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Hope and Change

Hey gang, a little bad/excellent news for you today. This is my last post as CEO of Gator Clause, as I'm headed to Jacksonville for a new job next week. Sorry posts have been really infrequent lately due to some hectic changes in my life, but my replacement, Matt Watts, will get things kicked off this weekend with some coverage of Carlos Alvarez and his induction into the college football hall of fame.

I had a great time picking this blog up from Joe, despite the struggles with the insane commenters that we all know and love. I'll be out of sports reporting for the time being, but this was a great gig while I was in school, and I'll miss the back-and-forth I got to have with some of you.

Enjoy your new daddy, and please don't make his life too hard in the comments section.



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U s.U.c.k.

Has this Matt Watts person done anything?

I don't see that he's made one entry, or even made a presence-be-known foray onto Gator Clause since McCall hauled ass?

This site has literally been abandoned by the Herald since McCall bid his final adieu on May frickin' 20th.

Bunch of gorillas swinging luggage in a stell cage at this point.


This site is a debacle and embarrassment.

No Florida Field is over 70 years old and well engineered and we have that toilet flushing thing down pat. UF can handle large crowds with few problems something the University of Miami doesn't have to concen themselves with.

Whats happening with gator recruiting and football (crickets)

Florida Field has been operating just fine since 1939 with no problems. Over 90,000 for home games in a well engineered stadium for college football. Toilets flush just fine. Capacity crowds, I guess that's something the University of Miami doesn't have to be concerned about.

Posted by: The Curse of Steve Addazio

Nothing at all. But duh u has one yet another NC in June - congrats!

Getting 90k for a football game where the undergrad popl. is 55k is no great achievement. It is fairly standard and boring.

That grim Gatard trash has a losing record and less championships than the mighty U, now that is truly remarkable.

How you underachieve, Gatard trash. But wait, Brantley and Muschump will make it all better come September, right?


Stunning. Not a single post about the Gators in the CWS? I don't like their trolls, but still it would have been cool to read some coach and player comments on what was an exciting game 1.

But since the trolls have shut down the Sentinel UM site, and the Herald Gator site has had the same occur, and the Post UM site is dead as well, it looks like the trolls won.

How sad.

Rico, (since you do try to talk sports), what are the chances of the Gators winning two straight?

You don't have to answer, since trolls will ridicule your comments as they do mine, but know that if you DO post, normal folks will still read them.

Matt, wake up man. IP ban the trolls, give material for the Rico and other NORMAL fans that try to post on here, and let the folks know what the future of this blog will be. You are already losing readers by your inaction and your acceptance of these name-stealing trolls, let us know if you think Florida can come back!

Gee, Feral Cat. Can the Gators come back? Hmmmmmmm, that is a deep question. I dunno. They did go undefeated in their bracket. Were ranked in the top 10 all year. Have the SEC player of the year. Won the SEC.

Hmmmmm. Can they come back? That is a question truly deserving of thoughtful debate.

Puke. Straight puke. Why do you think Matt won't post anything? Take that loser question to sports radio where it belongs. You have made everyone on here dumber for having read your post.

No, Feral has a point. Me, him, and canesrule '21 ships have been owning the boards. Dare I say if our basements were The U, we would be ranked number one in dominating messages boards.

Hope & Change? - so you are leaving, and HOPE that Obama will follow in 2012

I was asking Rico, not you.

Your opinion is already known. You have no reading comprehension, likely don't know that it is a three game series, so you will attack anyone that asks a simple question on a blog. Way to represent UF, fool. Question worthy of talk radio? Pleasse give us an example of a question worthy of this blog, which you seem to think is BETTER than talk radio.

As for fake Curse, I haven't been on here in ages, just thought I would check in after that pair of errors and poor hitting (bases loaded, no out, and you can't get the ball out of the infield?) cost the Gators the game. There are no basements in Miami, there is something called a water table that prevents it.

Oh well, looks like the real Gator fans have moved on to better sites.

