 class with limited time. What's lost in the analysis is the fact 9 guys coming off of redshirt this year were 4 star guys in last year's recruiting class. We have as many 4 stars in this class. This coaching staff will have alot to work with for sure!

I think the numbers from last years have a good amount to do what what this years class looked like. Had Urban still been at UF you might have had a few more move into the good guys camp but I still don't think we would have matched FSU or UGA. 2012 should be very telling as far as recruiting ability of the new staff.

Oh and one last thought part of this years recruiting class can also be blamed on the performance of the team last year. It was not just that we lost at times it looked like we were not even sure how to play the game.

UF only had a top 20 class because muschamp lived off of Urbies recruiting, otherwise would have been in the 30's. Next year will be telling, telling how terrible the gators will be. Cant wait.

Go Gators!

Muschamp 1
Golden 0

Golden 1
Muschamp 0

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