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This wasn't the debut the Gators hoped for

OB Debut Some things are better left unseen, like the 2011 Orange and Blue Debut.

The short of it: John Brantley's Blue team beat the Orange team 13-10 in front of 53,000.

The long and painful of it: Brantley's Blue team Blew, and Orange wasn't much better. Brantley went 4 of 14 for 45 yards, missing his first six passes and leading his team to just 3 points. The squads combined for 6 points in the first half, with 3 of those coming on a fifth-down field goal. Both touchdowns came via walk-ons, and walk-on defensive back Malcolm Jones led the game in rushing. And the crowd was more like 40,000.

What did we learn about the Gators on Saturday? Nothing, and I think everyone would be happier if the game hadn't taken place in public. Fans hoping for a revamped offense and new-look Brantley got more of the same, opening the team up to criticism it probably doesn't deserve and definitely doesn't need. After all, with a ton of key injuries and only a few weeks to learn new schemes from the ground up, how was this team going to look good?

If the object of a spring game is to make the team better, stick with the philosophy used for the rest of spring practice and conduct it in private. If the goal is to entertain fans, why not have a skills competition or something? Let Caleb Sturgis try outrgeous field goals, have a QB trick shot contest, make Chris Rainey race a horse -- do anything other than subject everyone to what we watched in The Swamp.

Maybe that's just me. And even though there are lots of excuses to make for UF's offense, including the fact that Charlie Weis isn't going to pull out all the stops in spring, it still looked worse than I thought. This was the fewest points ever scored by a winning team in the spring game, and Blue tied a record-low for completions at six. And both teams combined for just 340 yards. Ew.

Now, Andre Debose, Jeff Demps, Trey Burton, Mike Gillislee, Mack Brown and Mike Blakely were all out, leaving Rainey as the only true running back. And injuries to Xavier Nixon, Matt Patchan, Nick Alajajian and probably like 25 other linemen I'm forgetting made the offensive line a major problem.

But on the plus side, those injuries set up the lone bright spot of the afternoon: Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley destroying Brantley's pocket like Uncle Sam's about to do to mine when I finally file my taxes. They were in his face just about every play, leading to the quote of the day:

"I wouldn't call John Brantley's play today a struggle. I would call it, 'Not enough room,'" Floyd said. "Me and Dominique Easley collapsed the pocket. We forced offensive linemen into his face, and he had to roll out. That's just how our d-line plays. We play physical."

Indeed, those two looked great, and Ronald Powell was solid as well. Easley did come off the field late with an injury, but coach Will Muschamp said, "Easley is fine. Easley got tired, alright?" That trio is one of the few reasons to get excited about this team that's founded in some kind of solid evidence. They're all talented and look ready to break out, though Muschamp pointed out they still need some refining. Once they do that, Floyd said, "We will be completely unstoppable."

Meanwhile, I don't see how the same could be said of the offense. Not to pick on Brantley too much because, as I've said many times, he's a great person and has handled a very difficult situation in a professional manner, but he just doesn't seem to have it. Muschamp said he'd be the starter if the season began today, and he added that Brantley completed 70 percent of his passes in spring practice, which has to count warm-up throws to stationary targets not named Deonte Thompson (who, by the way, added to his already-impressive portfolio of drops by mishandling a reverse).

The other concerning thing about Brantley: The question of whether he looked the same Saturday as he had throughout spring practice was asked to Muschamp, Brantley and several other players. Everyone said he was his usual self in the spring game, which is scary. It's even scarier that they all appear to think that's a good thing, but hey, there's really no point in them bad-mouthing him.

As for the alternatives, Tyler Murphy and Jeff Driskel looked all right. Both out-did Brantley numbers-wise, but neither was that impressive. And to remind everyone of just what they're missing on offense, Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier were honored at halftime with statues to commemorate their Heisman Trophies.

SprintPhoto_b4tj0h Spurrier's daughter accepted the statue for him, while he sent in a video message to fans (wearing a Gamecocks shirt in front of their logo), and Tebow and Wuerffel were there in person. Unsurprisingly, the biggest ovations of the day were for Tebow -- once when he was introduced and once when he picked up an errant Brantley pass and tossed it back.

That was a cool ceremony, and the statues are definitely worth a look next time you're near the stadium (located on the west side near the O'Connell Center). A reporter joked with Tebow that his was the only one not in a throwing pose, but it still looks pretty badass.

