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Florida freshman and Boynton Beach High alum Jessamen Dunker arrested, charged with grand theft

Florida freshman offensive lineman and Boyton Beach High alum Jessamen Dunker was arrested Wednesday morning in Gainesville for driving a scooter that was reported as stolen.

Dunker is being charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony, and knowingly driving with a suspended license, a second-degree misdemeanor, according to University Police.

Dunker was pulled over around 9:30 a.m. near the south end zone of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for following too closely and driving a moped without a license plate. After stopping Dunker, police discovered the moped had earlier been reported as stolen. Dunker, who admitted he knew that his license was suspended, said he did not know the moped was stolen, according to UPD.

The arrest was first reported by Thomas Goldkamp of 247sports.com. An official arrest report will not be available until Thursday, police said. Dunker is being held at Alachua County Jail and bond has not yet been set.

A university spokesman confirmed coach Will Muschamp is aware of the arrest, but said Muschamp is on the road recruiting was not immediately available for comment.

Dunker becomes the 12th player arrested or cited and the 15th total incident since Muschamp took over the Florida program in December 2010. A four-star recruit and the fifth-ranked guard in the country out of Boynton Beach High, according to Rivals.com, Dunker, 6-6, 315, redshirted in 2012 but was expected to compete for a starting spot in 2013.


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Dunker: I didn't know the scooter was stolen.
Cop: Where'd you get if from then?
Dunker: A friend of mine.
Cop: Who?
Dunker: I think his name is Red. That's what we call him. I don't know his real name. He's a good friend though, you know, my stick-man.
Cop: Where is he? Were you going to drive the scooter back to him?
Dunker: I don't know where he stays at. He just told me to park it at the bike rack and he'd get it later.

Really Matt?? So you've basically resorted to ONLY reporting about negative content? We basically get 1 article every month or 3 either telling us about someone getting in trouble or someone leaving the program? Forget about reporting on the amazing job Muschamp is doing recruiting, or anything else positive for that matter. What fan would want to read about that, right?? You're by far the worst team reporter I've ever seen! PLEASE Miami Herald, bring Joe Goodman back! Get someone who actually cares about the team they are reporting on or actually cares about what they are doing a la Manny Navarro. This is a joke!!

In two months, this will all come out as a hoax and that the scooter never existed. It was the most beautiful scooter Jessamen had ever seen.

Gator Alum - my sentiments exactly. You beat me to the punch. Matt is a complete d-bag. Wasn't he just a year or so ago harping about keeping this blog clean without the negativity and back and forth with other school in this town? Then he goes and reports all the negative things that he can find. What a hypocrite and a sad excuse for a journalist. Matt you are an effing tool. ESPN projecting us a #1 recruiting class and this clown doesn't even make a peep about it. If you want real scoop don't waste your time on this dishrag of a paper and visit Adam's site.

First Rainey. Then Dunker. Now Doug Johnson. What is it with maggots?

You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the trash.

Typicl disgusting Gatr trash. You a great job as the (alleged) flagship universiy of this state. Just dismantle that craphole and start again. Its clear "y'all ain't edumucatin' dem dar students none."

you crying clueless Gatrtrash. You want good news? Ok, your recruting class, as of right now, is ranked #1. Yippee. Let's wait till all of the transers and decommits happen before really ranking the class.

Now, how 'bout Dunker, Rainey, Johnson, the pisspoor beatdown in the Sugar Bowl, the "we sell out every game excep, ummm, homecoming vs.MSU and the Sugar Bowl, etc."

You are embarassing yourselves, Gatr Trash. Start with the janitor you call head coach.

Hey Matt I must agree with Gatoralum on this one you are very quick to report this story before all the facts are out and don't report on anything positive.
All you jealous cane Morons, who cares what you say. We have the better coach, the better school and the better athletic program and the better fan base too. A few arrests here and there do not change that. Stupid 18 and 19 year old student athletes are present at every University in this great country, including your sorry UM. Don't forget about Finnie, Paul and Buchannon you hypocrites.

A few arrests???...ak47, thretening to kill girls,grand theft auto,players choking coaches, passed out at redlights,stealing taco's? It never ends... UFans are UFimpaired.

U have 3examples,finnie , paul and buchanon, we have 48...would u like a list?

This is what Matt does, he posts these negative articles to get all these idiot cane fanes riled up and excited, because with multiple 7 win seasons, and almost a decade now of irrelevance, what else do they have to get excited about?? You guys can talk all you want about how many arrests the Gators have had recently, but one thing is for certain, we aren't removing ourselves from bowl games, and don't have the NCAA breathing down our throats. It's pretty hilarious when you guys act all high and mighty! I can't wait to play the canes this year!! I can already hear the excuses now. We're young, it's the refs fault, next year is our year blah blah blah. Same ole story year after year after year after year.................Maybe some day you guys will be relevant again, but I doubt it!

Posted by a Gator, "A few arrests here and there do not change that."

Glad I was sitting down when I read that...

Don't forget the bloody credit-card thief. Just silly child's play. Nothing to see here.

Muscrap is making a push to overtake Urban Liar's record of arrests. He is on track to beat him late next year.

C'mon, Coach Janitor, you can do it. Just erupt and spit a little more on national TV. I would say he embarrasses the UFailure but, really, you cannot get lower class than UFailure Trailer Trash.

Get used to the trolling Gator fans. When the canes lose their program these knuckleheads will have no better place to be than here stirrin' it up.

Bunch of hypocrite and spiteful cane wannabes. The most nefarious and dishonest program in the Universe trying to deflect from their wrongdoings.
You cannot compare the UFPD to the Miami police, the UFPD is salivating at the chance to arrest any athlete for even spitting on the side walk while the Miami police provides escorts to Shapiro and his cane felons while going out clubbing and hoeing.
Soon you will get what you deserve.

yeah, spending time on a yacht, going clubbing, eating free dinners are SOOOO illegal. Taking money for big hits = felony.
Get real. I'll take that over threatening women, beating them, stealing any day. Good luck trying to justify their wrongdoings. It's probably why they do illegal sh*t; because UF coaches and fans enable them and then give them excuses "well, at least they're not as bad as UM" as you place a $100 bill in there back pocket. Who is the hypocrite?

Like rats off a stinking and sinkning trailer. Decommits, transfers, coaches leaving, arrests, yer Corch embarrassing every thinking person in the state on national TV. Yep, the futuer sure is bright in Trailerville.

Ever smelled Trailerville? That place is a toxic waste dump littered with evangelical churches on every corner.

@HeHateMe -- Deflecting? Hypocrite?

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Is that last poster telling us Godzilla escaped Monster Island and he's headed straight for Tokyo?

@NCAA enforcement: Comparing what's illegal to what the NCAA defines as amatuerism... I guess it's ok to actually break the law than it is to take a gift. It's not deflecting. I can't believe what the NCAA considers institutional control: Felons or Amatuers.

What the hell is HeHateMe talking about?

I just got the Blue Oyster Cult reference above!

"Like rats off a stinking and sinkning trailer. Decommits, transfers, coaches leaving, arrests,"

U looking in the mirror while posting cane fool?

De commits. U got them dUmmy. U also got NO commits as in U got 3 everyone else got 20. Moron.

Transfers. U got them too.

Coaches leaving. Are U such an idiot? Your coaches leave cause they either get fired or move laterally to a better place. Like your WR coach just did. Like Haith did. Even your stinking ADs move laterally to get out of the dUmp. 2 ADs left in 3 years. What a dUmp U got in the Gables.

Arrests. U got your share too.

U also got SANCTIONS dUmmy.

Stay at your loser site chUmp, U got no business here.

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