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Gators quarterbacks Brissett, Driskel both to play in season opener

Will Muschamp announced Friday that both Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel will play in Florida’s season opener, prolonging an already lengthy quarterback competition.

The sophomores have been described as “very similar” or “dead even” since spring and Muschamp said he needs to see some game action before making a final decision. He met with both quarterbacks on Friday morning, informing them that they each will take meaningful snaps against Bowling Green on Sept. 1.

“Their numbers are very similar, whether it's in one-minute, third down -- we've taken the details down all the way, (offensive coordinator) Brent (Pease) and I have,” Muschamp said. “Both guys are very even and our football team's got great confidence in both of them. I told both of them today, the last position I'm worried about is quarterback. I feel very comfortable about both guys.”

Previously, Muschamp had hinted at announcing a starter this Monday. But with Tuesday’s third scrimmage rained out, that option was no longer viable and Muschamp said he actually made the call to play both in the opener after the team’s second scrimmage.

"Again, we can win with both guys,” he said. “I've said that all along. Nothing has changed my opinion through this camp, and how these guys have competed and managed our team. We've tried to put them in tough situations and they've both handled it well. I think as we work into competition on game day, we'll see if there is some separation. I think that's the next step. Both guys deserve the opportunity to play and I know that."

Instead of naming a starter Monday, Muschamp said the decision on who would take the game’s first snap would come later in the week. The distribution of the snaps and how they will be divided – by quarter, half or series – are also yet to be determined.

Reminded by a reporter that he said during spring that it wouldn’t be ideal to have both playing in Week 1, Muschamp said: “I don't remember saying that. I'm sure you got a quote somewhere, but it is what it is right now. We can win with both guys. We function as an offense regardless of who that guy is very well. It's a compliment to both guys, because they both have a similar skill set and they both are accomplished in what they're doing.”

Although Florida is transitioning to a new motion-heavy offense with many pre-snap adjustments under Pease, Muschamp said he was not worried about the offense’s rhythm suffering because of quarterback substitutions. Florida struggled with penalties last season, accruing 36 pre-snap procedural flags on offense for a false start, delay of game or illegal substitution. The team finished 114th nationally with 100 total penalties.

“I feel very comfortable,” Muschamp said. “We've been on the 40-second clock since practice one. Calling the offense, getting in the huddle whether it's in a no-huddle situation, a tempo situation or it's been a huddle up and call it from the sideline. Brent's purposely held calls late to get the verbiage in late for the quarterback staff to manage those situations, to get to the line of scrimmage, to understand the clock's coming down, to recognize that. So I think we've exhausted a lot of measures to make sure that these guys are prepared for this, and I feel very comfortable at this point.”

The quarterbacks will get some more work in that area today when the team practices inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, hoping to emulate game atmosphere and make up some reps missed because of Tuesday’s rain.

However, Muschamp would not speculate as to whether the competition could continue beyond the first game.

“I don't want to predict anything,” he said.

He said both Brissett and Driskel took the news well and that they understand that fans will take sides after seeing them play, creating a potentially contentious situation.

“They were great, but that's how they've handled the whole process. They're both very mature guys about it and handled it the right way. … It is what it is. Those guys understand what it is to be the quarterback at Florida. They really do. They get it, and they're mature, and they'll handle it. At the end of the day, you're going to be judged on your performance and how you play. So be it. It is what it is.”

Still, there is a slight chance this whole ordeal could be for naught, as Driskel has yet to be cleared for contact after injuring his shoulder last week in practice. He will be re-evaluated Monday.

And Muschamp would like you to believe it’s all a big fuss for nothing, anyway.

“I look at two talented guys we can win with,” he said. “It (playing two quarterbacks) didn't seem to affect LSU last year.”


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The guy with the bum shoulder is barely better than Brisquet. We have no clue what we are doing. All we know is we are in a world of hurt.

Strap yourselves in, Gatr maggots. This is going to be a bumpy ride.


90K screaming 'necks will get to watch Briskett and Drizzle run for their lives behind the sieve of a line.

Who will the hand-off to? No one.
Any WRs to pass to? Nope
Double the injured Reed and it is


Time to cheer for the SEC, maggots. Then talk all winter about your recruiting which amounts to nothing when they strap it on. Recruiting Season National Champs. Regular Season Chumps

Face it. Your past and your destiny is mediocrity, Gatr maggots.

