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St. Thomas Aquinas alum Roberson out for remainder of season

Florida will play the rest of its season without its best cornerback.

Freshman Marcus Roberson suffered an injury to his neck during last week's loss to South Carolina and will miss the Gators' final two regular season games and the team's bowl game should they beat Furman on Saturday.

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced the news this morning at his weekly press conference, saying Roberson is still being evaluated. Muschamp classified the injury as a strain, and he said the medical staff is erring on the side of caution because of the seriousness of neck injuries.

"It's nothing that's going to be permanent," Muschamp said, adding that Roberson should "be fine" in 4 to 6 weeks. "He's going to be back for spring, but he will miss the rest of the season."

Sophomore Cody Riggs, also a graduate of Fort Lauderdale's St. Thomas Aquinas, will step back in to the starting lineup in Roberson's absence, Muschamp said. Riggs started the first seven games for Florida but was replaced by sophomore Jaylen Watkins against Georgia. Freshman Louchiez Purifoy and senior Moses Jenkins could also see playing time, with freshman safety De'Ante Saunders serving as an emergency option. 

Roberson started all of Florida's games this season, racking up 22 tackles, two pass break ups, a fumble recovery and an interception. Roberson and Saunders both started the season opener, becoming the first freshman duo to do so in school history. 


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Furman looms!

Too bad for Marcus, hope he comes back strong next year. What ever happened to Jeremy Brown? Is he still injured, is he on the team?

Furman, Furman, Furman

will miss the Gators' final two regular season games and the team's bowl game should they beat Furman on Saturday.

Wow a doubt from a gator homer about beating Furman?

All those resources. All that phony blubbering about recruiting and facilities and stadium sell-outs.

All amount to squat. Epic Failure. Garages continue to puke themselves. 100 years of the same ol' Gatards for sure.

Posted by: 100 years of mediocrity and counting
Posted by: Amazing

Epic failure but you gonads are here day and night.

Posted: "huh?"

Just to point it out, you ignorant 'neck. Maybe you will learn a little humility.

Posted by: Amazingly ignorant

I got "swagga" you a-hole. It's a MDCC dropout thang, you WOULD understand. Enjoy the 2012-2014 UM seasons!

Canes fans are hilarious.

UF has a better program then UM.

Loser cane troll can't stay away from the Mighty Gator blog.
You can change your name fool, but you can't change the fact you are a miserable scUMbag. And you still got no stadium, poor facilities and no loyal fan base. To top it off, your program is so incompetent that even with years of cheating you can't win. And you play in the lousy ACC, imagine if you played in a real conference. What a Moron you are.

Let's assume all that you say is true. Then why have the Canes won more NCs, had more players drafted in the first round, more players drafted, more prestigious nationally...

Need I go on? You anger speaks volumes, swamp donkey.

100 years of failure will bookend your 4 years of success. How miserable is that, Gatr maggot?

And I haven't even mentioned the lowly academic status UTrailer enjoys among a conference known for its lowly academic status.

You cannot win. You lose. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog

Well put!

UF is such a miserable program that this genius who did not graduate from UM is on here seven times a day, every day. Nice life he has - the pinnacle of each day is coming up with a anonymous "burn" of UF with no reward except self satisfaction.

Average GPS of incoming freshmen this yr at UF...4.28. ..so much for your ignorant statement. Enough said.

Average "GPS" for an idiot graduate like you?

South of Clownsville. Let me know when they start tracking freshmen GPS and I'll be sure to check their locations.

If you meant GPA, then the GPA of Gatr trash freshmen goes up as their academic ranking sinks. Grade inflation?

Bottom line? UTrailer diplomas are worthless and in no way prepare you for a career unless it is in redneck civics.

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile

Oh look who just got off work and had to run and check the Gator Blog.

Possible response:
"Hey maggot, I check before I head to my blue collar job and I check when I get back to my studio apartment after I pick up some High Life's you 'neck"

Seems like Gatr maggot is a little irked.

If you can't stand the heat (or the truth) get out of the burning dumpster fire in the trailerpark.


GPS, really, did you type that? By the way the GPA needed to get into UFelony for sports is a 2.0, You were saying????

Quick. I am lost in my car. Someone find me using their GPA.

