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St. Thomas Aquinas alum Roberson out for remainder of season

Florida will play the rest of its season without its best cornerback.

Freshman Marcus Roberson suffered an injury to his neck during last week's loss to South Carolina and will miss the Gators' final two regular season games and the team's bowl game should they beat Furman on Saturday.

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced the news this morning at his weekly press conference, saying Roberson is still being evaluated. Muschamp classified the injury as a strain, and he said the medical staff is erring on the side of caution because of the seriousness of neck injuries.

"It's nothing that's going to be permanent," Muschamp said, adding that Roberson should "be fine" in 4 to 6 weeks. "He's going to be back for spring, but he will miss the rest of the season."

Sophomore Cody Riggs, also a graduate of Fort Lauderdale's St. Thomas Aquinas, will step back in to the starting lineup in Roberson's absence, Muschamp said. Riggs started the first seven games for Florida but was replaced by sophomore Jaylen Watkins against Georgia. Freshman Louchiez Purifoy and senior Moses Jenkins could also see playing time, with freshman safety De'Ante Saunders serving as an emergency option. 

Roberson started all of Florida's games this season, racking up 22 tackles, two pass break ups, a fumble recovery and an interception. Roberson and Saunders both started the season opener, becoming the first freshman duo to do so in school history. 


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Everyone is crapping on the Gatr Trash:

Hey Meyer Family.   Remember this press conference?   Just wanted to remind you as we head into Thanksgiving.  You are worth approximately 11 months and 15-16ish days to your dad and husband.  That’s how long he meant when he said he wanted to focus on you and watch all your volleyball games and get his health back in order.  Not even a full year.  Have a good one!

Say "ta ta" to the only decent coaches on that horrible staff. Urban's taking then to tODU.

UTrailer? You will be crapped on over and over until you resemble Ole Miss.

Then again, that is mre in keeping with your 100 year legacy of failure and cowardice.

Urban got out while the getting was good. He knew that the one trick pony town was not the place to raise his kids and subject them to the worlds largest trailer park. Gator fans are just pure ignorant and think they are entitled because of 4 years of relevance during the Tebow era. Those days are long over gator fans, you are the laughing stock of the SEC, and there is nothing on the horizon that shows you will be come relevant anytime soon.


You really suck Gaturds. Remember your mediocrity in the 70's and 80's?

You will.


Can Muschump clean the latrines after the game?

Talk about in over your head. Yikes. You are an embarrassment Gaturds. Your football team and your trailerparks.

I am happy for Urban, he got healthy, got to spend time with his family, and is going to make 40 million dollars at the job he dreamed of when he started coaching at Ohio State. It would be naive to think he would never coach again. If Tressel didn't get fired, he would still be broadcasting but this opportunity fell into his lap. Other coaches(uh-hem) should be so lucky to coach at their alma mater/dream jobs!

Urban - thank for the 2 NCs and great victories over our rivals!

Posted by: Day and Night | November 23, 2011 at 04:06 PM


Yes. Thank you Urban for all the arrests too! Your hands off approach was awesome. Can't wait to see the arrests at OSU.

Can we rig a snow-plow to shovel crap instead of snow? Trailerville is knee-deep in Urban's crap after taking tOSU job. He know what a pit that place was and would never raise a family in white-trash dystopia.

Combined with the most disgusting fanbase in the country, any redeeming qualities at UTRailer? Bueller? Bueller?

Who say a bewildered Weiss hobbling his double-wide lard ass around the sidelines with a cane. What a complete raging dumpster fire.

Yawn, another title....

We didn't make it into December before the loser-talk conference cheering started.

"Yay, SEC! Yay, Gator-trash sucks. "

By cheering for SEC, are we celebrating Tennessee and Ole Miss? Yay, Gatrs are the trash of the nation.

I bet OL' Urban is cheering SeC. Actually, he is laughing at the steamer he dropped in your collective trailers, Gatr Trash Nation.

BWAYAYAYAYAYAYAH. S.......E........C......

Only LSU and Bama cheer for their own. You don't hear them chanting, "SEC."

They leave that to the losers, white trash and raging dumpster fires.

That's UTrailer on all three counts.

C'mon Gatr Trash: sec, sec, sec!

Give us the old loser's chant. Ole Miss wants to join in.

sec, sec, sec. Pathetic trailertrash.


What's the Gatard Trash favorite chant?


