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Gators pick up commitment from St. Thomas Aquinas DE Cox Jr.

Florida coach Will Muschamp added a necessary piece to the recruiting puzzle Saturday with the pickup of three-star defensive end Bryan Cox Jr.

Cox, the son of former All-Pro NFL linebacker and current Miami Dolphins pass rush coach Bryan Cox, fills a need on the defensive line, where Florida was extremely thin following the 2011 season. Cox is also a candidate for the Buck linebacker position currently played by rising junior Ronald Powell

From Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, Cox will join two former high school teammates in cornerbacks Cody Riggs and Marcus Roberson on the Gators roster. The 6-foot-3, 240-pound Cox is rated as the No. 37 strongside defensive end in the country, according to Rivals.com. 

He is the 19th commitment in Florida's 2012 class, which will not be finalized until National Signing Day on Feb. 1. The Gators have commitments from three defensive ends and two defensive tackles so far. 

Cox committed Saturday while in Gainesville on an official visit. Several other Gators commits are also in town, as well as a handful of high-profile undecided targets, and more commitments could be coming soon. 



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Obama?? Obama who??

How can I hate the bible? It's like hating Aesop's fables. Only ignorant literalist bible-thumpers think the stories are true.

Your god doesn't exist, Gomer and you know it. Males you sad and angry but don't take it out on me. Take it out in all the adults that lies to you.

You know, lies like: UTrailer is a good school; Brantley is a five-star; Urban's not leaving........

This copying is fun. I pound you and you read it.

BEAAHAHHAHH. What a Gomer buffoon.

Can't refute ideas? You haven't put forth any ideas. They didn't teach that at UFailure. You make muddled declaratory statements then anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Wow. UTrailer enlightened you. Typical ignorant 'billy.

Ignorant blog Pig, I will leave you to play with yourself now. I see this blog has deteriorated again. Thanks Matt.
Knock yourself out posting your same diatribes all by your lonesome.

Ahhhh, you'll be back Gatr Gomer. Once you are done playing all of your video games on GameFly and have watched every sporting event and mindless SportsCenters over and over, you will be back. You have nothing else.

You are a UTrailer failure. Ignorant and blissful in your ignorance so long as "dem dar Gaytrs work'em silly in duh Swamp" a few times a year.

And we wonder why Russia and India are eating our lunch.

Your god hard at work, Gomer:

A man faces child abuse charges after police said he hit his 4-month-old son in the face, causing the baby to hit his head on a nightstand and break his skull.

Police said Yosi Mahlab, 30, called 911 on Saturday to report that his 4-month-old son, Javon, was unconscious.

The child was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where doctors found he had a skull fracture, subdural bleeding, a retinal hemorrhage and bleeding in the brain, police said.
According to police, Mahlab admitted that he hit the baby in the face twice, causing the child to slip off his lap and hit his head on a night table.

Police said doctors found that the baby has no brain activity.


I think your god was sleeping when this went down, right you ignorant 'neck?

"A mother and a father are arrested after their 9-year-old son, who weighs as much as a 3- to 5-year-old, was found naked in a North Miami Beach street Saturday. "

The dad was wearing a warren sapp jersey on wsvn. go canes and tough love. Kid will grow up to be a man.

Or he will suffer and die. Just like the ignorant 'Billy's god planned it.

"My personal god works in mysterious ways."

Translation: I believe in Santa Claus.

If there was a god, he wouldn't have put UFailure in a toxic waste dump like Trailerville.

I guess Al Golden believes in Santa Claus too!


Head Coach Al Golden says a post game prayer with his team at the University of Miami Spring game Saturday at Lockhart Stadium.

Maybe he is praying to make Lockhart Stadium the official stadium of UM. Easily get 10k in there.

Maybe. But that shows....exactly....what? Plus, you have no idea what he is really thinking.

Whereas with ignorant 'necks who spew on and on about the sky-fairy, there is no doubt as to what they believe.

90K screaming 'necks, oh sky-fairy, will get us a 6-6 record.

Work'em silly, Gatards indeed.

EPIC FAILURE. YEAR IN YEAR OUT. Another 6-6 just on the horizon. Then Muscrap quits. Then maybe fat man Charlie will come back. Or not.

He is praying to his god that the NCAA sanctions aren't too bad because there was nothing in his 300 page coloring book about lose of schollys, no bowl games, and no more money to pay off players.

Or maybe he is praying that intellectually challenged Gatr Trash grads actually know how to spell "loss."

But probably not. You keep praying to your make-believe god who cares deeply about you. Personally. And all the lies that were ever told to you. Like, "UTrailer will enhance your personal fulfillment."

