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QB Brissett picks Gators, can still change his mind

Brissett Dwyer High quarterback Jacoby Brissett committed to Florida before his basketball game tonight, addressing two of the issues Will Muschamp raised at his press conference on National SIgning Day. Muschamp hinted that he was still waiting on a recruit and said he wasn't happy with the depth at quarterback.

It's a big pull for Muschamp to take Brissett away from Miami, especially because he already has Jeff Driskel in his pocket, BUT there is still a decent chance the Hurricanes end up with him anyway. Brissett didn't sign a letter of intent today and apparently won't do so until Monday. As you'll read in the story linked above, Brissett's momma ain't happy with the choice, and she'll be trying to change his mind all weekend.

Even if he flips, this should make people feel a little better about Muschamp and Charlie Weis as recruiters. They jumped on Brissett pretty quick and obviously made a good impression on him. Momma Brissett is upset Muschamp never met with her ("That man Mr. Muschamp is THE DEVIL!"), but she liked Weis, and this whole thing at least says Weis had some pull in recruiting after all.

Now, if Brissett comes to UF, it'll be really interesting to see what happens. Will he be the favored freshman because he was the one Muschamp and Weis picked? Or is Driskel the Golden Boy, meaning Brissett will eventually throw some expensive computer equipment out a window and win a national title at Auburn? Brissett is mobile, but he isn't truly a dual-threat quarterback, so he could fit into a Weis-run offense.


Have any of you seen him play? What do you think of this pickup? Will it stick? I can already tell the comment cop is going to have his hands full on this one.


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two questions come to mind...

first, Muschamp isn't "happy" with the depth at QB? ...Brantley, Driskel, Reed/Burton isn't enough?

and lastly, if you were Jacoby Brissett, as a QB, why would you want to come to UF where there are 3 maybe 4 guys ahead of you?

Even if he returns, which should make people a little more on Muschamp and Charlie Weis as recruiters. Brissett jumped in quickly enough, and obviously made a good impression of him.

Rawpimple be careful. If you talk bad about the canes, Mike will erase your comment. He writes for Gator Clause but is clearly a closet cane fan. It's okay for cane fans to trash the gators, he won't erase those, but god forbid if you respond to them and defend your team. He doesn't allow that.

This announcement was a shocker. I was sure this dude was going to be a Cane. I agree with what drapeau said. We have a bunch of depth at QB (and drapeau didn't even mention Tyler Murphy... I don't know squat about the guy, but he was a redshirt QB last year), and Driskel looks to be every bit as great as advertised. Anyhow, of course I'm glad Brisset spurned UM to come to a REAL college football program with a real coaching staff, real stadium, real college football environment, and real fans that pack the place on Saturdays. A little too much drama for me from this cat, but we'll take him. This slaps some reality onto the faces of Cane fans who have been wetting themselves with Golden's three star recruits from their own back yard. Those recruits obviously don't want to leave home, that's it, and it's easy to pick Miami over Minnesota or Marshall or whatever.

Muschamp OWNS Golden right now.

By the way Mike, I like what you've done, but GatorAlum has a point. I've written a couple of things that I felt were needlessly deleted. You're supposed to keep out the CANE trolls, but allow US to trash them.

The Fiction Friday, or whatever you called it, was funny and creative but I prefer some real news (sorry). Good effort though!

He made the right choice taking his talent to the gator nation, He is going to the tought SEC and will play great games.

Brantley will hold the clickboard for the QB
Driskel and Brissett will fight for the job , Reed and Burton moving to TE

Brissett joins the team with the best coaching staff.

Didn't know you were policing so many comments, but happy that you are. I check your blog 2x as much since there aren't so manty idiots posting on it now. Thx for the good work, Mike.

Didn't know you were policing so many comments, but happy that you are. I check your blog 2x as much since there aren't so many idiots posting on it now. Thx for the good work, Mike.

Slows news day. He chose us, big deal....still won't mean anything until he arrives and lights it up on the field.

Wow the herald blogs have turned into China.

Can't mention the canes and gators together even though this recruit was deciding between the two and obviously picked the school with so much more promise and at the near the top of the college football world instead of one on the decline.

As the #3 rated QB prospect, he has to be thinking what move will put him in the best position for a future NFL draft, not which place can he hang out with his best buddies who he went to high school with. So this move makes ZERO sense unless he is one cocky kid who just assumes he can beat out the #1 rated QB prospect. BOTH of these kids could be the top 2 QBs in this year's class yet one will definitely NOT be the starter. Why would Brissett even take the chance that he rides pine for 4 years when he can absolutely prove his worth at Miami. I'm not the only one baffled. ESPN analysts echoed the same thoughts. Sounds like his high school friends had a bit too much influence one what should instead be a focus on HIS FUTURE. UF is a great school with what should be a solid coaching staff but why would a kid want to go somewhere where he can provide "depth" as Muschamp put it rather than where he be the starter on day 1. I wouldn't have blamed him for spurning Miami for Wisconsin, but for a team with the #1 QB prospect already enrolled and ready to go?????? Sounds like momma might be upset that her boy may have given away a clear path to the NFL too....

good luck to the young man. I can really care less where he attends college.

One senior without lots of good past, two others who probably won't be QB means lack of depth. UF is the better academic school, better facilities, and better game day experience. That is all.

Who cares what Brissett's mom thinks. When his Florida career Is done she will love UF anyway.

Let a sista be a diva. It's okay.

It's official as of Monday morning mom is now fully on board and LOI has been faxed in. welcome to the Gator Nation Jacoby.

Golden needs to get Brissett bad---UF already has a top QB. Brissett is the key to a big time team next year. Golden needs to lay all the recruiting heat to get brissett to sign with the U.

Rico, I agree with you. I have no problem with trolling comments deleted, but just because i cheer for the Canes and post in responsse to comments about the Canes on here, that doesn't equate with trolling.

And for GatorAlum to suggest Mike is a Canes fan shows he hasn't noticed that he deletes Canes comments even when not trolling.

Glad it's being done though, because even if I cannot write here, it also means a certain obsessed raw racist is blocked as well.

Now if the Canes blog would do the same, that would be great.

Maybe this kid wanted some distance from his mother and Miami was too close to home. It's Monday and no news on whether he's faxed in his LOI. Weis wooed this kid big time, so it should be interesting to see how Driskel, a Meyer recruit, competes with Brissett. Driskel's already enrolled and will have a leg up, but both guys are going to sit behind Brantley this year anyways. What an interesting scene at UF, but a good one. It's possible that Brissett sees a better future in basketball too. I don't know how good he is but certainly you have a longer life playing hoops than football, physically at least. Maybe the duality of a top football and top basketball program was too much for him to turn away from, even with Driskel.

Big Slap Shot Bob, it is a great opportunity for you guys.

Not equating the two, but there was a time when Bernie Kosar was the starter, and he had Heisman winner Vinnie Testaverde and Geoff Torretta (brother of another Heisman winner) as his backups.

Congrats to Brissett for taking the challenge on. Good luck to him in the future.

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