What to the loser SEC schools chant?


Hey UTrailer, Urban crapped all over you. What do you have to say?


07:38 PM/ 08:09 PM/ 06:42 AM/09:08 AM

You're obsessed - seek help asap.

Funny, I'm not part of the Gatr Nation dolts who repeatedly chant the same thing over and over and dress in orange and blue uniforms.

The funniest part is that this odious cane POS actually PAYS for proxies so he can post on a GATOR BLOG

U be doin yo family proud UMike

It's funny that Kehoe OWNS your mind. And speaking of Kehoe, what a disaster to bring back that washed up wind bag.

Why is that game even being played Saturday? UGA is going to get b-slapped all over the field. LSU should play their scrubs so no one gets hurt in the run up to the NC game with Bammy. Even if LSU loses they're in the BCS title game anyway.

Awwww, don't get me mad by insulting Arty. That really gets to me. I mean, I am REALLY MAD. Can't you see that by the ALL CAPS.

MAD I TELL YA'!!!! (Triple exclamation point).

Course, Arty is at least loyal. What happens when a coach you idolize craps in your face? Do you take it? Do you cry? Do you ask, "Why Urban, why?"

Or do you go back to your trailer and OD on meth?

Hmmmm. Trailertrash nation wants to know.

Posted by: Most Disgusting Fanbase: UFailure

I just got back from my trailer after a meth binge and you are still here?! What gives?

"Yeah, what he said."

/s/ Emmitt

What hath I wrought!?

More defections from the stinking burning rat trap.
Now Shaw and Lynden Trail have bid adieu to that stinking raging dumpster fire.

You cannot escape your mediocre past, maggots.

4 out of 100 years does not equal excellence. It equal mediocrity. Which is exactly where you are....again. And with Weiss and Muscrap, you will stay there.



Curse, don't ask why this blog reads the way it does today.

You brought this on yourself. you were asked politely to stop, you increased your racist comments and empty threats and 2am attacks instead.

You reap what you sow. That is your legacy, troll.

"Hey, UTrailer, how my A_ _ taste?"

/s/ Urban the Liar Meyer

Taste like 2 NCs and a win over Miami.

Tsk, tsk. Living in the past Gatr maggot. Do you still wear your Timny shirt? Or is it Percy?

You are too dumb to know that you were crapped on by Urban.


Posted by: Uppity Trailertrash

Yup I must have been in a meth haze. I thought Urban was going to stay as long as Paterno or Bowden. Anyway, going to put on my jorts and my SEC jersey while I BBQ some possums.

Don't forget to garnish your opossum with roach-ka-bob. It's what's for dinner in any self-respecting trailertrash town.

Taste like 2 NCs and a win over Miami.

Posted by: UTrailer | November 30, 2011 at 11:52 AM


"24-17 @ home for your bowl game!"

BC ended your season, so tell me how does my Boston arse taste?"!

I wonder if the ol ball coach will interview for the HC position after the muschump experiment?

BC was a loss. UTrailer is certainly familiar with that errrrrrer..... 6-6.

But to be crapped on, lies to, insulted and exposed for the trailer garbage UFailure is, that is unique to Gatr Trah. Emmitt hates his alma mater and Urban realized that you are a disgusting fanbase.

UTrailer has tastes a_ _ often. But, it fits. Poor academic university in a cracker trailerpark, what can anyone really expect.

Hey, Trailer maggots, it's Thursday.

Anymore transfers?

Shaw and Trail want you to taste something.


"Got barbecued Korans?"

December 01, 2011 at 06:35 AM
December 01, 2011 at 07:57 AM


Tell us again, you idiot Gatr Trash Nation, about your receuiting classes and facilities. What was that? The rich get richer? BEAAHAH. What a joke, just like everything UFailure.

Others at Florida aren't so sure that was the reason, especially now that Meyer is jumping back into coaching so soon. "He knew what was coming," a person close to the Florida program said. "He looked at the schedule and knew what we had coming back [as far as talent]. He didn't want to hurt his legacy." Meyer didn't leave much behind for new Florida coach Will Muschamp. Privately, Muschamp has told people he was shocked at the level of talent he inherited.

Let's see: Muscrap and Weiss, two bumbling idiots, are shocked at the crappy talent level when they came in last year.

11 players have left and the only decent players on the roster are graduating.

Yep, the trailerpark will be rocking next fall.

Git 'er done, ignorant Gatr Trash.

