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Gators pick up commitment from St. Thomas Aquinas DE Cox Jr.

Florida coach Will Muschamp added a necessary piece to the recruiting puzzle Saturday with the pickup of three-star defensive end Bryan Cox Jr.

Cox, the son of former All-Pro NFL linebacker and current Miami Dolphins pass rush coach Bryan Cox, fills a need on the defensive line, where Florida was extremely thin following the 2011 season. Cox is also a candidate for the Buck linebacker position currently played by rising junior Ronald Powell

From Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, Cox will join two former high school teammates in cornerbacks Cody Riggs and Marcus Roberson on the Gators roster. The 6-foot-3, 240-pound Cox is rated as the No. 37 strongside defensive end in the country, according to Rivals.com. 

He is the 19th commitment in Florida's 2012 class, which will not be finalized until National Signing Day on Feb. 1. The Gators have commitments from three defensive ends and two defensive tackles so far. 

Cox committed Saturday while in Gainesville on an official visit. Several other Gators commits are also in town, as well as a handful of high-profile undecided targets, and more commitments could be coming soon. 



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Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we got better restaurants then Miami.

Noooooooooooo we got better restaurants then Miami........

My cafeteria at FB has better restaurants then LA, Miami, and NY combined. So there.

no one said "best" with respect to Miami restaurants. But the spread between Miami and New York is far smaller than that between Trailerville and Knoxville. And Knoxville is known for the worst food around.

You silly 'necks. The proper way to argue is to support your redneck trailertown, no bring in some third party example.

Yikes. Shut that crappy school down. They aren't teaching anything except Gatard Chop and drunk Saturdays in the fall.

Yep. That will serve you will in the job market. Pumping out 17K illiterate 'necks every year.

No wonder Floriduh's economy is in the toilet.

yo, check out my snake. You white b*tches be bawlin'. Holla atcha boy.

This trailertown is full of racist rednecks. Get me outy.

Duuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Floriduuuuuuhhhhhh.

You silly scUMbag. The proper way to argue is to support your crime infested city, not bring in some third party example.
Yikes. Shut that crappy Gables school down. They aren't teaching anything except coke hits and drunk Saturdays in the fall.
Yep. That will serve you will in the job market. Pumping out 7K illiterate elite bozos every year.
No wonder Miami's economy is in the toilet. Even my make belief corporation is suffering, can't find anyone to pretend work for me. Everyone in the 305 is on unemployment comp and food stamps and not looking for honest work. Not that I would know what honest work is, ever since that priest molested me I have been stuck in mommas basement.

"Yep. That will serve you will in the job market."

Also, blogging on schools pages you have no affiliation with.

This is great. Like the copy and paste only some facts don't fit, but who cares scUMbag, that's not the point. Miami does not have a mediocre past; they have no past, only have 2 decades, nothing before, nothing after.
Now cane maggot is talking food and restaurants. How about food stamps, soup kitchens and homeless? None better than in the 305 maggot.
Wanna buy some limes from the illegal alien at the street corner with the UM hat?
Or how about a donation to the homeless dude at Flagler street with the cane T shirt?

Miami has more 2,500,000 people
UTrailer has 125,000 people


Miami has 13 Taco Bells
UTrailer has 4 Taco Bells


Miami's unemployment rate 10.2%
UTrailer's unemployment rate 6.8%


Miami has more trailer homes
Miami has more strip joints
Miami has more cocaine
Miami has more traffic


Hey cane maggot pig, like my buddy's name says, I've taken your trash and posted it on the canes blog. Now they are exposed to your disease. Enjoy.

Posted by: Canetrsh

I have no affiliation with the U but Winn Dixie, that's another subject.

Ahhh, the subtelty of per capita calculations escape the public diploma mill grads. Not surprising.

2 decades? That only takes you back to '92. Try again, Gomer. I guess they didn't teach math either.

2.5MM people in Miami? Guess they didn't teach geography either in the trailerpark.

What exactly passes for academics at UTrailer? Can you say, "wasted 7 years?"

As for crime infested, why would you choose to live here, Gomer? Or are you posting from your double-wide in Trailerville?

Work'em silly, Gatr Trash. Whence cometh 6-6? Soon, my son. Very soon. Now, go clean-up the roadkill. It's dinner time.

Ahhh, the subtelty of paper vs plastic calculations escape the non diploma baggers. Not surprising.

Football? 6-6

Academics: budget cuts and US News ranking plummeting.

Town : Trailerville.

Diploma: worthless. Public....diploma....mill.

Cuisine: Opossum stew, tossed roach salad and barbecued rat.

All in all, I'd say the UFailure has a lot going for them.

UF athletics were fueled by possum last year and our dorms were trailers yet we still get world class athletes who go own to great things Olympics, World Cup, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. And when they make it big, they know they can always come back to Gainesville for the good ganja, possum, and trailer life!