Hey GATRTRASH NATION, Do you think these turds will score at least 3 points against Bama?

4 posts by the cane pig looking for attention and finally gave up at 7:00 PM. So much for that.

I think it's a great idea to play them both against Bowling Green and then decide after that game who will be #1 for the rest of the season.
I it's a great "problem" to have two high quality QBs but one needs to be chosen to be the guy before the SEC grind starts.
Patchan has been injured seems like forever tough luck.
Gators gonna make some noise this year, all we needed was a good offense and Pease is the man to make it happen. Go Gators!!

The only noise these idiots are gonna make is the collective inhale from the schwamp yards when they are getting beat down by the rest of the sec easy. 2013 looms tards.

Hahaha...u guys are funny....except for j. On a different note....between the two i believe they have like an average 48% completion percentage ....they have to use them both to see which one makes less mistakes. I bet they run the ball alot until the D knows what they are going to do, then they hope for the best and start throwing them up in the air. BG should.....should be an easy win. Its week two in college station when the nightmare starts.

Sid our 2 QBs are light years better than yours. No contest. Everyone knows this, including Golden who recruited Brisset heavily. You and your minions show your stupidity by saying otherwise.
Knock yourselves out with your idiotic posts, the rest of the world knows reality. That is why we are ranked 23rd and you are not. That is why we are expected to contend in the best conference in the land while you are expected to barely beat Duke in the worst conference in the land. Big difference between out 2 programs. You and your Miami Morons keep living in the past and wallow in your delUsion, it's all you have.
GO Gators!!

Jwow...The only reason he recruited him so hevily is because he had 2 months to save a class.He didnt have a whole year like other coaches.If Randy would have been retained he would have been playing for THE U. Moron, think before U post. Hahahahaha,Jwow and gatorspam...the only 2 gators left here....speaking of spammy, he hasnt been around latley!

spammy...more like spanky! numbnuts.....

Hey Sidcane, in one post you say what a bad QB Brisset is and the next you say he would have been playing for the canes if RS had stayed. I guess then he'd be the best QB is FL. You're funny.

No so miami gator....i didnt think randy should have recruited him in the first place because he is a spread qb. If randy would have been here we would have him on the team. I never said he would be good. Was scratching my head on some of the qbs randy recruited.he did recruit a few that fit the system but wouldnt play them. Thats why they transfered.shannon played favorites and it had nothing to do with football. Morris has a better completion percentage than Brisset so i am happy with who we have now.

Brisset is NOT a spread QB, shows how little you know, but we all knew you are a Moron anyways.
Of course you are also delUded and think you now better than all the coaches, media, and experts who all agree both Brisset and Driskel are much better than any of your sorry QBs.
"Think before you post", LOL. Classic delUded Miami Moron behavior. He who cannot think chides others to do so. Classic.
Keep spouting off now soon the season will start and you will go away once your canes resume their losing ways which we all know they will,
except for the delUded fools in the Gables.

"Gators gonna make some noise this year, all we needed was a good offense and Pease is the man to make it happen."

On the topic of deluded.....

He is a spread qb and i dont recall any coaches or media comparing them with morris. Send me a link. I would like to see those quotes.

Of course no one has compared him to Morris since he is much much better, that would be stupid. Morris is comparable to Joke-ory whom he could not beat last year.
He is definitely not a spread QB. I won't argue this point with you any further since there is no use in arguing with a Moron.

On the topic of delUded.............
Brent Pease master of a powerful and high scoring offense at Boise, now in charge of the Gator offense with better players than those he had at Boise. Indeed the man to make it happen in Gainesville.
Fisch? Not much of a resume and has worse players than his 6 -6 team of a year ago.
Who has more upside? The answer is obvious, unless you are a delUded Miami Moron.

This discussion is really moot, we will soon find out how these teams and these players fare.
It's great to be a Florida Gator!!

"Brent Pease master of a powerful and high scoring offense at Boise, now in charge of the Gator offense with better players than those he had at Boise. Indeed the man to make it happen in Gainesville."

On the topic of 'we heard this same crap last year with Weiss....'

Damn, you Gatr maggots are the textbook definition of delusional.

The Bowling Green beatdown cometh. Hunker down in your trailers, maggots.

