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UF Football Notes - Spring game in for change due to lack of depth on offensive line; Kelvin Taylor, Marcus Roberson updates; Injuries

With Florida nearing the end of spring practice, injuries are starting to take a toll on the offensive line and the Gators’ annual spring game could look more like a glorified practice as a result.

The depth up front has been an issue since Will Muschamp took over for Urban Meyer as UF’s coach. Practices in spring and fall have had to be adjusted, and that helped lead to what Muschamp called a “soft” football team following the 2011 season.

The number of scholarship players along the offensive line has increased to 11, but the problem has returned this spring because of a litany of injuries. Returning starters Chaz Green (ankle) and Jon Halapio (knee) are still recovering from offseason surgeries, as is backup Ian Silberman (shoulder). Sophomore Trip Thurman just went down last week with a shoulder injury that Muschamp said “doesn’t look good,” transfer Max Garcia has been limited with a back issue and fellow sophomore Jessamen Dunker remains suspended due to multiple run-ins with the law.

“What’s really hurt us is on the offensive line,” Muschamp said Tuesday. “Really right now we’ve got six healthy guys.”

The lack of depth has prevented Florida from running many full-squad, 11-on-11 snaps in practice, something that Muschamp said could carryover into the team’s scrimmage this Saturday and the spring game on Apr. 6.

“It’s tough right now on those guys and now it’s even harder to get scrimmage snaps because of the lack of numbers at those positions,” he said. “We’re adjusting as we go as far as this coming Saturday and even with the spring game, it may be more of a practice-like atmosphere for what we’re going to do.”

Muschamp said there will be more work on fundamentals with individual players, as well as 1-on-1s and 7-on-7 drills. In Saturday’s scrimmage, Florida ran between 30 and 40 snaps of live football with full squads. That number is closer to what fans should expect during the spring game, not the 120-130 the Gators ran last year during scrimmages and the spring game.

“What’s hard for the offensive line is just taking 60 straight snaps,” Muschamp said. “That’s kind of difficult for just five guys to take that. I think if we’re incorporating within the scrimmage some 7-on-7, some special teams periods, where we just concentrate and let those guys get a break. … Last spring, we’d go 120-130 snaps in a scrimmage. You can’t do that with five offensive linemen. That won’t be good.”

Taylor still ‘swimming’

During Saturday’s scrimmage, freshman running back Kelvin Taylor (Glades Day) caught a short screen pass, made one move and took it 40 yards to the end zone for a touchdown.

The score showed exactly why Taylor racked up record after record in high school and was one of the most coveted backs in the 2013 recruiting class. Muschamp called it a “really nice play” and a display of Taylor’s “natural running instincts.”

Still, expecting Taylor to see the field early and often this fall might be a bit optimistic. Taylor, like many other early enrollee freshmen, is still struggling to pick up the offense at this point, Muschamp said.

“Kelvin Taylor has really nice, natural running instincts – he just has to learn what to do and where to go,” Muschamp said. “The tempo of practice, the speed of the practice, the installation, it’s all a mess right now. … All of those guys right now are swimming. … They’re drinking water out of a fire hose right now.”

Taylor is currently battling for carries with junior Mack Brown, as sophomore Matt Jones appears to be the frontrunner for Florida’s starting running back job in 2013. And, according to Muschamp, he will have to earn those carries.

“Any freshman and any player that hasn't played a lot, you're challenging them all,” he said. “I always tell the guys, 'You've got to earn your stripes around here.' That's kind of my process, but it's not just one guy, there's a bunch of guys that need to do that.”

Roberson earns praise

Asked to identify players that have caught his eye this spring, Muschamp mentioned cornerback Marcus Roberson, which was somewhat surprising considering Roberson has started 14 games in two seasons at Florida.

But Muschamp said he was impressed with the growth Roberson has made in the offseason. A lean player coming out of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, Roberson has now bulked up to around 195 pounds.

“He's changed his upper body,” Muschamp said. “It's gotten stronger. He's better on the line of scrimmage in press. He's more disruptive on receivers and routes. I think he's made some strides.” 

Injury updates

Freshman wide receiver Demarcus Robinson suffered a high ankle sprain last week in practice. He is currently in a walking boot to stabilize the injury, and Muschamp said he is unsure when Robinson will return to practice.

Sophomore defensive end Jonathan Bullard is still considered day-to-day with a hamstring injury, and Muschamp said he hopes that Bullard will be able to return for Saturday’s scrimmage.

Linebacker Neiron Ball (ankle) and cornerback/safety Cody Riggs (hamstring) are both considered day-to-day as well.


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Louisville stomped that tail already anyway.


