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Gators CB Purifoy facing marijuana charge; Florida F Yeguete out for rest of hoops season

Another Gators football player is in trouble with the law, as Florida cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy was cited early Sunday morning on a charge of possession of marijuana, according to Alachua County Court records.

Purifoy is the 13th player arrested since Will Muschamp took over the Florida program. Eight of those players have been charged with a marijuana-related crime.

As first reported by Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports, Purifoy was a passenger in the back seat of a car that was pulled over for a routine traffic stop around midnight on Saturday night. After stopping the car, the officer noticed "a baggie containing 2.5 grams of cannabis" between the front driver's and passenger seats, according to the police report.

Purifoy played in all 13 of Florida's games last season, finishing fourth on the team with 51 tackles. He also recorded five pass breakups, forced three fumbles and blocked two kicks.

Due to depth concerns, Muschamp said Wednesday that Purifoy could play wide receiver in the spring after working out at the position and playing several snaps there last season. A team spokesman was not immediately available for comment and it is unclear what if any punishment Purifoy will face.

Gators lose key defensive piece for season

Florida forward Will Yeguete will miss the rest of the college basketball regular season, coach Billy Donovan announced Thursday.

Yeguete had been dealing with pain in his right knee throughout much of the season, but he aggravated the injury in the Gators' blowout loss to Arkansas on Tuesday and must now have arthroscopic surgery to repair damage.

"He’s had some significant swelling over the last several weeks and he’s got some floating chips and cartilage in there, which we knew beforehand that was there, but it’s not anything that’s putting him necessarily in jeopardy playing," Donovan said. "It was more how could he play with the chips floating around? And a lot of it was based on pain, and he wasn’t in a lot of pain. But I think because those chips were floating around, they’ve probably gotten into different parts of his knee that have just put him in a situation where I think that the treatment going forward is not what we need to do."

Donovan said Yeguete will be about four to six weeks, putting hope that the Gators' defensive specialist could return in time for the NCAA Tournament. The latest injury is a crippling blow for Florida, as Yeguete was instrumental in the Gators' press defense.

Last year, Yeguete suffered a broken bone in his foot on February 21, and Florida went on to lose four of its next five games.


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How's the recruiting class Matt? Wait who cares about that, right? I'm just curious, do you have a police scanner tuned into the Gainesville police department or something, because man, you just don't miss a beat when it comes to reporting on arrests?! God forbid you report on anything positive! I guess we'll see in another month when you FINALLY post your next article, who's leaving, hurt or getting arrested??

I predict that very soon we will be flooded with the typical cane negative comments. Poor losers cannot help themselves.
Matt I agree with GatorAlum 100%, this is a bad joke.

Hey Matt, the population of Gainesville is 125,000 people with 50,000 give or take UF students. Almost half the population. When the GPD makes an arrest or has any sort of incident, what do you think the odds are that its a student or athlete??? UF isn't the only school with athletes who smoke pot, that's for damn sure. They don't have the benefit of being in a big city with high crime rates and police focusing on that. All GPD has to focus on is busting college kids partying and doing stupid things. Newsflash, college kids drink and smoke pot and party, that's nothing new. How about reporting on something that's newsworthy?


I'm actually getting tired of reading about all the arrests at UF.

He's arrested because he's in a car with less than 2 grams of marijuana in it...did I read that right? I can walk three blocks down Pearl Street in Boulder and find twice that in shake on the shoulder.

Is it me or does this remind you of Brian Denehey's police department in First Blood!

Hey Rich, I'm tired of reading all your stupid posts here. Why don't you stay with your fellow losers at the cane blog.

Only negativity from this idiot. So many positive things to right about but this loser only points out the negative? Basketball up until this week was ranked #2 but no mention of that. Recruiting ranked in the top 5 but no mention of that. College kid accused of doing what 75% of college kids do and this is news worthy? Matt you are a disgrace to be even mentioned in the same breath as a journalist. Integrity is reporting the good with the bad, not just the bad. Admit, you hate everything UF and it pains you to be assigned to writing about them. What happened, you couldn’t get accepted and had to resort to the rest of the losers here and ended up at MDCC?

@cheech, I read on espn that he was in the backseat of a car, in which 2.5 ounces of marijuana was found next to the emergency brake.

