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Gators notes: Florida to play Kansas, No. 1 recruit Wiggins at home in '13; Jenkins, Sturgis sign contracts; UF gains '14 commit

The Southeastern Conference and the Big 12 conference announced Tuesday the matchups for the 2013-14 Big 12/SEC Challenge, including the headline game between Florida and Kansas on Dec. 10 in Gainesville.

“The ability to showcase SEC basketball in this kind of conference competition makes this a unique and exciting event for our coaches, student-athletes and fans,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a release. “We are pleased to be able to work with the Big 12 and ESPN to highlight the sport of men’s basketball.”

The Jayhawks will bring with them to Gainesville the nation's No. 1 recruit and perhaps the best player in college basketball in Andrew Wiggins, who committed to Kansas Tuesday after much hype surrounding his decision. The Gators signed two of the nation's top 10 recruits and are expected to be ranked in the preseason top 5.

Show us the money

The Dolphins on Tuesday announced they have agreed to terms with former Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins and former Florida kicker Caleb Sturgis.

Jenkins, Miami's first fourth-round pick, and Sturgis, the first place kicker taken in the draft, both have a solid chance at contributing heavily as rookies. Jenkins provides immediate depth at linebacker and should play a large role on special teams, while Sturgis is expected to battle veteran Dan Carpenter for the starting job. Carpenter is scheduled to earn nearly $2.7 million this season.

PG picks UF

Obviously overshadowed on a national scale by the commitment of Wiggins, 2014 point guard Chris Chiozza ended his recruitment by choosing to attend Florida on Tuesday.

A four-star recruit, Chiozza from Memphis, Tenn., is one of the top point guards in next year's class and chose the Gators over his hometown school as well as Butler, Ohio State and others.


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Good news, Matt, thanks for letting us know. Go Gators!

Notice how the showcase game in the Big12/SEC challenge is the Gators/Kansas matchup. Gators are elite.
Congrats to Jelani and Caleb, looking forward to watching them play at the next level.
Another top BB recruit signs on, Gator basketball is loaded.

Funny....as per an article on espn....here as an exciting tidbit on the Turds:

{The Gators already have Florida State as an annual nonconference game, and Foley prefers to fill the other open nonconference slots with home games. Florida rarely plays a nonconference game away from home, much less out of state. Indeed, of the future Florida opponents already announced, the only nonconference road game is in Tallahassee.}

"Florida RARELY plays a non-conference game AWAY from home".

Wow.....looky what we got us here....hypocrites they are to the fullest. Ranking on us about not playing LSU with them doing the same thing....hahahahaha....September 7th is coming fools.....NO EXCUSES!!!!!

But you silly Miami Moron, we DO play LSU. In fact LSU is our permanent SEC west rival, no on of the Mississippis or Mizzou or other weakling, but LSU. The team you are afraid to play in a neutral site.
What your tiny brain fails to comprehend is that we play the best teams in the land in the best conference in the land, we don't need any OOC strong teams between the SEC powers and FSU we have a strong schedule every year.
It is you that play in the worst conference in the land that need to play strong OOC teams. And now you won't. Cowards and morons you are, that strategy will backfire and keep you in the mud pit where you currently reside.

I do like your spelling of the word "excUse", like excUse U.

You play them because you have no choice.......can't escape that one as it is part of your conference.....you would if you could. Jls I will be talking much smack when wipe our arse with your team in a few months......no excuses.

You all act like you want to play us bu you really don't......we have owned you the last 30 years......we will again.

It wasn't until 2002 that the canes pulled ahead of the Gators in head to head games. So, by your math, we owned you for the 1st 60 years. Enjoy the sweet dreams of summer, you're in for a rude awakening Sept 7th.

Miami Moron don't know math.
He don't know football.
He don't know reality.
Miami Moron already talks much trash and smack
Even though he has no accomplishments to allow him to
That is why he is a Moron
We don't care to play another pansy like you
Don't care, you are nothing

Sorry I had to dumb down my delivery just so the Morons can clearly understand.

Last 30 years your 8-1 against us including bowl losses.....you will not walk out of South Florida with a win. It took you 4 quarters Timmy Tears senior year (the year of the choke)to beat us. There is no one on your roster that scares us. Its been written a few times the past week the fact that "the Gators offensive line is not that talented"....your QB gets happy feet under pressure....he is not going to beat us with his "cannon like" arm....that's for sure. Defense....yes you have a good few players but not like last year....how do you beat us? Seriously....serious question. You could not even field enough players for a spring game for Gods sake.

Face the facts....Timmy is gone....he is not coming back....no more 11-1 seasons sneaking in a NC with others still undefeated in the top ten. Never an undefeated season?

Ever ever?
Ever, ever ever?


Talking sh*t, right until kickoff!!!!