Noodle arm Driskel, the man can't hit a telephone keypad even if he was standing in a telephone booth.



A big, strong armed quarterback with a good release, Brissett can run, but he is definitely a pocket passer first. He has a good feel for the rush and is adept at making a subtle move to elude a defender while keeping his feet in a good throwing position. Has excellent patience and downfield vision - Scott Kennedy, Scout.com

Driskel Ranked as the #1 Dual Q.B. & #1 Overall

Brissett Ranked as the #4 Pro-Style Q.B. & #9 Overall


Driskel Ranked #1 Pro-Style over-all Q.B.

Brissett Ranked #3 Dual over-all Q.B.


Drisket #1 Dual QB

Brissett #4 Pro-Style

Point is, they were BOTH offered by EVEYONE TOP Team and they're BOTH FAR Better than Ur Pace High Morris that was only offered by U, U-Conn, FIU, UCF, N'Western,Cent.Michigan and Purdue that will be under Center for U... He's all Urs... Enjoy... And when he gets broken in half, U enjoy Ur 6-6, 0-12 Memphis Stiff with clown feet and no arm as Ur QB...

That about spell it out for U S.I.D.S. CANE ?

I'm better than any QB U got ... Coach Golden offered me at Temple.

I was supposed to be the 2nd best QB in the SEC behind TEblow.

Unfortunately, the ignorant 'necks who said that have no clue of what they are talking about.

Same ol' garbage in Trailerville.

Most disgusting fanbase in college sports.

Rut-roh, Gatr maggots. Only a matter of time until the bell tolls for you and your bloated public diploma mill:

"The 2011-12 fiscal year has closed for the University of Tennessee department of athletics, and the department is reporting a $3.98 million deficit for the year."

Brissett should start for the Gators in 2012. He is a proven winner in high school and a better passer who doesn't lock-on to receivers. Jacoby has better touch and knows how to throw down the middle of the field. Driskel's time will come, but it shouldn't be this year!

Funny you present facts, independent 3rd party analysis to confirm what we all know, i.e. that either Gator QB is far superior than what the canes have. Ans what do the Miami Morons come up with? "Same ol' garbage"
Cause that's all they got.............garbage.
Tyler Murphy would start for the canes and be an improvement form what they have now.
Maybe their punter could crack our lineup, probably not.
The season begins soon. Go Gators!!

Sid The Moron knows more than Rivals and Scout.com, he thinks Brissett is a spread QB. He also thinks Morris is good. Too much thinking for a Moron must hurt.

Byron you may be right. I have heard from several SEC preview shows they all forecast Brissett will start. Coupled with the injury to Driskel's shoulder the discussion may be moot. I'm curious to see how they fare in the first game but agree we should have only one QB come out of that game as the starter for the rest of the season. Both of them are proven winners in high school.

You will get squeak by Bowling Ball Green, then get pounded in College Station. Even a depleted Tennessee will pound the Gatr Trash.

Then, it's "SEC," "SEC," all the time till Signing Day when the UFailure wins the signing day NC only to begin again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Damn, these Gatr maggots are ignorant.

Meet the new Trash. Same as the old Trash.

"Meet the new Trash. Same as the old Trash."

You looking in the mirror while posting again fool?

U know Ur fanbase is in trouble when they go quoting rivals and scouts.

Yep, better to quote a fellow Moron who knows more than all the media and experts.

Remember when the Gatr maggots were all over the Canes for platooning QBs?

Now that the Gatr Trash is doing the same, somehow this is magic and signals coming success.

Do they learn you logical thinking in the state's largest public diploma mill?

The Gatr maggots get dumber the longer they stay in the cesspool of Trailerville.

Posted by: Floridummies everywhere

No no no cane dUmmy this is not the same, not by a long shot.
You were platooning QBs cause both of yours sucked and you tried to find the lesser evil.
We will platoon them cause they are both so so good they deserve a shot in a real gane to separate themselves. There is no mention of dual QBs for the rest of the season. Not magic, just talent. Like we have the talent, you don't.
You try to be funny lil cane pig, but you are an obsessed loser.

Driskel is a horrible qb. Brissett isn't much better. How is that diffrrent moron?

"We will platoon them cause they are both so so good they deserve a shot in a real gane to separate themselves."

Did you watch any of the 2011 season, Gatr Trash maggot? Their performances led you to believe that "both are so good?"

