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QB Brissett picks Gators, can still change his mind

Brissett Dwyer High quarterback Jacoby Brissett committed to Florida before his basketball game tonight, addressing two of the issues Will Muschamp raised at his press conference on National SIgning Day. Muschamp hinted that he was still waiting on a recruit and said he wasn't happy with the depth at quarterback.

It's a big pull for Muschamp to take Brissett away from Miami, especially because he already has Jeff Driskel in his pocket, BUT there is still a decent chance the Hurricanes end up with him anyway. Brissett didn't sign a letter of intent today and apparently won't do so until Monday. As you'll read in the story linked above, Brissett's momma ain't happy with the choice, and she'll be trying to change his mind all weekend.

Even if he flips, this should make people feel a little better about Muschamp and Charlie Weis as recruiters. They jumped on Brissett pretty quick and obviously made a good impression on him. Momma Brissett is upset Muschamp never met with her ("That man Mr. Muschamp is THE DEVIL!"), but she liked Weis, and this whole thing at least says Weis had some pull in recruiting after all.

Now, if Brissett comes to UF, it'll be really interesting to see what happens. Will he be the favored freshman because he was the one Muschamp and Weis picked? Or is Driskel the Golden Boy, meaning Brissett will eventually throw some expensive computer equipment out a window and win a national title at Auburn? Brissett is mobile, but he isn't truly a dual-threat quarterback, so he could fit into a Weis-run offense.


Have any of you seen him play? What do you think of this pickup? Will it stick? I can already tell the comment cop is going to have his hands full on this one.


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