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Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2011 Cam Newton Memorial All-Transfer Team

Cam-NewtonIt's that time of year again. The letters of intent have been faxed, spring practice is right around the corner (March 16) and some student-athletes are re-evaluating their place with the Gators. Transfers are inevitable, and there are some prime candidates to get the heck up outta here in search of greener pastures.

The new coaching staff can work two ways when it comes to transfers. There are guys whom Urban Meyer loved despite their faults, and a fresh start is worrisome for them (COUGHDEONTETHOMPSONCOUGH). Excuse me. Then there are those who didn't seem to get their due but could now that everyone's starting at square one.

Now, I've written things like this in the past and usually gotten angry feedback, so I'd like to make myself clear first. From a UF fan's perspective, nothing could be better than playing for the Gators, but that's not necessarily the best fit for everyone, so this list is full of names for whom a move could be of benefit and is in no way meant as an insult. In fact, Gator Clause wishes any future transfers from UF nothing but the best: $200,000, a Heisman Trophy and a national title.

Now, let's get to it:

-QB: John Brantley and Tyler Murphy
Brantley made the decision to stay because he's happy with Charlie Weis and a pro-style offense. But he'll have to deal with Jeff Driskel in spring practice, and if Driskel gets off to a hot start and there's an open competition, I wouldn't be shocked to see Brantley up sticks (one of the best phrases known to man). However, Brantley handled a very tough situation last season like a professional. He never whined, and he held his leadership role even in the face of diminished playing time. Granted, he helped put himself in that situation by sucking, but I say that to point out that he's a resilient fellow.

If Brantley stays, Murphy has got to be leaving unless he wants to inherit the Jimmy Hoffa position on the depth chart. He'd be behind Brantley, Driskel, Jacoby Brissett, Jordan Reed and probably be battling Gainesville High walk-on Ryan McGriff for scout-team duties. Side note: I saw McGriff play at GHS, and he's got a good arm. Good guy to have around.

-RB: Mack Brown
Brown never got a chance this season, and he fits into that category of guys who can impress and earn some playing time. But he's still got Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey and Mike Gillislee in front of him and Mike Blakely coming in. Blakely is out for the spring because of shoulder surgery, which makes Brown leaving less likely in my mind. This is a guy Florida should want to keep around since Demps and Rainey are gone after this year.

-WR: Andre Debose
Weis and Will Muschamp better be promising the world to Debose. I had him figured for a definite transfer until Meyer left, and if he doesn't feel like he'll be a bigger part of the offense during spring practice, I still wouldn't be surprised to see him leave. That would be a disaster, so I'd imagine Muschamp and Weis wouldn't let that happen. Then again, I would have imagined there was no way Meyer wouldn't realize Debose needed to play more, yet he seemingly didn't. If you were at the Florida-Kentucky basketball game Saturday, you witnessed the hilarity of Debose being honored with an award for being a baller kick returner, meaning his speed and elusiveness was impressive enough to warrant public commendation but not playing time on one of the most dysfunctional offenses in the country. LOL. And I'd expect to see a non-Debose receiver leave as well, because that happens just about every year.

-TE: Desmond Parks
Reed, Gerald Christian and A.C. Leonard are all likely ahead of Parks, and then there's pseudo-tight end Trey Burton. Roll out.

-CB: Any and everyone not named Janoris Jenkins
This is going to be one hell of a position battle in the spring. Jenkins' surprise announcement that he's staying for his senior year cranks up an already intense struggle for the No. 2 spot. Jeremy Brown, Cody Riggs, Moses Jenkins and Jaylen Watkins all saw a fair amount of playing time there last year, and there's only so much to go around. Add in bigtime recruit Josh Shaw (now a redshirt freshman) and the whopping six defensive backs in this recruiting class, and there are bound to be some heading for the door. I have very close to zero insight on Watkins (not that much of a drop from my usual insight I suppose), but Riggs is the least physically gifted and will have to re-enact the Rudy routine that gained him favor with last year's coaches. Moses will lose all the goodwill he built up through years of special teams work, and Brown was one of those "Meyer guys" but struggled late in the year. This crew should be tripping over themselves to hold doors open for their new coaches.


What do y'all think of this list? I tried to stick to the bigger names and not guys at the bottom of the depth chart. Any other names you're worried about? I'd expect the offensive linemen to stay since playing time is wide open for next year, and the annual rumors of more 3-4 defense make me hesitant to pick out any linebackers. There are some interesting cases like Earl Okine -- guys who bounced around positions and could be left drifting in the wind a bit -- but we'll have to wait and see what happens in the spring for those.


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Sounds like your a tad bitter about Cam leaving the Gators, get over it you'll be a better person for it.