You need to get caught with at least a bale of weed in S. Florida to even get a cops attention!

Lol at this clown; UF just landed the #2 class in the nation and the only thing this clown writes about is a PTA. The U has zero talent at DT and we still jacked Bostwick from them.

@jls14234: Don't get your panties in a bunch Dorothy. You've become quite the grump over the past 12 months. I'm just saying I'm tired about reading of all the arrests at UF. They should stop publishing the stories and move on. Let's just take it as a given that a UF player will get arrested about once every 1.5 months and just write about something else, like the good recruiting class of 2013. I'm on your side man!

Rich of course you are on my side, Moron. What is a given is that UM players also smoke weed, however in Miami that is not an offense worthy of an arrest.
You chumps are into way more than just pot, from dirty money, booze and drugs including PEDs. Way to go. Instead of arrests you get the Miami Beach PD to escort you to the clubs and strip joints where your kids do a lot more than just pot. What a life.

Matt, you should be removed from your post. There's nothing wrong with reporting that Purifoy got arrested. In fact, you SHOULD report that. But dude, you don't report anything other than arrests. We had the # 2 ranked draft class, and our basketball team has been kicking butt. You're a total Gator Hater bro. That's why I rarely read this blog anymore.

I long for the days of Joseph Goodman. I actually think he didn't like the Gators, but he did an EXCELLENT job. That guy was AWESOME!

Nice Gatr Trash apologists.

"Aww, it's okay. Just the 13th arrest under General Muscrap the Plumber's watch."

Good job at using the 3rd grade "but everyone else is doing it" excuse.

If education and ethics were as rampant as arrests in Trailerville, maybe you clowns would be onto something instead of embarrassing this state time and again. Which, given the actions of most of the trailertrash in this state, is a hard thing to do.


Sure hurts when the truth comes out that your program has
kids that make stupid mistakes just like Alabama or the Canes , doesn't it ...

Sick of your ilk always pouncing on Cane problems , but you lot don't seem to be able to handle it when the shoe is on the other foot .

I'll bet y'all didn't expect the Canes to be ranked ahead of the Gators , either . LMFAO

I love it when cane fans get all high and mighty when they get ranked a couple spots ahead of the Gators in a meaningless regular season poll! (ps, this isn't football) Once you make it to 8 sweet 16s, 6 elite 8s, 4 final 4s, 3 championship games and 2 titles, then start running your mouths, but until you actually accomplish something other than a high ranking, keep your mouths shut. Thats like NCST talking trash to Duke when they miraculously earn a higher ranking. Hilarious!!

Man u guess hate when they expose your negative behavior at turdville. Soon as something happens at the U, you gayturds are all over it. Have you Tuesday ever heard you reap what you sew? The U is going turn u into boots come Sept. So enjoy the weeds now cause come Sept those canes are going to treat you like Troy on Swamp People.

gatoralum,Jism1 whatever you are calling yourself. You should use the argument you made above for basketball against your rants for football and baseball against Miami! Talk about Pot calling Kettle Black moron.
What happen to Muscrap was going to clean up the 37 arrest prior to him coming to trailerville? He has 13 in two years same pace as Urbie.

Hey 100 years of cluelessness. It's not even close to the same thing! Gator football has won conference and national championships, and the baseball team has won several conference championships and played for a few national championships, plus they've beaten the canes the last what 7 or 8 straight. Cane basketball has been an NIT fixture! They've ONLY made the tournament 6 times in the history of the program! The same amount of times that the Gators have been in the elite 8! ONE time you made it to the sweet 16! So sorry, I hate to break it to you, but its not even close to the same thing as Cane fans talking trash about basketball, moron! Keep up with that cluelessness though, you've perfected it! By the way, I'm pretty sure you've never been to Gainesville, but if you put the Canes there as opposed to Miami, there's just as many arrests, if not more than the Gators.

Lol sounds like a lot of crying babies in a delivery ward, the big picture is the arrest not what canes players would dont.....why point the finger at the U?????

