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Former Gators DL Mann arrested two days before transferring from Florida

Two days before coach Will Muschamp announced Jafar Mann would transfer from Florida, the freshman defensive tackle was issued a written arrest/notice to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge for possession of fewer than 20 grams of marijuana, according to Gainesville Police and Alachua County Court records.

According to the notice, Gainesville Police officer Jordan Craven in the early morning hours of Saturday Nov. 3 reported smelling “a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the inside” of a dorm room at Springs Complex later identified as Mann’s. In the report, Craven wrote that he received consent from Mann to search the dorm and noticed marijuana in “plain view” under Mann’s bed and that Mann admitted the marijuana belonged to him.

Florida played Missouri at noon on Nov. 3, but Mann did not see the field for the ninth straight game. On Nov. 5, in the opening statement of his weekly Monday morning press conference, Muschamp announced Mann was done at Florida.

“As far as some other roster management, Jafar Mann and I met last night (Nov. 4), and he decided to transfer,” Muschamp said. “He and I agreed that it’s time for him to move on.”

A team spokesman declined comment on the arrest.

Ranked a three-star prospect by Rivals.com, Mann (6-4, 305) came to Gainesville as a defensive tackle, but coaches moved him to offensive line midway through the season.

Mann agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement on Nov. 29 that states the charge will be dismissed if he pays a total of $250 in fines/donations and is not arrested again within the next six months.

Mann became the 11th player to be in trouble with the law and 14th total arrest or incident since Muschamp took over for Urban Meyer. Six of the 11 players are still with the team, four decided to transfer and one was officially dismissed.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins (marijuana) was dismissed after a second arrest in Muschamp's first few months on the job, and defensive end Chris Martin (marijuana), tight end Dee Finley (driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest), tight end A.C. Leonard (simple battery) and Mann all transferred.

Safety Matt Elam (underage possession of alcohol twice), safety De’Ante Saunders (marijuana), cornerback Marcus Roberson (underage possession of alcohol), defensive lineman Leon Orr (marijuana, suspended license), defensive lineman Kedric Johnson (marijuana) and offensive lineman Trip Thurman (alcohol, possession of fake ID) remain on Florida’s roster.

Elam, Saunders, Roberson and Orr played prominent roles for the Gators this season. Johnson has been out all season with an injury. Thurman, a redshirt freshman, appeared in three games. 


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Either change to be a good citizen or move on somewhere that might tolerate your activities.

Muschamp has proven he will not tolerate this type of behavior just by getting rid of Jenkins who at the time of his dismissal was one of the best players on the team and a position of need.
But each case has to be dealt on an individual basis, from what I've read about the Thurman case, it seems pretty bogus to me that he should be lumped with these other offenses.

I knew there had to be an underlying reason other than 'unreconcilable differences'.

Too bad for this kid, he's got a lot of talent and I'm sure he will excel where ever he lands.

I'm also glad to see Muschamp is holding these kids to a standard. I hope he keeps it up. It is naive to think that a kid is going to stay away from weed and alcohol his entire collegiate life. However, coaches need to drive home the message about using discretion when it comes to who you hang out with and what you do in public.

I'm sure like most coaches, there is a certain "3 strike" policy, unless it is violent or a felony. A lot of those good players are on strike 2. But yes, CWM is tightening things up.

if you add all the arrests, there are 15. That's a lot.So he's still got some culture-changing to do.

Just wondering....what award do the Gators get for yet another arrest. I suggest they be awarded "The Revolving Door Award, for the most entries to the Alachua County Detention Center. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Alachua County Detention Center is building an indoor practice facility for the Gators? Just wondering.... lol

Here's the award. Going to have one of the best recruiting classes in the country. Trenton Brown 4 star OL, a JC transfer stated last night he wanted to be a Gator. All those that want to violate the law or break University regulations will not be around for long. Get with the Program or be gone. Welcome Tenton. The OLine is going to be freakin awesome.

Matt Rolin 4 star LB is a Gator, what a great Sunday. Anyone that can't follow the law, university or team regulations willl be gone. we will have one of the top classes in the country. Either get on board or be gone. GO GATORS. Coach Muschamp don't play no fools.

The Rich continue to get Richer...GATORS #1 2013 Recruiting Class...

While U ...

ZERO of the Top remaining Uncommited Recruits look at U...NADA

**** DB's Burns and Carter to decommit just like DT Bryant...

Ranked #82, #78, #53 and #45 in Recruiting behind the likes of Duke, Indiana, S.Fla. and other scrubs...

Unranked and 2-Stars projects are all that's left for U. But they'll all be Ed Reeds riiieet ?

9 Commits/soon to be 7... 4 TE's-1 Scrub RB token ex-players Son- 1 OL...

NO D-TACKLES-D-Ends-Linebackers to add to that efense...

NCAA Hammer Looms, but it'll get better and U'll be back soon riiieet ?

Just wondering....what kind of moron has "cane" as part of his name and comes to the winner's site to post petty jealousy and stupidity?
He is a repeat offender, shows how little, if any, brains he has. Here is a response to a different post by this same moron from a fellow Gator, Drew Quail. Hope you don't mind Drew that I copy and pasted your post here, I just thought it was a great come back for his cane moron:
""Anonymous Canes" is all you got out there, really--sounds like a support group for addicts-with-a-problem--NOT far from the truth, but ALSO an attitude and stance of criminality and shame--even MORE accurate!
Only an arrogant THUG would be out here putting us down, trolling OUR sites in some twisted-effort to somehow make HIMSELF feel better at the expense of the program he hates while it leaves you and yours in its dust...We'll bury you next season (and the other side of the home-an-home I believe the UF Regents agreed-to-while-holding-their-noses, in response to great regional political pressure, back before all your rank notoriety hit) and then be done with your crumbling irrelevance for years to come.
As for your comments about Coach Boom and Texas, those are LAUGHABLE: You clearly know NOTHING of his background here (He's literally FROM Gainesville, MORON--and his coaching-heritage was in the SEC BEFORE UT--this IS his "Dream Job!)...but thanks for giving us one more laugh as we get to watch the "slow-but-obvious" gears turning inside what passes for a brain inside that "mush-melon-with-the-jack-o-lantern-face" that passes for your head, and what otherwise passes for "Wishful Thinking".
Sorry, but we will have "Will" for a long time, and YOU and your penitentiary shower-buddies will have to continue suffering the reality of the multiple National Championships that we'll be competing for each January for years-to-come."
Good job Drew. It's always great to be a Florida Gator!

Good update on the recruiting front guys. There is no need to compare our exploits to the paltry lack of talent going to the school down south. There is no comparison as we all know.

Demarcus Robinson 5th best wide receiver in the country is a GATOR. Great job Coach.

Marijuana is an epidemic with young African Americans. I have read this same headline no less than 20 times dating back to Urban Meyers 1st season. It's all over all the schools. All these guys smoke the ganja!

and the gator fans who troll on cane forums with their thugU scUM crap can just **** off

How racist of a statement John. "Marijuana is an epidemic with young African Americans. I have read this same headline no less than 20 times dating back to Urban Meyers 1st season. It's all over all the schools. All these guys smoke the ganja!" If this is true of African Americans what do young caucasians use? I would say pop pills.....

Better yet. How about the characteristics of young caucasians are young white males who are aloof from society, wear black, seem clinically depressed but always overlooked because it's just not possible for a white man to be mentally ill, and then eventually they walk into movie theatres and schools and kill innocent people. How about that. Racist prick!

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