Wow. With each post, the Gatr maggot shows how stupid he is.

3 words:

Public. Diploma. Mill.

As a Florida taxpayer, I want all my tax money that went into that disgusting institution back. It failed you, miserable pig.

wow and we be are the same cane pig posting crap.
You really just post nonsense, no thinking, no semblance of truth or reality, what a waste.

"Driskel is a horrible qb. Brissett isn't much better. How is that diffrrent moron?"

Really? Not according to the coaches, scouts, sports writers and everyone in the know. According to you. A Moron. No argument here.

Now I did watch the games lil pig.
Compare and contrast. A second year QB with several games under his belt prepares to start the first game of the season. He promptly stinks up the place, throws a few picks and reminds everyone why Mr INT Machine is better than him. This QB is not heard from for the rest of the season. The team that exposes this fraud goes on to lose every other game that season save for a div 2 cupcake.
That is your reality, that is your QB this season.

Driskel, a true freshman with only a few snaps under his belt is thrown in unexpectedly in the 5th game of the season against the best team in the nation. No experience no preparation. Did the best he could and actually got injured too.
Brissett gets his first start on the road against the second best team in the nation. Did as well as he could and gained some valuable experience along the way.
The Gator QBs are ready now, not last season.
Only an ignorant Moron would suggest otherwise.
Even Tyler Murphy would start ahead of Morris..

My Handle is true. My facts you can't refute. It sUcks to be U!

"The Gator QBs are ready now, not last season."

We heard this garbabe from the Gatr Trash last season and the season before re: John Brantley.

He was supposed to be the second best QB in the SEC after Teblow. Unfortunately, only the delusional inbreds from trailer park thought that.

Ultimately, Brantley sucked. So will Brisket and Drizelda.

You are owned, maggots.

The Bowling Green beatdown cometh. Hide under your double-wide.

YAWN...why would I wanna come to trailer town? Unless I had my bed sheets on of course!

No no no lil cane pig, Brantley was injured and missed about half the season. Don't let the facts get in your way. Before the injury he was having a great season.
You are the one who has no credibility and not one of your posts has any semblance of reality or truth in it. Only delUsional cane garbage and wishful thinking.
The queens of beatdowns try to trash talk a much better team. Only in Miami, only a Miami Moron.

My Handle is True. My facts you can't refute. It really sUcks to be U!

Have at Gator ClaUse all U want. U got NO jUice... The Gators are only 3 years removed from Multiple SEC and National Championships and are AGAIN Ranked and on the RISE Again... They're like watching smoothly running high speed traffic...
Now U and Ur Band of Aimless Canes going on a Decade of DEBACLED DelUsion and mediocrity is like watching 8 lanes of staggered traffic going in headon opposite directions in 1970's DatsUns, Pintos and Gremlins pegged at 80mph heading Downtown on Meeeeiami's I-95 just waiting on the next ineviatable CRRRRRAAASSHHHH !!!
Herbstreit on Joe Rose today... "Yeah it's going to toUgh for dUh U this year. 6-6 WILL Be VERY Good this year for them... But at least watching all the other Top Florida College Football Schools will be fun this year..."
Posted by: Top-20 SEC TEAM > Bottom 2 ACC Teams | August 30, 2012 at 10:03 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/08/the-many-faces-of-lieutenant-al-golden/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

So, we on the Canes site asked repeatedly, and politely, that you have your troll tone it down or leave, and instead he ramped up his sick attacks, ID thefts, and insane lies. I guess it is time to treat this blog the same way he treats ours.

Please understand, that just like Pearl Harbor, we didn't start this war, we appealed for peace, and in return the constant attacks led to us returning fire. Until Matt and Manny figure out how to ban this loser, neither side will be able to have civil discussion, and it is all at the feet of the Gator fans that failed to reign in one of their own.

Gator fans, as you can see, Canes fans passed a basic test, that a troll in your name did not. When threatened that the Gator blog would get the same treatment, they incited even more. He is NOT a Gator fan after all, but instead is a fan of getting negative attention, a masochist.

As anyone knows, the way you punish a masochist is to stop hitting them. So, since there is no way to stop them from their rants, we will just have to leave them alone.

After all, a wise man once said, "There is no point in fighting a battle if you win nothing." Their fake internet war is just that, a battle with no gain in victory.