Who cares? I'll take Meyer's tenure over UM's last 10.

Makes sense coming from the product of a failed academic institution where ethics is a foreign concept. In the SleazEC, athletic achievement trumps everything.

Thus, your useless diploma. Sea like a fair trade. 4 years of good football for an unprepared poorly educated lifetime.

If you only knew how ignorant you sound, Gatr maggots. And you wonder why your fanbase is disgusting and despised in the SleazEC and the country.

"If you only knew how ignorant you sound" after you type,"Sea like a fair trade"

OBSESSION ain't just cologne.

"If you only knew how ignorant you sound"

Also, you shouldn't start a sentence with a number. It should read, "Four years of good football for an unprepared poorly educated lifetime."

Now go get your shine box.

yes, well, the rules of grammar are quite relaxed in a trailertrash-related blog. You should know that, right Gomer?

I need my GPA to find my shinebox, right? Where is it? Oh, right "their?"

Man, I can't imagine what it would be like to attend 7 years of undergrad and still be woefully unprepared for any meaningful employment.

The UTrailer pumps them out 17K a year. The result of being dead-last in the country in public education funding.

Don't think the two are related? Try getting a job out of state, 'neck.

Most disgusting fanbase? UFelony
Biggest joke in the NFL? UTrailer's own Teblow
Meth capital of Florida? Trailerville
Ignorant bible beaters? See above

And the beat goes on, and on, and on......

Privately, Muschamp has told people he was shocked at the level of talent he inherited.


Yes, I am sure most recruiters feel that UFailure grads are very well-equipped for menial entry level jobs which top out at middle management.

What kind of joke survey is that? You may want to let Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford know that the graduates of Ole Miss are higher rated than theirs.

Puuuuhlease, Gatr maggot. That is as funny as your worthless diploma.

The 479 recruiters who answered the WSJ survey came from nearly 30 industries.

I am not sure where you are getting your information on the "most disgusting fan base" but a quick search on google shows a few top ten lists of worst fans and the Gators are not on either that I found. Care to share your source? I am also working on meth arrests in Florida and will post what city is considered the Florida Meth capital. Feel free to share your findings.



Do your secretarial work, Inspector Gadget. When you are finished, put your UTrailer degree to work and shine my shoes, clean my car and empty the trash. Gatr that is.

What a tool. Someone alert Stanford, Harvard and Yale. NC State grads are preferred by recruiters.

That is so ludicrous it is sad. But I guess Gatr Trash will believe anything. Kind of like your recruiting classes were tops and Urban would never leave.

You did make a top 10 list, however. GQ's Douchiest Universities. That is something, at least.

I think he crushed you. All you do is spout out misinformation and resort to name calling. You are a real internet tough guy.

Stay Classy, I like your name, and I agree with your sentiment. It is a real shame that the Gator troll known as Curse Piggy chose to derail both blogs with his racist comments, leading to the retaliation you see here today. If he would just leave our blogs alone, I am sure this guy would be able to go back to the Canes blogs and leave the Gator fans to discussing their rebuilding process.

But you are missing something when you claim the retaliating troll is passing out misinformation and that he got crushed. First of all, that list is majorly flawed. UF is ahead of Carnegie Mellon? Berkeley? Cornell? MIT? Yeah, right.

And as pointed out above, this list is ONLY of public taxpayer schools, and so Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Miami, and the other top PRIVATE universities are skipped. So, to claim Miami is not on a list, that they CANNOT be on, is like asking how many ACC titles the Gators have won. In addition, if you read the comments about WHY the recuriters go to these schools, it is simply because of population. These are bigger schools, so they can interview more people in one visit. Setting up a booth for entry level positions in Harvard, and the students will walk right on by, but at UF, they line up hoping for a job, so the recuriter gets more interviews done.

And look at the industries that were most represented by these recuiters (follow their link for the details): manufacturing, IT, health care, and finance. The Harvard and Yale type schools do not have a big push to make assembly line workers, computer operators, untrasound technicians, and bank tellers, so those recruiters will not find their target audience in the better schools.

And I see that ACC school Georgia Tech is ranked above Florida, even with all the biases they skewed this list with. Does that mean the ACC is better? ACC! ACC! ACC!

Something that Gatr maggots do not like:

- thorough research;
- facts.

