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Seattle Seahawks make it official: Florida DC Dan Quinn leaving Gators, rejoining NFL; ST coach Durkin promoted

Dan Quinn is leaving Florida after two seasons, as the Seattle Seahawks made it official Thursday afternoon with the announcement on their Twitter feed that Quinn will become the team's new defensive coordinator.

The position was open after Gus Bradley took the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching job Thursday morning.

Quinn was rumored after Bradley's hire to be a strong candidate for the vacant position, and the confirmation announcement came swiftly. Within hours, the speculation became fact, and now Florida is on its fourth defensive coordinator in the last five seasons.

"I’m happy for Dan and this opportunity," coach Will Muschamp said in a school press release. "I’ve said before that I always encourage my staff when opportunities arise to take the next step in their career. Dan’s background is in the NFL and this is a great chance to go back to a place he’s familiar with."

Special teams coordinator and linebackers coach D.J. Durkin was announced as the team's new defensive coordinator in the same release.

“D.J. and I will run the defense, continuing the way that Dan and I did for the past two years,” Muschamp said. “We will look to add another coach that is the best fit for our staff moving forward.”

Still, losing Quinn hurts for Florida. In two seasons at the helm of the defense, Quinn led the Gators to back-to-back top-10 finishes in total defense. He was also instrumental in the development of the unit's front seven, and the players loved and respected him. 

Quinn spent two seasons (2009-2010) as the defensive line coach in Seattle under Jim Mora and then Pete Carroll. Carroll thought highly enough of Quinn to retain him from Mora's staff in 2010, and his familiarity with the personnel and the scheme that Bradley ran helped immensely in Quinn being a seamless hire. 

In that same vein, Durkin provides continuity for Florida, as he has been on staff since 2010. The hire was first reported by Bryan Holt of Rivals.com.


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Sid is one big Miami Moron

DC Durkin is jerkin and that D could not stop a brownie troop.

Funny cane clown. The real deal is 10 years of mediocrity and counting, not your feeble attempt to steal a handle.
The deal is a cane talking defense is such an oxymoron.
Muschamp found his DC right away and did not miss a beat. The Gator D will not miss a beat either, we are loaded with talent.
Contrast that with your (lack of) defense, record setting for futility and clueless DC.
Then throw in the fact you lost your OC and still Golden boy has no clue as to who his replacement will be.
Then come in the sanctions, and you will continue to be mediocre at best for another decade at least.

Hey Matt, the Gators hired a new defensive ends coach who also happened to be Steve Spurriers best recruiter. Why report on that though right?? It's not about a coach or player leaving or somebody getting arrested, so it's not worth reporting on, right? You really are a joke!!

Muschamp and the Gators waste no time. What a top notch program we have, it all starts with Foley I believe.
Go Gators!!

Dont you gator clowns worry about Matt, he has plenty to write about with all the record setting arrest at the worlds largest diploma mill.

It's cane clown
It's 10 years of mediocrity and counting
Surely you cane "fans" have some imagination and can come up with your own names. Surely?

This place smells awful. What a festering puss sore this Gatr Clause is.

Typical Alachua County UFailure place.

Jism14234, good to know you are still spewing your hatred. Tough times in trailerville, ehhh.

Again, it is 10 years of mediocrity and counting.
Gator Clause is lacking in coverage that is true and very late to post any new stories.
No tough times in G ville though, BB ranked #4 on it's way to another dance. Football recruiting class is ranked #1, Coach Mus is reloading. Baseball also ranked and ready to go. Things are very good in G ville.
You know what "smells awful", you know what is a "festering puss sore" and what is an epic "failure"???
It is your University of Miami Hurricanes.
Football and BB under the NCAA gun for massive cheating.
And now the baseball program turns out has a doping scandal brewing. Never a dull day for the University of Mediocre. Dopers and cheaters can't help themselves, even with an ongoing NCAA investigation.
Miami, the doping and cheating capital of the nation with the sorry canes involved in every scandal.
Yet you Morons come here to try and trash talk.
Got any PEDs? Pay for play? Pay for hits? Can you buy a recruit? Only in Miami. Only a Miami Moron.

JISM1, your baseball team is ready for another run at? Well nothing as usual, i.e. last two years of disappointment in the big game. Football rank #1 in recruiting but once again nothing on the field, i.e. Louisville just scored again! Trailerville voted top douchiest school in nation! Yea things are good. bawahhhhhhh

Baseball, another run at the CWS. To get there we eliminate the sorry canes from the regional, again. As usual.

A 7 - 6 mediocre ACC team with no bowl game is the definition of nothing on the field, stop looking in the mirror while posting.
One day you may be able to go 11 - 2 and play in a BCS bowl game, maybe, probably not.

Miami: pill mill capital of the world, PED clicic capital of the world, ponzi scam capital of the world.
All with close ties to UM.

