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Former Gators and current Steelers RB Chris Rainey arrested on battery charge

Gainesville Police

Former Gators and current Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey was arrested Thursday morning in Gainesville for slapping his girlfriend in the face during an altercation over a cell phone, Gainesville Police confirmed to the Miami Herald.

Rainey was charged with one count of simple battery (dating violence), a first-degree misdemeanor, and he is currently being held at Alachua County Jail.

According to Gainesville Police spokesman Ben Tobias, police responded at 8:26 a.m. Thursday to a 911 call from witnesses that said Rainey and a female later identified as his girlfriend of nine months got into an argument because she took his cellphone and got into Rainey's roommate's car in an attempt to get away from Rainey. According to the written report from GPD, witnesses said Rainey went to the passenger side of the car and pulled his girlfriend out of the car, slapping her across the face and causing both to fall to the ground. Rainey chased after her, again trying to obtain his cell phone that was in the female's purse, grabbing it and causing both to fall to the ground again.

Neither Rainey nor his apparent girlfriend suffered visible injuries, according to the report.

Thursday's incident wasn't Rainey's first domestic run-in, however, as he was charged in 2010 with felony aggravated stalking after sending a girlfriend a text message that read "Time to die."

In an interview with Steelers.com following the team's selection of Rainey in April's draft, Rainey said he had learned from the incident.

"I became a better man, I matured," Rainey told the team website. "I learned a lesson not to do that ever again. It’s something I know that I won’t ever do again. I didn’t even know that you could get in trouble over a text. Plus, I wouldn’t harm a fly."

UPDATE: The Steelers have released Rainey in light of Thursday's arrest. “Chris Rainey’s actions this morning were extremely disappointing,” Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement. “Under the circumstances and due to this conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”


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There is always a UF troll trying to mock the Canes by calling us scUM... I wonder if SHE is in Gainesville bailing out her little buddy...

@ CanePride Well by posting on this blog it shows you are scUM.

Rainey should know this behavior is not tolerated in Gainesville. The GPD and the UFPD are more than happy to arrest any athlete for even a minor infraction, let alone battery.
Compare that with Miami Beach police escorting Shapiro and his cane misfits and hoes around town. Big difference.

Time to... Get cut. Way to further hinder your NFL chances, Rainey. Get some counseling already and stop abusing women, jerk.

...and Roethilsberger is still on the team. Go figure...

Giving up that NFL money over some stupid ho. This guy's a true moron. I could understand making a mistake once when he was in college, but now... with so much money on the line??? Wow.

your a really great player , please just get some help w/this ,you will be a happier person, get rid of your angry thru boxing and therpy
denise lavery
huge steelers
god be with you
peace :-)

Does Chris Rainey gotta slap a ho??? Better yet does the Pittsburg steelers gotta slap a Rainey!!! I guess so!!!

Typical Gatr trash. At least, like most Gatr trash players, comfortable in the familiar setting of Alachua lockup.

Players transferring, getting arrested, Coach Plumber spitting on the sideline.

What a face of an institution.

Face of an Isntitution? Really you dummy? Your crap dump of a program has done much worse lately. Shapiro rign a bell?



Hey Matt sure would be nice if you posted the girlfriend's denial of the incident to the the judge as quickly as you posted the arrest story. How many days before we see that?

Several hours now Matt, no follow up story. Also no story on the wonderful recruiting week. 2-4 star recruits. No story on that. Come on Matt.

@Roll Tide -- funny. Just a matter of time before those sanctions come down on the canes. Then you'll be here trolling night and day since there will be no football in coral gables to comment about. LMAO. I can see it now -- Go Vols! Go Cocks! Go Kensucky! et. al. I guess when you don't have any football of your own to speak of, being a hater is all you got!

Gators are very funny....will the alltime arrest record (34 in two years) you dont have a leg to stand on talking about some ponzi scheme liar.....we always end up paying our dues.....the gates never pay up....with all the alumni in important places you never have to pay the piper.
You still cant keep up with a school that is 10 times smaller than you, has a fraction of the money. Miami is a better school period...just check the stats....grad rates etc.... get back in your pickup and go pick up your monthly check already.
John/ go canes

Can't keep up with the Canes??? Now that's hilarious! What is there to keep up with? back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back.........7-6 seasons? Going on 10 years of cellar-dwelling now? No thanks, we'll stick to 11 win seasons and soon to be another top 3 recruiting class, and don't worry, 2 more titles won't be too far off. It's so funny how you guys just live and die by those 2 extra titles you won 10+ years ago, even though you've done squat since! Keep living in the past, something Cane fans have perfected.

@ john Dicker you keep paying your dues cause you keep cheating and lying. Haven't learned from your past transgressions. First it was Uncle Luke now Lil Luke Shapiro same crap.
UM is not a better school, not academically and definitively not athletically.
Keep living in the past, keep losing.

Another gator arrest, what a surprise. Same S**t different trailer in gaynesville.

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