Tebow is long gone and all Gator fans have moved on years ago. Only cane idiots like you keep bringing him up in these blogs. Guess he really got under your skin and you are still traumatized by how good he was.
The Gator O line is very talented, in fact it is better than last year's, all those players missing from the spring game will be ready in August.
How do we beat you? Just like every other good team you faced last year beat you. Easy. You will soon find out.
Keep talking it's all you Morons can do. Talk with nothing to back it up. Empty talk. We will let our play on the field do the talking.

Idiot cane doesn't know facts before he posts.
Last 30 years: UM 7 - UF 3
We played 10 games, UF won 1983, 1985, 2008.

Yes, Gators were undefeated in 1911. Another know-nothing cane.

UM did not pass UF in head to head wins until 2002. F

Yeah I know of the 1911 squad that went 5-0-1 that year....again..... Never a full undefeated season clown. Let's try to keep it this century as well.

Again....last 30 years we own you.

Never 12-0???

Ever? Ever ever?

Now I did not know about the 1911 team and I'm a Gator fan, the Miami Moron said, "Yeah I know of the 1911 squad that went 5-0-1 that year". That is the definition of obssessed.
Second, who cares about undefeated seasons, we care about winning seasons.
Keep talkin empty talk, it's all you got.
Keeping it in the present, we won the last meet and since that game we have been on the rise while you are still spiriling down.
Have you found a defense yet?

JISM1 say que banjos, sec, sec, sec

You claimed Gators never hsd an undefeated season, I proved you an idiot. Idiot cane, posted, yet has no idea what he's talking about

The idiot keeps talking makes himself look more stupid with each post. Yes, Dec 2, 1995, Gators were 12-0.

How can UM own UF when we had more wins than you? UF owned UM till 2002, over 60 years.

somiamigator, The gators have never completed an NCAA Football (season) undefeated, that includes the bowl game moron. Wait a minute, I think Nebraska scored again! You conveniently left that fact out of your post! Last 30 years = Miami owns the gators, season or bowl games, it doesnt matter, Miami flat out owns you!
Come Sept. 7, 2013 Miami will contiue the dominance at Sunlife Stadium and once again you boys will run with your gator tails between your legs, crying we were robbed or our team was not healthy or its early in the season. GOOOOO FAKERS!

Come on jls, don't get sucked into the InsaneCane vortex. All you're doing is feeding his insanity. The little boy has a permanent hard-on every time you respond to him. Everyone on the planet besides him knows the canes are an absolute joke, so just laugh at his absurdity and don't bother responding. Believe me, I know it's hard!

the InsaneCane vortex
I like the sound of that, and you are right. Sept 7 will be a great day and I will remind this Moron and all his minions about it all season long.
Go gators!!


Let me re-phrase it again.....THE TURDS have never had a COMPLETE AND UN-DEFEATED SEASON LIKE THE U....EVER...


Talking trash....right until kickoff!!

Rephrase it all you want, the Gators were undefeated in 1911. Another know-nothing cane.

Or maybe he doesn't know the meaning of undefeated. Either way, an idiot.

No use arguing with an idiot and you can't teach a moron so there you go.
You talk your empty trash now, it's all you can do. I'll get back to you after the game when the Gators run all over the #117 defense and destroy the wimpy canes in front of a sea of Orange and Blue.

Gonna show up in my double wide, BBQ some possum in the parking lot, play my banjo and drink moonshine with my cousins until we get so drunk that we start kissing.

Good one Billy, don't think you missed any of the stereotypes out there.

1911.....you were not undefeated as you had a tie that year....you were like 5-0-1....fool....lets try to keep it this century at least....jag off.

Question.....why in the world do you all play Georgia Southern your 11th game this year? Do you need a practice game or "week off" before FSU??

Seriously....Toledo your first game....I get it...but...your supposed to be getting stronger as the year goes on....not weaker....it's got to be a "breather" before FSU....weak.

At least The U gets the easy ones done first....our first three this year should be a breeze....I look forward to being 3-0 to start the year!!

Oh God....just started to check schedules for all SEC teams....Bama, Turds, Georgia.....all for the most part play 7 home games and 5 away....Georgia actually plays a tuff game first against Clemson. Thought I saw it all until I came across LSU....WHAT A FING JOKE....are you serious??????

LSU plays 8....YES 8 home games and only 4 away....hahahahahahahahahahah.....talk about scared to travel. There first 4 games are at home.....hahahahah.....

They play 3 patsies....UAB, Kent State & Furman....

The SEC.....where its all smoke and mirrors....


Valpareso beat the gator baseball team, really? Back to the bottom for the baseball team, oh well you had 3 good years. GOOOO Fakers

So to summarize,

after all the talk from the big mouth Pig and the general trailer trash that is the Gatr fan about "Sully" and their baseball team and all the facilities, money, blah blah blah, they were no better than the Canes. Both bounced in the regional, only the Canes lost to much better competition.