Happy in your ignorance. Dysfunctional in your dogma. Way to go, Gatr Trash.

Lose, Loss, or Lost. We win. Think about it as you log on the Gator Clause 24/7/365. We are in your head, son.

6-6 is a win? The only victory against a winning team was Furman? Ahhhh, what passes for success in Trailertown.

You are truly ignorant, 'neck. Have to be. No wonder you believe in the sky fairy. You will believe anything. Even that your grammar and spelling "be good."

I prayed to my god that you would still make inane comments here and he granted my wish. My god is good.

yes, and while millions die, suffer and starve, your personal god fairy is having fun with an ignorant 'neck on a silly Gatard blog.

Sounds like some being I surely would respect.

Yikes, how dumb can you be, Gomer? Seriously. Gomer? Gomer? Ahhh, no one there. Just like your god fairy.

EPIC FAILURE. YEAR IN YEAR OUT. Another 6-6 just on the horizon. Then Goldencrap quits. Then maybe clueless man Randy will come back. Or not.

6-6 is a win? Losing to doormats like Maryland and BC? Ahhhh, what passes for success in stinkycanetown.

You are truly ignorant, scUMbag. Have to be. No wonder you don't believe in anything. But believe that your grammar and spelling "be good."

It's working....he is amazing!!

Dear Blog God, please have this canedouche keep posting...he truly has no life and this is his purpose.

It's not the blog god I'm talking about, Gatr maggot. Although his existence is as likely as your Lord and Saviour. You know, gentle jesus meek and mild. Only he doesn't exist.

You live a lie, maggot. If there was a god, he wouldn't have put UFailure in Trailertown.

I's be a UTrailer failure.

Your god is the Almighty Mom. She lets you make the basement your homebase, pays for your internet, and lets you use the Encyclopaedia Britannica from 1978.

Dear Mom God,

I would like some SWAGGA Underoos that I can wear in the dark while I make fun of the 'turds all day.

Thanks and I will be up stairs for Meatloaf Tuesday.

well, gee willikers Gomer. That may be true.

The only difference being Mom is real. Your god is a hoax. A fake.

I mean, if he was real, do you think he would have put a university in a slum like Trailerville? I mean, he would have to have some mercy, no?

Put on your Sunday finest and get down to wasting 2 hours on Sunday. Maybe unicorns will come visit you too.


It sucks I am this stupid but what can I do?

Corinne Brown anyone? Go Gatah.

Gainesville ranked no. 14 of "America's Top 25 Smartest Cities" by Portfolio.com, Dec. 2010


Alachua and Miami-Dade scored the same in air quality.

Of course. Portfolio.com. What a well-respected site. What's wrong? Wall Street Journal or Barron's decided not to run the story?

"Religiosity recedes with the advancement of knowledge." It's zero-sum Gatr Trash. We know what side of the ledger you fall on.


What's the matter? You finished cleaning your double-wide and have free time to do research?

Why would your god allow any place to be polluted? He cares more that I post on this blog than he does about people's health?

Religiosity and knowledge. Inversely proportional.

This dude switched to god talk to cover up the fact the UM is second rate now.

Second rate? What then is 6-6? Scraping past Furball?

And Indidnt start the god talk. One of you ignorant 'necks interjected god talk and you got slammed by reason and common sense.

Those traits are rare in Trailertown.

First rate team fans\bloggers don't camp out on non rival/non conference blogs. See Alabama,LSU, or Texas. Oh and welcome Avery Young!

Ask Bama if they think Gatr Trash is first rate.
Heck, ask FSU.

Only in your own arrogant minds, Gatr maggots. It is why you are considered the most disgusting fanbase.

And a GQ top 10 Douchiest school.

First rate? Byaaaaaawwwwwwwwwaahhhhh.

I had forgotten about the GQ article. So fitting. Elevated opinion of themselves gets bashed by a national publication.

Two actually. US News exposes their falling academics.

Two poundings in one year nationally. How much can a lowly 'neck take? Almost feel sorry for the UFelons.

Work 'em silly, Gatr Trash.

"Elevated opinion of themselves gets bashed by a national publication"


Ask Boston College if they think Cane Trash is first rate -Heck ask UVA

Difference being Gatr Trash has all the facilities and resources yet still manage to puke themselves. Your failure is epic. The difference between Hatr Trash results and their opinion of themselves is massive.

Worry less about the Canes, Gatr Trash, because your outhouse is in serious disarray.

Douchiest College.
Failing academics.
Emmitt's crap storm.