And I meant OWN because we do OWN you but can you come back with something other then trailors, possum, diploma mill, or mediocrity.

"can you come back with something other then trailors, possum, diploma mill, or mediocrity."

I would love to but that is like tring to describe Apple as other than well- run, creative and successful. UTrailer has its profile and Apple has theirs. You are what you are so why would I use other adjectives?

A crippling housing crisis has cost multitudes of residents their homes and jobs. The metro area has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country and workers face lengthy daily commutes. Add it all up and Miami takes the top spot in our ranking of America’s Most Miserable Cities.

But you gots probowlers.

Oh like yahoo and forbes are credible!

New Times Mother Fucder!!!!

And yet, amazingly, people are moving and. Insuring here by the millions.

How is the sightseeing business in Trailervile? Do they have a burro pulling a wooden crate? All aboard the dumpster train. We will show you the sights in Trailerville. First up, the popular dump. Next, the leaking sewage plant. Finally, the rat farm.

The next time anyone says, "I want to visit Trailerville," will be the first time.

Floriduuuuuuhhhjj grads be so stupid.

Forgot one stop on the tourism tour: bloody credit card museum.

No wonder no one can solve the Pata killing, too much crime and resources are strained.

Classy Gatr Trash. As expected.

Get ur tix to the bloody credit card exhibit at the world's biggest white trash convention known as Gatard Trash Growl.

Funny, don't let facts get in the way of good rant!

Classy Gatr Trash. As expected.

Boy you are beyond delUsional, you are demented.
You of all creatures talk about class.

I visited the leaking sewage dump once. I think they called it "Gainesville" or some crappy podunk name.

What kind if human garbage inhabits that place.

Finally, a city worse than mine!

Santa Fe. CC academics > UTrailer

Posted by: You know the verse | February 05, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Posted by: Waste of money | February 05, 2012 at 09:41 PM

Shocking!! You weren't at a Super Bowl party with friends or family. The Super Bowl is on and you're in front your computer on the gator blog trying to bait someone with lame statements. I actually feel bad for you.

You may want to read a book sometime. Or actually spend time with family or friends. Or take a walk. Or not watch SportsCenter 10x/ day.

This is why the SEC academically is a backwater. And the UTRailer is an awful academic institution. Andy why India, China and Russia are eating our lunch.

Their kids are reading and programming. Our idiot kids are watching sports 24/7.

Sad that you think not watching a football game is a waste of time. Sad, but not surprising, for a product of a failed public academic system.

Your mind is rotting and you are too far gone to even know it.

"Ill-prepard Gatr grads overly concerned with athletics"

Says the guy on The Gator Clause at "Posted by: Waste of money | February 05, 2012 at 09:41 PM"

You may want to read a book sometime. Or actually spend time with family or friends. Or take a walk

Says the guy who was on the cane blog all saturday.

assuming I'm the crazy guy, what does it say about the idiot public diploma mill holder that tries to engage in conversation and answers questions?

Mentally challenged?
Meth head?

Nahhhhh, just another stupid Gatr Trash grad.

No assumption - you are looney tunes.

what does it say about the idiot public diploma mill holder that tries to engage in conversation and answers questions?

Mentally challenged?
Meth head?

Nahhhhh, just another stupid Gatr Trash grad.


I think your crazy.

I know this guy is a loser. Or, so the cane "fan" can understand, a "looser".

Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog

BillyBob, that joke was mildy funny the first time. After the 30th time, it is funny only to dumb Gatr Trash.

Or maybe, you are a SantaFe CC wannabe. Especially now that it's academics is on par with the Gatr Trash.

what does it say about the idiot public diploma mill holder that tries to engage in conversation and answers questions?

Mentally challenged?
Meth head?

Nahhhhh, just another stupid Gatr Trash grad.


Duuuuhhhhhhh. Floriduuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.


Ya da man DJ!

The Super Bowl peaked between 9:30-9:58 p.m. ET when it was watched by 117.7 million viewers, except one:

Posted by: Waste of money | February 05, 2012 at 09:41 PM

Brittney Spears and Justin Bieber have millions of fans too.

Millions of ignorant 'necks believe in the sky fairy.

Millions of people believed real estate prices would keep rising indefinitely.

Wow, so some Gatr maggot thinks popular opinion really matters?

You can come to my SB party next year instead of watching it in your bedroom. This time next year, I'll provide the address so your mom can drop you off. (I am sure you will be on this blog next year)

You can pray but you are wasting your time because you are talking to yourself. You know it you just aren't courageous enough to admit it.

Who wants to go to a SB party in a trailerpark with most people dressed in blue and orang clown outfits? Is Corinne Brown the guest of honor? Ol' Sandbag Brown?

Invitation stands - Corrine is more company then your Carlos Huerta fathead.