There are sites that this sicko cannot access, including the Sun Sentinel, Canespace, Scout, and Eye Of The Hurricane.

Anyone that is looking to discuss SPORTS, feel free to go there. sidcane, So Miami Gator, and the rest of you, know that every response you give this fool is earning nothing, and that until Matt figures out how to remove the sicko gatorspammer in his many IDs, there is no point in discussing the Gators here.

Stupid troll, I know we will never meet in person, because going to an invalid's trailer to pound on him would be wrong, just know that your time on this Earth was wasted. Good Bye.

Could it be that your troll is the same as our troll. After all this cane troll right here posts under multiple Ids as well.
We have been dealing with this scrouge for quite some time now.
I take exception to you mentioning sid as a regular fan he has proven to be a sick no good troll as well.
Either way it would be nice to be rid of the trolls.


why would OUR troll be the same as yours, moron!

WE have honor on our CANE thread YOU do not

Control and contain YOUR troll or you will SUFFER the consequences.

This is your final warning people.

My mistake for trying to reason and be civil with a cane "fan". Won't happen again. You're one of those tough guys I see. Full of threats, full of manure. Go fight your virtual war somewhere else Moron.


Little dicky jacked my handle

That wasn't my response

All apologies

Lions and Tigers and Five Titles ... OHHH MY !!!


You don't frighten us Gators, Cane pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at your, so-called Cane Thang, you and all your silly Cane k-nnnnniggets. Thpppppt! Thppppt!

I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Yes, depart at this time and don't be approaching any more, or we fire arrows at the tops of your heads and make castanets out of your testicles already!

Yes! Go! And remain gone, illegitimate-faced bugger-folk! And if you zink you got nasty taunting zis time, you ain't heard nothing yet! Daffy Cane ClUck K-niggits! Thhhhhhppppph!



Sir Soldy Arthur ...

Five, I hear you. Hard to follow who's who with all this senseless trolling.

2 team SEC. The rest are


South Carolina a #9 team? PFffffffft. PUhlease.

They will still pound the Gatr Garbage but that does not make them top 10. That only means that the Gatr maggots suck worse. Which we knew all along.

Countdown to the "SEC" chants from the Gatr maggots: T-6 weeks.

I don’t only see light at the end of the tunnel; I see a blinding, bright light in 2 yrs. And (unlike the “other team”) I think we can enjoy the ride watching these kids grow and mature as this young team learns to compete. Al gets it, U’s brand is respected everywhere; we just need the trend to be winning and the goal of NC attainable. Compared to the other team in the house, there is no question; the U is going in the right direction. Look out all you haters, THE U IS BACK!!!




The Sun has yet to even rise on the opening 2012 Saturday and they're already beginning to Red Line the DelUsional RMP Meter...

[]_[] n Real ...


Satchels... GO GATORS

Bowling Green, really Bowling Green owned the turds most of Saturday? Wow that 2 QB system worked out well rigghhttt!

Home struggle against Bowling Green? LMAO

Way to roll over the competition Gator Necks.

Bowling Green another W. That is the only thing that matters. You cane fools act as if you destroyed a powerful opponent. News flash, you barely beat a terrible team who put up over 500 yard on O. Idiots that come here to rag when their team is worse than ours.
Our O can be improved now that a QB has been settled on and now that Pease will be allowed to run his O.
How can a swiss cheese D be improved on?

Welcome to College Station, Florida fans. Keep in mind, trailer parking is 3 blocks south of the stadium. Please clean-up after your slovenly selves.

You are about to receive a beating like you haven't seen since Nebraska. Please pay attention to the safety signs. They are there for your protection since you are arguably too stupid to protect yourself.

Bowling Green? BWWAWHAHAHAHA. Jeff Driskett? BWWWHAHAHAHA.

You call that a running game?

Welcome to Manhattan, Miami fans. Keep in mind, thug parking is 3 blocks south of the stadium. Please clean-up after your slovenly selves.

You are about to receive a beating like you haven't seen since your last bowl game, or your last game of 2011. Please pay attention to the safety signs. They are there for your protection since you are arguably too stupid to protect yourself.

Boston College? BWWAWHAHAHAHA. Chicken man? BWWWHAHAHAHA.

You call that a defense?

Posted by: BillSnyderStadiumMarshall

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