But besides the statues and defensive line, I'm not sure how many other positives you can take from this game. Oh, here's one: Kyle Christy tied the spring game record for longest punt at 55 yards. And they hype around Quinton Dunbar is sounding more and more legit. He ran with the first team, and they called a deep ball to him on the first play. Last year, the same call led to a long catch by Thompson, but this one was a bit underthrown with good coverage and was incomplete. But Muschamp repeatedly praised Dunbar after the game, so it's looking like he's your 2011 deep threat. We'll see if the ball ever meets him down there.


So how'd you feel about this game? Agree with me that it'd be better off behind closed curtains? Think I'm blowing it out of proportion and that they weren't really that bad? Can Kyle Christy take home the Ray Guy Award this year?


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Surprise, surprise, surprise 7-5 if their lucky

Mike, wow. I wasn't home to watch the game on tv, but I had already read the article on gatorsports.com . It was a very "neutral" article, but the stats told the real story, and it didn't sound good. Wow, the new season hasn't even begun and already I feel nauseus. Sounds like another crappy season in the works. If Charlie Weiss makes Brantley look good, we will forever brand him a genius! If Brantley is his usual sucky self, then we'll have to do like the Cane fans and live in the past!

By the way, I'm seriously starting to think Curse of Steve Addazio is a 40 year old virgin. The guy freaking LIVES on this site, and it's the damn off season. What a douche!

The headline on the story in today's Herald indirectly shows how bad this could really be: "Brantley struggles without playmakers."

Ummmm...he struggles last year with playmakers. Now, we will have a far worse O-line and, for all the talk of Powell, Easly and Floyd, our D will not be any better than last year. And for my money, once a malcontent always a malcontent (talkin about you Powell) so it is just a matter of time before he is suspended.

If Brantley is the best we have, Wow, we suck.

Kind've funny how before the spring game you write "don't get too carried away with the orange and blue debut." Too many injuries, they're not going to show too much, it won't be a true picture of what they're going to look like in the Fall, yada yada yada. Now here we are after a lackluster spring game, and all the sudden Brantley still sucks and we need to be worried. Make up your mind and stick with it McCall.

I thought was watching the trainwreck scene in The Fugitive but it turned out to be the Gator scrimmage.

Excellent article from a Gator fan's perspective. Nice work!!

By the way, I like what UFelony has to say. I would ask that he post here more often.

Yes, you are blowing it out of proportion. This was nothing short of a practice - thats all. The fact that anyone even took stats is laughable - they weren't even "playing' by the rules of a standard game. This was nothing more than a scrimmage. Period.

Brantley looked the worse BY far, no excuses about the line or anything else. Guy just does not have it. Woodstrock ill see you on the gator bytes page...

Woodstrock = gator troll

Typical, not a single word about two underage players and their handler/lookout getting arrested, talking about it on the phone, and bragging about how they had done it before in Gainesville and gotten away with it?

Huntley might get the recording thrown out, but he can't undo the impact. The NCAA should look into how UF hires guys just to be lookouts for their players' crimes.

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

They will probably get renistated and win the SEC again next year.

Meanwhile here in Gables, we are auctioning off the rights to pick the lineups for a one of our high school stadium played spring games while our new AD, Chuck "Shermanotor" Sherman narrows down the very long list of potential new UM bb-all coaches. This 'wish list' includes James Naismith, John Wooden, Norman Dale, Gordon Bombay, Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle.

With the talent we have, if we do not win the SEC then I want Muschamp fired. Period. Anything less is a failure.

Just another day in the scum-sucking SEC:

The University of Georgia had a "open-house" event in early April. After the event, seven football players noticed their lockers - which weren't locked - had electronic equipment (Iphones, Ipods, etc) stolen. Police recently made three arrests in the case, and one of them is a premiere football recruit in Georgia. Elsewhere, 92,000 people with no life showed up at Saturday's Alabama spring football game.

Posted by: SwampisaDump

"92,000 people with no life showed up at Saturday's Alabama spring football game"

Same thing could be said about the high school stadium tour of the canes spring games, no?

Miramar gator, go back to your trailer and please make sure you leave your sister alone.

..here he is curse the fraud! Never left Miami Dade! LOL

Dunno. When the highlight of your day is brushing and flossing your one tooth,
I guess you find accomplishment in what others would find mundane.

Of course, you are a Pig so what do you know.

What would you know? You've never left Miami-Dade. Loser!

Hey fraud -- tell us more about your 'trips' to Gainesville. You know the 'trailerville' of which you speak.

See if you can think of something you haven't seen on T.V. or read on the canes blog.

Only thing worse than being a butthole is being a fraud!

