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Hope and Change

Hey gang, a little bad/excellent news for you today. This is my last post as CEO of Gator Clause, as I'm headed to Jacksonville for a new job next week. Sorry posts have been really infrequent lately due to some hectic changes in my life, but my replacement, Matt Watts, will get things kicked off this weekend with some coverage of Carlos Alvarez and his induction into the college football hall of fame.

I had a great time picking this blog up from Joe, despite the struggles with the insane commenters that we all know and love. I'll be out of sports reporting for the time being, but this was a great gig while I was in school, and I'll miss the back-and-forth I got to have with some of you.

Enjoy your new daddy, and please don't make his life too hard in the comments section.



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Mike, this is definitely bad news. You did an AMAZING job bro! Seriously, you made really incisive comments, but you laced them with some great humor. We'll miss you. Good luck with your new gig. Hey, look at the bright side, you never again have to deal with the biggest homos of life: UM trolls! Especially that butt pirate who worships Gator Nation: UFelony30andmore. Can't believe I got to post a comment before him. What a tool that guy is. Anyhow Mike: GO GATORS!!!!!

i'm a canes fan, but wanted to say you did a great job covering the gators, whom i do follow, but hate regardless of how well you write.

best of luck in your future endeavors, mike!

As a Gator fan and alum, I have to say, I was very disappointed by the fact that so many of my comments were deleted after responding to idiotic cane fan comments, especially when I'd see so many off the wall retarded comments from them left on here. It actually seemed like you were a closet cane fan masquerading as a gator columnist. Joe Goodman set the bar pretty high. He actually interacted with the fans and kept it an open forum. Hopefully Matt will bring that atmosphere back. Good luck with your new adventures.

Good luck, Mike. It was great to have a Gator writer who would actually be critical of UF when it was called for.

Best of luck to you Mike! Enjoyed your insight and opinions.

Good luck Mike, you are a homer but with comedy. rich nice, get a life you loser

you weren't very good anyhow. little too smug for me. plus, who wears backwards hats anymore? see ya, chief.

I will still be the same BMW 3 series driving douche when you return to check this site

Good luck. And "Go Gatah."

Was Rico trying to portray himself as a gringo above as Rich Nice, nice try Rico Douche'

Good luck Mike. You don't deserve these insufferable canes wiping boogers on your blog.

Geez, how many Gators on the court last night?

Always a great read. Best of luck in the future!

Mike your last comment should have been about the Gator Women's Tennis Team beating Miami and Miami's coach saying "This will help us more than you will know."

Do you really want to count the "puke all over myself and cry all the way home" job that Noah did?

Wow, grovelling for anything. Can Gatard fan be any more insecure?

I'd rather be puking on the floor in the playoffs than working concessions like the rest of the canes.

Hey, UFelony / UFailure / Curse of..., let us know when you get laid for the first time, okay? Maybe we can get together and throw you a party at Bird Bowl or something. Keep thinking about UF 24/7. Let us know when Seantrel transfers to Minnesota.

Hey look at the 70 leisure suit, slicked hare, 300 series BMW driving douche' that chimed in. Nice car for someone in you low income bracket of course living in a trailer affords you that luxary.

Did my post above match your drop out diploma mill education, did not want to post over your head. Arivvaa

Loch Ness Monster
Second Kennedy Gunman
Gator Nation

The myths abound. 7 wasted years in a trailerpark is no way to go through life, young man.

Great to hear your moving on to bigger and better things mike. Best of luck! You a great wrtiter, so keep your wit sense of humor. Go gators!

Lindsey- ill-equipped
Goodman- jilted over bike theft
McCall- too busy being a real writer

Watts? Aggressively weed out the cane blowhards and you can have an actual good blog. Let the mouth breathers pollute and your blog will be a failure.

Scurvy, your name says it all.

Another National Championship for the University of Florida. Congratulations to our Women's Tennis Team.

How many grammatical errors can "Curse of Steve Addazio" make? I understand typos, but he mixes "hare" with "hair," "you" with "your," and "luxary" with "luxury". What are you Curse? A high school dropout? A security guard? An MDCC grad?

Every one of your comments refer to trailers and rednecks. Don't get out of South Florida much, do you? I don't know what income bracket you're in, but you certainly write like an illiterate ignoramus.

What year did you "graduate" from UM again?

Rico Douche: you know that Curse isn't a high-school dropout or security guard. For that he would have to be a UFelony valedictorian.

