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Miami Dolphins select former Florida Gators linebacker Jelani Jenkins in fourth round of NFL Draft

The Miami Dolphins selected former Florida Gators linebacker Jelani Jenkins with the 104th overall selection during the fourth round of the National Football League Draft on Saturday.

Jenkins, who decided to leave school after his junior season, was regarded as one the nation's best coverage linebackers by ESPN analyst Todd McShay. In three seasons at Florida, Jenkins racked up 182 tackles, 16.5 tackles for a loss, six sacks and three interceptions.

It was thought the 6-0, 237-pound Jenkins would return to school for his senior season after missing extended time last year with several injuries, including a broken thumb, pulled hamstring and a broken bone in his foot.

Still, in Jenkins, the Dolphins get a smart, athletic linebacker who put up 27 repetitions of 225 pounds at the combine. There are some durability concerns, but that's it. Jenkins has the makeup of a longtime pro.


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Turd boy better ball out for my Fins at least....loved Crowder.

Very good draft for the Gators. The Fins did well to draft 3, they will all help out. Sturgis could be the starter in the Fall and Gilleslee has a great chance to play if not start as well.
Surprised no one picked up Lerentee he will probably stick as a FA somewhere.
Go Gators!!

So I guess instead of saying about someones chances in any endeavor that appears to be a longshot the new saying which replaces "a snowballs chance in hell," will be replaced with " a Tebow's chance in the NFL?"

Or "Dorsey's chance in the NFL" you AnonymousTool.

Timmy Tears cut from Jets....please....just retire and stop embarrassing yourself....AND YOUR GATOR MAGGOT NATION....THEY DONT EVEN DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny how all the Miami Morons are fixated on Tebow. Always bring up his name ever since he ruled college football and embarrassed the canes on the field.
Then he had to come to their "home field" rent a stadium and be honored by the Fins at halftime of a game where he proceeded to destroy the Fins.
Either way they keep harping on Tebow.
Go ahead and keep making arses out of yourselves.
The relevant news of the day include no canes drafted in the first round for 5 years in a row.
Only 2 of the many cane seniors drafted at all and both below the 5th round.
The canes finished the year with the #116 ranked defense in the nation.
The canes fell far below UF, FSU ,The SEC and most of the ACC in recruiting.
The cane lost their whole basketball team from last year when Larkin decided to go pro.
In other words, the canes suck.
But go ahead and talk Tebow, you got nothing else to talk about.

que banjos, sec, sec, sec!Little Timmy Tissue is cut from one of the worst teams in the NFL,the Jets? Well since he is unemployed I can find a spot for him in my warehouse like I do many Ufailure grads. They also make good landscapers and auto detailers.


the worst owner in the NFL, with the worst GM in the NFL, has drafted 4 gatr maggots. Not one move or decision they have made since they took over has been a good one or led to any success.

And so the story continues.

Same as it ever was. Draft a Gatr maggot, ensure you lose.



Dorsey provided more value for his draft position between the two over a longer period of time. Biggest turd bust EVER.

Same idiot keeps ranting about Tebow and now includes what I assume is a reference to the Fins. Actually the Fins drafted 3 former Gators not 4 this year. 2 of them have a very good chance at being starters. One of them over the cane taken last year.
Gator envy runs deep.
Go Gators

que banjos - sec, sec, sec, sec LMFAO

It is 10 years of mediocrity and counting. Come up with your own name cane idiot, no originality.
And yes, SEC SEC SEC.
It is also ACC sucks and the canes can't compete.
These are very clever names, because they are true.

Winston, S. @ freightnet, blows Teblow for crack money.

Then they hold each other and cry about mean Ole' Miss beating the hell out of their basketball teams, then Timmy cheers for Wichita State.

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