Only a Miami Moron would keep posting here

Why are you Miami Hurricanes fans looking at and posting on a Gator blog? That makes no sense. You guys are either that jealous or envious right now. If they don't mean the same thing.

You people especially have no business here. At least not right now. It's funny how you guys actually think you're saying something when you're not. You are trying to bash someone that is currenly better than you in all 3 major sports in the United States. Do you realize that nothing you say has any effect on any of us?

All you're doing is embarrassing yourself and making yourself look and feel stupid.

And who cares about the arrests????? It's all people that don't even play anyway. So who cares????? That's why they get arrested. Because they're upset they can't play because they're not good enough.

So just go away!!!!!

Besides if we are mediocre as you say than I wonder what that makes your team. Sorry I don't mean to put you down but do you understand what the playing field is right now?? Until you guys are better than us again, you have nothing you can say to us that can make you feel better or make us feel worse.

You have nothing on us. So I don't understand why you come here. Your existence here right now is just silly and rediculous. So go away. Because all you're doing is trying to tear down greatness, which isn't possible by the way. And that's not going to happen.

We are laughing at youre posts.

You're like a little mouse trying to fight back at a big cat.

Well said potter. Problem is these clowns are delusional and thus cannot accept reality.

Excuse me, Ya'll...but in the interest of clarity and truth allow me to put my fancy private university vocabulary to the side for a second and dumb this down for you guys as best I can. At this time I ask you to please pull your fingers out of your noses for as long as you can possibly stand it and pay close attention to my words. Today we're going to learn how to use mathematics as a tool for real world problem solving. You Ready?? Let's begin. The University of Miami's football team has won 5 National Championships and played for 5 more. That's 10 shots at a national championship in football for Miami The University of Florida by contrast has only played for 3 titles in 106 years. A small private college in South Florida with only 15,000 enrolled has outperformed it's fully funded State University, whose enrollment exceeds 50,000 students making the achievement quite impressive, to say the least

Now on to baseball. The University of Miami's Men's baseball team has made a record 23 College World Series Appearances. It has won 4 National Championships and made it to an NCAA Regional Tournament for an NCAA Record 40 consecutive years. The University of Florida has made 8 College World Series appearances and won a total of Zero Championships. Let me just doublecheck my math here...yes 4>0. Ok...interestingly the data supports the argument that Miami's achievements in baseball surpass those of Florida's by an even greater margin than in Football. I hope that this block of instruction has finally put to rest the controversy...but hey....You're Gator Fans.....you wouldn't dream of letting something like results or achievement shatter your delusions of superiority.
Well, thanks for listening...it's been fun, but I need to catch my spaceship back to Planet Earth now. Thanks for your time.

In conclusion...The University of Miami will always be a player in both college football and baseball because they have earned historical significance through their accomplishments on the field and from alumni who went on to excel at the professional level and continue garnering championships at both sports highest levels. The University of Miami along with schools like Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, USC, Texas and Oklahoma have and will always be considered elite programs because they have over time continued to write their own special chapter in the history books of college football for not just a few years....but for decades. So show some damn respect ....maybe some day with hard work, determination and keeping us off of your schedule, you may just earn the right to sit at the "Big Boy" table with us...but you've got many years of competing at the highest level before any of that can happen Let's see you guys pull together more than just a few good seasons in a row before the wheels fall off the bus and you plummet back to the mediocrity you're more accustomed to, and then MAYBE..you can talk some smack to a CANE fan but until that day comes you're just a flash in the pan like Boise State or TCU. You're just WANNABE's. It's all about "The U"

Typical arrogant and condescending delusional cane "fan".

Poor chap suffers, like most cane "fans" do, from living in the past syndrome. With all the athletic accomplishments listed are well over a decade ago with nothing more since and nothing to come in the future.
While UF continues to excel in all athletic programs to this date, not just baseball and football.

Tying to compare his sorry school to the likes of Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, USC, Texas and Oklahoma.

Those schools compare more favorably to the University of Florida. In fact of that list only Michigan and USC, along with UF are fellow members of the Association of American Universities.

UF is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities: No. 17 in U.S. News & World Report “Top Public Universities” (August 2012); No. 3 in Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Public Colleges” (2013) and No. 7 in the Princeton Review “Best Value Public Colleges” (2012).

Job recruiters ranked UF ninth on the list of places where corporations prefer to recruit new employees (2010) and No. 2 on SmartMoney magazine’s list of universities whose graduates get the highest salary return for their tuition dollars (2012). UF also ranked 21st in the National Universities category of the 2012 Washington Monthly magazine College Rankings.

Leave to a cane "fan' to bring academics into a discussion about sports to try and deflect the obvious, that his school is but a shell of what it once was for 2 short decades when the football team had it's only success. Nothing before that, nothing since.
On top of that UF can talk academics with anyone in the country as we still are the Flagship University of the Great State of Florida.

