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Gators center Patric Young undergoes ankle surgery

Florida center Patric Young on Friday underwent surgery on his right ankle to remove a bone spur.

Young is on crutches and will not be able to participate in lower body workouts for roughly six weeks. A UF spokesman confirmed the surgery to Landon Watnick of The Independent Florida Alligator.

Young played in all 37 of UF's games this season, starting all but one and finishing with an average of 10.1 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. Through the school, Young announced on April 8 that he would return for his senior season. He was projected as a second round pick in the NBA Draft. 

In a press conference held last week to wrap up the season, coach Billy Donovan spoke of wanting to see more out of the 6-9 big man next year.

"With him going into his senior year now, I think if you look at him when he was a sophomore, he averaged 10 and 6. This year he averaged 10 and 6. I really felt that Patric has the potential and ability to rebound more," Donovan said. "People wanted look at his offense, that he has gotten better offensively. But I feel him playing with a consistent motor would not only help him, it would help our team. I think he has the capability of doing those things."

Perhaps playing on a gimpy ankle limited Young in 2012-13, but there won't be any room for that in 2013-14 as Florida has transfers Damontre Harris (6-11, averaged 6.8 pts, 5.5 rebs with 71 blocks as a sophomore at South Carolina) and Dorian Finney-Smith (6-8, averaged 6.3 pts and 7.0 reb as a freshman at Virginia Tech) as well as incoming freshman Chris Walker (6-10) to add to the competition for minutes in the frontcourt.


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Wish Patrick a speedy recovery. I also believe he could rebound and score more, he's got the size and ability just needs more effort. Maybe with the loaded frontcourt coming in next year he will be more motivated and step it up. Amazing how Donovan has reloaded and is bringing in a team that is potentially better than this year's Elite 8 squad.
Go Gators!!!

Jism1 as usual preseason heros, season zeros. GOOOO Fakers

Look I'm not a fan of UF, but don't be stupid, they've won 2 National Championships. So there nothing to your argument, in fact, zero to you argument.

pre season heroes and regular season zeros aptly describes the canes, as usual. You have no point, as usual, no argument. As mike concurs, you are stupid and a zero. Good job cane fan.

Even Cane fans can't stand InsaneCane. I don't blame them!


UFailure: where promising coaching careers go to die.

UTEP DC coming in as special teams coordinator, same position he had at Boise. Boise, a winning program for several years now. Contrast with the sorry canes a losing program for several years now.
So the Young resignation may prove to be beneficial for the Gators as they replace Young with Lawig who is a great defensive mind and a good recruiter. This opens up another coaching position which is promptly filled by bringing in another good defensive mind and recruiter to take over special teams.
More quality defensive coaches and good recruiters come in to UF. The rich get richer.
Contrast the with the inept defensive staff at The University of Mediocre.

jls666.....we have more wins then you over last 30 years.....8-1 is it? Wins during bowl games as well. We have more crystal trophies then you....I know its hard to deal with. Keep grasping for straws...Timmy is long gone....his shipped has sailed.

What does every Turd fan keep I the closet nowadays??

Yes....keep crying in the closets Turds....he is never coming back....no more Timmy Tears on TV.

Any Cane fan talking smack about UF basketball is an idiot....THEY HAVE MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS then us.

Football...different story...were still on top of that mountain.

100 you are right, I admit it, we are the preseason best but unfortunately under perform during the season. Please stop making valid points that refute my obvious ramblings.

J , he was a coach at boise when they were winning but they hardly ever played anyone. Plus their D sucked which is why he ended up at utep.....

Nice try Moron but that was not me with the previous post. So now you are reduced to highjacking people's IDs as well. First it was changing your name every other post and now you steal my ID.

Then there is this jem:
"jls666.....we have more wins then you over last 30 years.....8-1 is it? Wins during bowl games as well. We have more crystal trophies then you..

Now you imply I'm the devil?

You have to go back 30 years to try and prove your point and then say we are the ones grasping at straws?
You are beyond delusional.

