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McCray on LSU: 'If we come ready to play, they're not going to do nothing'

Double negatives aside, Florida defensive end/outside linebacker Lerentee McCray seems to have quite a positive attitude heading into Saturday's top-10 matchup with LSU.

Asked what aspect of the Tigers' offense is scary and needs to be locked down in order for the Gators to win, McCray said: "Nothing."

"The biggest thing that scares me on their offense is our defense," he said. "If we come ready to play, they're not going to do nothing."

Last season, Florida went into Death Valley and got whipped 41-11. It was a game in which LSU dominated every facet, pounding the Gators into submission in the second half with 24 minutes time of possession. McCray said "everything" went wrong in that game, but it wasn't due to a lack of confidence. 

"We was confident going into last year October. Things just didn't work out how we wanted it to," he said. "We just didn't really play well (against LSU).They scored 41 points, so I guess everything, everything just went wrong. They put up 41 points on the scoreboard."

But, according to McCray, things will be different this time around.

"That ain't going to happen this year," he said.


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You tell them Lerentee, and it's a good thing you are playing so good and will likely get drafted. Now go and destroy them Tigers, get some payback. Do not fall asleep on the punter, if he tries another fake go cream him.

My man Lerentee you are some kind of prophet. You came ready to play and they didn't do nothing. Go Gators!!

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