Wait until the 15 seed gets done with you pansies.

Glad we have a date set in September.....gonna talk smack to you right up to gametime....then watch your hearts get ripped out.

It is telling that the first post here is by a Miami Moron. As usual these Morons are delusional and everything they post is fantasy, including the many manes they use.
Gators are the SEC champs. For those of you down in Miami that are new to college basketball all conferences have a regular season champ and a tournament champ. The regular season means more as evidenced by the Gators dropping the champ game but getting still a #3 seed due to their superior regular season schedule. Amazing the simple things like this that newcomers to college basketball don't know. I know this is your first time in forever thta you pay attention to college basketball and the tourney, but still you should not be so ignorant of the game.
Then there is the other fact that the first team that's done and sent home is your Miami Sorry Canes. I must say your team overachieved, they should have been sent home last round. Now next year will be back to normal in the Gables for basketball since you will lose most of the players. Hope you enjoyed the short run you had. Like some other blogger said, " you got a whiff of the penthouse now it's back to the outhouse".

Hilarious! All that trash talk throughout the season and they still can't get past the sweet 16. I guess it's back to strictly hearing how the football team is back, and going to win the title this year, and Stephen Morris is going to win the Heisman blah blah blah, the typical preseason Cane trash talk we hear year after year after year..........

The second best college basketball team in Florida has been sent home by the best team in the State. Cinderella's run is over, just like the one time overachieving pretenders from the Gables. Only the real college powerhouses remain in the elite 8.

Canes were ACC and ACC Tourney Champs, something the turds could not accomplish in the very weak SEC. Miami make to sweet 16, the turds will be gone in Elite 8 and after everything is said and done no one remembers you unless you win it all, ask your baseball team about that the last two years. Oh well you losers are good with "gators are #2", losers.

Yawn....spank, spank, spank....someone on the radio did make referance to the SEC being "weak" this year. Guess they were correct....Meeeechhiiigan....just took them to the woodshed....haha. Now their poor little football team is weak and depleated on the offensive line...The Canes....full force ahead....we look forward to starting the football season 3-0 this year. Louisville truly exposed you....all your recruits...5* this....5* star that....guess it really does not mean anything. Anyhow....like I said above... gonna talk smack to you right up until kickoff. You will leave dissapointed that night....make no mistake about it. Hope your o-line is healed by then....no excuses.

Goooo Gattorrrrss, we made in further than Miami, sounds from the trailer park! Always comparing yourselves to your big brother but never big enough to do something about it.

Hey 100 years, u are done or whatever name you come up with next, yes we did make it farther than you, just like we do every year! Besides the fact that we've been WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more successful than you in football for the last 10 years, we've ALWAYS been more successful than you in basketball, and will ALWAYS be!!!! I'll repeat myself for you retarded cane fans. You've made it to a TOTAL of 7 tournaments in the ENTIRE life of your program, NEVER making it past the sweet 16! Now, read this slowly and VERY closely, because I know it's very hard for you high school drop outs and MDCC super stars to understand. but the Gators have made the tournament 18 times. They've made the sweet 16 NINE times (more than your tournament appearances) 7 elite 8 appearances ( just as many tournament appearances) FOUR final 4s, THREE title games, and 2 championships! So please, NEVER talk trash about basketball again you IDIOTS!!!!!!! Now go ahead and commence to talking trash about football, because that's what you guys have perfected over the last decade of mediocrity!!

And please cane fans, don't bother with the "we have more titles than you in football", so what's the difference in us talking about basketball B.S.! There really is no comparison to you dumba$$es talking trash about basketball with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to justify it!! Yay, you won meaningless conference titles this year, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who will remember that 5 years from now???? Besides you guys that is. LOL


Good one one!

To the woodshed courtesy of Meeeechigan....20 plus points? What were they trying to show Us? Ahhhh....still clinging on Timmy Tebow mania...so so sad....HE IS GONE....please just face the facts. You all are back to being...simply Florida...no more no less....good in football...good in baseball....good in basketball....but THATS IT. Your Timmy years WERE very special....will give you that for sure. I'm sorry his NFL career did not pan out....it is what it is. Here...lets go over our little saying again for the 100th time!!

Timmy tears on TV
No dynasty
Bama beatdown every year
Bulldog beatdown every year
Urban Meyer the LIAR Ohio Hire
Top 5 recruiting classes every year and no results
70 plus arrests in last 5 years
Never an undefeated season....EVER...(My favorite stat!!)
Louisville romp in the swamp
Cane "little brother" beatdown (that one is still coming)in September.