"Worry less about the Canes" says the moron on the Gator Blog

Punked. How my ass taste, Gatr Trash Nation.

Wouldn't go to a trailerpark school coached by Muscrap if my life depended in it.

Ignorant 'necks. Ya ya for now. Will own you in 2013.


and no one wants to live in Trailerville.

That flushing sound you hear is your football program, Gatr Maggots. You peaked in '08. It is all down hill for another 100 years of mediocrity and cowardice.

The most despised school in the nation. And top 10 douchiest. You have that going for you.

Yup...still ranked ahead of you in both Rivals and ESPN in recruiting classes. Oh wait, those rankings don't count.

Riddle me this - If no one wants to come here to G-town then why are we ranked higher then you with more starred recruits.

Good luck Tracy! Playing in front of you family and friends should be great. Speaking of family and friends "Muscrap can't close do you have any??

Tracy stayed home, won't be part of another winning program until he leaves early for the NFL.No one from the outside wants to play for the scUmbags. That flushing sound you hear is your football program, Cane Maggots. You peaked in the 90s. It is all down hill for another 100 years of mediocrity and cowardice.
The most despised school and fan base in the nation. And top 10 dirtiest. You have that going for you.

Dunnno. What passes for friends and family in the trailerpark? Isn't everyone blood family in the trailerpark in some form or another?

Bottom line: Muscrap was dying for Howard and he punked you. Same with Harvey-Clemons.

Good luck Tracy! Playing in front of you family and friends should be great. Speaking of family and friends, hope you have a lot of them. You and your team mates will need all of them to show up on Saturdays to be able to generate a half arse crowd to watch your games at home. Get used to a very few thousand to show at No Lfe Stadium for your home games.

Oh poor Gators, they only have a top 4 class coming in. They only got 5 star Fowler to switch from FSU. They only got top rated O linemen locked up long ago, same for TE. Same for a bunch of D linemen. They didn't have to wait til the last minute like cane maggots, they already had a better class in the books, which is only getting better today.
Pathetic cane maggot pig is again livid in his stupidity.

Can't wait til the canes get bowl banned and the exodus of this class begins...

Georgi will own the SEC LEast. You are a perennial 6-6 disappointment.

Plus, you have to live in Trailerville. Wow it sucks to be Gatr Trash.

Gainesville is better then Mom God's Jabba the Huts lair type basement.

PS look up the definition of perennial. The example is," UM is perennially in the middle of the pack of the ACC"

duuuu I am perenially here cause I m a mdcc drop out...

Gainesville is a dump. But you keep trying to convince yourself otherwise, maggot.

And yes, duuuuhhh comes from Floriduuuuuhhhjj which is what the graduates of the public diploma mill say. And that is before the massive budget cuts that gut the young scholars program.

The SS UTrailer looks like the Costa Concordia.

From UTrailer grads:

The Senate has approved a bill promoting student-initiated prayer and other "inspirational messages" at public school assemblies.

Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your church.

The value of public education in Florida sinks every day.

diploma mill, trailor, losers, blah, blah, blah. At least the Costa Concordia is new but weak at best. Pathetic cane fans celebrate a top 12 class not realizing fsu and UF are better, agai n as is clemson.The ACC championship game is perenially out of reach. Now get back the basement and rewatch its all bout duh u

PS Tracy Howard choose UM because god told him to. be sure to boo the kid from your dark basement on saturdays

p s coach golden prays before every game

gator class has more stars but less talent as was proven by Urbies last two top classes which equaled a 7-5 and 6-6 record. Now that Urbie is at OSU, he will take the kids from the northern part of the state that Ufelony normally gets and with Golden establishing the State of Miami from I-4 South, there wont be anything left for Ufelony. The proof of that happened today.

Re-read what Howard said you ignorant 'neck.

God did not tell him to do anything. He asked god to give him a sign if Miami was the wrong choice.

NOT SURPRISINGLY, there was SILENCE. So Miami it was.

And what really is the point? Because an 18 year old still believes in the sky fairy it is somehow true? What a reach. It is what ignorant bible-thumpers need to do. They certainly can't employ reason.

we is the canes and weez back. more ncs in da spring then you because we gots swagga. go meeyami.

rankings dont matta its how you lose to birgina again. my esa sayz god said so.

Muschamp got some big grinders and pass rushers. This is what the SEC has become. Good class.

Que Banjos: da gatahs gots them some big ole boys taday. Yall gather round the bonfire an cooks yall up sum road kill ons a stiks. By da wayz go Newt!