The big picture is the arrest says the cane clown.
He and his minions pile on about a kid in a back seat of a car with pot found in the front seat. In Miami this is not an arrest, this is not even a warning this is not news.
How's the HGH testing going on with baseball?
How's the NCAA investigation going on in football and basketball?
What happened to Thomas Finnie? Or Paul?
Dumb canes.
Talk now before the season starts, once the real games begin you won't have much to talk or brag about. Morons.

Gator alum.....if the shoe fits...arrests under Muschamps now at 13, soon to be catching up with Urban Liar's group.

Round and round the Gators go, the wheels on the Alachua County Detention Center bus go round, round and round straight to jail the Gators go! LMAO

Anonymous, the shoe can fit any way it'd like, as long as we're winning more games and recruiting better players and progressing year after year, all the while watching the canes swim in the sewer year after year after year after year after year after year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..with no end in site, especially after the ncaa smacks you across the face! Keep talking though, thats about all you guys have left to get excited about.


1 - A self help group for deviants and addicts

2 - A self pity group of people ashamed of the canes

3 - A Moron from Miami

4 - All of the above

UFelons. Will Muschump = Ron Zook 2.0 Coach + Urbam Meyer Discipline.

Will all UFail fans, alum, current students please remove themselves from UM blogs, games and hell leave our City of Miami if you would be so kind. Maybe that will cure the smell

Posted by: UMPride9NCs

Muschamp is widely regarded as one of the best young, up and coming coaches in the nation. A finalist for coach of the year in 2012. A great turnaround story going from 7 - 6 to 11 - 2 in his second season as HC.
The so called discipline problems are overblown, like the most recent arrest of Purifoy just for riding in a car where a joint or two was smoked.
The real offenders, like A. C. Leonard are prompltly disciplined to the point where they transfer. So are repeat offenders like Janoris Jenkins.
Very stupid for a cane fan to try and diss the best college coach in the State when the one they have is just mediocre and hasn't shown squat yet.

There are more UF fans and alums in Miami than real canes so no, we will not be "removed". And the only smell here comes from the corruption and cheating running rampant in the Gables.

Little Jism1, muchump is a joke and 11-2 is easy when you play 5 OOC cupcakes and oh yea not playing Alabama.

Just remember, it's all about the U!

Little Moron, find an original name. It is 10 years of mediocrity and counting, soon needs update to 12 years.
You are right the 12 years of mediocrity and of cheating are all about Dah U. So are the PED scandal in baseball, all about Dah U. So is the bounty problem in the NFL with the Saints all about Dah U. How far and wide can your slime and stink spread.
Only a Moron would say an 11 - 2 record in the SEC is easy. Especially coming from one whose team plays in the ACC and cannot get over .500 for a decade.
Delusional, ignorant, stupid, projecting ignoramus, it's all about Dah U and the Miami Morons.

Is it possible that UF lost at home to Duke, GA Southern, and got swept by Fl.Gulf Coast in baseball? Really? I told you Gators that from '09-'12 you were having your moment in the sun so you'd better win that title. For UF baseball, that moment in the sun is obviously way, way over with no title to show for it. As these things come in cycles, there's always the 2020's.

If you are gonna try to make headline news with an arrest,.. and keep it up for 3 weeks... then make headline news when the police/DA withdraws the charge do to no evidence.

Purifoy has had all charges dropped because of lack of evidence against him.

Posted by: The Whole Truth

You are asking too much, just wait until the next negative headline.

Posted by: RichmondVaCane

Feeble attempt at being funny. What is true is that this year is the only chance you have at winning in basketball. So you better not mess up and win the dance, next year it's back to NIT 2nd round exit for you.
Only a fool would pay attention to the first 3 weeks of baseball and draw season ending conclusions from that. Just like you dummies were all upset that Duke was ranked higher than you 3 weeks ago.
When's your cycle of mediocrity in football gonna end? Another decade?

jism1 your cycle of mediocrity continues in baseball (0 NC's) and swept by Fl Gulf Coast, really?Football goes to bowl and gets trashed by who, Louisville? really? Here to hoping you basketball team continues through the very weak SEC and makes it to the dance where they will loose to a 16th seed, say Appalacha State? BAWAHHHHHHH

Hey rich, wake forest, really??? One of the worst teams in the acc by 15 pts, and you're talking trash? Coming off 2 games against teams just as bad, that you should've lost. Hilarious! I'm still trying to rap my head around why you guys continue to talk trash without a single head-to-head victory over the gators in a long time, on top of the fact that none of your teams have done anything in years! It's quite comical actually! Like I said, keep talking, that's about all you have to get excited about.

gatoralum/Jism1 or whatever you are calling yourself, so when Miami spanks the gaytors in September, then you will say well we split the last 2 games riigghhtt? Dont worry about the 5 in a row for the canes prior to that and the fact that it spanned years is thanks to you losers not wanting to play a quality team like Miami, you losers like to play the Citadel instead.