I have travelled to dozens of college towns. By far the worst crapholes are Knoxville, Gainesville, and Starkville. The funniest line I hear from UTrailer grads? "Gainesville is a nice college town." That is funny. If nice is a euphemism for "dump," then yes, you are right.

And yes, there are lots of trailers in Gainesville occupied by the ignorant rednecks that crowd the 800 churches every Sunday.

Seems that the years have softened your recollection of the dump that is Trailerville.

Watts will run this cane doozy off..just watch

Rico Douche, just trying to speak in terms and format that a UFelony Drop out like yourself would understand. I guess I did get out of So Flo seeing how I am in Orlando, but wait you are still in trailerville in the hole under your mothers trailer you like to call a basement. I only went to UM for my MBA, something you would have no clue about and no it does not mean "Momma Beat my Arse"

Watts, Run this lil puke Curse off and let him s h I t where he eats over at those cane abortion sites

That's what you are, Gatard trash.

Poor little gator trash, I will always be on here to make your worthless lifes seem a little more difficult. I am trying to dumb down my post so that you Diploma mill dropouts can understand.


ummmm, even a "doofus" knows it is spelled that way. Unless, the doofus went to the states largest worthless public diploma mill in which case he doesn't know much.

Describes you perfectly, Gatard trash.

Of course, Gatard trash used urban dictionary has his authority. The proper spelling is "doofus" as found in Websters. Yours is slang.

Wow, to think UTrailer spits out these useless grads who then have to try and find a job where Miami grads will make the hiring decisions.

I don't like your chances, Urban Dictionary doofus.

UTrailer failed you.

When hiring as upper management, look for your warehouse staff needs at UFelony. These boys will work for nothing as they already know their diploma mill docs mean little to nothing.


When recruiting athletes to the University of Florida, every Gator coach cites the facilities, the tradition of winning and the support of fans, boosters and the athletic department. And at some point in time, they all use the same line: “This is where you come to win championships.”

The 2010-11 season was a banner year for Florida, as the Gators won nine conference titles and three Southeastern Conference Tournament titles. The eight SEC championships tie the school record (1991-92) and the league record (also shared by Georgia in 2005-06).

“Unquestionably, the effort shown by our student-athletes and coaching staffs this season is something all Gator fans can celebrate,” said Athletic Director Jeremey Foley from Palo Alto, Calif., site of the school's latest national championship in women's tennis.

“Our players and coaches should take much pride in winning league titles because they certainly don't come easily. This has been a memorable year, but it's not over yet. There are several Gator teams still competing and I know they all have high goals set for themselves.”



When was Ur last Conference Title in ANYTHING AGAIN ???

Thought so.

Matt where are you? I've seen CEO's of multi national corporations slide in the head chair quicker than you have taken the post of this blog. There's a lot going on. We're 2-0 in the baseball tourney, Hudson threw a gem yesterday against the Bammers, Bryson was superb 4-5, 3 RBIs. The #3 Lady Gator softball team opens a super regional at home this afternoon. Still basking in the glow of the Ladies Tennis NC, and now some of those Lady Gators are ripping in the individual tennis competitions, as are the men. Frankie Hammond (high jump)and Dempsie (sprint) are crushing it on the track, and when is anyone at the Herald going to write something about Carlos? What an embarrassment?

Let's review with respect to the only sport Gatard trash seems to care about unless it is inconvenient, i.e. football:

"tradition of winning" Really? Didn't know 4 years makes a tradition. Makes you wonder what the truly historically elite programs in the country, Canes included, would consider tradition. In any event, the tradition is over. It left with Timmy Teblow. And now all Gatard trash has to spout off about is women's tennis. Well done, Gatard trash. The shine is off the stank flower.

"support of fans" Really? I guess only when winning, which was absent last year and "ain't comin' through that door anytime soon, folks." Saw the trailer trolls walking out during the 3rd quarter of the Miss. STate beatdown.

And I don't recall hearing or reading about the Gatard Nation during the Zooker years.

I know it's hard to face when you are the SEC laughing stock and your head coach and OC outweigh your whole offensive line, but the shoe fits.

Three former Florida #Gators will be playing in the #NBA Finals this year: Brewer, Miller, Haslem. More than any other school.

Go Gators, Go Heat!

Posted by: UTrailer at Gainesville

Dude, give it a break. You're not funny and your "points" are baseless and inane.

Get out of the basement and enjoy the holiday weekend. Maybe your moms can bbq some meatloaf for you!

Orange and Blue, well said. In the NBA playoffs, we had at least four Gators (to my knowledge): Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, and of course, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller - two Gators who are really helping the Heat on their title run.