Lesseee, let's assume for argument's sake that I have never left Miami-Dade. Are you implying that 10 trips up I-4 to Trailerville in Alachua County over 4 years somehow makes you a world traveller? In that isolated backwater surrounded by ignorant 'necks?

You can get more culture within any 4 block radius in Miami than you could find within 80 miles of that Trailerville dump.

Culture in Trailverille? Nope. Nice college campus? The people in Princeton, Cambridge, Ithaca, even Oxford, MS laugh at you lowly trailertrash denizens of Alachua County.

Now, Gomer, go suck your moonshine and drown your sorrows over 6 lost years in undergraduate hell.

the Truth.

Blah, blah, I know all about 'trailerville', blah, blah, Gay, blah, blah, Turds, blah, blah.


You'd be a little more credible if you actually, you know, had been by there a few times.

...just a hunch -- you've never sniffed any of those towns you mentioned above either!

If you've never left Miami-Dade I guess the prism of your world view is GameDay and canes blogs.


Lesseee, let's assume for argument's sake that I have never left Miami-Dade

@PF - I think that answers your question.

Hey, Pig, I said nothing about you being gay. Why did you bring it up? Hmmmmm.

I did go to college in one of those towns. I will let you guess which one while you wallow in the misery of having attended, at least for a small while, the Gainesville U. If it wasn't so funny it would be sad.

You are a product of a broken state education system. That is why you are a bitter Pig. UFelony's empty statement about being the best public school in Florida is like being the tallest midget.

Well let’s see in my 3 yr stint in West Windsor, I had the pleasure of witnessing a few hand-off/punting contests (aka Penn vs Princeton) first hand. Always tipped back a few at the Ivy Inn afterwards (their version of a dive bar, but not that bad actually). Funny the difference in game day traffic on Nassau Street vs the same on University Ave!!
Of course who hasn’t been to Boston?! Would recommend peddling around Cambridge with the wife (or Mom in your case). Scoot over the bridge to the North End for some serious Italian afterward. Good rule of thumb – if they only take cash, it’s SERIOUS Italian food. Who says the mafia is dead in Boston! Of course pastries at Michael’s afterward…
Gotta claim ignorance re Ithaca. Hear it’s nice.
Yup it’s a big world out there….don’t mess it up for the rest of us, please stay within 4 miles of the Gables!

Still makes u a....

...check that Mike's Pastry. Awesome cannoli's, worth standing in line for. And you WILL stand in line.

is it tough being a..

Also have to claim ignorance re tailgating at The Grove. Not for the same reasons as Ithaca but...well, I was certainly way above the legal limit that whole weekend. Tip if you go: Make sure the soberest of the group is charged with photographing The Grove game day morning...definitely screen saver material. It was kind of like tailgating in the Gables....OK not really!

ur still a...

What's escaped notice here (and mention) is that where ever I go, it never fails, I always see somebody wearing a Gator hat, t-shirt, or jacket. I was skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb during march madness --- yep, saw folks wearing Gator hats in the airport, downtown Vancouver, and in the resort bars.

canes stuff...not so much...

stop being a...

Is that a comment on the sad sartorial taste of Gainesville U fans? Of course you will notice that stuff but you failed to mention they also had Gatard sweatshirts, Zubazz pants and mullets. Your point?

And that was a he'll of a job plagiarising Trip Advisor. So easy to smoke-out an ignorant 'neck: hit them with some culture and the regurgitate what they just read.

Still the same dumb Pig. Wasted years at a public diploma mill and now trying to be something you're not. The earth would open up and swallow the town of Princeton if a Pig like you ever showed, especially warring some tacky Gatard gear. But then, no one ever accused 'billy hillsnakes of having any taste.

How does an obsessed Pig who spend all day and night posting garbage on every blog have the chance to travel? Hmmmmm. Someone has been lying.

Maybe I will copy what the LA Times travel section has to say. But I would never travel in tacky country bumpkin Gatard gear. I have respect for the people and places I visit. Bet those academicians in Princeton got a kick out of your Gatard gear. Really impressive. Bet they bet Gatard grass can't spell "Princeton".

You are a joke all over Pig.

Swamp - excellent response to lowly, regergitated gator fans. They know all is lost and the 7-5 or 6-6 seasons are all they have for the forseeable future.

Don't think any of that was Trip Advisor worthy. For the record, they could give a crap about football in the N.E., Princeton and Boston especially. The best was Princeton's 'band'-- no uni's and an electric guitar...have to see it to believe it. If you can find the Ivy Inn on Trip Advisor then I'm a....loser cane poster on a Gator blog.

Great prose on your side by the way, thoughtful and.....whatever. I'm sure you've made Keiser college proud.

still and always will be a...

