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Pease pleased with local WR Dunbar after one-on-one talk

South Carolina Florid_Inde(1)
Florida's Quinton Dunbar (1) breaks away from South Carolina cornerback Jimmy Legree (15) on a 13-yard touchdown pass play during the first half Saturday, Oct. 20. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

WIth Florida's passing offense struggling to produce at least 100 yards in the team's last three games it's become difficult to find a bright spot, however offensive coordinator Brent Pease said he's seen an uptick in wide receiver Quinton Dunbar's play.

Pease said he had a recent conversation with Dunbar to ask him how things are going and provide some motivation for consistent play.

"I said, ‘Hey, you’ve got to continue to work hard and the ball comes your way if you’re doing the right things,'" Pease said.

Dunbar, a redshirt sophomore from Miami's Booker T. Washington High, responded with two catches for 29 yards and a touchdown in the second quarter of Florida's 44-11 win over South Carolina on Saturday. On the scoring play, a third-and-6 situation from the South Carolina 13, quarterback Jeff Driskel hit Dunbar on a curl route on the left hashmark and Dunbar made two defenders miss and scampered into the end zone untouched.

"In some situations, we’ve run the same play before, but coverages don’t allow the ball to go where he was at," Pease said. "That coverage in particular allowed the ball to go where he was at and he made a great play with it. So when your opportunity comes, you need to be in the right place and running the right route and making the plays and he did."

While Dunbar still has a ways to go to develop into a go-to receiver for the Gators, he has made strides in his second season as a regular contributor on offense. He leads all Florida receivers with 15 catches for 174 yards and two touchdowns. Fellow South Florida product Frankie Hammond of Hollywood Hallandale leads the unit in total yards (220) and touchdowns (3).

But in this offense, which is predicated heavily on running the football, more goes into being a productive receiver than filling the stat sheet, Pease said.

"[Dunbar] had a great game," he said. "I mean a lot of those guys, Frankie –- I look at the couple of plays he had on third down, a touchdown catch and the run by Omarius, Frankie had a great block that nobody noticed. It’s key that he gets the block and that’s why Omarius scores. A lot of guys think if you really look down the process in the end, they’re all kind of becoming the go-to or effective players and they’re all producing. And that’s my whole thing.”




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UF #2 i'm still not a believer. Passing game sucks but defense is awesome.

That scoring play by Dunbar was really nice to see. I'm all for doing what's working since we are winning, but it's always nice to get the big plays down field. The one that got called back with Hines was a beauty, hopefully we will have more of those. Go Gators!!

The low-risk/no-pass football was the same brand of football that brought the crystal ball to Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge a few years back.

It ain't pretty, but it works.

Dunbar has all the tools in the college game but I highly doubt in the NFL. Nevertheless, I hope I am wrong.

Posted by: Quis

Listen I have been a vocal critic of the passing game for months now, but to simply says it "sucks" is just plain stupid. The passing game needs lots of improvement, it definitively doesn't "suck", it is just not a priority. The evidence that it can be much more is there. From Pease who is a master and has the track record to prove it at Boise, to the few glimpses Driskel has shown, to the studs like Reed and Hines, to the improvement shown by Dunbar, to the fact that this is only the first season with Pease and Driskel. Too many positives to plainly say it "sucks".
As far as being a believer, well we got the defense, we got the special teams, we got the running game and O line and I think the passing game will be there when we need it. That is because we also got a great coaching staff.

Posted by: Mike Carlson

Mike give Dunbar a break he is just a sophomore, we don't know how much better he can be. He is doing just fine on a team that de emphasizes the passing game on purpose. Let's see what he can do next year and beyond before we pass judgement.
Having said that, I don't care about the NFL, I care about the Gators. Look at the canes, they have put multiple players in the NFL and they still suck. If you are one of the few cane fans you should be very disappointed that all those NFL players did little if anything while playing college football. For 10 years the canes have been mediocre at best while their former players get drafted, pathetic.

I think the passing game can improve as Driskel gains more experience

he has a strong arm and has looked very accurate on his deep throws

we definitely need an upgrade in WR talent though, hopefully the 4 incoming freshman will contribute

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