Buhcuz duh bible say so. I's be an illiterate 'neck so I's go to duh UTrailer.



Muscrap suuuuuucks.

After I got away with murder, I became a preacher for the lord almighty.

After I got busted with coke and hoes - I found the lord almighty too.

Typical Gatr Trash. They have nothing to feel proud about for their 6-6 underachieving trainwreck so they have to bash the Canes.

Bravo, Trailer Maggot. BTW, wasn't Urbie's last class a top 5 too? That got him 6-6 rieeeeeggggght?

And we know Urbie is light years ahead of Muscrap as a coach. So Muscrap will be at best 6-6. Then all you Gomers will go shoot up your double-wides because there is nothing else to do in the Trailerpark.

The Lord ultimately hated Teblow. That is why he lost.

The Lord ultimately hates UTRailer. That is why it is located in Trailerville.

The Lord ultimately hates Gatard Nation. That is why Muscrap is coach.

Forever hated by the skyfairy.

More transfers leaving UTrailer, ignorant 'necks. Should be a fun off-season.

From Stewart Mandel of CNNSI:

"In fact, it's unclear at this point how much credit Fisher and Muschamp even deserve for their recruiting feats. Ron Zook signed top five classes in Gainesville, too. Bowden kept reeling in recruits during the 2000s even as his teams plummeted into mediocrity.

'They're good coaches, but I don't think they're doing anything different than their predecessors did,' said Farrell, pointing out that Saban took over an Alabama program that had been reeling for far longer than the two Florida powers. 'The two of them really have to prove something on the field.'"

Translation: welcome to the Ron Zook Era, Part II

Also from Mandel:

"Biggest surprise: Miami. Remember last August when the words "death penalty" were being thrown around in the wake of Yahoo!'s report on rogue booster Nevin Shapiro? The threat of heavy NCAA sanctions didn't scare off future Hurricanes in the slightest, as Al Golden landed an enormous (33 members, including nine early enrollees who can count toward last year) Top 10 class chock-full of homegrown talent (20 of the 24 players who signed Wednesday are from Florida). The cherry on top came Wednesday when the nation's best cornerback, Tracy Howard (Miramar, Fla.), chose The U over Florida and FSU."

Translation: our coach is light years ahead of your hillbilly.


"Praise the Lord."


"Praise the Lord."


"Let's go molest little boys."


"It's the UTrailer way."

Typical Cane Trash. They have nothing to feel proud about for their 6-6 underachieving trainwreck so they have to bash the Gators.

Why are you here? Look in the mirror, Norman. Your life is pathetic.

our coach is light years ahead of your hillbilly

Yup but not light years ahead Boston College!

Posted by: Muscrap suuuuuuucks.

I get Cane fans are passionate about their team as are UF, FSU, USF, etc. but you are just a douche trying to instigate. It is especially pathetic as the canes haven't been relevant in a decade. It's the same thing over and over diploma mill, trailer, possums, gaytors, muscrap, 'necks, and arrests. You are a sad, miserable, little, man. Get a job, a hobby, a woman, a family, and enjoy life.

Hey, let's scrape past Furman. The only team with a winning record that our full-stadium, facilities, and 5-star recruits can beat.


Yep. It truly is, great, to be, a FloriDUH Gatard Trash.

I post. You respond. Like the brainless puppet you are.

Orange and Blue-hooo, you keep repeating the nonsense about a decade. You realize a decade is 10 years, right. In 2002, they had just played for the National Championship. Went to two more BCS bowls and pasted the Gatards 3 times.

If that is not relevant, what exactly do you then call the Gatr Trash? The Zooker years were wonderful and are back sooner than you thought.

You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. It has been 3 years since Gatard Trash was relevant. And it will be a lot longer now that Muscrap is in charge.

Kudos to Muschamp, hauled in a top 5 class. These new kids will add to the good talent already in place. With Pease's new offensive scheme we will be better this coming season and compete once more for the SEC championship. The future looks good for the Gators.
The only thing the canes have better than us is their Herald beat writers, Manny and Susan post timely stories while Matt Watts is again missing in action. So be it.

Harvey-Clemons punked you. Took one whiff of that idiot Muscrap and that Trailerpark campus and said, "no thank you."

Fowler switched his commitment only because UTrailer gave him a 4 year scholly as opposed to one renewable. Had to. OTherwise he would have laughed at you as many others did.

Hope your 5 star TE's enjoy blocking because with no O-linemen, QBs, RBs or WRs, when do they think they will catch any passes.

The team is laughable. With Urbie and Teblow gone it is back to the historic mean; and by that I mean, mediocrity.

