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Suspended Florida OL Jessamen Dunker again in legal trouble

Florida sophomore offensive lineman and Boynton Beach High alum Jessamen Dunker was cited last week by Gainesville police for speeding and unknowingly driving with a license that is suspended or revoked, according to Alachua County Court records.

Already indefinitely suspended from all team activities because of a Jan. 16 arrest on charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and driving with a suspended license, Dunker's offenses from last week appear to violate the terms of his release from jail following the January arrest. According to court records, Dunker was released under the provision that he would not drive a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license, among other conditions.

Asked Tuesday about Dunker's status with the team, Florida coach Will Muschamp said: "He’s been suspended. I haven’t had any communication with him."

A team spokesman confirmed Muschamp was aware of the most recent incident.

Dunker is represented by attorney Huntley S. Johnson, who entered a plea of not guilty on Dunker's behalf in response to the January charges. According to Johnson, Dunker maintains he bought the scooter legitimately for $600 and did not know the scooter was stolen.

More information coming soon.


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Seems like Dunker is not too bright. He may not be back with the team, that would be too bad for him.
Good thing we are deep at the O line, however he would have been a very capable backup and starter one day.
Someone should have had a talk with him and advised him to lay low and stay out of trouble, some people never learn.

Not even going to say it....your going to need ALL the help you can get come September.

Well we really are set at OL and the offense should be much better than it was last year. So better than 11 - 2 is not too bad.
It is your defense that will need all the help it can get. Problem is you keep losing defensive players.
September 7th will be a nice home game for the Gators in Miami.

What are we going to need help with in Sept?? Staying focused on the 1st of 2 bye weeks this year? Tennesse's a rivalry game, but I don't see them being much of a challange. Yeah, I don't really see anything that impressive till Oct when we face LSU in death valley. Last year we had A&M the second week of the season to bolster the SOS, unfortunately this year we scheduled another patsy on sept 7th, which will only hurt the SOS. Yeah, we need all the help we can get with a 7 win team on a barrowed field that will be filled with orange and blue...HILARIOUS!!!

Gator Alum....you guys are not beating us Sept 7....I don't care if its even by 1 point. There is nothing about your team that screams "incredible". You all lost to Louisville...a Big East team....c'mon. Your defense who lost major players will be going up against one of the best offenses in the country.Duke Johnson is going to give ou fits.Your QB is not really "proven" at this point....he is decent....but can be rattled. But....stay on your high horse...you deserve to be there on us till we prove otherwise.

"the offense should be much better than it was last year..."

Oh, you mean the offense that couldn't score against Louisville? The offense that lost all of its WR and its best offensive player and two best O-linemen and top backup QB?

That offense. Yes, Gatr maggots, your offense will certainly be better in the sort of way earthquakes knock ugly buildings down too.

Delusion in the trailepark. It never gets old.

Gators are really going to be dissapoited in the outcome. They will be playing against one of the best offenses in the country. Our defense will not be as bad as last year and will COME to play. In our house....night game....with the hatred our fans have for them....WOW. We rattled Logan Thomas last year...almost ate him for lunch...its safe to say he is a much better QB then Driscoll a this time. Your QB is still a work in progress....my gut is we BURY him in the turf tat night.

You cane fans really are delusional! How quickly you guys forget you're coming off a 7 win season and you've had no more than 7 wins, 6 of the last 7 years! Hey coastal, our defense will not struggle at all. They rotated as many as 20 guys a game on D last year. So yes, we lost some great players, but there's still plenty of great players left with a lot of experience, including ronald powell who would've been our best defensive player last year had he not torn his ACL in camp. Throw ANOTHER top 3 recruiting class on top of that, and we're still head and shoulders above the canes in talent. So keep puffing out your chests, which has become the norm every preseason, because when the season starts, reality will strike hard as it does year after year. It really is quite comical! By the way Ur day is coming, the canes in no way will have home field advantage at your borrowed field. The gators won't be able to hear the 15,000 cane fans over the 50,000 Gator fans that will be there.

Again....you lost to Louisville with the defense you had last year. Our offense is a lot more explosive then thiers. You will not win Sept 7th.

gatoralum, jism1 whatever name you are using today. You might not have enough players out of jail to play a game is September. Funny how you speak so delusionally about the U. Miami will be rocking the turds on the field and in the stands. Remember last time you guys were in Miami when your old QB led a 30 point comeback to smash the turds. Wont be necessary this time as the Canes will hand you guys your arse all game long and at the end you will be wishing it was just Louisville kicking your teeth in.

You guys lost to UNC and Virginia, along with 5 other teams, so what exactly is the point you are trying to make? Louisville went 9-0 to start the season and had 11 wins! We lost in a BCS bowl! So again, what is the point you are trying to make?? You just look like an idiot by repeating that statement. Cane fans, the champs of delusional trash talk! Thank god it's an early season game, at least we won't have to worry about hearing such stupidity for too long.