BEAAHAHAHHAHA. Exhibit A for the worthlessness of the UTrailer diploma.

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile | November 16, 2011 at 08:01 PM

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile | November 17, 2011 at 06:44 AM

What imbecile goes to bed and wakes up with the Gator Blog on their mind? 6:44AM really?

"Hey Juan, I got those 'necks good on the blog yesterday! You need help with that back of mulch?"

"Hey, Gomer, someone offered me $.50 for my UTrailer diploma. It took me 7 years, 3 pounds of meth and 56 home football games to earn so I turned it down. Although for an extra $.50 I woulda dun it. Maybe I can find him again using my El Camino's new GPA,"


Owned again you Gatr maggot.

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile

Ok, Kid Cudi.

"Get me my meth."

"Where is it, Granny?"

It's in the bathtub in the outhouse, Early."

- The Waltons, Gainesville style.

You are owned again, Gomer. This is too easy. Please stop. I cannot laugh this hard all the time.

"You are owned again, Gomer. This is too easy. Please stop. I cannot laugh this hard all the time."

I bet you're gloating at the Roach Coach right now.

Nope. Just checking my location coordinates. You know, Gomer, them new iPhones have something called an "app" that tells you where you are in the world using GPA.

It's amazing. Really. Get one for your mobile home.

Amazing what trivial thing a Miami Moron gets off on. Some guy hits the wrong key and types GPS and the Moron Troll gets off with multiple posts. The spupid things that this miserable troll finds amusing. Don't bother resonding to this scUMbag, renenber you can't argue with an idiot, and this one is a big one.
Haven't heard any anti religion rants lately, let me throw you a bone. There are more trailers in Miami than Gainesville and there are more strip joints than churches in Miami, just ask the cane players and Nevin.

ooooooh. That hurt, Gomer. Oooooooh. What a low blow. You are making me very angry.

Of course, when you are talking per capita you point falls apart. If they pulled the trailers out of Gainesville that place would be a ghost town except for the 50K undergrads struggling to earn a worthless diploma so they graduate completely unprepared for a meaningful career.

Much like yourself.

Now go get your bloody credit card.

Posted by: Gatr felon and proud of it

Kid Cudi is back!

Ignorance and arrogance. It's all that is taught at UTrailer.

What is falling faster? Perry's poll numbers or the academic ranking of UFelony?

BWWAHAHAHAHA. The nation laughs at you.

Gainesville. Puhlease.

"What is falling faster?"
-your chance for procreating

17 mintues to respond to a post?! Yeah, you have a life.

Chance of procreating? Ask your Moms. She'll tell you swamp douche.

Let's talk gator football!!! Oh yea, nothing to talk about. What happens if they lose to Furman? Drop the football program?

Hey guys, get used to this guy being here. FSU has no blog and UM is going to lose their program shortly.

What is falling faster? Perry's poll numbers or the academic ranking of UFelony?

BWWAHAHAHAHA. The nation laughs at you.

Ummmm...I'd say the ax on the cane's program.

Shouldn't it be, 'The nation laughs at U?

Let's see. Gatr maggots have nothing to be proud of. The team stinks , the campus is a dump, the diploma is worthless.

Soooooo, let's hope that the Canes program is shut down. Won't happen, of course. But insecure Gatr maggots have nothing left.

It truly sucks, to be, a FloriDUH Gatard.

The trash of the State of Florida resides in the trailerpark.

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile

Oh look who just got home from the construction site!

"But insecure Gatr maggots have nothing left".. says the MDCC/ROTC dropout who in addition to being an anonymous blog wannabe gangster watched Full Metal Jacket too many times. I would jump on the cane blog and discuss what you will you do when USF beats u instead of your 24/7 infatuation of the Gators.

Insecurity is going out of your way to troll another blog.

You asked a question about gravity...just giving you an answer.

Holy Crap -- this isn't I've never-left-Miami-Dade guy is it???

Why don't you put the big-boy pants on Saturday and go to Palm Beach county and watch FAU play in their own on-campus stadium. I know it seems like a world away from Miami-Dade, but it would be worth the trip.

Ohhhhhh nooooooo. A recycled "no stadium" attack.

Geeee. Haven't heard that 12 million times. Lack of a stadium hasn't stopped Miami from:

Having more titles than Gatr maggot;
More national prestige;
Better academics.

