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Pratice update: Powell buckles down, takes on "Buck" role

With Florida practices closed to the public, it's hard to learn much about the Gators, but here's what we got about the defense today:

-Ronald Powell seems pretty excited about his new role, and an excited, focused Powell should have you pretty jazzed up. The kid's a total freak, which isn't lost on his new coaches. This year he'll be playing the "Buck" position, a hybrid DE/LB spot pretty similar to what he did at times last season. D-coordinator Dan Quinn said it's patterned after what Charles Haley did with the 49ers back when I was in diapers, and Powell is pumped about it. He said he's watched film of Jason Taylor and Sergio Kindle to learn the role a little, but he doesn't know anyone who has played it personally.

“I’m loving it,” Powell said. “It’s more freedom. You don’t have to have your hand on the ground all the time. You can stand up, and it’s kind of my choice. … It’s the best position for me. If I could have picked any position, it would be the buck.”

That's good to hear from Powell, the nation's top overall recruit in 2010 who had some problems adjusting to his freshman year, when he and Dominique Easley skipped a practice and had trouble getting along with veterans. Powell calls that "a rough start," and he turned things around pretty quickly. Now, he could be the centerpiece of UF's defense.

-Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins said they've been working in a 3-4 during practice, and they're both happy with it. Jenkins, a HS running back, is most excited about the chance to fly around a little more, which he said the 3-4 offers.

“I like it a lot because it seems like it really frees up the linebackers and allows us to run a little bit,” Jenkins said.

-Gerald Christian is one of the most interesting guys to watch this spring (well, guys to not watch but think about what they might be doing behind those locked gates). He moved to LB from tight end this winter and was listed as a starter on the preliminary depth chart, which may or may not mean anything at all. Christian played some LB at Palm Beach Dwyer, and he said high school teammate and safety Matt Elam was glad to have him back on his side. He said the adjustment hasn't been tough for him, but he also admitted he would've preferred to work his way up the depth chart rather than starting out on top and having to hold everyone off. Also of note: he could be on offense in short-yardage situations at times this year.


How excited are you for Powell? Anyone watch Christian in HS and have thoughts about him at LB? Any questions, just fire away and I'll check back.


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No interest

This blog is ridiculous - how in the world do you completely ignore the UCLA men's basketball game and still try to maintain some sort of credibility? You're in Miami and, generally speaking, do not take kindly to UF's successes (attempt to look at this objectively).
How do you call yourself a UF blog and completely ignore not only the NCAA tournament, but the #1 ranked baseball team sweeping #5 LSU, but the #2 UF softball team, as well.
Fair enough, it's not all sunshine and unicorns - how do you omit our starting (football) CB's marijuana plea? Certainly nothing to be proud of, but if you're going to play "journalist", as least give it a bad effort.
This whole thing is a joke and no longer worth the click to come visit.

Mike - my Gator Football-Jones is killing me and basketball isn't curing it (OK if we go to the final 4, maybe THAT will).

Any news out of camp? I thought Muschamp & Co. were going to have daily pressers after practice each day? Any news is good news...

Posted by: Gator Dude | March 21, 2011 at 01:49 PM

@retard above -- maybe because of the sentiments like this guy's.

@Mr Click Back - I'm not itching for a battle of words - I'm not. But I don't see anywhere where this: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/1787/58783102.jpg says football only. UF is consistently competitive in almost any team they field.
My premise was that if The Miami Herald is going to host a blog on UF Athletics, perhaps they ought to actually cover, ummm... UF Athletics.

Your baseball team is actually #2 ranked behind Vanderbuilt, but dont let the facts get in the way. Typical gator blinders on. No one cares about softball and your basketball team is gone next game so time to concentrate on the 7-5 football season coming up.

DURHAM, N.C.—Florida's emphatic sweep at then-No. 8 Louisiana State capped the Gators' perfect 4-0 week and kept them atop the Baseball America Top 25 for the sixth straight week.

But don't let your hatred get in the way of the facts.

FSU is #7, but I couldn't find Miami in the poll, where are they?

Gators basketball is in the Sweet 16, FSU is, also, where is Miami?

Gator football won it's bowl game, so did FSU and EVERY other team in the state...except for Miami.

You've got nothing left, but hate and envy.

Go to coachwillmuschamp.com for videos on Powell and Floyd. They look like beasts. Powell playing the buck position will be a force. Also there are videos on the coaches miked up. Baseball team is rolling and huge challenge for the hoopsters Thursday night. great job by Billy D. Sweet 16.

Mike -- good job with the football update!! Defense will either make us or break us this year. Any word on that transfer from California Chris Martin? This guy was supposed to be a big stud and, if you remember was a huge GET for Urban Meyer last year.

Hey tadees, you make some good points BUT in Mike's defense, go back and look at all the blogs he's written on Gator basketball and Gator baseball - RECENT blogs. I kid you not, they produce practically no comments! I feel bad for Mike! What does the no comments tell you? That very few Gators (who read this blog) really care about basketball or baseball coverage. Whenever Mike writes about Gator football, everybody and their mom writes a comment. I can't blame Mike for catering to the Gator football fans. Do your research. Plus, he has written official articles recently for the Herald on other Gator sports. Mike-Mike is trying his best, but you can't please everybody.

Follow Mike on twitter

good point, Rico. I don't always comment but I'm constantly trolling, I'm sure they're others like me too. I enjoy reading about all the athletics on this blog Mike!

Gator Dude: Nothing major on Martin yet, but I'll ask about him next week after I'm back from New Orleans. It's tough to really quantify any progress these guys are making because practices are closed, but I'll do what I can. One thing I can tell you about Martin from his Facebook is that he does not seem to like Gainesville much. Maybe football season will change that.

And thanks for the defense guys, you've warmed my heart. Basketball post coming later today tadees, GET EXCITED!

One thing I can tell you about Martin from his Facebook is that he does not seem to like Gainesville much

Whats not to like, trailers, stadium on a septic tank, fat imbred men and toothless women are in abundance. Possum stew is the daily treat at uf cafeterias.

Martin has never been in a football town like this. Unlike Berkley, no drum circles outside the stadium before, during, and after the game.

Save for the Krishna line dancing, he ain't in Berkley anymore...

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