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SEC Media Days: What they're saying about Florida coach Will Muschamp

While Florida's presence is greatly diminished from previous years, new coach Will Muschamp and the Gators are still a topic of discussion throughout SEC Media Days. Here's what other coaches and players are saying about Muschamp and the Gators:

Georgia coach Mark Richt on his impressions of Will Muschamp and thoughts on an ex-Georgia player being a coach at Florida.
Richt: That's right. I'm sure he's going to tell everybody in Florida he's through and through, all that. I'm sure there's some red and black in his veins. Will is a great person, great coach, great competitor. He understands the game. He understands how to recruit. He gets it. That's why he's where he's at. 
I don't think there's any doubt that he's going to have a high level of success at Florida. Probably going to be a little weird for him, my guess is, when we play. ... I will say, once you play the game, once you kick it off, it changes everything. You know who you're playing for, you know who you're rooting for. ... It won't take him long to know where his allegiance is. 

Tennessee coach Derek Dooley on if working with Muschamp at LSU helped him and their current relationship.
Dooley: Will and I are good friends. Of course, we talked a lot. I know he told you guys that prior to him getting the job at Florida. We still stay in touch. Not as much, obviously. We certainly don't talk about the same things we did before. 
As far as helping, it does help being in this league and understanding this league, understanding the expectations of the fan base and the traditions. I do think it helps. 
But as long as you have an appreciation for a program and an institution and a university, and you open yourself up to how they do things, anybody can really come in this league and have success. You don't have to have a background in the SEC to have success in the SEC. 

On his opinion on the Muschamp hire and how it will affect the coaches' game-planning.
Dooley: Of course, I had mixed feelings. I was proud of him. He deserved it. He's earned it. But I'd rather him been at Texas because he's a friend of mine. I mean, that's just how it is. 
I don't think that has any impact, I really don't, on the game. I think we make this a bigger deal than it is. I don't know him in a way and he doesn't know me in a way that's going to be this difference maker on game day. We're certainly not going to be concerned about the other's well-being on game day. 
I just think it's probably a bigger story than we're making it out to as it relates to the competitive part of it on the game day. 
He's earned it. He's going to do a great job, there's no doubt in my mind. But we got to play each other every year and that's a big game for both programs. 


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Could be worse, we could've been beat by powerhouse USF lol!

This year the gators will lose to patsies on their schedule, and the other SEC coaches are loving Muschamp as the coach, good times ahead for the other SEC East teams as the gators will be a non factor.

1. South Carolina (114 first-place votes)
2. Georgia (38)
3. Florida (12)
4. Tennessee (2)
5. Kentucky (1)
6. VanderbiltWest
1. Alabama (111)
2. LSU (30)
3. Arkansas (23)
4. Mississippi State (1)
5. Auburn
6. Ole Miss (2)

uf is the 8th best team in the sec until further notice. Yes, Miss State is better than you.

QUOTE: I read a Muschamp quote saying they only have 6 scholarship offensive linemen and 4 scholarship defensive tackles....

>>>>>>UH OH...perhaps a 7 loss season on the HORIZON

First of all, Bianchi's column is silly - per usual. He pulled that quote from the spring, when the roster was thinned by injuries. Go look at the roster. Nick Alajajian, Sam Robey, David Young, Jonotthan Harrison, James Wilson, Matt Patchan, Chaz Greene, Xavier Nixon, Ian Silberman, Jon Halapio. That's at least 10 scholarship offensive linemen. On defense, Dominique Easley, Sharrif Floyd, Jaye Howard, Omar Hunter, Earl Okine, Leon Orr. That's six. A strong six. The team has deficiencies, no doubt. Muschamp admitted as much, saying they did a lot of cross-training in the spring in case of injury. If they do suffer an injury or two on either line or at linebacker then they're definitely in trouble. Regardless, a five- or six-loss season is not out of the realm of possibility.

Mat, thanks for keeping the blog, troll free!

Dooley said anyone could come into the sec and have sucess? He even said "I don't think that has any impact". Refering to muschamp. And he coaches the 9th best team in the sec.
Did Richt suggest Muschamp's allegiance lies with Georgia?

You bothered posting that nonsense Sid?

Guaranteed that when Golden bolts for PSU, UF 's Muschamp record will be better than Goldens at IRRELEVANT []_[]

Why Richt woulf ever open his mouth about anything concerned with UF is beyond me. Whwn the Georgia bus comes over the bridge in Jax he probably wets his pants. If Richt doesn't beat this UF team he shouldn't even get back on the bus he should just resign on the spot and start looking for a high school coaching job.

sammy, use spell check or a dictionary.

Gotta agree with gatorsam there. Georgia will need to beat UF in this rebuilding year, or they should just give up.

I mean it is a rivalry game, but with a new coach and UGA supposedly in much better shape, Richt better win or he better move over.

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