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Jenkins in trouble again, think he'll bolt for the NFL supplemental draft?

The second arrest of the Will Muschamp era is in the books folks, and it's the same as the first.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins got popped with a citation for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana late Friday night after a cop saw him sitting in his car smoking a cigar. When the officer approached, Jenkins left the car, but the officer spotted the burnt marijuana cigar on the center console and put another notch in the belt of America's war on high-level drug trafficking by busting Jenkins. Mission accomplished!

In a vacuum, I feel the same about this as I did the last Jenkins arrest, which came in January when he got caught with a marijuana cigarette in a nightclub -- it's not a huge deal. But unfortunately for Jenkins, there's more to it. It's his second arrest for weed in three months and his third overall arrest, as he got hit with a Taser and arrested after a fight in May 2009.

This shows a clear lack of judgment and responsibility, and you'd think Muschamp has to lower the BOOM! for it. He took over a program known for its prowess in criminal activity, and I don't think he can afford letting the same player (a starter and team leader, no less) flaunt the rules. Jenkins is the only player arrested so far, and he's done it twice. Surely he got a stern talking-to after the last one, but all he did was switch from cigarettes to cigars.

So, what now? Muschamp is using the "behind closed doors" policy that Urban Meyer used, so I doubt we hear anything publicly about Jenkins' punishment (no comment yet from UF), but he'll likely be suspended for a few games at the least. It probably doesn't matter if he misses the FAU or UAB games, but will Jenkins even want to stick around? He's had a rocky start with the new coach and missed all of spring after shoulder surgery, so I'd wager that the NFL supplemental draft is looking like a decent option to him right now.

Obviously, the NFL is a complicated situation at the moment with the lockout, but if his recovery is going well and he knows he's missing a few games anyway, he may  want to make the jump. It won't look good, but he'll have to answer all the same drug questions this time next year if he stays, and it's obvious that staying out of trouble in Gainesville is a tough task for him.

We'll have to wait for the dust to settle on this, but in the meantime, Jenkins was off to Orlando today according to his Twitter. I guess he isn't too fazed by all this, but we'll see how Muschamp feels.


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Par for the course. Is that 31 arrests in the last 4 years? I have officially lost count

Top 1% of the top 1%.

Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiit Clay, I have too.

He was totally set up like Ramon Buchannon

Toss they guy.


you're welcome ;)

im a canes fan and i just wish he can get some type of help or a mentor because the guy has great talent he was not set up the dude just likes to get high

Gosh--a 'Canes fan with conscience, understanding and PATIENCE FOR A GATOR: my hat off to YOU, "shaudluc"!
...And frankly, as a Gator, I can't say I am anywhere near as patient with this guy as YOU are.
While nothing like the crime of the century (heck, a student getting high on pot at UF...what a shock...meanwhile, "Gainesville Green", an early high-grade form of American-grown "sen semilla", was already well established there when I attended in the mid-to-late 70's), as a starter and senior leader, this is by now selfish idiocy of a "higher" order.
As a cynically pragmatic "homer", on the one hand I want him dealt with in a fashion that gets him back in the secondary and up to top game shape and speed as early in the actual season as possible, and to HELL with what outsiders have to say about it--they'll rip us no matter what Coach does, short of throwing him off the team, anyway.
At the same time, I know and understand that important longer-term issues of discipline, team cohesion, mutual responsibility and support are on the line here: this is one of those small but critical moments, public lip-service paid to "the right values" while things go their usual way behind the scenes, or a turning point where this regime takes another path that ultimately avoids multiple repeats, makes them stronger.
I want him back by the SEC-games, hope that can happen, but will accept Muschamp's decision(s) here regardless of severity (or seeming lack thereof).
I'll be watching with interest. More importantly, Coach Chomp will have the PLAYERS' similar attention: they too probably hope Jenkins is back and in games by early in the season; at the same time, among his teammates there HAS to be at least an undercurrent of, well, let's call it "confusion" over his continued selfish shortsightedness and poor judgment--precisely BECAUSE they know his talent and importance to the team's strength and potential success on defense. That's what makes this what they call a "teaching opportunity" for the Coach.

Heck let him go pro...more money for me!

That's what makes this what they call a "teaching opportunity" for the Coach.

Posted by: Dru2012


Wrong...that's what makes this a crime and another criminal for the 7-6 and reeling Turds.

A couple fairly certain conclusions:

1. a 'daily' article will be written for 'Gator Clause' if there's something negative regarding Florida football happening

2. a 'daily' article will not be written for 'Gator Clause' if there's nothing negative regarding Florida football happening

I recommend a new name for the site. How about 'Seminole/Hurricane Clause'?

No way. Let's sing the praises of a coach yet to win a game, a QB who was horrendous last year, a defense who has lost major players and an offensive line that is "re-tooling."

Outside of that, we can praise the Tebow statue or the baseball team.

Seems like you are someone who is the first to yell "Crimi-noles" or "Thug U" yet are overly-sensitive about any negativity, however objective, associated with the Gator football program.

Swallow it, Mike.

Miramar Gator, I hear you. I too, think what Jenkins did is just dumb and embarassing to UF and its program. However, I check this site nearly everyday. Rarely (very rarely) here lately is anything written. One thing's for sure, though. If something negative happens there is always something written about it. I can click the link and know, before it renders, there will be an article. How about the coach's gathering in Lakeland? I was there, and as fan, really enjoyed it. The coach is quite charismatic and witty. I actually didn't know that about him. I suppose that may be something worth writing about too, right? Especially on a site entitled 'Gator Clause'.

Very, very nicely done!

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