Conversely, having 90k rednecks in a stadium hasn't helped you stop sinking academically or stop being the national laughingstock or lead the country in felony arrests or go 5-5.

Hmmm. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Funny how a Gator grad thinks a 4 hour drive up the turnpike to a desolate backwater somehow makes him a world traveller.

Let me know when Trailerville has the cultural diversity or international status of Miami. I wonder why a Gatr maggot like him lives here.

Posted by: This Gatr maggot is a true imbecile

Having more titles WASH
having 90k rednecks in a stadium RINSE
sinking academically REPEAT

Ok, IF the canes are so much better, why do you camp out at an inferior program?

Going out with friends for the weekend. Good luck on your blog wars, DOUCHE


Trash. Douche. Disgusting trailer garbage. What difference does it make.?

It's all Gatr trash in the end.

LOL -- The closest I've-Never-Left-Miami-Dade has gotten to UM is the Pollo across the street.

Blah, blah, GAY, blah, blah, Trailer, blah, blah, Religion.

Hmmm. Wash. Rinse. Repeat

Gonna get gored by DA BULLS!!

The Pollo across the street.........great one, had me laughing for a while.
This Matt Watts is one lazy bum, sometimes I wonder if it's better not to have a blog if it's "updated" every 3 to 4 weeks.
Then again if it were not for this blog the loser scUMbag Miami Moron would have no life and would probably commit suicide.


The Gatr maggot loser goes out with "friends" then rushes home to post a response on this blog. And home before 11.

No doubt the loser Gatr (redundant) has no women. Just like in undergrad. All 7 years. Florida is last in the country in public education spending and it shows. All that Bull Crap Gatard money does nothing for your career. Thus, an already worthless diploma becomes moreso.

Wonder why the mythical Gatard Nation is the most disgusting fanbase in the country? Duuuuuuhhhhhhhj.

So a Gatr loser is a "lazy bum?".

No, you don't say? I'm shocked.

What's next? Gatr rednecks are human garbage?

Tell us something we don't know, Einstein.

UFailure is a too 10 Douchiest school?

GQ already told us that.

FAILURE. it's what you are known for.

"UFailure is a too 10 Douchiest school?"

Nice grammar Kid Cudi! How's your blog war going? You winning the battles and the war? You must be proud of your blog war efforts.

Naaaaaah, Gatr maggot. Just letting you know your place in the pecking order.

Just saw the Furman score.

To say that UFailure is underachieving garbage is an insult to underachieving garbage.

You suck, UTrash. All the facilities and alleged five stars.

Quitters. Failure. It is your legacy and destiny.

What are you doing watching football today? Isn't it finals week at Kaiser College?

I know you're watching it on T.V. and not their live 'cause Tampa is outside of Miami-Dade.

"their?" "their?

What was that about grammar? What an idiot.

The useless diploma warrior continues exposing the joke academia of UFailure.

Gator Envy

Envious of a bloated institution failing in its academic mission?

If that's what helps you rationalize your wasted undergrad, then go with that, Gatr maggot. You don't laugh at something you envy and there is a lot of laughter directed at you and your Billybob Gatr Trash Nation.

I'm here not "their." Of course, if I was "their" I would know where I was because of "GPA."

Ever feel like you wasted your undergrad years?


Gutted and filleted.

Exposed you.

More Gator Envy, it keeps bringing u back!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaah Maggot.
You are too stupid to know envy from insult.

When the dummy is cornered he claims envy.

Didn't teach irony and nuance at UFailure. Figures.

The Nolie beatdown looms.

6-6. Wow. Aren't all those alleged 4 and 5 star recruits juniors and seniors now? And they puked themselves?

Can't say the country's most disgusting fanbase doesn't deserve it.

Weeeeeeee let's critque a 22 point victory....moron.

"hey maggot duh u won by 3 but it was a good game and we are going to the independence bowl in Louisiana in late December, again"

First Emmitt now Urban?

Urban prepared to accept tOSU job and puke all over UFailure.

Oh, you thought he was done coaching because of stress or esophageal spasms or a wart on the brain? Nahhhhh. Just convenient excuses to get out of the most disgusting shantytown in the country.

