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TE Gerald Christian and WR Robert Clark to transfer

Florida released the following statement Tuesday:

University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp announced on Tuesday that sophomores Gerald Christian (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) and Robert Clark (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.) intend to transfer from the program.

“Both of these players have expressed a desire for more playing time and felt that it would be in their best interests to transfer,” said Muschamp. “We wish them both the best of luck and appreciate their contributions to the program.”

“I’m looking for an opportunity to play more,” said Christian. “I have no bad feelings about Florida or the coaching staff, I just want to get a fresh start and see the field more.”

“I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Gator program but at the same time I’m excited about future opportunities to play more,” said Clark. “I will have nothing but good memories from my time in Gainesville.”

Christian, a 6’3”, 245-pound tight end, had four catches for 72 yards and one touchdown this season. Clark, a 5’9”, 173-pound wide receiver, does not have a catch this season but totaled seven catches for 69 yards and one touchdown in 2010.


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As previously noted, but deleted, the Gators got a #1 TE prospect. Maybe that is why Christian chose to leave. Clark doesn't even have that excuse, though.

And Matt, thanks for cleaning up the sick comments on both sides. Maybe now we can discuss the UF UGA game, the transfers, the reruits, the positives and negatives of the TEAM, without all the sick attacks.

After all, this is an open blog for fans of other teams to discuss the Gators as well. As long as we are civil to one another, there is no reason to attack someone just because they cheer for a different team.

..or live in Mom's basement and never left Miami-Dade.

Virginia would paste UTrailer by 50.

At least UF still has the lead in arrests this year. They haven't blown that lead.

Alachua County Lockup: UTrailer's "other" classroom.

Who's fault is it this week? Divert attention from your grossly underachieving program and post about the Canes or Noles.

4 National Signing Day Championships gets a 4-4 record. The SlEazeC is horrible. You will lose to the Commodes, fake USC and FSU.

After all, this is an open blog for fans of other teams to discuss the Gators as well. As long as we are civil to one another, there is no reason to attack someone just because they cheer for a different team.

Lots of constructive stuff above from angry Miami Dade guy.

Little Timmy Teblow shows why he is a complete bust and will never be an NFL QB, loved seeing the lion players mimic him after they crushed him each time. 4 years of relevance are over and back to just a truck stop on I-75, uf paper not fit to smoke.

They could've had me for a QB last year.



Gatard rushing average and Teblow's QB rating.

National jokes.

Smug ignorant Gatard maggot, no basements in South Florida and I have travelled the world. Seen the highs and lows if our civilization and by far one if the biggest dumps is Trailerville.

7 years of undergrad traveling the FL turnpike does not make you cultured.

What could be better,UF or Notre Dame
on the bottom.

"This place really sucks."

Most disgusting university? UTrailer

Most hated NFL player? Teblow

Coincidence? Nope.

Wow. I remember a couple of years ago, dozens of UF fans infested these threads and every UM article. Now that their team is back to sucking b*lls, they're nowhere to be found. Gone are the Gator flags on cars, and #15 jersies around our City. Hell, I can't remember the last time I saw an FSU car flag or jersey. I guess S. Florida IS full of frontrunners, UM, UF & FSU fans alike.

10 comments, 9 of which appear to be by either UM or FSU fans.

Uh, no - the internet in S. Florida IS full of internet nerds fueling a fake internet rivalry between UM and UF by virtue of two competing internet blogs being on the same website.

If there was a FSU internet blog best believe you internet nerds would be hearing about them.

5 titles and UM pride, most Gator fans have given up on this blog since it became infested by the pathetic cane troll. All the trash comments are by the same cane idiot with different names. As far as front runners, Miami as a whole and UM in particular are the defintion of band wagon fandom. Gators still support their team win or lose and don't forget how many Noles showed to the rent a stadium last year. Agree it is too bad we can't have an intelligent back and forth without all the trash. So be it.