Must suck for these pathetic Cane fans to be rooting for the Heat, knowing they have two Gators on the squad.


Don't worry though, Curse of Steve Addazio aka UFelony lives in Orlando, so he's rooting for the Magic. Or do you front like you're from Miami when it comes to NBA too?

Rico Douche' good to hear from you. Raised in Boca attended UM. You on the other hand live in trailerville with your mom and that 1989 BMW 3 series must have some serious rust by now. You see So Flo has championships for all of the teams and trailerville, well not so much, one trick pony and that 4 years of relevance for UFelon football is over, oh well you have the monster truck pulls.

Rico Douche:

How is the cheesy 3 series Beemer? Make it to the clubs this weekend? Spend your last nickel?

Hey, nice to hear from my two favorite Cane trolls. Hey Curse, you were raised in Boca? Last I checked, that wasn't in the 305 buddy. Unlike you, I was born, raised, and reside in Miami. I'm probably more Miami than you'll ever be. Keep rocking that orange and green Boca boy. I bet it makes you feel real cool in Orlando. You probably tell all the chicks you're from Miami don't you? It just sounds better than Boca. In Miami, we can't stand people like you. We call your kind "posers". Keep thinking I'm from "trailerville" dumba$$es. I bet you two clowns need a GPS and / or a map to get around Miami. Either of you "habla español"? Didn't think so.

Rico Douche, posses drive cheesy BMW 3 series, hit South Beach every weekend and have a Heat license plate.

We have another name for that in Miami: loser. Or Gatard trash. Same thing.

An article from Gatard Sport on a few transfers and speculation on Seantrel? Really?

No mention of all the Gatard transfers, huh? Or how the 5th year QB went 3-12 in the spring game......again. But this is the year Brantley turns it around, right Gatard trash. Let's see an article on that.

Muschump is going tonquit at the end of this 5-7 year.

GatArd Nation, we can't heeeeeeear you.

Great pickup getting Dan Wenger for the OL. I wanted him out of high school but he went to ND. If he is healthy, he will make the OL much better. Charlie signed him 2 times now. Great job Coach Weis.

We get Georgia today in the tourney. They knocked South Carolina out. Brian Johnson gets the start. Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Lady Gator Softball Team taking Super
Regional going back to the World Series.

Wow, ladies softball, reallyyyyyy? Is that even a sport?

Rico Douche', sorry you were raised in trailerville and fantasize about living in Miami. They have meds for those dilusional episodes. Your right, Boca would not accept trailerpark trash like yourself. Repping the Orange in Green in Orlando along with the other thousands of fans here in Orlando, remember I4 south is again the State of Miami.
How are all the pro sports teams doing in trailerville, oh thats right, cow tipping is not considered a pro sport except to you necks.

All Gatard trash has left is women's softbal and tennis. Been a liking while since football won a title.

It will be a looooong time before it does again. In five years well be Harding how fifth year senior Jeff Driskel "really looked good" in the spring game.

Pounding Gatard trash starts soon. Get your tickets, ignorant 'necks.

SEC Baseball Tourney Champions. Also named regional site hosts for next weekend. Congrats Gators.


Enjoy a douche sandwich with extracock

hurricanes are the softest team on the planet. Got HOUSED by Notre Dame.

canesrule eats foreskin

Do we have a Matt citing yet? He did a nice job on the Carlos article. Time to get to work Matt. Big weekend starting with the Lady Gators in the College World Series tonight at 9:30 on ESPN II against Missouri.

Go canes

Excellent start for the Lady Gators, the Mizzou pitcher was one of the tops in the country. Michele and Meagan hit bombs. Hannah was awesome. Huge game tonight against top seeded Arizona State.

gatorsam, what happened to the lezzy gators softball, they got tromped by AS. oh well as usual there is always next year. Now you gator fans have nothing to look forward to with the 5-7 football season coming up.


And Ur Baseball team ?

Ur fielders should have a fork in one hand and a stick in the other .

Lady Gators still alive eliminated Cal tonight. Great day to be a Gator. The baseball boys beat Miami in a tough one. Nolan game winning hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Z and P.Tuck got big hits.

New young 2022 Miami Baseball commit sure to be next Canes not so Super Star A Shortstop …


Lady Gators just set World Series record for 11 runs in one inning. Need to beat the Bammers 2 times today. Alex P. to start the baseball game. Doing this without Austin and Brian Johnson.

I guess the men must have been watching the girls. Great start. Alex needs to finish off Miami and send them packing.

What an awesome day to be a Gator. Domination of Miami to end their season again and the Lady Gators beat Alabama twice to go to the CWS Championship.