Oh and on the canes blog you are bashing gators in the SB. Why lie about watching it alone in front of your computer?

This dolt is obsessed about the Gators here and on the canes blog, can't get them out of his pea sized brain.

Seriously right? Posting in the Gator Blog during the Super Bowl? Dude is crazy!

Not everyone is a sprts obsessed ignorant 'neck. I realize that is all you know, given where you went to school but try someday to, you know, learn something other than what is discussed on SportsCenter.

Roach-ka-bob anyone?

A lil crazy...

obsessed? Check you posts on the cane/gator blogs. They start at 6:30 am

And your answers begin immediately after.

He's the Corinne Brown Appreciation Party coming along? I'm sure every luminary and intellectual will be there.

Or, ignorant 'necks like you who thinkbshebis an asset to our Congress.

Man, glad I got out of the worst city in the U.S.

Ditto. Soon, add Billy D to the list. He quit on you once already. Will do it again soon.

He wants out of that trash heap as soon as his kids are older. Keep them away from the meth and white trash.

You both are obsessed morons but he makes me laugh - the Carlos Huerta Fathead thing was funny.

Funny -- Frank Haith was the worst thing that ever happened to Miami of Florida, then he leaves and he has Missouri in the top 5 the next season. Something tells me he got out while the gettin' was good.

Anyone read the Princeton Review today? For a "diploma mill" we are recognized as are ACC stalwarts UVA and UNC/Chapel Hill.

As the slaughter in the holy land continues, your imaginary god just sits, with arms folded, and watches.

2 young Utah boys are incinerated by an explosion their father triggered, and your imaginary miserable god sits, with arms folded, and watches.

But have faith. The pedophile priest says "god loves you and the universe was made with you in mind."

Only an ignorant 'neck would believe that fairly tale. First up, you.

Posted by: Some idiots are just part of the crowd. Most likely Gatr Trash.

I am to busy working on finding you a mate but even as Sky Fairy Supreme it is proving rather difficult. You are kind of like Calibos.

Far brighter men have debated the existence of God. You're no Christopher Hitchins angry cane, don't make a fool of yourself.

Besides, what bothers you most, the fact you don't have anything to believe in or that you have nothing to blame when bad things happen - like losing your football program?

I know I am not Christopher Hitchens. I would know how to spell my own name.

And there is no debate. There is evidence-based argument and then there is buffoonery. I'll let you guess which is which.

Failure to believe in god, or any god, does not equate to failure to believe in anything. That is the leap that a foolish believer like yourself must make in order to cover for your complete lack of any evidence. You can't argue the middle ground so you run to the perceived safety of the extreme.

So, I while I choose not to believe in a make-believe sky fairy that allows the killing and torture of innocents, I will believe in the all of the other great and not-so-great things this world has to offer.

Oh, and the trash of the world in the form of Gatr maggots like yourself.

You have just been OWNED, you card-carrying member of the worthless diploma club.

"You have just been OWNED"

ha ha ha ha dude you are hilarious! You really think your blog posts matter.

"you card-carrying member of the worthless diploma club."

Check out the Princeton Review:



Man, if I stayed, I'd have to concede that this nut job is actually on MY side.

Speak for yourself Frank.


"Best value" is a synonym for "well, if you really have nowhere else to go..."

Yeah, Hardee's is a good value too. So is Denny's.

Wow, the Gatr Trash is desperate. You will grasp at anything to try and spin a positive light on your otherwise miserable academic (to quote Corinne Brown) "skeewwwwl."

That's great. Best value. I think I will go down to Marshall's and get some best value clothing.

Is this the same idiot insisting there were no Gator clubs in Mahattan? He's still here! Awesome! Let's start a collection and buy him a plane ticket up there. He can dance up and down Columbus in a Ronnie James Dio T-shirt flashing devil horns!

Remember cane douche, you're only a few blocks away from...wait for it....wait for it....HELL'S KITCHEN!! BWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

"Best value" list has two ACC schools at the top.

The schools that made our "Best Value Colleges" list all have similar qualities—they're able to provide stellar academics with a modest price tag.

I guess UVA is Ross and UNC is TJ MAxx

PS If you are going to get out of that Warren Sapp jersey - you should try TJ Maxx for clothes as they have irregular and big sizes. Just sayin'

Princeton Review was discredited decades ago. That is why the US news rankings have mattered so much. Well, to everyone but desperate Gatr garbage.

Try to keep a straight face when you tell someone that your "skewwwl" is on par with UNC or UVA.

UTrailer is a good academic skewwwwwl.

My god exists.


Is this the same idiot insisting there were no Gator clubs in Mahattan? He's still here! Awesome! Let's start a collection and buy him a plane ticket up there. He can dance up and down Columbus in a Ronnie James Dio T-shirt flashing devil horns!
That visual is making me pee myself. I'm sure he's got the red devil jammies as well as the horn hoodie and the little plastic pitchfork!