Hilarious! Hey, you may not be good at commenting, but you sure are good at coming up with a different name every time you spew your delusions!

gatoralum, jism1 its all the same, on the defensive because once again the gators came up short, you should be use to that, after all you are the #3 team in the state in most sports. Come September, I can hear the excuses already:

It was early in the season and we were not healthy
It was too hot to play in Miami
The field was wet and we could not use our speed
We felt sorry for the canes so we let them beat us

Fact is your arsses will get the beat down you deserve and you will wish it was some lame arsse big east team like louisville you were losing to.

There's one thing your delusional comments are good for, and that's a really good laugh. #3 in most sports, that's about the funniest thing I think you've ever said! By the way, it's 2013! Welcome to the present! Pretty ironic for a Lame fan to be making fun of a big east team, considering thats the same conference the Lames played in when they were actually were winning titles. Even funnier considering the fact that Louisville would've scored on every possession against the Lames, with the same QB that realized the Lames were a joke and going nowhere anytime soon, so he jumped ship and went to a real school. Keep em coming loser, you really are quite hilarious!

What happened to all the depth? Where are all the alleged 5 star recruits? No O-line? Purifoy playing receiver?

Awwww, Gatr Trash, this is going to be fun. Or, in words you would understand, "Dis heah dun goin't be duh fun."

I finally figured out why Scotty Wilbekin looks like an inbred trailer maggot. He is from Trailerville.


Hey cane Moron it is you who keeps changing names while posting the same crap, stop projecting that on us.
I agree with GatorAlum that it is the pinnacle of ignorance to trash talk a much superior team, but then again, ignorance and cane Morons are one and the same.
You will soon find out about all the 5 star players we have come Sept 7th when we beat you up in front of our fans in Miami.
There is nothing to be defensive about Moron, we just concluded another winning basketball season and are getting ready for football. See you soon.

Superior? Yeah...right...that IS funny. You will have a down year like the Semen holes....you lost too many starters....too many arrests....lack of depth....whatever.

Even if we have a down year, which I highly doubt we do, it'll still be better than the 10 consecutive and counting down years the canes have had. Keep that streak alive!

You guys forgot one stat that UF leads the Canes in as well and that is arrests of all Gator athletes, yeah even lead the Canes in number of Presidents who leave the scene of an accident,number of pedophiles allowed on the sidelines and number of athletes with Hunter on speed dial, lol! And number of athletes that are just plain stupid ie J.Dunker, roflmao, now you have to admit that story is about plain ole unadulterated stupidity!

And how about that Gator Erin Andrews picking her nose on TV? Must make you Gators proud!

Good to know you crack yourself up Anonymous or should I say MultiplePersonalityCane! Leave it to a cane fan to resort to talking about off the field issues, because their on the field performance doesn't stack up. Maybe you guys should go back to the thug mentality you pioneered in the 80s. At least you were actually winning and relevant. Kind've funny how it was cool when the canes were the thugs, but now that the Gators have some issues, it's despicable and totally wrong. This is JUST ONE of the reason why cane fans are the biggest hypocrites in all of college athletics. Keep sitting on your high horses though and being irrelevant, you guys have perfected that!

Ahhhhh.....we were convicts on the field.....not in real life.....idiot. We never had the arrests in the 80s like you all......are you kidding me?

Again, another hilarious statement! No, you just had murders and pell grants, and pay for play, and pozi schemers running wild all over the program. I know, thats nothing compared to players getting arrested for underage drinking and stealing potato chips and possession of marijuana. Again the delusions are alive and well. If the gators played in a huge metropolis like dade county, where the police are consumed with murders and other major crimes, there'd be hardly any arrests. It's pretty much common sense to know when you live in a small town with 90% college kids, the cops have nothing else to do but bust college kids for petty crimes. Like I said keep living on your high horses and losing!

Duuuuhhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Just off duh tops of my head:

Ronnie "AK-47" Wilson.

Jamar "Bloody credit card" Hornsby.

The deluded trailer maggots can make their own stories but not their own facts. Tsk, tsk, Gatr Trash. Don't you know how to read? Or has the cesspool clouded your memory?

Typical under-educated gatr trailer maggot.

"I finally figured out why Scotty Wilbekin looks like an inbred trailer maggot. He is from Trailerville."


UFailure is a steaming cesspool.

"we were convicts on the field.....not in real life.....idiot. We never had the arrests in the 80s like you all."
If you believe this then you are THE idiot. Well you are an idiot regardless but your players were thugs both on and off the field in the 80s. Thugs and criminals, amazing what you could get away with in Miami during the Cocaine Cowboy era.
Even now it is hard to get arrested in Miami as a player unless you really really screw up.
In fact talking about dumb and U dumb that is what your players are like Finnie and Ray Buchannan who managed to get arrested. How dumb can you be to get arrested in Miami?
Keep running your mouth now while you can Miami Moron, it's always the same thing in the spring and summer. Come Sept 7th the losing will return and you will run away again.