So UF is and will always be considered an elite program because it has over time continued to write their own special chapter in the history books of college athletics for not just a few years....but for decades.
Recognized nationally by winning the Capital One Cup in it's first two years of existence, as the nations best athletic program overall. Not just football and baseball like the wannabe canes.

So I tell you dumb and delusional cane wannabe show some damn respect ....maybe some day with hard work, determination and keeping the good teams off of your schedule and by playing in the very weak ACC you may just earn the right to sit at the "Big Boy" table with us...maybe....probably not. At least you may be able to compete with the lesser Florida programs like the USF, FIU and UCF of the world.
You have no business trying to trash talk a much better program, it only means you are an ignorant delusional fool.

Ok...not unexpectedly a cogent factual analysis based on tangible quantitative data was overlooked, disregarded and summarily rejected by you. Fortunately the truth will not be derailed or altered simply because you stubbornly cling to a hypothesis that has been debunked by the facts determining which side has had the greatest impact on the sports of baseball, football, and now without a shred of humility and devoid of any corroborating evidence you have unilaterally declared your school academically superior to Miami, as well. I'm sorry. I apologize.
Not to you but to myself for wasting all this time trying to reason with a bloviating, moron. Had I known i probably still would have argued that as much as I know you want the words you say to be true....just because you type words into a blogpost does not make them real. Even if your laptop is on a unicorn or at the very end of the most magical rainbow that ever existed. There is only one truth...and in any and every universe...nothing you say will change the fact that two Florida schools have enjoyed success with longevity and regularity in both football and baseball and any discussion that did not include the HISTORICAL success both universities provided to both sports would be grossly inaccurate and incomplete. Two powerhouse programs that defined an ERA and solidified the State of Miami as the most fertile recruiting base in the entire nation ....And you and I both know that neither of the two universities to accomplish that are located in Gainesville.
So please shut the hell up and read a damn book....
The meteoric rise from a small private school to a college football dynasty happened quickly and convincingly, and with unprecedented dominance. NEWSFLASH It's happening all over again and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Your inability to appreciate your adversary ensures your undoing. There's a powerful storm brewing...you've seen it before...you know how it ends...Congratulations on your program's recent success....Only an ignorant delusional fool would consider your success enough to be anything more than an insignificant spec on big daddy's jockstrap...hell you puppies are still waiting for your balls to drop. A truly elite program must have more than one Tebow-less National Championship on it's resume. A truly elite program has garnered significantly more than 8 conference championships in 106 years of competing....the Gator's recent success might make them currently relevant but the fact is they average a conference championship once every thirteen years...that's the level somewhere between mediocrity and insignificant. Dominating a sport for 20 years at any level is rare and very difficult, worthy of distinction and respect. The Florida Gators have never managed more than 4 or 5 winning seasons before spiraling back to suck city where they stay and they suck for a decade or two . Why am I even talking to you..it's obvious you're an idiot.

2006...that was Tebow's?

No, no you are the idiot, that is why you are on a Gator blog posting crap about UM.
First, no one here cares about your small private school that had a very good run in football in the 1980s and 1990s but did nothing before and has done nothing since.
You are like one of those losers stuck in the 1980s hiding from the present, ashamed of your dismal reality desperately clinging to the past. Like a character from Springsteen's Glory Days.
They have passed you bye, long long time ago.

And then you go on with the grand delusion about how the canes are back. Repeating the same phrase year after year and getting the same lack of results. Even a lab rat would change it's tune after getting knockdown repeatedly, guess the rat has more intelligence and common sense than a Moron from Miami.
So go ahead and wallow in your delusion about this mythical comeback by the canes that has been announced every spring for the past decade but never materializes.
The legacy of the canes in the past decade is one of cheating, dirty play, drugs and other illegal behavior.
From the Uncle Luke days and the pell grant scandals to the current Lil Luke NCAA probe to the bounties that Vilma took to the NFL to the deer antler laced with HGH to the Coral Gables PED clinic and cane baseball. Every major scandal in the NFL and baseball has something connected to UM. Some legacy.
Typical of UM in the 21st century, even with buying recruits with Shapiro's money, even with getting PEDS for the baseball team, even with all the cheating and skirting the rules, you still suck on the field.
Maybe you fools were getting the wrong PEDS, as in Performance Eliminating Drugs.

Famous cane mottos:
We are back
Wait til next year
I cheat yet still I can't win

Poor delusional JISM1, you have been put in your place and clearly your diploma mill education or is that Santa Fe CC education cannot match the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

delUsional is a trademark of the cane "fan"

the Miami Moron posting above has not put anyone in his place, whatever you mean by that

it is 10 years of mediocrity and counting, actually needs to be updated to 12 years

no diploma mill here

the Santa Fe CC diploma is probably equivalent to the average cane "fan" with their MCDD one

I'm done with you Morons here, will not check this thread again.

poor little JISM1, take your ball and go back to your moms trailer. Are you 14 or 15? Or is that your IQ.

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