If I knew who Richard Hitchens was, I might take offense.

Since most of your knowledge comes from SportCenter, I'll give you a hint: his name isn't Richard you ignorant 'neck.

Is it even possible for you to prove my point about your diploma more than you already do?

Top 10 best value beliefs:

1. Santa
2. Easter bunny
3. Tooth Fairy
4. Loch Ness Monster
5. Bigfoot
6. Lord and savior

BWAAAHAHAHAHAH. The dope gets owned again.

6 furthest north cities angry cane has been to:

6. Miami Gardens
5. Pompano
4. Ft. Lauderdale
3. W. Palm Beach
2. PB Gardens
1. Ft. Pierce

You guys are pretty tight in the non-believers club -- first name basis! Do you all share the pitchfork and Dio t-shirts too!

Typical ignorance. Doesn't make anyone "tight" just to know their name.

To an ignorant 'neck, it seems like magic or......god , at work. But really, it is just using your brain. You gave that up years ago. That is why you enrolled at UTrailer.

As long as you can watch SportCenter and pray to you fake god, you be a happy 'neck. Praise Corinne Brown.

Hey angy cane....non-believer..or whatever your handle is. I'm with you brother. I go to work on Christmas Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving. I'm sure you do too!

Pass the Dio shirt my way, its my turn tonight!

Thanks for coming out angry! I only pretend I'm 'Jewish' so I can tell the jokes.

Dude, I just became a non-believer to save on funeral expenses! Dying a believer is expensive $#%@!

Angry? It's all laughs and the joke is on UTrailer. We aren't laughing with you. We laugh at you. Subtlety is not taught at UFailure.

Nothing really is taught at that skewwwwwl. Doubt it? Watch a Corinne Brown speech.

Hey Cane nonbeliever, isn't there a magazine or something we're supposed to get! I signed up as a nonbeliever a few months ago and I don't get anything! I don't want to have to cross back over to the light side!

Thank you non-believing cane fan for being bold. I go out of my way to avoid hospitals with saint names, schools with saint names, and I never give any money to those silly saint name, do goody-good charities!

When's our next meeting? I want to retire the Dio shirt and nominate the Danzig shirt for rotation.

I sat next to cane nonbeliever at the last meeting. He has a super cool darth vadar voice and breaths really heavy. He also wears a black cape and looks at everyone through his forehead. Great example for the rest of us!

Pedophile priests.
Aids is bad. Condoms are worse.

Nah. Go back to believing in the sky fairy and church doctrine. It's much saner over there.

Crazy cane guy writes Top 10 Value Beliefs and lists only 6! What a dolt!

Maybe trade your Teblow jersey for a priest dress or the pope's clown outfit.

Anyway you slice it, the Gatr garbage is the village idiot.

I prayed to the sky fairy to help you learn to count to 10 and for you to never leave this blog as you provide amazing comedy with your fake ass blog war.

UM has one 5 NCs, you Gatr maggots. Here they are:

1. 1983
2. 2001

So 5-3 you ignorant 'neck

I pray to the sky fairy that Gatr Teash remains ignorant. He doesn't exist so.......errr....wait. Wow. Maybe I've been wrong.

Please, tell us more about Richard Hitchens, Roger Spurrier, Joe Romney, Fred Hemingway. You read lots of books and are intelligent.

I give you rope. You hang yourself ignorant 'neck. Duh UTrailer diploma is truly worthless.

Did anyone watch Billy Manning and the Giants win?

Duuuuh. Who needs history books. We dumb 'necks have duuuuuhhhh book of genesis.

Hey darth cane, can you get this robert hitchins guy to do an anti-miracle at a nonbeliever rally -- you know make it rain frogs or something.

How much to join the club? Are the chicks hot?

Since our year number system is based on AD (the year of our 'you know who'). How do those years translate to non-believer nomenclature? People ask me at school and I don't know the answer. Give me an example with cane championships...you can even include the asterisk one.

Posted by: Floriduuuuuhuuhhhhhh

You are still here spreading laughter to all the Gators fans. The Sky Fairy works in mysterious ways!!!

blinded by the ignorance. the date of jesus' death is not known with certainty. we use the system we use because it is the best we have. many scholars do not even believe he was born on Dec. 25. even if jesus did exist, that does not prove he was anything other than a normal human being. sorry to pop your ignorance balloon, gomer, but dems be duh fax.

But to a brain-dead ignorant 'neck who believes everything spoon-fed to him, i.e. go to UTrailer, it will enhance your career, it will do.

Yikes. 7 wasted years of undergrad.

You mean to tell me that you and steven hitchins can't figure out the true year system? I mean, being the smart-guys you are and everything?

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