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Lack of passing game matters, but not huge concern for UF OC Pease

The Gators currently rank No. 2 in the BCS standings, and last in the Southeastern Conference in passing.

Florida's passing offense ranks 118th nationally with an average of 145 yards per game. Georgia Tech with its triple-option attack currently has more passing yards. Offensive coordinator Brent Pease said while he cares about being ranked last in the conference in passing a year after leading Boise State to the 11th-ranked passing offense, the emphasis is really on winning -- no matter what the stats say.

"I care because you don’t want to be last and we talk about balance. But you’ve got to understand something. There’s always give and take and we’ve got a game plan every game. And there’s a situation where, especially in my spot, I’m going to probably have to rely on that more," he said.

Against Vanderbilt, Pease said certain plays continued to work throughout the game and there is no reason to change what you're doing until the opponent proves it can stop it.

"They didn’t find some answers to a few plays," he said. "So whether that kid (Jeff Driskel) ends up throwing for 300 or rushing for a record like he does, I don’t really care how it gets done as long as we’re productive with what we do and score points."

Florida is running the ball on nearly 70 percent of its offensive snaps this season, and while Pease said that balance is certainly ideal, he also said he plans to stick with what's working until it's not.

"When we go in and you hit 10 plays for explosive plays, the bottom line is run them again," he said. "Run them again, OK. Let's not get greedy here as a coach and say, 'I don't like that, I'm throwing the ball because that's what we all love to do.' If Jeff Driskel can carry the ball 70 yards and outrun everybody, he's getting the ball. If Mike Gillislee can get the ball and outrun everybody, he's getting the ball. And if our O-line blocks like they block, we're giving them the ball. I'm not going to be stubborn as far as playing off numbers every week. I'm going to do what's best for this team and what they create for us to be productive and score points and win football games.”


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I agree to do what works to keep winning. In our case it's running the ball. It has worked so far, great. But you do need balance, right now we don't have it. I didn't realize we ranked 118th nationally in passing, that is terrible. So if it comes a time where we need to throw the ball to win, can we do it? Driskel was pretty bad @ Vandy, his throws were way off most of the time. I hope the passing game will be there when we need it like Pease says.

You gaytors aren't going to do anything with that soft seceazy schedule. seceazy is overrated.

Canes 5 NCs
Gaytors 3

Too bad gaytor fans.

I'd still kick his butt!

Check out Cutlerridge Laz's post. That dude sounds like a typical Cane fan. You can tell he never went to UM, or any college for that matter, and you can also tell he knows nothing of college football. Nevertheless, he is aware that the Canes have two more championships than the Gators, and the first syllable in Gators is pronounced "gay." Expressing himself this way fills Mr. Laz with a certain satisfaction. He can now wear the Cane ball cap he bought at Walmart with pride, and feel a sense of superiority over Gator Nation.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Laz. As we get closer to the SEC championship, we'll make sure to temper our exhilaration and pride with your double dosage of reality.

Too bad our schedule is "soft seceazy". Laz is some type of street bard, apparently.

This Cutlerridge Laz is just an imposter trying to stir things up. Everyone knows the canes cannot trash talk a superior team playing in a superior conference, they have enough worries trying to keep their opponents under 400 yards per game.
We need to come out strong and stick it to the gamecocks early and often, no slow starts please. And Pease bring in some semblance of a passing attack just to keep them off balance. Go Gators!!

A fast start for the Gators would be great, but the more likely scenario is that we hold them down the whole first half. If our DB's can hang in there and foil big plays I believe SS will get frustrated and start taking big chances that could lead to turnovers. If he hits big a few times early he's going to milk Marcus Lattimore and make us play up-hill.

Did I read the headlines correctly -- does Connor Shaw have an injured shoulder? Didn't look like it last week.

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