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Dwyer alum Jacoby Brissett to transfer from Florida

Sophomore quarterback Jacoby Brissett walks off the field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for the last time following Florida's win against Jacksonville State on Nov. 17. (Photo by Brett LeBlanc, brettleblanc.com)

Florida on Sunday confirmed multiple reports stating sophomore quarterback Jacoby Brissett will transfer from the program.

Brissett battled for the starting job in spring and fall camps with fellow sophomore Jeff Driskel, but Driskel won the job following the season opener against Bowling Green. In December, coach Will Muschamp confirmed that Driskel had done enough during the season to earn the job going forward, saying there was no foreseeable situation in which Driskel was not the starter in 2013.

Cue Brissett's transfer.

Additionally, Florida announced in the same release that reserve running back/linebacker Chris Johnson will also transfer. Johnson will leave Gainesville with the dubious memory of being ejected from his last game, as he was flagged for unsportsmanlike and subsequently kicked out of the Gators loss in the Sugar Bowl for throwing a punch at a Louisville player following a failed onside kick attempt to start the third quarter.

“Both Jacoby and Chris expressed an interest in transferring and getting a fresh start,” Muschamp said in the release. “We are very thankful for their contributions to the University of Florida and wish them the best of luck.”

According to reports, Brissett, a Dwyer High alum, will look to transfer to West Virginia, Louisville, Arkansas or NC State. Brissett was heavily recruited by Miami out of high school, and his mother was upset that he chose to go to Florida, but as of now it does not appear that the Hurricanes are in his future plans.

The Gators will now likely look to sign another quarterback in this recruiting class, which will be finalized in early February. Behind Driskel, the options are rather slim with redshirt sophomore Tyler Murphy, freshman Skyler Mornhinweg and incoming three-star recruit Max Staver. 


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How many more transfers and guys leaving early for the NFL can a program take? Some of these guys are moving on and some can see the great ship heading towards the iceberg.

When top players notice the coaches are the weakness of the team, it is hard to keep winning. I am sorry for Jacoby and hope it works out for him.

@richmond -- only a deep program can survive such roster changes. Wish we were this deep. How come Jacoby isn't considering us?

@canetastic: UM already has 2 freshman QB's and the incoming Olsen. There's no point in being a 4th QB. I doubt after his performance or lack thereof at UF the UM coaches are burning up his cell phone.

he had his chance as jedd was hot on his tail, he is a big kid but never would have made the grade with the nonsense offense that muschamp is trying, look at driskels stats they are some of the worst in the country he sucks. in all fairness to the gators guys are leaving at record numbers all over the country whether by jail. transfer or suspensions.

his mother warned him lololol. Jacksonville State here he comes.

Jacoby is a classy kid and never sulked on the sideline backing up Driskel. The reality is our O-line was a WIP and will continue to be AND we have no threats at WR (ala Miami Dolphins). He's a pure pocket passer and would do better in a system like Dana Holgerson's at WVU. Whether it is because of the reasons above or simply the style of offense Pease put in place, Jacoby is not a threat to take off down the sidelines like Jeff - and that's what we are going to need for at least another year.

Wish him the best. If any one is going to play on Sundays it will be him for sure.

@cane tastic -- "only a deep program can survive such roster changes. Wish we were this deep. How come Jacoby isn't considering us?"

For a cane you show rationality and common sense. The Gators are a deep program and will have no problem with these transfers. The coaches chose to roll with Driskel, there is no benefit to Jacoby to stay put, he did the right thing for his future.

@richmond, you on the other hand are the typical cane "fan" Moron. We will continue to win even with talented juniors leaving early. As opposed to your sorry program last year that lost talented and not so talented juniors to the NFL and had one the worst defenses ever. Our defense will not take any such hit because we are very deep and talented unlike you. There is no "iceberg" in our future it is in yours and called the NCAA. Keep up the petty jealousy.

@ChampCane , now that's an oxymoronic name, the canes haven't been champs in anything for over a decade now.
UF has the best coaches in the State by far and some of the best in the nation. Muschamp was a finalist for coach of the year. He is a proven winner on the field and a top recruiter. His staff is solid. Even the new WR coach has more experience than Golden, and is a better recruiter. Many top players are staying as juniors and many more are coming in as freshmen. 3 talented juniors leaving early and two backups transfering is no big deal for a good, deep program like the Gators.

@ andrew, Driskels stats are bad and the offense is sometimes offensive, but it is unfair to say Driskel sucks. With better line play and better receivers and more experience he will get better. We just stole one of the best WR from Clemson and the O line is loaded for next season, so we will soon find out.


