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Gators injuries: Patton out for the year; McCray, Jacobs, Nixon, Wilson updates

Wide receiver Solomon Patton is out for the season after suffering a broken upper arm in Saturday's loss to Georgia, coach Will Muschamp confirmed on Monday.

Patton's arm was trapped underneath his body as he was tackled around the neck by Bulldogs safety Shawn Williams on a fourth-and-1 jet sweep in the first half Saturday. Patton was the team's third-leading rusher with 14 carries for 140 yards. He also had one catch for 17 yards. Muschamp said he will return in the spring, seemingly ruling out any chance of playing in a bowl game in about eight weeks.

Defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (hip) could return to practice on Tuesday, Muschamp said. "I think he will, based on the report I got this morning," Muschamp said. Jacobs did not travel to Jacksonville for Saturday's game.

Buck linebacker Lerentee McCray (ankle) is probable for Saturday's game against Missouri but will not practice until Wednesday, Muschamp said.

Offensive linemen Xavier Nixon and James Wilson both twisted a knee in Saturday's loss and should return to practice on Tuesday, Muschamp said.



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Still can't believe we were in it after the 5th turnover. The upside -- the penalties and turnovers are fixable. The downside -- we lost to our most hated rival. I remember in the '80's when this similar broken-record seemed to play year after year.

Let's pick up the pieces and move on fella's!!!! Go Gators!

We were in it until the 6th turnover, that was it. I don't think we will have another game like this the rest of the season, I'm looking for the team to rebound and come out strong. The schedule finally gets easy for the next 3 games. We have plenty of time before the FSU game.

Bulldogs will get upset by Ole Miss and the Gators will be in the SEC championship game.

That's my prediction!!!

Hope you are right but Ole Miss is no big deal and that is a home game for the stinkin dawgs. Either way Go Gators!!

This whole thought of UGA getting into the SECCG over us is unbearable. We have to remember though that this program is ahead of schedule. We have alot to be proud of and we can still accomplish more if we win out. UGA will get destroyed by Alabama in the SECCG. I believe we are a year away from competing with the likes of UA.

FSU is our 'bowl-game' now. They are a good team and will be ranked high when we play them. Though it's no guarantee, I'm pretty confident we can beat them in Tally. Winning in Tallahassee and getting a BCS at-large bid would be a great (an unexpected) way to finish out the year!

I agree with "Gator Mike", with one caveat: Even assuming this last was an anomaly and we DO fully "bounce back", if we don't open up our offense there will be no "partial redemption": We'll be lucky if FSU is our ONLY loss in these last 4 games on our otherwise "easy third" of the schedule.

I understand the frustration DRU, however going to the air comes with considerable risk. How many turnovers against UGA happened in the midst of designed pass plays? The turnover right before half time is a prime example -- scoring there would've been HUGE and probably changed the complexion of the whole game. Ironically, if we played conservative last week and didn't make a go of the passing game we would've punted probably half-a-dozen more times, had a few more negative yard drives, and had half the turnovers while walking away with a win. We are what we are right now and I think we can win with a plain vanilla philosophy, even if it has a few warts :) It is not sexy football, but I believe it is good enough to win.

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