Speaking of the transfers, I can't blame any WR or TE for transferring when we have decided to throw 90% of the time to Rainey and Demps exclusively. I could not believe when I read the stats of the UGA game and found only 4 catches by 4 different WR all game, when Brantley was throwing most of the time he could only connect with the WR 4 times all game. That is pathetic. I like Demps and Rainey, but you cannot limit yourself like that you cannot be so one dimensional. Teams know this and have adjusted and have shut us out in the 2nd half of games. Hope the coaches see this, I cannot understand why they don't.

The arrogance of the most disgusting fanbase in all college continues.

Support your team? Nary a peep out of the trailer maggots. Fleeing the stadium in the third quarters of your poundings.

90K attendance? So you have 60K undergrad. Nothing special about that turnout. It is expected. Nothing more nothing less. It is life in the SlEzeC.

Now, about that useless diploma.....

gator nation? gator nation? No just dumb hillbilly republicans living in trailers.

How is there a rivalry when there are no UF fans here. But I like the part about people on blogs being nerds... yet here you are on the very same blog.

As for the fan bragging about UF's attendance, please remember their a school in a town with no other Universities, no Professional sports teams and no sort of nightlife. Being #1 in a 1 team town isn't very impressive. Seriously, what else really is there to do on a Saturday night in Gainesville?

I would lke to attend a symphony in Trailerville. Where would I go?

How about ballet? Fine dining? Museum? Art galleries?

No? You mean Trailerville is a redneck unfested cultural backwater which boasts a bloated university of sinking academic reputation?

Sucks to be you, trailer maggots.

You fail at everything.

Remember when, a few months ago, every Gatard fan claimed Weiss would jump-start the offense, Demps and Rainey would rush for over 100 yds/game every week and Brantley would show his true form?


-Weiss makes Addazio look like Belichik
-Your Gatr trash offense is ranked 90th in the country.
-You may not beat Vandy.
-Brantley is as awful as he ever was.

You have no talent. You have no talent development. YOu were a one-man team for 3 years.

Sucks to be you, Gatr maggots. And your school is located in Trailerville.

Wow, can it get any worse? Well, lose to Vandy and, yes, it can.

When is Furman?

I'm disgusted that most of the people on here consider themselves UM fans yet are studying the FLORIDA BLEEPING GATORS so they can trash talk them on an internet blog.

Shame on you all.

You should be disgusted, however that is typical behavior for pathetic UM trolls that have no life and no team to root for. Call it envy or jealousy, I call it delUsional and pathetic. How can a UM "fan" pretend to trash talk another team when UM has not done squat for a decade, at least the Gators were good just one and a half years ago.

In the last decade that the Canes sucked (although, really, Einstein, it was not a decade but 5 years), they owned the Gatr trash 3 out of 4 games.

How bad is the Gatr maggot legacy? Well:

- their best player at the college level ever is the biggest joke bust of a QB in the NFL and the butt of every religious joke going.

- their best NFL player never even mentioned that school during the most important day of his football career: his induction in the NFL HOF. Nary a mention.

This is why you get crushed, you disgusting maggot. You are a member of the most disgusting fan base in all college athletics.

Let that simmer.

The Vandy beatdown is coming.


Let's talk Furman football. They should pose a challenge to the mighty gators!

Go Gators!

7 arrests, 4 wins! Great year ahead!

Posted by: Gatr maggots liveth here

Nice career you got there. Do you not work? You live on the Gator Clause all day and night after your team got beat by Virginia for the second year in a row. No successful professional and family man would waste that much time on this blog - especially another schools.

Let me guess, you will respond with trailer, jorts, paper mill, and arrests. All the while, your golden coach is looking for an out and the NCAA was on your campus this week. But go ahead and enjoy the blog. I am sure your career and family can manage without you.