Hey Matt you're missing all the fun. When do you start covering?

ARIZONA STATE owns the lezzy gators

Virginny, Goiter Neck, Florida, FSU,

....ALL own the soft candy canes.

100 years of Gaard mediocrity. Surely the readiness program in the country has at least one baseball national title, no?

No? What? Nine? Zero? Kaput? Zilch?

What kind of underachieving crap storm is brewing innthe land of trailers and Koran-ka-bobs?

Driving on I75 through Gainsville today coming back from Atlanta and I say to my daughter we are passing through Gainesville, the Worlds Largest Trailer Park, when the radio station I am listing to comes on with a commercial asking if you would want to own a home in Gainesville and if so a Mobile Home might be right for you. Wow perfect timing and justification that Trailerville is living up to its name. By the way alot of smoke on I75, maybe the gators football players rolling a few?


Arizona State sweeps Florida in WCWS Championship Series

Same for men's baseball, stay tuned.

Gator Great Godfrey Myles and local football star (Carol City High) has suffered a massive heart attack. Godfrey was an ALL SEC player for UF and Honorable Mention All American and won 3 Super Bowl rings with the Dallas Cowboys. Gator Nation is pulling for you Godfrey.

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

Ha ha you would have to have sex to procreate.

Black and Blue- pathetic arent you

Typical former gator B-Ball players contributing nothing to the Heat.

So a 23 year old Teblow writes a memoir (hope he included his perspective on the economy and the Bush doctrine) and thousands of inbred Trailerville residents come to the book signing.

If you need to know why this country is falling behind the rest of the industrialized world in any metric that matters, Trailerville is ground zero. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Stay on the cutting edge of intellectualism, Gatard trash.

Chances anyone at the signing CAN read the memoir? Zero

Chances anyone with more than two brain cells would WANT to read the memoir? Zero

As much drivel as his banal little speech two years ago that is memorialized on a plaque. Bet the professors and researchers at UFelony were impressed by the administrations decision.

Bet u eat d I c k on a hot dog roll cane troll

Are you talking about your mother's Gatard trash?

Is that all you have? More evidence that "education" was and still is a joke.

Gotta run. Have to hire a Gatard trash alum to clean my toilets.

Blanks punked Gatard trash.

Parks punked Gatard trash.

Your freefall is far from over. Muscrap is in way over his head.

Lots happening on the Miami Recruiting trail, nothing on the gators, wow the free fall is happening faster than I thougt.

I wonder if he'll have enough time 2 mention what college he went 2!!
b/c they only gave me 23 minutes, if they gave me 24 minutes i wouldve been able 2 mention my alma mater..

I hear the gaggin already from the UFelony beisbol team. Botton of the 9th and you choked.

Great series with Miss. State. On to Omaha. The Bulldogs were awesome. No excuses but we missed Ausin and BJ. Hope they can play in the CWS. Go Gators.

2 and BBQ for the gators

Well this class is coming along great. Out recruiting UF and their 3 million a year coaches. This class will be ranked in the top 10 come signing day!

Gainesville Cane

Posted by: Alan C. Symonette | June 12, 2011 at 06:41 PM

Well, there U go again U Gainesville ClUck... U might wanna check those Rankings once more. And try not scanning over the ones that only consider the individual rank of the incoming talent of the commits and not the size of the Class. U know, like the meaningless ones that add up 30 2-3 Star players and are ranked ahead of teams with 18 4-5 Star players. ...

News flash pal. Ur right where U belong. Ranked below # 2 FSU and # 5 FLORIDA by ESPN... And U ain't gonna sign a single high profile player come Feb. All those kids will be choosing between... "SEE BELOW"... U've gone from being the Notre Dame of the South to the Temple of the South... And UR PUMPED about that? pssssssttt... U keep following Al's stop watch as it swings back n forth, back n forth.

And get Ur facts straight and whatever U do, don't be a chicken farmer.

Remember when kids like the one below used to call U for a scholie? Well them days is 10 years past and ain't coming back.

****UF Football Gets Pledge From Four-Star Cornerback****

Bradenton Southeast cornerback Brian Poole joins Hallandale's Willie Bailey to give UF two defensive backs in the growing class of 2012.

The class, which was recently given an early rating of No. 5 in the nation by ESPN, is sure to improve with Poole's pledge. He is rated a four-star player by Rivals and Scout, the latter having him pegged as the No. 2 cornerback in the nation.

