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Florida defensive line coach Bryant Young resigns from Gators staff

Citing personal reasons, Florida defensive line assistant coach Bryant Young has resigned from his position, the school announced Wednesday in a press release.

Young joined the Gators staff in 2011 after spending 14 seasons in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers. He worked primarily with the defensive tackles while at Florida, specifically helping Dominique Easley and Sharrif Floyd develop their technique inside.

However, coach Will Muschamp plucked Brad Lawing from South Carolina earlier this offseason to coach the defensive line, and that move appeared to make Young expendable. Not regarded as a premier recruiter, Young was not offered a contract extension following the 2011 season, when then-defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and other assistants were extended and in some cases offered raises.

"We are very thankful for coach Young’s contributions to the program and I respect his decision," Muschamp said in the release. "This is strictly a personal decision and has nothing to do with NCAA compliance, but just an opportunity to evaluate his future path."

For Young, he said in the release that the decision was based on spending more time with his family, including six children.

"After heavy consideration and giving over two decades to the game of football, I have made a personal decision to resign from my position at the University of Florida in order to pursue more time with my family," Young said in a prepared statement. "I am humbled by and grateful for the opportunity I have had to positively influence the hardworking student-athletes and young men whom I will surely miss. However, I have come to the realization that it is time to invest more in my family during this fleeting season in life."


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Why would Muschamp even mention that Young's resignation had nothing to do with NCAA compliance? I can give you at least 400 reasons why but Gator Low-Information fans wouldn't understand.

Thats the same thing i wondered....?what do U think canetrash....i mean j lo? Weird ....i know a kid that goes to that public institution, i will see if he knows anything....

InsaneCane, you truly are a sad little boy!

The Lawing hire, lack of extension, and lack of interaction in the most recent recruiting cycle were certainly clues this was going to end this way.

He muttered as he left, "Damn, this trailerpark stinks."

You see, Gatr Trash, he is leaving to spend time with his family, unlike your previous coach who quit on you to "spend time with his (ESPN) family."

Crushed again like the stinking trailer maggots you are.

The national laughingstock, UFailure.

Crushed, laughinstock, trash, maggot, low information, stinks........... as has been said before, everything that comes out of your mouth is a reflection of who and what you are, pretty sad.

The Brad Lawing hire for sure was a precursor for this.
The recruiting angle also comes to play, guess it is not enough to be a good position coach, you must also be a good recruiter.
Nothing to see here, move along.

InsaneCane, your obsession with the Gators is extremely alarming. I guess between masturbating to the Tim Tebow poster hanging in your room and never being able to walk away from your computer, which is permanently on Gator clause, there really isn't a whole lot of time left in the day to accomplish anything else, is there? Is there ever a time in the day where the Gators aren't on your mind? I'd say maybe when you sleep, but who am I kidding? I'm sure you even dream about the Gators. Does your boyfriend get pissed because he can't get any sleep when all he hears is you talking in your sleep all night saying, "public diploma mill, you guys suck, you lost to Louisville, you maggots etc etc", or does he just sleep in another room? Seriously, you really should talk to someone about your obsession!

GatorAlum | April 11, 2013 at 12:19 PM

Yes! And I'll be sure to use plenty of punctuation! Like this exclamation point! The last time I saw writing like that was from a third grader! But then again, considering the source of your education, it all makes sense!

Another good one from InsaneCane!!!

We be Gatr Trash worthless diploma holders.

InsaneCane, worthless inbred obsessed closeted Gator lover!

Good luck with your "practice" game tomorrow or whenever.

Let me put something in perspective for you turds. See....I will admit that Shapiro was handing out "extras" to our players...something I think SHOULD NOT be tolerated in college sports. We have self imposed....two year investigation...whatever....NCAA cheated as well.

Heres my point: With Urban Liar as your coach...with the success you had...WITH ALL your arrests....if you do not think that Gatoer players were not taking freebies as well....with you arrest record well known....YOUR DULUSIONAL. With the NCAA now sniffing around because your head coach was accused of giving $400 fist bumps at his previous school....you all should try to stay as humble as possible....in a nutshell....the turd program is probably as dirty as a Thai strippers snatch who hasn't shave in a year.

The delusions are alive and well InsaneCane! Keep living in that dreamworld of yours. Apparently you are the only one harping on this story because the only thing I've seen mentioned about it, other than your fantasy world delusions that give you a stiffy, is this prophet of yours got sentenced to 3 years in prison, and has now become a non-story. So keep talking about stupid stuff like diploma mills, louisville, public school funding, armed robbers, and anything and everything other than the fact that you still can't compete in the only thing that matters, and that's ON THE FIELD performance. Consistent 7 win, bowl-less All Cupcake Conference, bottom feeding scrubs.

Watch your tounge gatoralum....that all cupcake conference put some whuppins on the mighty sec last year....

Do you mean UF beating your ACC champ in Tally 37-26 or UGA beating your coastal champ 42-10 in Athens?

Here you go sid, just a clip of an article from last year, so again the delusions are alive and well!

Saturday, the SEC showed the world that the gap between the best football league in America and the ACC is as wide as ever.

Florida 37, Florida State 26
South Carolina 27, Clemson 17
Georgia 42, Georgia Tech 10
Vanderbilt 55, Wake Forest 21

Two teams that didn’t even win their own division in the SEC beat the top two teams in the ACC in Florida and South Carolina – both games on the road in ACC territory. The Gamecocks were without their starting quarterback. It didn’t matter. Georgia and Vanderbilt smoked their respective rivals. Vanderbilt, really???? Watch my tongue what? Speak the truth? I know, the truth is hard to swallow.