Anonymous Canes: a support group for those ashamed of their team; a gang of thugs and criminals hiding their true identity.
You choose, both fit the bill.
UF leads the canes in everything for the past decade. Everything.

Angry, angry trailer maggot.

Notice how he posted basically the same thing but removed the parts about "ony being arrested for marijuana and stealing tacos" when crushed with, you know, facts.

Guess that educmuhcational skeeewwwwl that teaches Starcraft for some reason doesn't pay attention to facts.

Been a long time since the Gatr Trash won anything. 7 years since the last title.

Talk about living in the past.

Again, keep talking about off the field issues, because you certainly have nothing to talk about when it comes to what happens on the field, and you haven't for about 10 years now and counting. The funniest thing is, for all the arrests the Gators have had, the NCAA isn't about to drop the hammer on us! I'll say it again, keep sitting on that high horse, we all see where that's getting you!

Attention all you Gator slurpers, felons, Alachua County Detention Center detainees, and learning challeged fans... I have BREAKING NEWS, BREAKING NEWS!

Go to Roopstigo.com and read the expose of Auburn's football program. It alleges that Auburn athletes were given grades to keep them eligible, called academic fraud, players given payments (more good news on this later,)Illegal benefits, recruiting violations,coaches turning their backs on players, getting around positive tests for drugs in order to keep players eligible for the national championship game and more.

Now for the really good news. Question...who was their DC at the time? This report alleges that your head coach Will (I'm going to have an aneurism) Muschamps called a player to his office, the player thinking he was in trouble and low and behold Will Muschamps, Auburn's DC at the time pushed $400.00 across the desk and then asked if it was enough? He of course denies it happened. LOL

Get ready the spotlight is coming to Gainesville, roflmao. The Miami investigation as you know gained steam because of Yahoo's report, so all you Gaturds get ready, the NCAA is coming to a football office near you this Summer or maybe sooner! Roflmao!!!!!!

Have a nice day!

Wow, now you're really reaching! Looks like you got a little too excited there! Sorry to make that hard on go limp, but unfortunately it's not even close to the same thing as the scandal at the U. If we were Auburn fans, then yes I'd feel like a cane fan right now, but sorry wrong school. Whatever Muschamp may or may not have done as a defensive coordinator at another school means nothing other than at the very worst case scenario, we lose our head coach, which I highly doubt will happen. If you're insinuating that he's doing this at UF, that's even more laughable. Thankfully we have one of the best Athletic Directors in the country who would never allow anything dirty in his program. Not really worried about anything at all, nice try though.

gatoralum, Charlie Pell anyone? Short memory huh? Your projecting onto the U will only come back to slap your truck stop diploma mill in the arse. I here the gator song, GOOOO FAKKKERRS! Louisville, really?


Show cause handed down on your Bulldog alumni coach will be about three to four years in length, which is about half as long into the ancient history past as you losers have to stroke your football team history on the field for anything anybody cares about to remember now turds.

Man that was a long time ago.

I'm a multiple personality moron, Gator Alum, hey I take medication for that!

By the way will someone tell Will my meds cost about $400.00, think he can help me out?

Hey MultiplePersonalityCane, I'm not the one sitting on my high horse throwing stones. I'm not denying the Gators have had a checkered past, or a checkered present. Its you loser cane fans that like to deny and throw stones, because you are the biggest hypocrites in college sports. I'm really happy for you that you found something else to feed off of and throw at us as if you think we care, but again, whatever happened at auburn, just like whatever arrests the Gators have had, I could care less. You know what I do care about??? The FACT that the Gators are twice the program the Canes are, and have been for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time now! So chew on that one for a while! The funniest thing of all multiplepersonsality, is you continuing to bring up louisville, as if you think that upsets us too. I'd much rather lose a bcs game, than not play in a bowl game at all, now that's REALLY pitiful! Definition of insanity my friend, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Come on buddy, don't you have anything to say other than what has happened off the field??? I know I know, the Canes are worthless on the field, so what can you really say, right?? LOSER!!!!

Typical Miami Moron, keeps harping on a Gator loss to Louisville. Last season he kept bringing up Furman, a Gator win. Meanwhile his canes lose to pansies like BC and Maryland one year and again to UVA and UNC the following year. Total illogical, moronic reasoning, true to what a cane is.
Then he keeps changing his name and accuses us of the same, along with his delusions, a total psychological, pathological sicko.
This team seems to be coming together nicely. Once all the injured O linemen come back this will be a very good unit. If we get the expected improvement out of the WR position we will go far again.
Sept 7th will be a good scrimmage for our Offense to go against a soft Defense before the SEC grind begins.
Go Gators!!