Louis, guess you werent aware that the NCAA was on the Floridah campus last week, huh. Trust me the hammer is coming to gainesville, the academic cheating (Cam Newton review currently in process for Auburn is showing issue for floridah), pro players exchanging money with current players (Pouncy Bros)and 7 additional arrest, total of 37 in 4.5 yrs to be exact.

Little Louis' feelings were hurt. It hit a nerve regarding Emmitt, Teblow and Weiss. The only thing the Gatr maggots can be proud of are cramping all over them.

Jorts? Hadn't considered that but it now reminds me of GQ's August issue which put UTrailer on it's to 10 Douchiest schoos in the country, no doubt aided by the liberal use of jorts.

You can't win, Gatr trash. You get humiliated at every turn. Put the bibles down and learn some humility you swamp donkey.

And you're winning? Obsessing over the UNIVERSITY OF BLEEPING FLORIDA?????

Reading about their arrests and upcoming schedule and whatever stupid NCAA thing you're talking about?

You are more a fan of internet trash talk than you are the University of Miami, you're all pathetic.

Same goes for the UF fans on UM's blog.

Posted by: We be FloriDUH

"Yes, secretary. Block off some time between my appointments today so I can go on the Gator Clause to make fun of UF. Cancel them if you have to. Also, call my wife and tell her I am going to be late for dinner because I have some great felony and trailer jokes I want to post"


Awwww, Louis. If it makes you feel better that I neglect my work and family (assuming I have a family) to instead crush you GAtr maggots, then by all means.

You are a typical Gatr maggot. Full of yourself yet when it comes time to admit, like a man, that your team is horrible, that everything you have been saying about the supremacy of your school is false, you run and hide and instead throw insults at Miami.

Typical maggot. It is what makes you the most disgusting fan base in all college athletics. But never fear, Ass of Alachua, I am here to pound you.



says the troll whose team just lost to Virginia and will probably not be going to any bowls any time soon. #NCAA + Paul Dee = harsh penalties but go ahead call Gator fans maggots, trailer trash, etc.

Re: Louis - no chance that dude is married or has a good job, he's on here 24/7 - internet tough guy!

Paul Dee aka Heavy Dee is a gator. Probably burns you up that while he was at UM, he watched the Canes pound the gators.

Question for the lizardnation, Will you have more wins than arrests by the end of the season?

So far in 2011:

7 Arrests

4 Wins

....probably not.

Probably burns U up that he is at the NCAA, and he is about to pound the Canes.

No bowls,
No ACC title,
Less schollys,
No Golden.

Have fun in 2012-2014!!!

Uh, Paul Dee doesn't work for the NCAA, and if he did he would certainly help lighten the penalties, as they happened under his watch as AD of UM.

Why my school be located in an Alachua County dump?

Posted by: Boats - N - Hoes | November 04, 2011 at 04:40 PM

The first step is to admit you have a problem.......

Trailernation....still in denial.

7 Arrests

5 Wins

You are getting closer. Maybe if you added a couple more of those difficult games to your schedule like Furman and FAU, you could possibly surpass 7 wins this season.

Go Gatah!

Next comes South Carolina and the Old ball coach. get ready for your arse to be handed to you again this year. Then we get to talk about what the gators need to do to beat Furman. That should be real exciting.

If you are indeed a UM and not just an internet trash talk fan then your team blew out Duke this week and is playing their rival next week.

And you're looking ahead to the f*cking Gators game.

So you can go on the internet and regurgitate a bunch of tired, generic, meaningless trash talk.


So everyone that is critical of the gators must be a cane fan rightttt? Wow that little step brother to Miami complex is just sad. Sad little lizards with their impressive win over Vanderbilt by 6 points, 6 points? Really?

Heard that Emmitt was in Tusacloosa for the game. He had to tale a bad crap, couldn't find a bathroom so just squatted over Trailerville and dripped a huge steamer on UFailure.

You are used to that, trailer maggots.