Just when Gatr Trash Nation thought we had forgotten about Emmit's puke job now this.

You can't win, Gatr trash.

22 point win? We are talking about the Furman Firballs right, Gatr maggot?

How the once mighty and disgusting have fallen.





Mature analysis, pretty sure you never get laid.

Ask your Moms. You can find her "their" by using your GPA.

Joke's in you. You hold a UFailure diploma.

Toss it in the trash. It is hurting you more than you know.

What bowl game are you in this year? Nevin is full of BS and it will go away....

NO BOWL....sanctions loom.

"Hey maggot we is in the Cricket Bowl, same crowd noise as our home games"


Great. My life isn't defined by a football team.

At a disgusting bloated failed academic institution, that is all you have. And by the 6-6 puke job, you don't have a lot. What a worthless 7 years you spent.

In the end, however, Canes > UFailure.
"their, there and they're.". You may want to Wikipedia that, Gomer. It's the database of a UFailure grad.

"Great. My life isn't defined by a football team"

Um... yes it is. Why else would you be on this blog day and night? You have no life, you live for this inane blog back and forth. Look at the times you respond and post. This is the only thing you have going on for you. You are worthless and now that your beloved canes won't be playing in the post season and Golden is gone, I would just end it.

You got that maggot trailer failure diploma mill felon 'neck douche?

Douche and Night, it will be pleasant to watch FSU put up 60 on the gators next weekend. How does FURMAN put up almost 500 yards against that vaunted SEC defense. I guess its just a down year in the SEC rigghhhttt? I guess Curse is a canes fan and I guess he has a right to be excited about the future with Golden as coach, not so much for the 8th best team in the SEC with the ball boy/coach Muschamp.

Posted by: 100 years of mediocrity and counting

...Says the 8th place and bowl ineligible team from the ACC.

PS SEC is 1,2,& 3 but it's a down year

Of course. Didn't think it would come out of the toothless swamp donkey this early but there it is.

What's the chant of the loser teams?

"SEC. SEC.". Yeah. When your team sucks so bad and is a huge failure, cheer for your conference.

Only, Bama and LSU despise Gatr garbage almost as bad as the Canes and Noles.

Yay. SEC. We suck. SEC. Epic Failire. SEC. Academic failure. SEC. Urban is about to drop a steamer on us. SEC.

Posted by: Curse of Steve Addazio

yet you are here Day and Night.

Yep. Just so oblivious and delusional Gatr trash like you are aware.

The Noles will put a 50 spot on that team of underachieving quitters. That's ok, though. You don't care now maggot. Just chant SEC.

National Signing Day Champs. Regular season Chumps.

Typical Gatr Trash.

Mr. Two Bits and drops a steamer.

The legacy of UFailure is embarrassing.

So much for the "we sell out our stadium." So much for the ALLEGED top recruiting classes. So much for Gatr family. A four year run built on a stack of rusty double-wides has come crashing down.

GAINESVILLE — Thousands of empty seats in a stadium that was once perennially packed.

No superstar players on a field that was once overrun with NFL scouts.

And the once-mighty Florida Gators struggling in a 54-32 victory over lower-division Furman just for the right to become bowl eligible.

But idiot Gatr fan says: "we won by 22. That is reason for chest-thumping."

And you wonder why you are the most disgusting fanbase in the country.

except the idiot Gatr Nation:

Florida fans would have a right to call him Urban "Liar" if indeed he accepts a new job not even a year after he left his old one. Just the fact that he interviewed for the Arizona job, according to The New York Times, is a slap in the face to the Gators. Why is Meyer reportedly interviewing for other jobs only months after leaving one of the best jobs in America?

He left to spend more time with his family...errrr....his ESPN family.

Here's all you need to know about UF's talent level: There was one NFL scout in the press box on Saturday, and he was there to scout a Furman player. That's right: NFL scouts are now coming to Gators home games to scout the other team.

Day and Night, you are right on with the name. This Miami Moron lives here 24 - 7. What a pathetic excuse for a human being, even the cane "fans" are embarrassed by this fool.
It is best to ignore this clown and let him play with himself.
Matt Watts, not only are you a lazy bum, you are responsible for this idiocy by not policing this blog. Might as well shut it down.