College Choices for Brian Poole

School Interest Offer

Alabama Medium Offered

Auburn Medium Offered

Clemson Medium Offered

Florida Medium Offered

Florida State Medium Offered

Georgia Medium Offered

Louisville Medium Offered

Miami (FL) Medium Offered

Nebraska Medium Offered

Notre Dame Medium Offered

South Carolina Medium Offered

South Florida Medium Offered

Texas Tech Medium Offered

USC Medium Offered


U notice a trend there that is the opposite of the commits that Goldy is passing scholies out too ? Mmmmm hmmmm. U compete with the Cincys, Dukes, Ball States, W. Viginias, FIUs and S. Floridas of the recruiting world. Amazing how U don't see that for what it is. But it's actually impressive to see that some of U CAN see it for what it is. And what it is, is that Goldy will use that as an excuse through next year saying it takes more then two years of recruits to turn over a program that was under the control of Captain ClUless the last 5 years. ( btw, U dopes do remember that at exactly this time last year U had Ur pathetic Canes as 2010 ACC Champs and In a BCS Bowl with Randy leading the way for a Championship run in 2011 right? U blind dreamers are right back at it again.) And when Goldy BOLTS for Penn State after 2012, U'll be right back where U were 6 months ago. But this time with a Roster full of no talent nobodys that might win a few merit badges and actually have over a 3.0 GPA...

Well, whipdee freeekindo for U...

And the word is out on Ur Golden boy amongst the TOP recruits. He ran off some good young talent and the best of the best know why. U spin it as a good thing but rest assured, that Donna has strings tied to all his moving parts. And what Shalalala wants, Shalalala gets. And she could care less that U make strides to return to Ur long gone glory days.

A little info for U no Nada Blind Cane Kool-Aide drinkers...Just ONE average Recruiting class every 4 years will destroy a football program . U know, like the pitiful one U had last year and every other year the last 10 years ? U ClUcks are getting too used to it and accepting it for what it's not... U know ... ELITE.

So it's back to this brilliant quote...

"Well this class is coming along great. This class will be ranked in the top 10 come signing day!"

GREAT huh ? Ur yolking right ? ...........line

clUUUck clUUUck

But U'll be back Riiiieght ?

btw- Is "Whip" still a genius ?

Matt Watts has done an excellent job replacing Mike- Mike thus far.

Come on Miami Herald, get off your ass (I know the herald is an entity and doesn't have an ass, but still. This is ridiculous).

Agree with you Rico. Liked Matt's first couple of efforts especially the article on Carlos. With the big windfall the Herald got with the Asian company that bought the Herald property you would think they would be able to afford to send Matt to Omaha.

Hmmm, looks like a real mess in here.

Matt. Can I suggest you take that extra step that Jo and Mike did not take, doing an IP ban on the trolls.

Gator AND Cane. Because I believe a ban here will ALSO work as a ban on the rest of the Herald sites.

As a Cane fan that wants to sometimes discuss Gator sports without trolling, I bet that will clean things up significantly.

Do it.

Soldy suucks whattt, you know the answer PIG. No clean your moms room and leave your sister alone today.

Do it.
Posted by: Feral Cat | June 15, 2011 at 02:38 PM

EFF U Sarasota dip s h it. Keep posting your comments about "100 years" old man.

Exhibit A on the list of guys that Matt should IP ban.

1. Cursing? Tossing out vile language on a family newspaper where no cursing is needed. Such anger and hatred because someone suggests this place could be cleaned up? Must be out of fear and cowardice.

2. "Lawn Jockey"? Changing IDs to use a racist term where again none is needed. Such racist anger and hatred because someone suggests this place could be cleaned up? Must be out of fear and cowardice.

3. Sarasota? Never been there, but if someone from there has your hackles up, he must be a pretty good guy.

A real shame that Matt has not come on here to remove your racist comments. Perhaps he likes what you write?

UCF running backs > Gatards.

Can you say, SEC laughingstock? The collapse will be spectacular.

One down ... Vandy next.

Sarasota cane is an Effing p u s sy

Go away you d y k s u c k I n g troll

Check out this awesome new Florida Gators site I just found http://www.chatsports.com/florida-gators. They have excellent news, blogs and player info on a Facebook like platform. I also found that when I signed in the site had even more 'goodies' to it.

^^^ Sorry I posted the wrong URL above, here it is: http://www.chatsports.com/florida-gators

7 outs too go ...

So on game days during football season is there a ban on toilet flushing starting on Friday mornings so that the Septic tank (Ben Hill Griffin) que banjos, does not overflow?

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

Hilarious, you should definitely move out of the basement and try stand up.

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