Sid he ran the special teams there and was widely regarded as a special teams genius. Just what we need.
He was not the DC at that time. When you say: "they hardly ever played anyone. Plus their D sucked" everyone in the universe thinks you are talking about the canes.

Back to basketball where this story began. Young coming back, 2 MacDonald all Americans, 5 star, top 5 players in the nation coming in, plus the 2 transfers who are already with the team. Next season's team looks to be better than our Elite 8 one. That is reloading.

blah, blah, blah. We've heard it all before maggots. Kentucky reloads. Duke reloads.

You? Just hope your coach doesn't quit on you again.

sec basketball, ummm not so good! Que Banjos, sec, sec, sec, sec, goooooo Fakers

Rolando McClain has been arrested again in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama, according to a report from WHNT.com. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after police asked a group to disperse from a park and McClain allegedly refused to do so and cursed at officers. This comes three months after he was arrested after signing a ticket “F*** Y’all”.

All together, you inbred maggots:


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Posted by: Typical trailertrash SEC garbage

What happened to Gabe Terry?

Typical cane trash ACC garbage

sec basketball, ummm not so good!

cane basketball, one decent year in a lifetime doesn't allow you to trash talk.
Unless you are a Moron

Now we're getting arrests from other SEC schools thrown at us? InsaneCane once again grasping for anything he can! HILARIOUS!!

Please tell me you sec, sec, sec morons are not comparing yourself to the ACC in basketball, REALLY?
You are dumber than the garbage you spew.
QUE Banjos, sec, sec, sec, GOOOOO FAKERS.

Well, consistency-impaired maggot, if you are going to cheer Alabama's wins, or really any accomplishment by any other SEC skewwwl, wouldn't logic dictate that you are then to have arrests from other SEC skewwwls "thrown" at you? Or is it just a one-way street? Of course, that is how Gatr trash lives its life.

But for the rest of the country, McLain's arrest is cause to cheer SEC! SEC!

Dirtbags, academic backwater, worthless diploma holders unite and cheer, SEC! SEC! SEC!

You maggots are a joke.

Alabama Lineman Dj Fluker Tweets He Took Money In College.

So, not only does he violate rules, he is too stupid to not mention this until after the draft.

Wow. Really surprising, what with an SEC education and all. Them boys in the SEC be really edumucated.


You Miami Morons are truly imbeciles. You imply we chant SEC to take credit for other teams achievements but this is not the case. We do cheer our conference members against their non conference foes and we do take pride when our conference excels. And we definitely take pride when we excel in our own conference since that usually means we are the best in the land. Those of you belonging to the lesser conferences cannot understand this. Who would chant ACC, ACC? Only a complete idiot, like you.
Your so called logic about the arrests is flawed. Tell me again, what happened to Gabe Terry? Third LB thrown off the team in the spring. 3 less LBs from a pathetic defense. Do you know what depth is? Do you know football or are you here just to spout manure?
That was a rhetorical question, we all know the answer.
Talking basketball, what is known worldwide is that the Gators are an elite basketball powerhouse while the canes are a nobody whom had a cinderella type season.
Goooooooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry InsaneCane, I refuse to get into a pissing match with you again. Clearly you get a hard-on by coming on here and saying the stupidest things you can possibly say to get a rise out of us. You can keep playing your stupid immature game. It'd be great if all Gator fans would just ignore your idiocy and maybe you'd actually move on and do something productive with your life, but we all know that'll never happen. You're way too obsessed for that.

academic backwater,
worthless diploma holders
dumber than the garbage you spew
you inbred maggots

A clear reflection of who you are and what you are about.

Alabama Lineman Dj Fluker Tweets He Took Money In College.

So, not only does he violate rules, he is too stupid to not mention this until after the draft.

Wow. Really surprising, what with an SEC education and all. Them boys in the SEC be really edumucated.


Yes, you are correct, Gatr maggot, that post is stupid only because it is true.

Your post is not only stupid it is also irrelevant. Go post in an Alabama blog. A diploma from UA beats one from MDCC. An "SEC education" whatever that means is better than a high school dropout such as yourself.

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