Trailernation is amazing. They used to blow up other blogs with their trash talking. Well, the shoes on the other foot now and they can't take it.



I'm a Miami fan.

You're a fan of talking trash on the internet to fans of a team that UM never plays.

This poor loser was molested as a child by some priest, he has no family or friends, probably no job. His only purpose is to come here and act tough, but we all know he is a pathetic loser with the same tired meaningless insults. And he is a cane fan for sure, he tries to deny it here, but I know better. Only a Miami Moron would be so obsessed with the best team from Florida.

@ Take your trash...

"Best team in Florida?" Que? Quoi, Trailer maggot? Well, I guess if you say it, it must be true. Gatards are the best. Yesssirr.

By the way, I read that MLB's All-Star game is in Miami next year. When will Trailerville have it? How about theater? Museums? Art shows? Fine dining (rat-kabobs and Oppossum sandwiches don't count, Gomer)?

That's not me talking, silly 'neck, that is just fact.

THE GAMECOCK BEATDOWN IS 5 days away, Trailermaggots.

Posted by: Gatr maggots liveth here


Is the museum, theater, or art shows the reason duh u games can't sell out?

Cane's will be in a bowl game in 20__?

Canes own this dump of a blog. You remain the most disgusting fan base in the country.

Gamecock pounding T-minus 4 days.

Gatr trash hasn't seen bottom yet.

Brantley is probable, but it wont matter, USC will pound the lowly lizards and their toothless fans wont even be on here to defend them.

"Canes own this dump of a blog"

Congrats! - You won something since joining the ACC!!!

talk about EPIC FAILURE. What good are those 90K screaming 'necks or the facilities or the ALLEGED 5 stars?

You fail again, Gatr maggots. 100 years and counting. Falling academic rankings.

Wonder why your diploma is worthless?

That's right, read up on the GATORS next game and check the injury report to see if their miserable quarterback is playing.

You're pathetic and a fan of being an immature prick anonymously on the internet.

Real UM, FSU, or FIU fans don't obsess over the Gators, especially when they're down.

Chaz Henry, punter for the Eagles and a worthless-dipo hider, blew a fake punt by severely under-throwing a wide-open receiver.

More failure from the school that is best known for that.

100 years of failure and counting.

Anyone been to Prime 112 lately?

Why, funny you mention that, maggot. I was just writing President Shalala to educate her on how a lowly trashy public diploma mill disciplines its athletes.

She should suspend him for next spring's intra-squad scrimmage. You know. The real heavy stuff.

How do you think we have earned our reputation as a raging dumpster fire.

Another day @ sUMbag U football, another athlete getting freebies from an agent or booster.

Now, Matt Watts, dude this post is dated Oct 25, we are already in Nov. Come on man, get off your butt. This blog sucks man, it starts with you. Post some current stuff, police the cane loser, do something man.

Nothing new to read about the raging dumpster fire that is UTrailer football. What do you want Matt to post? More blubbering idiocy from Coach Muscrap?

"Oh, Brantley is fine. We are really expecting big things out of him in the last quarter of the last of his 5 seasons."

You are a joke, maggot. It is why you are part of the most disgusting fanbase in the country.

Maybe if Ray Ray had smoked weed with the girl, or committed a felony, then Gatard Nation would be able to empathize.


Didn't take you long to respond, cane loser. What a pathetic troll you are living on this blog 24 - 7, your only purpose in a miserable life. Like it's been said before, every thing you say, every word you write makes the human race dumber.
Earth to Matt Watts, come on dude.

Gee, maggot, can you recite more mundane cliches? "Every word you write makes the human race dumber."

You mean, as dumb as if I had graduate from UTrailer? Because that would really make me a low-life dummy. Imagine being one of 15K members of a graduating class, each holding a lamb-skin worth next to nothing.

Now, UTrailer is pumping out people who are making the human race dumber.

