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"Over-seeded" Gators poised for deep run in NCAA Tourney

Florida got a brisk spanking from Kentucky in Sunday's SEC Championship, but in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., "It's all good baby bay-bay." That's because UF still landed a No. 2 seed for the NCAA Tournament, prompting ESPN's Doug Gottlieb to call it "the most over-seeded team in the tournament" during a brief anti-Florida rant that no doubt followed a meal of urine-soaked Corn Flakes.

That comment probably bothered some of you, but I say take a step back. Regardless of what anyone thinks, the only thing that matters is the Gators are in a GRRRREAT position (cereal on the brain for me tonight).

First off, they're playing in Tampa (if you watched Eastbound & Down, you know what profanity-filled video clip I wanted to put here), which means good fan support. And the first-round opponent, 15-seed California Santa-Barbara, shouldn't be much of a problem. The Gauchos (18-13) snuck in by winning the Big West Tourmanent, becoming the first No. 5 seed to pull that off. I suppose you could make the argument that they're hot heading into the tourney, but the Gators have no business losing to a team like that.

After that, it's either No. 7 UCLA or No. 10 Michigan State for a trip to the Sweet 16 in New Orleans. A win there, and the likely opponent would be either No. 3 BYU or No. 6 St. John's, and both those teams are hurting. BYU, which knocked UF out of last year's tournament, is without forward Brandon Davies -- who committed the unforgiveable sin of premarital sex and was kicked off the team -- and SJU is missing forward D.J. Kennedy, who tore his ACL on Thursday.

And looking waaaay down the road, it'd probably be either No. 1 Pitt, No. 4 Wisconsin or No. 5 Kansas State (whom Florida beat this year) standing in the way of a Final Four trip. That's assuming a lot, but most analysts I've seen have the Gators penciled into the Elite 8, as will many females by virtue of that No. 2 seed and Chandler Parsons.

Meanwhile, Kentucky is a No. 4 seed and will likely face top overall seed Ohio State if they make the Sweet 16. A lot of good winning the SEC did them.


Thoughts? I expected a No. 2 seed if Florida won today, but this came as a surprise. A 3 would have made a bit more sense to me, but I'll stop short of Gottlieb-ing them. Over-seeded or not, it doesn't matter because the hand has been dealt. To me, it looks great. How do y'all feel?



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I think everyone was expecting a 3-seed so moving up to a 2 is not that huge of stretch. What did Gottlieb feel was more appropriate for a team with our record and SOS? A 6 seed? Not sure why anyone would squawk like that over a team being arguably 1 seed higher than deserved...especially one that went 13-3 versus other tourney teams. But whatever, Doug. How is Okie State looking these days, chief?

I love our bracket and hope we can survive and advance.

1 and done, sound repetative?

I hope they don't face Duke, if so it will be an early trip home!

this is a resilient team that has responded well to losses all season, never having lost back to back games and even going on multiple long winning streaks after losses. MSU has historically owned us, but have you seen this year's team play? i'm not sure they'll make it past UCLA... terrible front line, typically the hallmark of Izzo teams that have beaten us up in the past. good guard play, but Lucas is a smaller guard who I think we can contain. I believe potential opponents SJU and BYU are beatable; UF should be favored in either game. elite 8 is my call, although i don't think we match up well vs Pitt

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