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Gators receivers coach Hill resigns, cites personal reasons

With Florida's fall camp set to open today, coach Will Muschamp announced wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill has resigned.

"Aubrey informed me he was resigning for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the University of Florida," Muschamp said Friday in a prepared statement. "Aubrey didn't want to be a distraction to our team and our football program and he thought it was best for him to move on. I appreciate Aubrey's efforts and wish him the best of luck moving forward. He will always remain a Gator."

Hill, who was an assistant coach at Miami for three years before joining Florida's staff in 2011, has been mentioned in two Yahoo! Sports stories investigating improper benefits provided by booster Nevin Shapiro to players the Hurricanes were targeting in recruiting.The first report broke nearly a year ago, but the NCAA is still investigating and has yet to hand down any punishment.

"I have too much love and respect for this program to become a distraction as I deal with some personal issues," Hill said. "I'm thankful for the opportunity to have worked with coach Muschamp, a tremendous staff and great group of players. The future is very bright here and the University of Florida will always have a special place in my heart."

In Hill's absence, new offensive coordinator Brent Pease will step in to coach the receivers alongside former Boise State quarterback and graduate assistant Bush Hamdan.

UF has not named a replacement recruiting coordinator, which is where the largest fallout of this news will likely come. Hill was a big name in the recruiting circles in the state of Florida and was very close with several of Florida's top-ranked verbal commitments.

UPDATE: Four-star wide receiver Rodney Adams of St. Petersburg Lakewood, who committed to Florida in February, has reopened his recruitment and has spoken to staffs from West Virginia, FSU and USF this morning, according to Rivals.com.


Hurricanes coach Al Golden's staff used booster's associate in potential recruiting violations - Most recent Yahoo! story that mentions Hill.

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players - Original Yahoo! report on Shapiro.


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Sounds like he's guilty to me! No one resigns when they're innocent. Those poor hurricanes aren't going to have much of a football team as soon as the hammer gets dropped!

Or...he was doing something illegal at uf and they are covering it up by saying he is leaving for personal reasons. Unless he already knows he needs a show cause to keep his job. Better watch out , he may be taking y'all down too. Four weeks before the season starts? No other coaches are quitting thier jobs??? Barrow does not seem to be worried?

Sid you are one of the more coherent Miami fans on these boards/blogs. I know you really don't believe what you just wrote. I am so angry we just lost Aubrey. To resign the day before the team is to step on field tells me the NCAA probably told him we have enough evidence to keep you from ever coaching at the college level again so you will testify and receive a short ban from coaching and be able to return at some point and that is the deal that was struck. Or it is possible that Aubrey said no to the deal and he will now never coach at the college level again. Either way this has nothing to do with UF except we lost a great young coach and recruiter and I am beyond upset.

Sid is far from a coherent UM "fan", he is a delUsional loser as evidenced by his moronic post. These poor cnae clowns are in denial and will soon get hammered. I think you said that Hill lost his moral compass during his stint @ Coral Gables, too bad he had to be exposed to that stench and taint from the habitual cheaters down south.

I've got mixed feelings about this. It hurts to see a guy who played and coached at UF have to walk away like this. On the other hand, there has to be personal accountability when recruiting violations happen. It seems programs get blamed after the fact because a few rogue guys go off the rails. They skate away and go on with their lives while everyone else suffers in their wake. Hopefully Aubrey lands on his feet but good God man, please let this be a teachable moment. That canes program will get some sanctions, but the coaches that actually did these things should be punished in a far worse manner.

UF's up next....he surely cheated in Gainesville.

Posted by: WOW!

Wishful thinking? Your misery would love company?
Not so fast my poor delUsional cane clown, your time is almost up.

I wish the best for Aubrey, always liked him as a player and seemed like a good kid off the field.

What he said as he left speaks volumes about his concern for UF, not wishing to have any of the UM stain affect his erstwhile employer, his alma mater. I hope this crap blows over, for him, and - believe it or not - for UM, so we can all get back to football and not the BS that perpetually corrodes its charm.

Matt, mullafuka, great to see the posts, please keep it coming.

U 6-6

UF 9-4

Hmm, I see that the Gator trolls are filling up the Canes threads rather than coming here.

Now, I suggest you claim your troll, get him off our board, before someone in the Canes board gets tired of his trolling and retaliates.

This goes beyond sports, and is just a suggestion to let common sense rule here.

The choice is yours, you can have this blog restore itself to discussion about the Gators in peace, or you can experience the annoyance that the Canes blog goes through on a daily basis.

I hope you choose wisely.

Tick tock

tick tock

Last 7 Seasons...

dUh U - 48-40 - No Conference 'Ships - No Bowl Wins.

GATORS- 72-21 - 2 Conference and National 'Ships - Multiple January Bowl Wins.

Thank goodness we have the prince of peace policing BOTH blogs now! The world is a better place for it!

BTW, anyone see Abby Wambach school the Canadians the other day!

Let peace reign gator fan

chill out


On a slow news day, I would think crapping on a Gator blog wouldn't be on your short list of things to do. Does anyone even go to the canes blog any more? There is nothing remotely interesting going on in college football let alone Coral Gables or G-ville in early August.

Your hyperbolic sense of doom is laughable, even Lewis-esque! "...watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game..."

'let peace reign' -- you crack me up!

ROLL TIDE!!!!! Can't wait till we destroy you turds LOSERS!!!

Turds got their own problems with Bama, Georgia and FSU beatdown they're gonna take this year.

Your hyperbolic sense of doom is laughable, even Lewis-esque! "...watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game..."

LOL - the guy can sell the apocalypse in doughnuts!

You Gaturds are disgusting. You will be 6-6 with your annual beatdown against the Noles.

So much for recruiting rankings and athletic budget.

And someone tell Muscrap that the disheveled janitor look isn't a good one.


You Cane Morons are disgusting. You will be 6-6 AGAIN, if lucky, with your annual beatdown against the Noles and another one or two no name pansies. You won't make it to a bowl game, AGAIN. Good for you cause if you did you would get your arses kicked AGAIN.

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