But at least you have your 7 Saturdays in the Fall. That is all worth it, right trailer maggot?

"Gee, maggot, can you recite more mundane cliches"

like 'neck, trailers, paper mill certificates, haven't seen bottom yet, lizards, etc.

UM football is going to be awesome in 2012-2014~!

"You mean, as dumb as if I had graduate from UTrailer?"

Nice grammar, moron.

gator coach singing praises of Spurriur, Steve will put a big whoopin on these little junk yard lizards this weekend.
UFelony will bow to the gamecocks and take it head first.

"dude this post is dated Oct 25, we are already in Nov. Come on man, get off your butt. This blog sucks man, it starts with you. "

"What a pathetic troll you are living on this blog 24 - 7, your only purpose in a miserable life. Like it's been said before, every thing you say, every word you write makes the human race dumber.
Earth to Matt Watts, come on dude."

Gatr maggot, you mean like peppering your posts with multiple "dude" or nit knowing that "every thing" is actually one word? Or, that your run-on sentences are in need of a period rather than a string of commas?

You have proven my point about the failure of a UTrailer education more in two posts than I could in a month. What an idiot. A classic "pot-kettle" moment.

Burn your diploma, Gatr maggot. A transcript full of Starcraft classes isn't worth a stuffed oppossum.

I appreciate that you taking the time to write this article , it has valuable information.

Posted by: 100 years of mediocrity and counting
Posted by: Grammar police

Who's going to win this weekend you big gator fans?

Rico Douche? Is that you? The winner wil be whoever decides to transfer from that dump institution in Trailervile. They wil have won.

Posted by: Floridummy

Again with the "mundane cliches"?

trailers, dump, 'necks, etc. If you are going to camp out on this blog 24/7, get some new material.

You are a puppet, Gatr maggot. Product of a failed UTrailer education.

Now that I cliche but true.

I cannot emphasize enough how embarrassed I am as a Miami fan to have such childish internet nerds representing UM here.

I also want to point out that UF should not have a blog in the Miami Herald if nobody's going to update the f*cking thing. I understand that UF was newsworthy when they had Tebow and Meyer but if you're never going to update your blog, you're not going to attract any gators fans and the UM fans are just going to come on here to act like little children.

And of course gators fans who read this blog go on the UM blog to act like little children themselves.

So fire Matt Watts and shut down this blog or make him update it at least once a game for f*cksake, what's happening here makes no sense.

Hey What's wrong, you have some good points.
You and the few true cane fans out there should be embarrassed that Morons like these call themselves canes. Don't be fooled to think there are many "childish internet nerds representing UM" on this blog. There is only one pathetic loser that changes his name constantly.
Agree with you 100% that Matt Watts is a lazy bum and what he has done to this blog is criminal with no current content and allowing the pathetic loser troll to post 24 - 7 with impunity.
To the legions of Gator fans in So Fla UF is relevant all the time even without Meyer and Tebow. I find the ones fixated on them are mostly jealous cane trolls, we have moved on.
You may get some Gators posting on the UM blog, but none would act as dumb and incoherent as your troll, and none would camp there 24 - 7, we all have productive lives in contrast to you know who.
You are right that this makes no sense, Watts needs to be replaced.


Hey, Take your trash, errrr, Rico Douche, you may want to Google "run-on sentence" and figure out when to use one of these "."

Do I have to say it? Do I? Awwww, yeah. You are the product of a failed educational system. Your grammar is horrible. You are a self-absorbed dope.

Gatards relevant? Maybe within the confines of Alachua County. That is about it.

Another 100 years of mediocrity began last year. Get used to it, Gomer.

Nothing funnier than gators saying they are Miami fans and criticizing post on this blog. You obviously are desperate and wish to jump ship on the raging dumpster fire in gainesville. Face the facts, your team had 4 years of relevance and now your former coach owns you and your current coach is a step above a ball boy.

I dont think he did that/lol

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