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Chris Rainey has a word for opposing defenses

With the reported resurgence of Chris Rainey and the return of Jeff Demps for his senior season, all indications point to the Gators backfield as the strength of the offense in 2011.

Asked about Trey Burton’s new F-21 role — a hybrid blend of fullback, slot receiver and short-yardage running back — and the combination of talent in the backfield, Rainey, exuding confidence, summed it up.

“We’re going to be giving a lot of defenses hell this year,” he said, carefully picking the right words through a wry smile. "We've got different athletes everywhere and they can't focus on one person."

Rainey missed five games last season after he was suspended following his much-publicized arrest, but teammates and coaches have praised Rainey's approach during the offseason, saying he has matured. 

Burton, Rainey and Demps combined for 1,808 yards from scrimmage in 2010 out of Urban Meyer's spread offense. And new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has raved about the speed of the Florida offense, saying he's never had anything like it.  One of the more heralded offensive gurus around, Weis has elaborate plans to get his playmakers the ball in space. 

"It’s interesting to talk to Charlie and look at the different ways we are going to get those guys the football," coach Will Muschamp said recently. "Because that’s the bottom line at the end of the day, is getting [it to] those guys [at] the playmaker positions."

With quarterback John Brantley's ability to succeed in the Southeastern Conference still in doubt, the backfield will likely be leaned on early to carry the offense. Rainey, Demps and Burton are all in line for big years should they remain healthy. 


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Remaining healthy is a big if for those players. Without a QB the gators are one sided and defenses will move 8-9 men in the box and last year will be repeated again.

Weiss is saying that these Gators are faster than his NE Patriots teams?

I question his truthfulness.

Rainey carefully chose his words to include foul language when talking to reporters?

I question his choice.

Brantley's ability to be a QB in the SEC is in doubt.

You question his ability, so I don't have to.

Weis being an offensive guru? Maybe in the NFL but that did not remotely translate to college players. Notre Dame was not an offensive juggernaut during his tenure. He had two above average college QB's and neither did anything during their college tenure nor in the NFL. Now he as an offense built for the spread and he will be trying to put a square peg thru a round hole.

Weis doesn't have to be an "offensive guru" to use Demps and Rainey more effectively than did Addazio.

Being a head coach and having to focus on the entire team and being an offensive coordinator and strictly focusing on the offense are 2 totally different things. If you knew anything about football, you'd know that Gator troll. Hey Matt, you see what Gator Clause has become, a place where cane fans talk about the Gators more than Gators do. Pretty sad actually.

How's Mack Brown doing?

Well it seems we have 4 QB's and their effectiveness will greatly depend on the ability of the O-Line which is mostly in doubt. We have plenty of talent in every area except the O-Line and of course time will tell.

UF 49
FSU 10

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