They don't teach that at the public diploma mill. It is a shame that graduates from UTrailer realize only once they have graduated that bigger does not mean beter. Sure, having 60K undergrads is great for filling a stadium 7 Saturdays in the fall.

Not so great for, you know, actually learning skills that will serve you for the rest of your life. The SEC, outside of Vandy, is an academic backwater.

Bet Gatr maggots have no idea which is more important.

Posted by: Five Titles

I think the point that," Taste like 2 NCs and a win over Miami" is trying to make is that on a national level a UF grad can get a job.
See -
"Try getting a job out of state, 'neck"

PS MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Notre Dame, and Cornell are private schools and are on that list.

You are right.

The portion at the top mentioned this slant "News Hub: State Schools Top Recruiter Rankings -- Jennifer Merritt discusses a new Wall Street Journal survey, which reveals recruiters are shifting their attention away from elite private schools to focus instead on state universities." but they did include some private schools in their list.

And I got no problem with him getting a shot in at a troll, (I would love to see both sets of trolls meet up in a parking lot somewhere and pummell each other rather than have them here) just the claim that more recuriters equates to a better school. Few folks would consider a resume with CMU, MIT, Yale, Harvard, etc to be worse than one with UF, GT, or even the top 3 of PSU, TAMU, or University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (really?).

Posted by: Five Titles

Really depends on the industry the recruiter/company is in.

I would love to see that troll get pummeled.

oooooh, Stay Classy, the internet tough guy. Projecting the failures and insecurities of a bloated state university with declining academics onto an internet poster?

Ahhh, the sweet sounds of redneck revenge. Smells like.....sewage.....like....Trailerville.

Posted by: Stay Classy

Exactly, but this dude is a moron. He can't process information - too much hate.

I don't have UTrailer. I just like pointing out the arrogance and insecurity. Then, when meatball grads like yourself post ignorant garbage, I expose you for what you are.

How is that hateful?

...like your 'graduation' from Kaiser College and inability to even sniff the UM or UF campus. Oh that's right, already exposed.

That's funny. A Gatr maggot speaking as if UTrailer was even marginally academically adequate. I won't bother you with where I went to school,
but let's just say UTrailer was not good enough to even be my safety school.

And it has declined academically since then.

Now what's the value of your worthless diploma?

You still think Trailerville is a "nice college town?". Visit nice college towns in the northeast or Midwest, then compare them to that cesspool. You would be amazed.

Your online degree only qualifies you to be a hater -- sad.

Facts is fact, Gatr maggot. You label them anyway you want except false.

I will admit your hate for UF and the SEC comes true....The NC game will finally have a team from the SEC lose ........


Exposing the facts on Gatr trash is hardly hate. Only you are too ignorant to know. Do you still doubt your diploma is worthless?

"I won't bother you with where I went to school,
but let's just say UTrailer was not good enough to even be my safety school."

You are obviously a successful professional. With the amount of time on here with your posts, your company or firm must be one well oiled machine that doesn't require you to be involved.

Well, worthless diploma holder, the same could be said of you.

But you have topped-out at middle management. That is all a UTRailer degree is good for.

Isn't it about time you clowns start talking about next year's recruits.

National Signing Day Champs.

Regular Season Chumps.

tOSU will post 50 on that quitting felon-ridden team.

Good one.

"Gainesville is a nice college town. No, really, it is."



Maybe if you had a better education than the crap the UTrailer provided, you could make a coherent, grammatically correct post.

Unfortunately, you can't so Matt has no idea what a worthless diploma-holder like you is trying to say. Got it, trailer donkey?

Nice game in OT after a bad call. The O-dome was rockin'!!

Surreal watching Warren Sapp & Michael Irvin praise Tebow on the NFL network tonight but someone who frequents this blog still calls Tebow an NFL laughingstock.

I dunno. John Elway and Steve Young share my opinion. But what do they know about playin QB in the NFL.

What makes Teblow a laughingstock? That he sucks or that he is a Gatard?

Weis just punked you, Gatr maggots. One year in the craphole of Trailerville was enough.

How bad is it in Trailerville when coaching one of the worst programs in football is seen as an upgrade? Weis knows something about those alleged top QBs.








Maybe they can ponder that while they do their favorite loser chant. All together now: SEC. SEC. SEC. SEC.

But Weis was over-rated, rieeeeehgt?








Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog | December 07, 2011 at 03:02 PM


No surprise here, but the Gatards OOC schedule includes these powerhouses:

Jacksonville St.
Bowling Green
Louisiana Lafayette


Good morning gatr maggots. Find a o coordinator desperate enough to go to that cesspool yet? Patriots are going to crush that NFL laughing stock qb Sunday in front of the nation

Ignorant Gainesville 'necks

Any update on the o coordinator desperate enough to move to trailerville?

Funny story.

The obsessed Gator troll, after spending all night and early morning insulting the team, their fans, and the bloggers on "Eye on the U", called for a truce before any Canes fans could respond to his disgusting insults.

He lasted three hours before he broke his own truce.

He cannot be trusted, and therefore, any request for peace from that guy will be ignored. He is far worse than anything you have faced here, and he has been doing it for much, much longer.

Dude there is no one far worse than your fellow cane trolls, your description describes the loser troll with many names that lives here 24 - 7. I'm surprised he hasn't posted since the 13th, won't be long before he responds to this. Either way this mess is moving over to your blog now, sad.

Sad is Matt Watts. Sad is what he has allowed to happen here.

"Dude there is no one far worse..."

Excellent grammar. Well put. A young Shakespeare. Your command of english grammar is outstanding. Why did it take you 7 years to graduate? I cannot imagine.

What a worthless university graduate you are, maggot. No wonder the Chinese are eating our lunch. Every Saturday in the fall, they watch as our young university "students," particularly those in the SleazEC, waste their youth.

Good luck in that middle management no-future job. You are a Gatr grad, though, what else can you expect?

"Well put. A young Shakespeare. Your command of english grammar is outstanding."

"A young Shakespeare." is a sentence fragment.

"Good luck in that middle management no-future job"

There should be a comma after middle management and no future.

"Excellent grammar. Well put. A young Shakespeare."

Says the loser, no - life cane troll. Along with the usual maggot, worthless, trash, garbage, etc, etc.... all projections of his worthless existance.
Congrats, your loser cane blog is becoming just like this one.

Ahhhhhhhhh, maggot. I know. You aren't really a stupid dipsh&t. You just happen to have attended UTrailer. You didn't know it would fail you.

Dirtbag swamp-donkey is just a euphemism for po' white trash which is another way of saying Gatr.

Posted by: Duuuuuuh. Floriduuuuuuuh

You got schooled again, Earl. Friends, Gators, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury this canecluck, not to praise him.

In the land of idiots, the mildly stupid thinks himself superior. But he is still a dummy. That is you, Gatr maggot. The land of the idiots is your domain.





Didn't I just say that, Polly. Here's a cracker.

"Nothing will come of nothing"

Like all Gatr maggots, your database is Wikipedia where you can quickly look-up phrases from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. It is how you barely passed Starcraft to get your worthless degree.

You may, sometime, you know, want to learn to read. Although that skill would make you a valedictorian at UTrailer. Reading skills are in short supply among those holding UTrailer diplomas.

Still wondering why the diploma is worthless?

Last un the nation in public education funding. It shows.

"Last un the nation in public education funding"

Beautiful irony.

We put Pro Bowler un in the NFL. A UM player has scored a TD un 200+ weeks. I live un my mom's basement and I can't wait to dig un to some meatloaf.

Well, loooky there. A dumb Gatard grad thinks he knows what irony is. Only, lil' Alanis' song, despite the title was not about irony.

They don't teach that at Gatr Trash U. And you think irony has to do with a missed keystroke on a computer? If that is my worst problem I am not ashamed. Your grammar, however, is as it should be for a student of a state with the worst public education record in the country.

That isn't ironic. It is as it should be. And it is sad. Only, you are too dumb to know.

The land of the blind, Gatr maggot. The land of the blind.

Tucker goes DEEP !

Un god we trust.


For a team that is laughing stock, they sure do sell a lot of merchandise!

Hey, when you have an undergrad population of 60k and pump out 18K unprepared grads a year, you tend to sell some ugly t-shirts. What is the point?

We suck but we sell a lot of t-shirts? Bravo, Gatr maggot, bravo. Truly a reason to send your child to UTrailer for any parent wanting the best for their child.

You become more of a joke daily. Only the joke is really the diploma hanging on your wall.

Hey, we are top 5 in t-shirts and ugly Teblow jerseys
Fear the merchandise sales.

BWAHAHAHAH. What an ignorant 'neck. Classic.

The writing is kept to a minimum since reading is a skill which is rare in a UFailure graduate.

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