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He gone: Jenkins off the team, and I think it's a mistake

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced via Twitter that Janoris Jenkins is no longer part of the team today, a move that stems from Jenkins getting popped for marijuana twice in three months.

Now, it's unclear whether Muschamp really kicked Jenkins off the team or if Jenkins decided to leave rather than face suspension and other punishments. A UF spokesman simply said they both agreed to move on, which could mean just about anything. In my mind, if Muschamp didn't try to keep him, he made a mistake.

What would Muschamp really gain by kicking Jenkins off the team? He's the best player -- one of the only proven guys on the squad -- and would be especially valuable in what could easily be a rough season. Does it send a message to the rest of the team that they better behave? Yes. Will they? Come on. Will Coach BOOM start truly recruiting the "top 1% of 1%" that Urban Meyer used to talk about? If he wants to lose games, sure.

This is a sport that does not fall in line with the usual moral code of life, and I see no reason to treat it as if it does. Suspending Jenkins for 2-6 games, making him do community service and all kinds of physical penance would still send a message to Jenkins and the rest of the team, he'd be in tip-top shape, the Gators would have their best player, and hell, he might even learn something.

Instead, he's gone, and Florida is facing a likely 2007-ish cornerback duo of Jeremy Brown and Cody Riggs, with Moses Jenkins, Jaylen Watkins, Josh Shaw and De'Ante Saunders the other competitors. I like Brown, Riggs and Moses a lot, both as people and players, but I can't imagine them getting close to as solid as a pairing of Janoris and any one of them.

So, what is gained? If only for a moment, the Gators' reputation as The New Thug U may go away. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's ready to get everyone in line. But do you really care? Would you rather people poke fun at your team for arrests while they win titles, or would you rather be praised as a more wholesome, 8-4 program? I wouldn't be on this soapbox if I thought college football or Florida was really going to change. Since I don't (neither ever has), I'm going to keep preaching my rule-breaking philosophy.

All in all though, I have to admit this isn't a bad time for Muschamp to put his foot down. I don't see Florida as a serious challenger for the SEC this year, so if you want to make a statement, do it in a season where you already have a grace period and don't have much to lose.

For Jenkins, the next move is likely the NFL's supplemental draft -- assuming the league can stay lockout-free -- but he could also move to a lower-division school if he feels he can pump up his draft stock that way. I seriously doubt he elects to sit out a year at another D-1 school to play his final season. As I understand it, the supplemental draft works like this: Teams submit bids of what round they would take the player in, and if Team A says second round while Team B says third, Team A gets the player and loses their second-round pick in the next year's draft. It's a bit more complicated than that, but there's the general idea.


How do you feel about this? Looking at yesterday's poll, the majority of you said you'd kick him off the team, though that came via a very late surge, which is suspicious to me. If Jenkins goes in the supplemental draft, would you want your team to take him? I sure as hell would. Because he's good at football and isn't violent or crazy.


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Jack Rabbit got cataracts. Cut him some slack!


"This is a sport that does not fall in line with the usual moral code of life, and I see no reason to treat it as if it does."

this is horrible reasoning, of course it comes from a gator fan. yea, in the real world, people dont get 2nd chances. and you're saying he should get a third? how about you do the same thing, get caught with some weed and see what your life turns out like after going to jail

Actually he already got his third chance. The second chance was after he resisted arrest and got tasered.

Yes he had to let him go. Well I think it was a mutual decision. If he was dumb enough to smoke weed in public with millions of dollars at stake, can you really trust him? Obviously he is not the only college kid smoking, but come on man, in public like that after you had gotten off. Like I said he had a chance to be a first round pick, isn't that worth being cautious? I like him as a player and I hope he gets his life together, he will get another chance. A chance most people will not.

askk him if his teammates are in need

Nothing changed at Penetentary U, muschamp and jenkins agreed that he will be a high supplemental draft pick. PU did nothing to discipline this player, they took the easy way and quote "agreed this was what is best", in other words PU does not believe in taking appropriate action against a top player, just like the Baseball, Swimming, Basketball players that are now back on their teams after several arrest this year in all sports. There is 4 arrest already under Muschamp and the numbers keep growing.

You mean would we rather be considered the Canes??? No thanks, I'll take thugs and win titles. Everybody knows deep down inside that they would too, they're just hypocrites. Hell, even Golden knows it, that's why his players can beat up cops and only miss a spring practice. Don't worry cane fans with that precedence he'll have thug U back in no time.

McCall, you are brutal. You would have had an issue no matter what muschamp did. He kicked the dude off and now you have an issue. I think muschamp should retract it since McCall is so opposed. What a joke. Crawl back in your hole until something bad happens to the gators again. You are a joke. Go over with chin strap manny navarro and cover the canes where no one cares if they break any laws because they are so sorry. Seriously, if it wasn't so blatant, I would be outraged but you are a joke. Go cover another team you pathetic excuse for a reporter.

