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RB Demps set to return to Gators

The University of Florida released a statement Tuesday confirming running back Jeff Demps is returning to the football team.

"As I stated last week in Birmingham, Jeff Demps will be joining our football program when our squad reports for camp on August 5th and when we start practice on August 6th," Florida coach Will Muschamp said in a release from the school. "I met with him [Tuesday] and Jeff is looking forward to focusing on football for his upcoming senior season."

Demps also had some words that put to bed any rumors of a professional track career — at least for now.

"When I came to Florida I wanted to compete at a very high level in both sports and I’ve done that," Demps said. "Football has been my first love, but I also love running track. All of my coaches have been supportive and I’ve always been able to concentrate on whatever sport I’m competing in during that season. I concentrated on track this past spring and summer, and I’m now ready to concentrate on football. I’m looking forward to getting back together with my football teammates and having a great senior season."

There you have it. Demps will be back. 



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Not really a surprise, problem with Demps is he cant stay healthy and if they use him at RB with that offensive line he will definitely be hurt again.

Dempsie National Champ in football and track. Not many collegians hold titles in 2 different sports.

Mat, great job keeping the trolls off of the board

Hey Matt, Ready for practice on Saturday? Where you going to eat Friday night? Stonewood Grill? Ballyhoos? Wow wish I could be there. Only 30 more days and I'll be having the surf and turf at Ballyhoos, awesome. Also if you like Italian try Amelia's near Main Street downtown. Anyway don't know if you heard but there is some good news coming on Friday if not before. Going to be a 4 star day if you know what I mean.

Didn't even have to wait till Friday. Antonio Morrison, 4 Star inside linebacker out of Illinois is a Gator. Good size and power. Great job coaches.

Matt, just so we are clear.

If a Canes fan posts ANYTHING on here you delete it.

If a Gator fan posts ANYTHING on here you accept it.

No interest in opposing points of view I guess.

When you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute, then your post will remain. When you post pointless banter and childish rants filled with slurs and insults then your post will be deleted. This is not a Hurricanes blog, and as such, there's no need for Hurricane discussion in the comments section. How is this hard to understand?

Posted by: Matt Watts

Thanks Matt!

Hmm, Matt. Logical response. I don't recall my comments having any trolling in them, but it is your blog, your call. So, that would mean there is no reason for Gator comments in the Canes blog, either, got it gatorsam?

And of course, the comment from "Soldy The Real One" is not an example of "pointless banter and childish rants filled with slurs and insults", right? That is what we have had to tolerate from them for years, not anything like what I posted on here hat got deleted.

Mat, this blog is lifeless, where is the gatah nation?

light'n Up Matt ... Ur startn to sound like Sanchez .

Posted by: Five Titles
Posted by: UFelony30and more

You guys just can't stay away, huh?

Matt are covering the press conferences today?

Yes. I'll have lots to report, hopefully, later today. And look out for a feature on Sunday.

The best offensive lineman in the country D.J. Humphries is a GATOR!!!!!!!!!!

***** 5 STAR # 1 O.T. D.J. Humphries picks Florida Gators…


@ 6-6 285 … He won’t have Back problems … See U in 2013

It’s just the begining of the 4-5 Star Gator homestretch for Titletowns latest # 1 Recruiting haul … U stay tuned.

Joshua Shaw, Ian Silberman, Quinton Dunbar and Mack Brown granted medical redshirts and will be considered redshirt freshmen and have 4 years of eligibility left. Awesome news.

Xavier Nixon in at 282 pounds? Starting left tackle? What is up with that? How is 185 pound Demps going to run behind him?

Don't like it one bit.

Posted by: Cooper City Gator

Really? Why?

Soldy them Gators have had top 5 classes last 5 years, where are the studs from 3 years ago??
They gotta find some hungry guys that aint overated

Why is the horse faced Elway being permitted to perform a hatchet job on Tebow in Denver just to keep Tebow from breaking all his records? That has to be the case, unless the Broncos purposely don't want to score touchdowns.

I mean, Orton has a career record of 5-77 and they won't give Tebow any snaps and now a front office jealous fatso is spouting crap about him being 4th string? What gives?

Tebow has the highest points scored to minutes in the game ratio in the history of the NFL. Quite obviously he's an NFL quality QB.

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