Deny Deny Deny .....400 a number that will live forever,in infamy! Roflmao

"Come on buddy, don't you have anything to say other than what has happened off the field???"

Ummmm, yeah, Gatr trash. Louisville pounded you. Needed blocked punt in final minute to beat Lamo.

Driskel is a joke and all of your WRs are too.

That enough, maggot?

DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEATH TO THE SWAMP TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Look, MultiplePersonalityCane is getting angry, hilarious!! You have some seroius mental issues my man! Keep them coming though, there's nothing funnier than your obsession with all things Gator. What happened, did they deny you admission?? I guess I should've gone to MDCC, then I'd have a diploma to be proud of like you.

BWWAHAHAAA> UFailure is a safety school. 60K unprepared graduates just waiting to descend upon this state which is 48 out of 50 in public education funding.

Yeahhhh. My diploma is worthless. SEC! SEC! SEC! We win football games but our life preparation is zero.


$400.00 going once, going twice, SOLD to the coach wearing Gator polo in the back of the room!

For somebody who probably has never even seen the UM campus, let alone stepped foot on it, you certainly are quick to critize UF. It's really funny how you basically repeat the same things over and over and over and over and over again (insanity). UF's a diploma mill, we suck because we lost to Louisville, and now the newest one, that we're done because of something that happened at Auburn. That one is the funniest one of all actually! What's the voice in your head telling you now, to go back to Louisville beat us, or your newest facination about Auburn?? I guess we'll find out soon, since your total obsession doesn't allow you to ever leave Gator clause. I'm just curious InsaneCane, please explain how a 7 win season elicits this much trash talk to a team with 11 wins, or does that logic not quite add up in that crazy meantaly insane head of yours??





Hilarious, can't even answer a simple question. I know, ignore the facts and just keep repeating yourself. InsaneCane! The canes may not have received the death penalty yet, but that don't matter, because their performance on the field reflects that of a team that has. Don't let the facts get in the way InsaneCane!

The InsaneCane nickname is hilarious, props to you for coming up with it.
Ultimately it is funny to see this Moron go off like this, there is no logic, rhyme or reason for
Miami Moron behavior. A fan of a program that has been losing in football for a decade, in baseball for 5 years and forever in basketball with no other sports available trash talks the best program in the Great State of Florida. Only in Miami, only from your Miami Morons.
Let's go Heat.

Turds are not getting a death penalty unless it's their school. But, like I said before ALL schools cheat....even the Turds. Just don't get caught.

No one does it like the cane felons. If that repeat offender of a program doesn't get the death penalty no one will, not even Auburn. Canes hold the record for both the number of coaches, sports and players involved and the length of time they have been cheating.
NCAA not done with you cheaters yet for you to come here and spout B.S.
Canes are quick to point out the speck in their neighbor's eye, when they have a brick in theirs. Hypocrites, first remove that huge brick from your own eye then you will be able to better see the speck in another.


What a brilliant metaphor. You are a young trailerpark Shakespeare. I want my tax money back. It was wasted on your lack of education, gatr trash.

Duuuuuh, 42 felony arrests since Urban Liar took over in 2005 and some dumb Gator maggot is spouting off about a history of lying?

Wow. Here's a metaphor you may be familiar with, Gatr trash:

Kettle, meet pot.

Thanks jls! Yeah, it's really hard to understand the insanity of this little boy. I've never seen someone so obsessed with the Gators. And it's the same stuff over and over again. Clearly he's got some serious mental issues.

InsaneCane Moron, it's not Shakespeare. You are too dumb to know any better. The words you use: trash, maggot, dumb, lack of education, felon, worthless are all a reflection of your true character. They are a window into what resides in your diminutive brain. The manure that comes out of your mouth gives away what lies in your heart and soul. Pretty ugly I must say.
" InsaneCane" is used with credit to GatorAlum
" Moron", capitalized, is use with credit to jls

gators meet the NCAA, NCAA meet the head coach of UFelony who paid players directly and have direct testimony from former players. NCAA review the 27 arrest since the "New Sheriff" muchamp came to town and how many greenbacks have changed hands since he came to UFelony! This is going to get realllll goooodddd.

Blah Blah Blah... Gators offense is weak and struggling. Miami U will host them early and clean their clock because the Gators got no offense man. !!

If of course Miami is allowed to play by the NCAA.

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