I notice gator fans only include facts that support your arguments...kind of like christians....take out what doesnt get your point across or goes against your points and hope noone knows the rest. We know the rest....your arguments are half fact.

Sounds like the NCAA is on muschumps mind lately. Could that be because he is dirty and has been doing the same thing at UF*ckup? Where theres smoke theres fire and I see a raging forest fire taking over the trailer park,truck stop exit campus in Gville. Little lizards its only going to get worse from here, so be prepared for the NCAA beatdown. GOOOOOO Fakers.

nobody resigns at this state of the game to spend time with family. He left because the writing was on the wall- why waste time at a place that really doesn't want you. I wouldn't work for Muschamp anyways- crooked crap at Auburn paying players is starting to haunt him. His days are numbered.

Sid, why not post your facts?? Just because an above avg ACC team beats an sec bottom feeder, means nothing. There's a reason it's called ALL Cupcake Conference, because EVERY team is a cupcake, not just a few. Until a team other than one from the SEC wins a title, you're just going to have to deal with hearing about the superiority of the SEC. And if you actually believe the ACC is even close to the SEC, then nuff said. I fully understand your knowledge. InsaneCane, the obsession continues. You're a moron!

gatorabum, he sec Least is the red headed step children of the sec west teams. Yes keep cheering the other sec teams because UFelony is not one of the elite sec teams. No one takes your team seriously and now with the NCAA poking around, many issues will be exposed. GOOOOO FAKERS

InsaneCane, I could care less about your opinion on anything. Your extreme obsession with the gators removes all credibility from anything you say. Even if the Gators were the red headed step-child, which obviously to anyone other than an insane maniac like you, they clearly aren't. They're still head and shoulders above the best team in the All Cupcake Conference. So again, not sure what stupid point you're trying to make, other than once again, showing your obsessed moronic stupidity. I think you should stop worry about the ncaa poking around UF, which is hilarious that you actually believe that, and start worrying about the fact that the NCAA is laughing at UM's attempt to throw out the case against them. Just keep pissing them off, and watch that hammer get bigger and bigger. LOL!!

Just like a Gator maggot to take credit for another SEC team's win.

Of course, you don't hear too much SEC! SEC! in light of the Honey Badger's "at least 10 failed drug tests."

Care to take some credit for that, maggots? Or is SEC love just a one-way street? All of the glory and none of the nastiness?

And by the way, let me know the next time an SEC LEast team wins anything. You are riding the West's jock. It is so un-like you Gatr maggots.....errrr...well, actually, it is just like you.

There we go InsaneCane, back to the usual loser maggot talk. Pretty funny that you're talking about the Gators riding the west's jock, when the Gators are coming off an 11 win season and were a last minute turnover in the end zone away from a title game appearance. Again, don't let the facts get in the way. Why would an insane maniac like you do that? The best part of all, is the stupidity that flows from your comments, yet you make fun of my and any Gator alumni's education. But again, that's exactly what'd you'd expect from a cane fan that never stepped foot on the campus. 12 year old rhetoric. Again, win more than 7 games before flapping your insane obsessed delusional mouth!

little gatorabum or is that Santa Fe CC alum, the one wearing the rose colored glasses and is delusional is you if you think the turds with the 5 LA Tech games a year are legit. Even your own fans are worried about the pathetically weak schedule you play year in and out and that is why the Big East ownes you boys! GOOOOOOO Fakers!

I guess the professionals who ranked the Gators schedule the toughest last year, know less than you InsaneCane, huh? Again, don't let the facts gets in the way idiot! Again another stupid uneducated comment from InsaneCane!

Sorry, 5th toughest in the nation. Let me get my facts straight, so I don't look like an idiot like you.

"Sorry, 5th toughest in the nation. Let me get my facts straight, so I don't look like an idiot like you.":

Sorry, maggot, that was a ranking made before the season started, before the puke that was the SEC LEast was truly realized and before you got pounded by the 'ville.

Amazing what poor reasoning skills you take away from your 7 years at UFailure. Ever wonder why you are capped at a measley middle-management job?

So, why don't you go an find some new facts. When SEC teams are artificially ranked high, every year, the pre-season SOS is going to be artificial. But don't let that stop you, worthless diploma holder. Keep repeating what a tough team Tennessee was.

Hey GatorAlum I would suggest you stop responding to this Moron. Remember, you cannot argue with an idiot. These MDCC dropouts make up their "facts" as they go along and do not have a grasp on reality. Let's just wait for the season to play out. In the middle of June the NCAA will smack them with sanctions and then in Sept we will smack them on the field. Two important months to look forward to, just to keep these Morons quiet.
Go Gators!!
SEC, SEC!!!!

(the SEC chant is done on purpose to piss them off)

Ok idiot, here's your final season rankings.


As you can see, they only dropped 2 spots to 7. On the other hand, your team dropped 40 spots to 49, and you talk about SOS? HILARIOUS!! But then again, you talk trash after multiple 7 win season, so I guess it's really not that surprising. You're right jls, I feel like I'm arguing with an uneducated 12 year old. It really is pointless. This is definitely my last time acknowledging this ignorant fool. I wish the game was tomorrow!

santa fe alum, you are the one that produced the fairytail ranking of 5th toughest schedule and then you produce some lame ranking by usatoday, really. In ESPN they were 9th and 3 others show they were 11th so once again you are owned. But of course you immediately compare to Miami however you are the delusional fool who made the statement. Que Banjos, sec, sec GOOOOO Fakers

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