100 years of cowardice and failure.

So all the trash must remain here.

I want to see a world class symphony or ballet in Trailerville. Where can I go?

I like the O-line and Defensive gets. When I saw Bama and LSU beat us up live they were platooning d-line guys the whole game. WM is setting the table for the same thing - something we just couldn't do. We need that 60-minute grind, grind capability. Hopefully Matt Elam will come into his own as the QB of the D as well.

I want to see a world class symphony or ballet in Trailerville. Where can I go?

A. You're a grocery bagger so chances are you can't afford either events in Miami so plan B) head upstairs to moms with some Wild Turkey and curl up on the couch and watch Black Swan. When it's over throw in the VHS of Lawerence Welk and enjoy Ass Clown.


I know you think college acting is world class theater, just like you think Cracker Barrel is fine dining, but here's a news flash, Gomer, it isn't.

If I wanted amateur performing arts I would go to a private high school performance which is better than anything UTrailer has to offer.

I guess the answer to my original question is: no chance. But you can watch Ger chase his sister around the yard while granny plays dueling banjos.

Community theater isn't world class

Good one again. I would guess you you have been to Ihop more the any fine dining in Miami. More your pay grade and it's on bus routes.

you you twice because you are a fat f*ck

Look at me, I am home all day living off the government and supplemented by winn dixie yet I know symphonies, ballet, and theater.

My moms is my family. She drives me to the check cashing store where I cash my disability checks and I gets my pay day advances so I can buy um sweatshirts in July.

UF, FSU, UCF, FIU, USF, and Florida A & M didn't accept me but UM did until I failed out. I got a pair of binoculars with my tuition money and couldn't leave the window sill. UM has the best girls!!

Gaytors girls don't have teeth and eat possum while reading the same bible irvin, golden, and lewis read. Gaytors are 'necks besides the huge student population from Miami-Dade, Broward, and WPB which are among st the wealthiest in the state.

Our coach golden is beating the gaytors in every aspect. he doesnt eat possum, sleep with his cousin, or live in a trailor. he has a coloring book of 300 pages and he drew people where fans are supposed to be in sun life stadium. he is a visonary, if you color it they will come.

Just had some fine dining only found in the MIA, Chez Checkers. Enjoyed a kobe sirloin upon a ciabatta minus the kobe and the ciabatta. it was delightful topped with some frenches mustard. the garcon told me to come again and I shall.

Nice try. I didnt go to UM and I own a corporation the enables me to make fun of the gaytors on the herald blog all day. I make millions and can buy and sell you gaytors like slaves.

What does any of this have to do with a coach named Muscrap, a failing academic institution, a 6-6 record and Emmitt Smith crapping on you like a 15 month old with infectious diarrhea? You would probably think the diarrhea is an upgrade over typical UTrailer fare.


muscrap reminds me of slave we had back in the day. every time I whipped him he wouldn't give up. Thats why we lynched him and he wasn't so uppity any more

golden don't put up a with no house negroes. that's why we win a championship in 2012 not like you dumb rednecks

Hmmm, seems like some Gatr maggot lacking creativity is making over the top racist comments as if he were a Canes fan. Insecure? Out of ideas? Unable to defend the sinking SS UTrailer?

It's ok Gatr Trash Nation. You will soon be able to thump your chests about beating Bowling Green while your football program continues its long steep slide back to its mediocre mean.

Nice try. I didnt go to UM or any other school, dropped out of MDCC, did not even get a GED, but I pretend to own a corporation the enables me to waste my pathetic life on the herald blog all day. I am a loser and can't buy or sell drugs even in a place like Miami, go figure, I am a slave to my Gator obsession.

What does any of this have to do with a coach named Goldencrap, a failing academic institution, a 6-6 record and the whole nation crapping on me like a 15 month old with infectious diarrhea? You would probably think the diarrhea is an upgrade over typical scUMbag fare.


Hmmm, seems like some cane maggot lacking creativity is making over the top racist comments. Insecure? Out of ideas? Unable to defend the sinking SS University of Mediocre?
It's ok Cane Trash Nation. You will soon be able to thump your chests about beating Bethune Cookman while your football program continues its long steep slide back to its mediocre mean.

This is great. Like the copy and paste only some facts don't fit. Miami does not have a mediocre past; UTrailer does.

As for food, top restaurants in the country located in Miami. Trailerville? Trailerville? Cracker Barrel? Purple Porpoise? Road-kill cafe? Fecal Matter Smoothie Bar?

Ignorant and hill-snake 'billy is bliss.

F you geeks.

You see my dunk last night?

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