Who's talking about football? The topic is your vulgar mediocre existence wrapped in a Gatard sweatshirt which, in your polluted mind, passes for culture. I laugh thinking you attended a Princeton football game. Most certainly you found some odd clip on YouTube.

The product of an eviscerated university system where everything reverts to football. The dearth of culture in your life makes you more pathetic than simply being The Pig.

Hey, but at least you can wear your Gaard gear when you ski. That is quite a notable accomplishment. And to think you aren't publishing treatises for think tanks and instead post gibberish on these blogs. How incongruous.

Hey, Pig, for your ski trip to Val d'isere, maybe you can borrow Corinne Brown's blue and orange clown outfit. You know, the one in which she desecrated the halls of Webster and Calhoun. That would show your "Gatard pride" and just how erudite you are.

Bet the patrons would be impressed. "Here comes Hillbilly the Clown."


Didn't Jayson Blair and James Frey write about places they'd never been and things they'd never done as if they'd personally experienced them too?

I'm sure you're being modest and just 'dumbing down' your posts here. You HAVE left Miami-Dade county....haven't you?

was joking before, but now convinced you are a..

The ship is sinking fast!

You define Fraud, Pig. Please write about the hike to the top of K2 wearing tacky Gatard gear and how you relate everything to football. You know, those Pakistanis don't care about football, right?

Product of bankrupt education system. Next you will say you can write about books you never read and movies you never saw. And that is not a pathetic fraud? Check the dictionary, Pig ( you know, the book you never picked up during your 6 years at the Mill).

I hear McDonald's hired 50k new employees. Minimum req. was a BA from UFelony. All other diploma holders, even high school and AA degrees, were turned away as over-qualified.

Of course, 6 years and thousands of hours of SportsCenter don't prepare you for much. Bring out the Corinne Brown clown outfit.

Joe Haden and the Pounceys all over ESPN today. Coach Muschamp is scheduled all day on ESPN tomorrow!

Go Gators!

Muschump must be on their to talk about how great his QB and offense is putting up the big 13 points during the spring trailer park brawl. You gators are sure impressive, this is going to be a great year 6-6 boys.

SEC: 10 pounds of garbage in a 5 pound bag:

Harvey Updyke, the crazed Crimson Tide fan who poisoned the Toomer’s Corner Oaks, was attacked at a gas station around 2:45 pm, approximately fifteen minutes after his court date in Auburn. According to Updyke’s attorney, he was brought to the emergency room and treated for a head injury. Cue Gary Danielson panegyric to the best fans in the country.

Posted by: SwampisaStankDump

It's just like cane on cane crime at Sunlife.

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

You're going to make assessments during a spring game? Didn't your INT duo of Harris and Morris throw a bunch of picks in your international city?

Posted by: Go Canes

think I struck a nerve, hilbilly boy. Now, you get your pick-em-up truck and clean my pool. Scrub extra hard with that UFelony dipoloma to get the hard water stains out.

If you don't do a good job, I will fire you and hire your valedictorian so, chop-chop.

Posted by: SwampisaStankDump

Ok be right over - what's your address?

Posted by: Go Canes

Ahhh, internet tough guy. I don't think you'd be too happy by what greets you at the door. While I would relish ridding the earth of another Gatard, I think it is best that you keep your pool cleaning job by day and your Costco security guard job by night.

I mean, what else is that useless diploma good for?

Posted by: SwampisaStankDump

I was coming over to see your mansion that you are able to afford although you police the herald blogs and did so with no violent intentions - you became the internet tough guy.

uf diploma mill grads are great gardners also, I employ one and billybob is terrific at slinging the cow crap. I know my local car wash has a uf grad managing the place, wow I guess you can get a good job with that sheepskin.

Only mansions have pools? That is news to me. Of course, when you live in a doublewide with a mud puddle for a pool, I could see how even a modest home would be considered a "mansion."

Silly Gatards. So narrow-minded and ignorant. Six wasted undergrad years and all you have to show for it is the Teblow speech ona plaque.

"SEC: 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag."

That is a good one. Sadly true and I went to Vandy!

Urban Meyer and his weird offense are gone. One thing he really did well was close recruiting. Many of the big names on the prospect board wanted to wait until the last moment to announce where they would go but UF and Meyer won a lot of those last minute battles....

Hahahaha, this is hilarious "If you ghhutot you couldn't take the kids into a gay dance club on Easter morning, you were WRONG." I guess I was wrong! Too funny. Hope you have a great weekend, no matter if you decide to talk Old English or scramble up your eggs :)

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