Jenkins should have been gone after his 2nd arrest. The arrests at UF have to stop now! We have had 4 arrests this year and it is just April.

Mr. Foley I think it's past time you put the hammer down and try your best to curve all these arrests. 4 arrests so far this year is absurd!!!

Mike, I'm glad Janoris Jenkins is off the team. Yesterday, I said I thought he should be thrown off. Three arrests is more than enough to prove that Jenkins is an ignorant thug with no concern for his teammates, his coach, his alma mater, and his future.

Though I understand your point of view Mike, and you make certain valid points, ultimately, I disagree with you. Who says we can't have role-model scholar-athletes AND win titles?

On the Sun-Sentinel, it says that OL Maurice Hurt tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine. How ridiculous is this getting?

We need a coach that doesn't put up with any bs behavior. That attitude will HELP us win titles, not hurt us.

I hope Muschamp runs a tight ship, even if a star football player's participation is on the line.

And I think you're doing an excellent job Mike. Disregard what the douchebag Sarasota Cane wrote.

Mike, you have to start deleting troll posts, like TRUE2THEU, or this blog is going to deteriorate fast again. Manny Navarro deletes EVERYTHING on his blog (that can be interpreted as anti-U).

Why am I not surprised by Mccall's view on this "New Thug-U" as he calls it. His view is exactly what perprtuates college level thuggery, and believe me, UF isn't defficient in that department. Meyer was smart to jump ship after setting the trend. Muschamp will find himself in over his head - the decline is well underway.

Oh, and GatorAlum, no UM player beat up cops. A cop had his hand over Buchanan's mouth and wrote him up when it came back wet.

Buchanan did not bite him, punch him, or kick him. He was written up for supposedly spitting on his hand while it was covering his mouth.

The cops in question accepted his apology, so it is over.

Comparing that to Jenkins, who needed to be TASERED to stop him from hurting cops, yet still returned to the team, is very hypocritical. Jenkins was a repeat offender, too. Buchanan was legally drunk on St. Patrick's day and let the beer do the talking. Jenkins was using an illegal drug even after getting multiple second chances.

They are not the same situation.

Well, well, well! Great job coach! Finally a UFelon coach who won't put up with all the illegal stuff!
And remember, there are 2 other UFelon players recently arrested for marijuana and 2 basketball
players arrested for burgulary. They should also be gone. Hopefully the UFelon nation will get the message!

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/27/2187065/florida-gators-kick-janoris-jenkins.html#ixzz1KkWeS76V

Canecrush, you're asking for too much. The two basketball players arrested for burglary, I agree they should be kicked off the basketball team. What they did was heavy duty stuff. But I don't think it would be fair for the two football players to be kicked off the team for one arrest due to marijuana possession. Though these guys should not have been doing that, you have to live under a rock to not know that smoking weed is widespread and "no big deal" amongst young people, particularly college students. Now, they should get suspended a few games and harshly punished, and if they get a SECOND arrest, THEN you kick them off the team. Jenkins was an a-hole who had been given multiple chances and still didn't give a crap.

"Former Feral Cat" - you're absolutely right. When I saw Buchanan's arrest article, I knew it was much ado about nothing.

Rico, I hope you got to see the example I was showing of what we see on the Canes blog before Mike deleted it. Not sure why it was deleted, since it insulted only the guy that posted it, and did so politely.

It was just one of many, many examples. So, be glad you have Mike cleaning up, even if he is too zealous at times. If Manny did the same, both blogs would be better off.

There has been a cronic problem at UFelony for 10 years or more! and nothing has been done about it even with all the arrests. Using the excuse that a player is to good to kick off the team is immoral and a dispicable and against the law! Anyone who supports that attitude promotes the problem and has no integrity. The players have gotten used to this attitude and so they keep doing it. Coaches are supposed help young men become responsible citizens who obey the law.
Good for coach Muschamp for kicking him off and he should suspend the others also. The UFelons have a national reputation corruption and hopefully Muschamp will stop this.

28 of 33 UF student-athletes graduating this weekend won a national and/or SEC championship during their Gator careers.

Go Gators!

Well I really don't care what Cane fans think and I support the elimination of a player who would not learn from his mistakes. That said each case is individual and sometimes a second or a third chance is warrented. As to the BBall folks I really think that they will be gone as soon as official work is clear, but maybe not. Remember Canes we Gators don't care what you think, or what your program does!!!

hey he made a mistake, he should learn from it. he should have entered the draft instead of going back to schl,that coach is just like the rest, they do not care about those kids. i'm a former football player, i faced similar problems and i did not recieve a second chance

He made a stupid mistake big deal it's not like he's the only one on the team who's got arrested

Who cares its not like he's the only one arrested

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