Posted by: The Original Feral Cat

Well, bye!

Speaking of water table, does Al Golden water baord the 1-2 stars to get them to commit to duh u before Northern Idaho snatches them up?

yeah, they lose by 1 in 11 innings but, no way, not shot to come back at all. Zero shot. They may as well concede this game since they have absolutely no chance.

Is that the answer you were looking for? How old are you? 12?

BTW, I give the Gators a 23.88573% chance in the second game. Just my unscientific guess.

The only water boarding would have to be done on a Gatard commit so you annihilate his sense of smell and can therefore stomach the 3 years in the trailerpark.






Like the coward Pig you are, so goes Gatard trash. More embarrassment in one year than a trailerpark should endure.

Yes, you Gatards live in the present. That means savoring another loss having been swept in the championship.

It also means no more references tonthe Teblow/Urban Liar era. That is in the past.

So, really, you have nothing but your miserable underachieving bloated public diploma mill. Ta ta, trailer trolls.

yeah, they lose by 1 in 11 innings but, no way, not shot to come back at all. Zero shot. They may as well concede this game since they have absolutely no chance.

Is that the answer you were looking for? How old are you? 12?

BTW, I give the Gators a 23.88573% chance in the second game. Just my unscientific guess.

Posted by: Typical sports idiot | June 28, 2011 at 03:27 PM

Somebody needs a tissue. Seriously, what part of "Rico" did you NOT understand.

I wasn't hating on the Gators, I was looking for a DISCUSSION about their chances. But you went and showed your defensiveness to the world. As for how old I am, age does not matter on the internet, words do. My words were calm and reasonable, yours where that of a child who just lost their toy in a sandbox. So, if I am 12, you just lost an argument to a 12 year old.

Argument? You have to have a point and then support it to have an argument. You asked a ridiculous question. Your question was exposed for its idiocy and now you are embarrassed.

You had no point. Even the person to whom your question was addressed has not responded. That should tell you something. Go home, junior. Go play Xbox.

We own UFelony's message boards like we own the ACC. WHOOOPS..dare I say this is our year!

We own failure like stink owns our campus.

We own cowardice like white trash owns trailer parks.

It sucks, to be, a Floriduh Gatard. Last in the nation in education spending. Our public diploma mill is in a downward spiral.

Yaaaaaay, SEC. We have to cheer for our conference. It is all we have left. Losers.

Another Gator in trouble and kicked off their team, what's new? The state legislature should seriously consider a name change from University of Florida to University of Felons or maybe Alachua County Detention Center State.

I hear they are considering changing the name of the "Swamp" to the "Cesspool." Your athletes earned it.

As a reformed and former Gator fan I would be embarrassed at all the stuff going on in Gainesville.

Shame on you, Gators!

The Florida Gators men’s athletic program won the first-ever Capital One Cup, as announced by the organization on Thursday.

Awarded annually to each of the top men’s and women’s Division I college athletic programs in the country, the winner of the Capital One cup is determined by a scoring system in which points are awarded sport-by-sport depending how respective teams finish NCAA Championships and the final official coaches’ polls.

Florida (93 points) won by an 11-point margin over Virginia (82) and finished 23 points above the next team from the Southeastern Conference, Auburn (70).

That's cute about the Capital One Cup. When the Gatard football team is 6-5 in November, I hope that warms the cockles of your heart. More likely, trailer trash will be flowing out of the Benny Hill like last year against Miss State.

So much for Gatard Nation. Revenge of the Zooker is upon you.

Posted by: Tommy Frazier

I noticed duh u helped Virginia finish number 2. Good job! They probably wouldn't be that high if they didn't knock out jacory and beat duh u.

Since your prognosticating - what's your prediction for the canes? Let me guess..they remove the tarps this year for the 75k+ crowds and make way for another NC. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Keep in mind u play FSU, VaTech, UNC, and USF. on the road and 7-8 potheads are suspended for Maryland.