Mike -- great spin on a sticky topic! The depth chart needed to face a regime change and prove themselves all over again. The competition will be good for all and the real ballers will certainly float to the top.

For your next column how about the 'All Ghost' team. You can highlight all the guys who came in with much ballyhoo then disappeared (cough, cough Matt Patchen cough, cough)

@Billybob -- Cam was cancer man. Count the days before that Auburn NC is stripped because of Cam and his nut-case Dad. I'm sure Chizik is already working on his Seargant Schultz speech to the NCAA.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: All is well now that the village idiot has been rewarded for his offensive skills and has been promoted to head coach at Temple.

Gordon, PLEASE you sound like the village idiot here. Golden is a good coach, he been evaluated by numerous reporters, fellow coaches, mentors, and talking heads as very capable, as is Will. Talking crap like this makes you sound stupid. Muschamp and Golden will have to prove whose better by the teams performance on the field. Both are very qualified coaches. I for one want to see what they do. And Gordon, it's best to say nothing and be thought of as stupid, than to post and confirm the fact.

Hey zzz clown mike33076, Hordon was referring to steve Addazio. Pay attention before you flame people nimrod.

Anyway, didn't MIAMI OF OHIO take Golden behind the woodshed. []__[] got the TEMPLE COACH. Shut yer pie hole cane clown.

Posted by: mike33076

Read much? Poster meant Addazzio.


Great article Mike. You forget some of these names from past recruiting classes...Great point about Deonte. I almost forgot we still had him, it's been a while since he's made a relevant catch. He's in just as hot of a seat as Johnny B. Both have all the pro potential in the world, but so do their backups. Neither has shown any game-to-game consistency. If I were them, I'd definitely be nervous.

To think that one year ago, us Gator Fans we're dreaming of the Brantley-Thompson connection. Now, we have a QB who can't throw and a No. 1 WR that can't catch. Hopefully, Weis already has them working overtime. Either way, looking forward to the Orange & Blue game.

Cody Riggs played super for a freshman and will only get better. Andre Debose if he can pick up the mental aspect of the game will be awesome. These 2 are not going anywhere.

Golden was 0-14 against WINNING MAC teams.
Frank Solich routinely took him and D'Onofrio to the woodshed with his read-option offense.
Sobering stat.

Wow the hate for the Heisman Winner and National Champion Tigers is unbelievable. You gator fans are bitter bitter people. I guess since you are the 5th best team in the SEC that is to be expected. Not much will change, Auburn will still be pounding you even without Cam.

gators better hope none of their qb's transfer. Let's see.......Brock Berlin transfers to the Canes and beats the gators twice while mocking gator village with the chomp. Cam newton transfers to a sec school and goes UNDEFEATED while winning the national championship something the gators have NEVER done.

gators better hope none of their qb's transfer. Let's see.......Brock Berlin transfers to the Canes and beats the gators twice while mocking gator village with the chomp. Cam newton transfers to a sec school and goes UNDEFEATED while winning the national championship something the gators have NEVER done.

...it was like being in Gainesville for Berlin in front of a sell-out UF crowd with a few cane fanes working the beer stand.

Cool article mike. I agree on the Qb front I think murphy is gone, we dont need him at wr and with brissett now on board his playing time percentage just went from 5% to .01%.

The Rb front i think mack stays simply because like you said rainey and demps are gone after next year, blakely comes in hurt. So that leaves really just him and gillislee to battle for the startin role, and i see us going with a rb by comittee anyway.

On the TE front, i see mcfarland leaving before parks. Parks has been there a few years, and although a little injury prone, i think he has value as a blocking te.Christian, leonard will be the pass catchers at the position, with those two around i think we will use more two tight end fronts this year.

The Wrs i hate to say it but i do see debose as a huge tranfer threat. He is awesome at returns, but u have to admit he does not look like he has gained a pound since he has been there, and with his limited playing time he gets hurt way to often. To me he seems a bit fragile. And toughness is what coach boom is all about. And Honestly i really dont see us hurt at all at the wr front if debose does leave. We have so many bodies that will be trying to impress the coaches. With Hines and Hammond steadily improving, dunkley and dunbar who i project will be stars once they hit the field. Patton, and clark who outplayed many of the higher ranked bigger named players in my opinion. Plus it seems to be in vain but im hoping Dt will have one good year. throw in story and the other freshman javares, burton,ali for depth i think we are lookin good.

What do you think Mike??

its not like muschamp has proven anything. he did his work with other coaches players. he could measure up to the charlie weis era at ND. neither has proven they can coach anything. GO CANES


Kevin Nelson hates []__[]

Gators should be real good next season. Nothing but talent and competition at every position. I wish Miami had any one of the Gator QB's for next season...Morris and Harris would be scout teamers at Gatorville.

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