First of all, unlike you, I use one name all the time. I don't have multiple personalities like you. Quality team like Miami?? That's hilarious!! What year are you living in? News flash, Miami is just another citadel, does nothing for strength of schedule. When Miami actually plays a tougher schedule than the Gators, which will be never as long as they're in the All Cupcake Conference, then you can criticize their schedule. Until then, you just keep showing how clueless you are! By the way, I can't wait till sept, so we can spank you on your borrowed field. Then you'll disappear for a couple of weeks until the delusions kick back in and you resort to doing what you cane fans do best, living in the past and talking trash to a superior team.

Good schedule?

like, let's see:

Tennessee? Puke
Kentucky? Puke
Vandy? Puke
Mizzou? Puke
La Mo? PUke

So Gatr garbage plays 2 - 3 tough games a year. Big deal. If you played in the SEC West you may have an argument. But spouting off about playing in the SEC hides the fact that the SEC LEast is garbage.

Oh, look, Louisville scored again. Of course, no gatr trash fans were there to see it. I guess the mythical Gatr Nation was changing the tires on their collective homes.

Swept by fgcu and lost to North Florida last night...........................bawhahahahahahahahah

Amazing the delusion and ignorance of the typical cane Moron.
The canes just announced their 2013 schedule and it's one of the softest in memory, hard to do froma team playing in the ACC. But they outdid themselves this year by only playing two top teams in UF and FSU.
A cane trash talking an SEC schedule and calling the SEC East weak is just too delusional and psychotic. Save for Clemson, who you do not play and FSU the rest of the ACC is like you say PUKE. Has been so for decades.
Never mind the facts, a Miami Moron will make up his as it suits them.
And keeping track of baseball scores in February is really smart.
See you in Sept for your spanking little delusional Morons.

Jism1, you forgot to respond as gatoralum, make sure you get the right multiple personalitie to respond with. Florida plays in the SEC Least and lets just say that the SEC West carries the conference every year and it is the gaytors who are lucky enough to not have to play bama year after year. Your baseball teams run is over, I guess the honeymoon is over, oh well you have the basketball, whoops they suck to. Only 6 months until football, riggghhttt!

Hey trailerpark or 3-6 or 100 years, whichever name you'll use next, if you can't come up with something on your own and have to repeat what I say to you, at least know how to spell personality. Otherwise, all you're doing is showing that quality education you got at MDCC. Gator basketball sucks, now that's funny. Back-to-back elite 8 appearances and a better team this year than those 2. 15 straight 20 win seaons, yeah they really suck. Please, have more than one decent season, well that's still to be determined how this season will actually turn out, before even talking about basketball. Before this year, no one even knew the canes had a basketball team! And please, show me one game on the canes schedule that's tougher than any on the Gators.

Again it is amazing to see a Miami Moron in action.
This poor fellow suffers from many psychological disorders. He loves to project. First he accuses me of changing my name and confuses me with GatorAlum, when it is he that has multiple names as GatorAlum exposed above. Then he says how the SEC East is supposedly weak, when everyone knows it is the ACC that sucks while the SEC East is loaded. Next he says Gator basketball sucks, coming from a Miami fan who just discovered college basketball this season. What's next, he will say attendance at the Swamp is poor or that The Gators have no defense, or that the Gator DC is clueless, or that Gator baseball will be investigated for taking PEDS.
All examples of projecting his inadequacies and shortcomings.
Then he is also delusional, as most Miami Morons are.
Can't wait til Sept to see the Gators destroy the sorry canes in front of an Orange and Blue crowd.

Hilarious! All this talk from cane fans about Gator baseball sucking, and lookie here, the Gators win the series against the canes! Classic!!

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