@jls14234: Calm down Dorothy. Geez Louise. If Driskill goes down next year UF is NOT deep at QB. UF has a lot of kids leaving early and others transferring. By the way, nice showing at the Sugar Bowl, the worst attended Sugar Bowl since 1939. Since a Gator does not know the significance of that year, 1939 is when WWII formally started. By the way, I guess it's a good think Johnson is transferring. At least that way he won't punch another player in the face on national tv. Then again, there are plenty of UF players to fill those shoes.

typo: 'good thing'

jls attacking Canes fans, what a shock. Gator Mike showed alot more class than you did.

No wonder your bandwagon fans have all run from this blog, your team is in disarray and only the complete degradation of the SEC hid that fact from you this year.

How can you claim your team is deep in one breath and in the next you claim Driscoll cannot be blamed for poor play because he had no line, backs, and receivers? Sounds like LACK of depth.... You attack the Canes defense in one sentence, and defend the Gator offense in the next, hilarious example of double standard right there, hater.

Tell us again how deep your team is when you lost Brantley, and had to go with Driscoll or Brissett, and neither one could win a gaime without the refs and defense to bail them out. Oops, don't say bail them out to a Gator, Muschump will have Huntley on Line One immediately.

As for worst attendance in the Sugar Bowl, that's what happens with abandoned bandwagons.

"In its history at the Superdome, the Sugar Bowl has only had sub-70,000 crowds five times. Three of those games (2013, ’10 and ’01) involved the Gators."


@LMAO At The Canes, imagine the gall, a cane "fan" harping on another team about attendance. Until you Morons average more than 30k routinely you can't talk attendance. Empty orange seat at the rent a stadium is your normal attendance. Your picture is next to bandwagon in the dictionary. Next to front runner and fair weather too. Stop projecting.
The Gators are deep at most positions, Tyler Murphy is the backup QB, he has been in the system for a while, he will do as a backup.
I never said we have no backs, we have plenty.
I did say the O line played poorly at times, Nixon was the main culprit, he is gone and we have 4 or 5 guys waiting to start we are solid at O line.
I did say the WR are weak, we have a few top WR recruits lined up and Dunbar will have more experience, we should be OK.
I do not attack the canes, I tell the truth. The cane D was one of the worst in the history of the NCAA and had little depth. No attack, just truth.
You are the attacking Morons you have no business trash talking when your team hasn't done squat in a decade. The epitome of stupidity.

@ RichmondVaCane

Again, a cane talking attendance is just too funny. When you sell out a game aside form the FSU or UF game let me know. Only reason those will sell out is because of the FSU and UF fans that live here. Pathetic.
Kids leave early when they are good and have been properly coached and developed. Unless you are a cane and they just want to get out of the stinking joint like all your juniors did last year. No one leaving this year because there are no good junior cane players, that simple.
How was the attendance at your bowl game Moron?

@jls14234: Man, we've really hit a nerve with you. Don't get your panties in a bunch Susan. UM's attendance is a disaster because the program is in complete shambles. We at UM know and admit this and look forward to the program being rebuilt in time. What's your excuse? UF sells 7,000 out of its 17K allotment? UF is a huge state school with nearly 33K undergrads and a huge alumni base, yet it's the worst attended Sugar Bowl since 1939? Geez, even at the crummy Sun Bowl in '10 UM sold out their 8K allotment of tickets in a few days. I'm guessing there's a few more things to do in New Orleans than El Paso, yet "Gator Nation" couldn't bother to find New Orleans on a map. Way to show up. Then again, luckily not too many Gator fans had to watch that debacle of a game in person.

Let's put the Sugar Bowl attendance in perspective vs the Sun Bowl in '10. UM played a game prior to 12/31 where mostly all who attended where either on winter break from classes or snapping up whatever vacation they had or about to lose prior to year end.

Now, let's look at the Sugar Bowl which was played on 1/2. Spring semester is about to start so most students are traveling back to school, mostly all alums that would travel are back to work and it's on a Wednesday. Being off Monday & Tuesday is fine being a Holiday but traveling to NO means that you are also taking off the entire week as it is shot due to travel.

Not an excuse but the truth. Both sides Louisville and Florida traveled poorly for that game.

Throw in the fact that UF was not all that interested in playing Louisville in the first place, then there is no surprise to the apathy displayed. Again, not an excuse but the truth not to mention very embarrassing that they showed such attitude during the game. Doesn't mean the fans are fair weather or bandwagon because they sell out their home games almost 85% of the time during the season. Apathy again being displayed again when playing Jax State and ULL.

With that being said, going 11-1 in the regualr season with the hardest schedul is a feat in itself considering no one expected more than 8-9 wins.

@ errng 'n blue, well said and true.

But the bigger perspective is that only a Moron who roots for a team that week in and week out has 30 to 40% attendance at best will trash talk the Gators who have no attendance issues by comparison.
Only a Moron whose team struggled to finish 7 - 6 comes here to trash talk an 11 - 2 Gator team.
Only in Miami, only a Miami Moron.

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