Remember when, remember the old days, when we used to be good?? No not really, it's been so long since the canes were good, its hard to remember. Welcome to the present!

Congrats to the SEC champs.

What's the paper of record for the team with the bear mascot now?


Punked again, you trailer donkeys. The most disgusting fan base gets to wallow in the sorrow of seeing the most underachieving team lose again.

Typical. Tell us again about all your facilities then cheer on about the SEC. Typical Gatr Trash.


Fixed this for you pathetic trolling plebeians and returned to sender, better luck next time moron;

"Yo Cane mastas

Yo congrats on winning the ACC champs
I see U got championships on Ur mind and follow their success closely
Now sirs time to forget bout Ur conference tourney and Ur seeding. Buckle up and get ready
Only newbie champs like U complain bout the seeding when it's historically biased against you
All U gotta do is win baby win and be from North Carolina

Yo funny to see all U fans of champions talking and bragging bout basketball, enjoy it while it lasts because we haven't been good in a very long time
Cause it won't last long when you're coached by a greying midget with a wife who delivers dead babies because of all the blow she does

Yo Calvin is 50% right
Golden Retriever keeps loading up on Offense when it is the D that stinks
Obvious to all of us turds, 'cept for the sUperior, kool-ade sipping Cane homers

LOOSERS is what anything wearing orange with blue is!!

Posted by: CanesownUFags | March 18, 2013 at 01:13 PM"

Typical delusional and ignorant cane "fans", so you won the ACC for the first time ever. Get over it Morons, the tourney starts now and everyone is tied right now.
Yes cane idiots, your ACC ship helped with your seeding and no more.
So the Gators and canes are in the same boat with the same record today in the tournament.
You Morons cannot understand that cause you never been here before.
Johnny come lately in basketball, one NCAA tourney worthy season and you all act as if you make it every year. It is the Gators that make it every year to the dance.

Come Sept 7th you will see firsthand what a real team looks like, your so called "best offense" will get shut down just like it was last year when it played against a real D.
GatorAlum is right you punks are the pre season champs. You own Spring and Summer every year, it is the Fall that will have you crying again "wait til next year".

Yeah......right jls......keep flapping your gums.....look forward to watching turds choke it up come September.

Jism1 is used to choking it up, rigghtttt


#1 Point Gaurd Recruit is Signed, Sealed and Delivered... Kasey Hill


And he's bringing this 6-10 #1 Power Forward Freak with him... Chris Walker


# 1 n # 23 GATOR DUO


Watch these Video's if U dare Cane Clucks and see what U'll never get in recruiting after Ur 5 25 yr. old. 6th. year Seniors leave and it's back to 2k crowds and 50/50 NIT crapball in the BUC U 1 Hit Wonders...

Get used to it.

So Dunker another in the long line of Gators awaiting admission to the Alachua County Detention Center did not know he was driving on a suspended license? New Sec. of State John Kerry said it best, "that in America you have the right to be stupid," was he talking about his friends in the White House, the Senate that confirmed him or was he talking about Gator athletes?

I'm sure that comment was in part to shine light on Gator fans and athletes!

Attorney Huntley Johnson makes a very good living representing the Gators, he is never at a loss for clients I wonder if he represented the UF President when he was involved in a hit and run a while ago?

From the top down to the Alachua County Detention Center inmates, the Gators are trash!, live with it.
Win or lose UM grads are called "BOSS" by Gator grads, lol, just the way it is folks!!!!!

Ohhhh so now Canes will suck next year in Bball?? LOL
See i have a memory of ole js1234 saying earlier this year when Turds were top 10 and Miami as usuall has to earn its ranking unlike the Turds. He was sayingf the Canes didnt have ONE playert that couild play for UF.

That U diploma mill morons is DELUSIONAL TRASH TALK.

sorry about the spelling was laughing the whole way through that post

Posted by: AnonymousCane
"Win or lose UM grads are called "BOSS" by Gator grads"

Another of your many delusions and projections.
Probably more of a projection since you answer to many Gators grads from your lowly position in life.

Posted by: Ridge Rat for Public Relations |

First I never said such a thing. UM BB has good players, mostly seniors who took 4 years to learn how to win, at least they finally learned.
You were right though when you say the Gators are always top 10 while UM is usually unranked and sucks and of course they have to show they deserve a ranking. Like I said it took the current players 4 years to do so.
And yes the canes will once again suck next year when most if not all the current players will leave and there is no one behind them.
We lose one Brad Beal to the first 3 picks in the NBA draft and are back advancing in the dance without missing him. You will lose all your players to graduation, not the draft and will revert back to your usual sucky selves.
Do not apoligize for your spelling skills, laughing at your own post which says nothing is stupid, I'm laufhing at you. No one expects an MDCC dropout to have good spelling skills or any skills at all.
DELUSIONAL TRASH TALK, you Miami Morons own it.

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