Agreed. Shut it down. Gatr Trash Nation does not deserve a blog to spew their arrogant idiotic nonsense.

The trailerpark is burning. Do you know where your extinguisher is?

Here's all you need to know about UF's talent level: There was one NFL scout in the press box on Saturday, and he was there to scout a Furman player. That's right: NFL scouts are now coming to Gators home games to scout the other team.

But yeah, that was a great 22 point win.

"Embarrassed?" How can a member of the most disgusting fanbase in the country, whose school is a bloated academic failure and, to top it off, GQ named it a top-10 Douciest School, say someone else should be embarrassed.

And don't get me started on that dump of a town.

Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog

Will do!

When you are the most disgusting fanbase, what did you expect?

Most of the teams in the SEC are embarrassed that a lowly school like UFelony is allowed to represent the brand. 4 yrs of relevance is an embarrassement to powerhouse teams like, BAMA, LSU and GEORGIA who have represented the SEC with dignity and pride unlike the (air quotes) gator nation. Uf is now part of the bottom feeders like Kentucky, Vandy and Ole Miss.

The Nole beatdown looms.

F-S-U! F-S-U!

Urban knew it was a one-man team. He would not stay in that cesspool without Timmy. No one would want to put up with the most disgusting fanbase in the country.

Muschamp is not long for the UFailure.

100 years of failure and cowardice will bookend 4 years of success. Bravo, UFailure, bravo.

Muschamp was the only person who wanted the UF job, as a matter of fact he was the 4th coach listed on UF's coach finding list but the other 3 declined to even speak to UF. I will be willing to bet Weiss bolts back to the NFL after seeing the talent level this team has.

Trailers.......maggot..........diploma mill.....trash.......douche......I.......am........a.......loney........cane.......loser......scUMbag extraorinaire..........camp here.......day and night.......have.....pity......on....a......loser.....like.....me........no.....life......no....hope.......just like.......the......canes......LOSERLOSERLOSER

Well there it is - definitive proof that you're not a UM fan but a fan of talking to people on the internet.

You are talking trash about the FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES beating down the Gators.

The Seminoles are OUR RIVALS. The Gators are afraid to play us.

I know you'd be embarrassed if anyone you know found out that you spent your time obsessively posting garbage on UF (??!!!)'s blog in the Miami Herald, but how do you not personally feel like a tool? How on earth can you come here every day and feel good about what you're doing?

It's just f*cking pathetic.

You forgot swamp donkey and most disgusting fanbase.
Oh, and Emmitt and soon Urban will have crapped all over you.

I am happy for Urban, he got healthy, got to spend time with his family, and is going to make 40 million dollars at the job he dreamed of when he started coaching at Ohio State. It would be naive to think he would never coach again. If Tressel didn't get fired, he would still be broadcasting but this opportunity fell into his lap. Other coaches(uh-hem) should be so lucky to coach at their alma mater/dream jobs!

Urban - thank for the 2 NCs and great victories over our rivals!

Yes, of course, typical arrogant dirtbag 'billy. Only, he left that cesspool claiming serious health concerns, burn-out and family.

Seems like he made a miraculous recovery in his health and burn-out, and I guess he didn't specify that the family was his ESPN family.

In reality, he crapped on Gatard Nation because of how disgusting that fanbase is. Period end of story. Ask Mike Bianchi, he will tell you.

You cannot win, Gatr garbage. You just can't. Sad but true. That is why Trailerville is the meth capital of the state of Florida.


Say "ta ta" to the only decent coaches on that horrible staff. Urban's taking then to tODU.

UTrailer? You will be crapped on over and over until you resemble Ole Miss.

Then again, that is mre in keeping with your 100 year legacy of failure and cowardice.

Urban got out while the getting was good. He knew that the one trick pony town was not the place to raise his kids and subject them to the worlds largest trailer park. Gator fans are just pure ignorant and think they are entitled because of 4 years of relevance during the Tebow era. Those days are long over gator fans, you are the laughing stock of the SEC, and there is nothing on the horizon that shows you will be come relevant anytime soon.

It is actually worse. All the facilities, "we sell out our games (not really, plenty empty against Furman), all the money and ALLEGED top recruits made the Gatr Trash Nation smug and entitled.

Get used to mediocrity.....again.

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