Uhhhhh, Mr. Product of a failed public university masquerading as a public diploma mill, I don't know where to start. Maybe the Canes go 11-1. Maybe they go 7-5.

What does that have to do with Gatard trash and the myth that is Gatard Nation? When you are obsessed with the greatest football program in the state, you cannot see past it. Thus, every answer you give relates to the Canes. That's ok, trailerboy.

Gatard Trash does the least with the most.

Baseball Championships: Zero in 100 years

Football team 2010: 7-5 with 80 4 and 5 stars.

Fall down drunk, blame the Canes, wash, rinse, repeat.

Posted by: Tommy Frazier

"When you are obsessed with the greatest football program in the state, you cannot see past it"

huh? I posted a "congrats" for winning the Capital One Cup on a Gator Blog with no mention of duh u. You're the one camped out on here ready to spew your "we got swagga" rhetoric.

OMG... I come back yo visit the site after a month from Matt leaving and you boyz are still at IT!!!!! Get a freaking life. Pathetic!

You havent' seen one "swagger" comment from me. That is in your mind, Gatard trash. You tell Cane fans not to live in the past yet all you do is bring up things from the past.

Make up your mind, Trailer maggot. And as for past, that is where the Teblow/Urban Liar magic resides. Its Ovaaaaaaaa. Muschump is the grim reaper and Weiss is the grim reaper holding a double cheeseburger.

But seriously, congratulations on the Capital One Cup. When you are beat down by FSU, Bama and LSU, you can waive that around.

How pathetic it has gotten in such a short time in Trailerville.

Posted by: Trailerpark blues

Obsessed and I rest my case.

yeah, my employees are off now because of the rain. But don't get me angry, I will go out and fire all of them simply because they are Gatard grads.

I will then cancel the contract with the lunch truck guy. He was Gatard valedictorian but all his lousy diploma allows him to do is shovel meat pies.

What do you expect from a public diploma mill?

Posted by: Trailerpark blues and roaches too


Boooohooo, we don't sell out. Booo hoooo. Lump all the disadvantages Miami has, compound it with all the advantages UFelony has, mix it together and what do you get?

5 > 3.

7-5 = 7-5.

Looks like failure at UFailure. But at least you have your worthless diploma. I hear WalMart is hiring.

Forgot. 30 felonies and counting. Transfers across the board.

In Brantley we trust? Riiiiiiiiiight.

It's melancholy for Fall at the trailerpark.

Gainesville is a nice college town

Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Which of those two statements is the greater myth?

Diploma mill?


senators, astronauts, nobel laureates, judges, ambassadors,generals....the list is longer than your forked tongue loser.

go read that a s s munch. Nothing remotely close at the little school that could.

All in the past. Quit living in it (as you like to tell Cane fans but then a UFelony diploma does not allow you to understand a double-standard).

UFelony has sacrificed it's core on the altar of athletics. Combined with a last-in-the-nation public education funding and the loss of many tenured professors, you won't see too many novel laureates coming out of Trailerville anytime soon.

Unless, of course, they are wearing Waste Management jumpsuits and picking up trash most mornings.

Suck in that trailer maggot.

Ain't that a kick in the teeth.

U got smoked and that's your reply chUmp?



So, who will your next transfer be? Or next felony arrest? Times are tough in the land of incest and trailers.

The real disgrace is bitter filthy pigs like u OGV

Ahhh, the dulcet sounds of trailer maggots. Your public diploma mill is on fire. Not my fault you wasted 7 years of undergrad.

When you are churning out 20K grads a year, something has to stick. No real distinction in that, trailertard. What is that saying about sh$t against a wall? It fits UGelony grads.

NFL Channel:

Top 100 players in the NFL:

#1 Miami- 10
#2 Tennessee -4

From Florida schools:
UM 10, UCF 2, Bethune Cookman 1


Most schools with players voted #1 at their position:

#1- UM

NFL-U is where it's at, recruits.

