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Quick hits: Dunker released from jail; DC Quinn rumored to be target of NFL, Seahawks; Brissett to NC State

Florida freshman offensive lineman Jessamen Dunker was released from jail Thursday on his own recognizance.

Dunker is facing charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle, a third-degree felony, and driving with a suspended license, a second-degree misdemeanor. But Huntley S. Johnson, a local attorney who represents most Gators athletes who get in trouble with the law and is working on Dunker's behalf, said Dunker paid $600 for the scooter and had no idea it was stolen, according to reports.

"His position is that he bought the scooter from an individual; he had no idea it was stolen,” Johnson told the Tampa Times.  "And if he paid the amount of money that he said he paid for it, it was certainly a reasonable amount."

Coach Will Muschamp will likely address the situation in a press conference scheduled for noon on Friday.

Quinn involved in NFL rumors

The Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday hired former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley to become the team's new head coach, which immediately set in motion rumors that Florida's Dan Quinn would be targeted by Seattle as a potential replacement. 

"There is a 'strong possibility' Florida DC Dan Quinn will return to Seattle to replace Gus Bradley as DC," ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter tweeted Thursday morning, adding that Quinn is reportedly also being targeted for the same position with Cleveland and Philadelphia. 

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport also reported Quinn as a possible name in Seattle, mentioning also that Quinn has interest in Philadelphia.

Prior to joining Florida's staff in 2011, Quinn coached the defensive line in Seattle for two seasons under Bradley. Quinn brought elements of Bradley's hybrid 4-3, 3-4 scheme with him to Gainesville and his familiarity with the personnel and style in Seattle make him a logical candidate.

Brissett chooses destination

Former Florida quarterback and Palm Beach Dwyer High alum Jacoby Brissett will transfer to North Carolina State, according to a report from the Palm Beach Post.

The attraction to N.C. State apparently stems from new Wolfpack coach Dave Doeren, who is familiar with Brissett after recruiting him heavily as the defensive coordinator at Wisconsin from 2008-10. If he enrolls this week, Brissett will be eligible to go through spring practice with his new team but he will not be allowed to play until 2014 due to NCAA transfer rules.



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Shouldnt it say brissett finds destinstion? He chose UM and was declined. I believe West Virgina was his first alternative. He took whatever he could get.

Sid The Moron having trouble with your spelling again?
NC State is a better program than the canes, so is West Virginia. Jacoby will do well at State.

DJ will fit in nicely as DC, good continuity and very quick move by Muschamp. Shows he is decisive and prepared.
We will see what happens to Dunker if he can prove that he did buy the scooter. Either way he is one big dummy.

Yeah--re Dunker, no matter what, best case scenario is he's a moron--been enough egs of what happens around UF campus and University Police with suspended license, on scooter, to start with--and to do it on scooter he got for super-cheap/prob. no receipt/"no Q's asked", assuming he didn't outright "suspect" it was hot, just generally shows a stupidity AND zero honor OR brains (trying NOT to use the word "ghetto") mentality that was BOUND to get him busted for SOMETHING...we needed his skills for depth along the new O-line, but he may be "gone" now no matter what, even if he ISN'T prosecuted on the felony theft charge--Muschamp has hardly any patience with this kind of crap...
Personally, re Quinn's leaving, I sense at least a POTENTIAL disaster for our once-pending "recruiting-windfall"--we'll just have to see if they can shore things up and bring it all on home regardless of this near-last-second blind-sided hit...and btw, after assuring Muschamp and Foley, just as he did the public the last few weeks, that he was "really happy here" and wasn't "going anywhere the next couple of years, at least", Quinn's sudden bolt in this way at THIS time (ie. just before NSD, in fact springing it as late as it was possible to do so) went BEYOND "blindside hit", bordering on full-on, hostile "Screw you!"...It WAS somewhat of a shock, how AND when it happened, with AD and Head Coach--while doing a good job of staying cool and dealing with it calmly on the surface and for public benefit--behind-the-scenes continuing to share a mixture of numb-shock, disappointment, and growing anger in the aftermath as it sinks in. It isn't the fact of him doing it, but rather the WAY Quinn did it, as if playing a game where hurting your once-friends, if it wasn't an outright PART of the plan, at the very least wasn't considered in the slightest, even though it could easily have been, if only he had given them more lead-time/notice--It was COLD, and UNNECESSARY in its timing and manner, when all is said and done--and our people STILL aren't sure why he did it that way.

@DRU - this isn't criticism or anything, but could you make a go at that post in 10 words or less? I tried to read it a bunch of times and I can't figure out what you are trying to say. My guess is some time passed between when you started typing and when you finished and in the process you got a little lost.

I don't blame Quinn, he got a promotion.
And the timing is what it is, the sooner the better rather to have it drag out. Muschamp didn't waste any time filling his spot. And the recruits, most of them are already in the fold. There's a few high rated undecideds we had a chance to land. Maybe we do or maybe we don't but our class is ranked #1 as it is even without those undecided guys.

Round and Round we where it stops nobody knows....oh wait....yes we know.....it stops at ....Alachua County Detention Center....the Gators home away from home,

Purifoy "# 47583297 here sir," Guard, "shut up and eat your baloney sandwich and then get your toothbrush and follow me to the urinals,"

Purifoy # 47583297 "yes sir," Guard, "on your knees 47583297 and start cleaning." "But.....," Guard, "not now son, later!"

Judge, "Baliff ."bring in the next Gator, I mean ."

Judge, "Mr,Dunker, " Prisoner 2357388, "Yes sir"

Judge, "You are charged with motor vehicle theft, a 3rd class felony." Prisoner 2357388, "Yes sir,"

Judge, How do you plead" Prisoner 2357288, "Stupid Sir!" "But I got such a good deal." Lawyer Huntley,"Shut up stupid." Prisoner 2357388, "Yes sir, but did coach Muschamps pay you yet." Lawyer Huntley, " No he said I could have the scooter as payment." "So shut up stupid." Besides he is going to give me a picture of Tebow, autographed too."

Prisoner Dunkel, "Hey I want one." Judge, "Don't forget about me!"

Judge, "Case dismissed"

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