That wiki list included every judge that let a Gator felon off the hook, since they are honorary Gators now.

I gotta admit, someone dug through over 100 years of yearbooks to find every single Gator grad that made it into wikipedia. Lots of spare time on their hands. But look at the actual list, it includes anyone that gave money to UF, and anyone that had success in anything that had nothing to do with their college career (like the list of Miss Florida winners. 7 out of 100 years? wow.)

Take those minor characters off the list, and your biggest alums are....

Erin Andrews (for some nude video), Buddy Ebsen (for some old TV show), and Joe Scarborough (for being an annoying talking head).

I would have said Emmitt Smith, but since he doesn't even mention his college years, I don't want to bring up those bad memories for him again.

You really think a wiki list for a 5 million total students public college versus a much smaller private university is the final proof of which is the better school? Wow.

But hey, it's the offseason and you are desperate, so go ahead, brag about your wiki count...

Miami is good and Florida is bad and I like Miami.

Federal judges
Captains of industry
Nobel laureates
Preeminent scientists

diploma mill???? Get off Krak u dropout


Wow, like any 60 thousand undergrad diploma mill can claim the same thing. No real accomplishment there. What about the hundreds of thousands of unskilled ill-prepared graduates holding worthless degrees?

"Duuuuuh, I went to FloriDUH. When be football starts?"

Ignorant 'necks.

Posted by: Insecurity in the trailerpark

You logged in and posted that drivel at 7:36am? Yeah, your a college grad, have a career, and a life. Congrats!

I am up early, king douche. When you are a slovenly unemployed Dorito-eating UFelony grad, you don't get up early. I know.

Dead Giveaway you are carry a diploma from the public diploma mill: it is "you're (notice the apostrophe denoting a conjunction, swamp varmint) and not "your."

I guess we know who is a graduate of a prestigious university and who is a graduate (albeit 8 years of undergrad) of a public diploma mill.

"Duuuuuuuhh, is it be football seasons yet? Gots me my orange and blue Corinne Brown clown outfit ready."

Did the Wikipedia quoting dope include Corinne Brown in the list of distinguished alumni? Now that is a real member of Congress to be proud of.

"Go Gatah. Go Corch Mayah. Go Percy Harvey."

Someone that dumb could only be from the preeminent public diploma mill.

Name an astronaut from UF.

Name a Federal judge from UF.

Name an Ambassador from UF.

Name a Senator from UF.

Name a Nobel Laureate from UF.

Name some preeminent scientists working at UF.

Well, Corinne Brown be a Gatah, but I am not sire if she qualifies as a Congresswoman. In fact, I'm not sure she qualifies as a janitor. Maybe a clown.

Dressed up in da Orange and Blue clown outfit in the hall that Daniel Webster made famous. He spins in his grave at the joke that is UGainesville grad.

Name a starting QB from UF.

Name a Top 100 2010 NFL player from UF.

Name a blog that hasn't had any good news for 53 days. One seventh of the year gone by, and it is dead as the dodo.

LOL! This blog used to rock, until the Gator trolls invaded Canes blogs and we paid them back. Now this place is void of true Gator fans, because of what the Gator trolls did to the Canes blogs. However, the Canes fans are still thriving on their blogs. I guess we don't run away the way SOME folks do, like Foley.

Is this blog a waste of money or what?

Well well, A Watts sighting. Matt, we look forward to your contributions to this blog. It will thrive if you weed out the trolls. You got your work cut out for you dude.

Living in the past. You stop that, y'hear?


It's understandable, Gator gomers. I mean, who wants to write about another allegedly promising year for John Brantley only to be smacked by another 7-5 season and a year-ending beatdown at the hands of the Noles?

I know, let's just focus on recruiting classes. At least then you are competitive even if they don't translate to, you know, what really matters. Like wins.

Dominique Easley? Hello? APB out.


I also found that when I signed in the site had even more 'goodies' to it.

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