Yeah, Austin Peay crapped all over you, Gatr maggots.

Epic failure for the SEC team with all the resources. So typical of big mouth Gatr Trash.

By the way, yeah, 1911. Undefeated. What they were playing wasn't even football. And UFailure still didn't played all their games at home 3 of the 5 were against UL Laf, Toledo and Furman.

Miami Moron comes to trash talk about baseball when we had the worst team in recent history and still made it to the regional and went as far as the canes did when they had all the pre season hype. So our worst team performs just as good/bad as the cane hyped team.

Then he carries on about weak schedules for the football team trying, and failing, to compare his coward canes to the SEC elite teams. Again he picks and chooses the 3 worst teams in each SEC schedule to make a point. All while ignoring the complete schedule which is ranked as one of the toughest in the nation year in and out. The SEC elite teams have the toughest schedules and still manage to win and be ranked in the top 10 when all is said and done.
The canes have a weak schedule and keep losing and end up unranked year in and out and very mediocre.
So what do they do? They weaken an already soft schedule some more in an attempt at finally winning more than the 7 games a season that is their norm.
And this Moron comes here to brag and trash talk?
Only in Miami, only from the puny mind of a Miami Moron.


After years of whoring themselves out to athletics, with less than great results, the maggot-infested UFailure is reaping what is sows. Crumbing infrastructure. Budget cuts. NOT ENOUGH MONEY. What's that about the stellar facilities? All the resources? Ever heard of the saying, "the shoemakers kids have no shoes?"

Toooo funny, Gatr Trash. Too funny. From Gainesvile Sun:

From cranky basement water chillers to leaky rooftops, from disintegrating electrical cables to erupting steam lines, the University of Florida campus is a city with aging infrastructure in dire need of repair.

Without money to fix big-ticket items, UF must put these repairs on its deferred maintenance list. That list totals about $45 million, said Curtis Reynolds, vice president for Business Affairs and Economic Development.

You, the UFailure, the steaming cesspool of Trailerville all suuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk.

"and went as far as the canes did when they had all the pre season hype."

Posted by: jls14234 | June 03, 2013 at 09:30 AM

Wow, this Gatr trash is really dumb, or has reading comprehension issues, or is a liar, or is the product of his failed university. Probably all.

Gomer, hate to burst your trailer, but in the 2013 Baseball America Preseason poll, Miami was unranked and the Gatr Trash were 17.

Yep, a lying idiot Gatr. Typical dirtbag.

What is the key phrase in that article?

"Without money to fix big ticket items."

What are the key words in that phrase?

"Without money."

Wow. You graduates of that skeewwwl have been fed a bunch of garbage. Time to pay the piper, you credit card millionaires.

Fix the leaky trailers first.

Listen Miami Moron early on this past season we found out our BB team was a disappointment when they started on a long losing streak. So it wasn't in the pre season but it was very early during the season. Your sorry canes started on a long winning streak and were promptly hyped up and ranked. That was until they met the Gators and lost 2 out of 3. At the end of the season we both got bounced at the same time. We had no expectations with this team, you did. So don't argue about semantics, my point is the same and still stands.

Typical cane retard that has never ventured out of Dade county, UF has been around since 1853. There are some very old buildings on that historic campus. No doubt some of them need repairs. So what is your point Moron? You are the one who does not know what you are talking about. You are obsessed with the Gators, you know we have better teams than you, better coaches, better facilities and a bigger, nicer and better campus. We are your big brother. You are a jealous little wannabe.


sour grapes from a typical Gatr dirtbag. Lies, lies and more Gatr trash lies.

It's always, heads I win, tails you lose in your reasoning. Canes had no expectations in baseball, clown. There was no hyping. Gatr trash had another epic fail. Another looooooong year with no CWS.

As for old buildings, none of the buildings from 1853 are around you moron. And, last I checked, they weren't laying electrical cables in 1853. Or are you going to say that the leaking roofs are the original roofs from 1853?

Whitewash it all you want, clown. The Gatr trash is a failure.

No money. Despite everything you have posted, you have an opinion of yourselves as if you looked like Doutzen Kroes when in reality you look like Corinne Brown.

Class dismissed, Gatr Trash. Maybe you can fix the cell phones that were used in 1853 also.

BWWWWAHAAHA, what a dumbarse.

Posted by: jls14234 | June 03, 2013 at 12:41 PM

Do you think a 5 hr ride to Trailerville makes you cultured? Wordly? You spent 6 years in Trailerville. That sucked what little culture you had out of you.

So the cane idiot is now talking infrastructure.
On a football blog.
He already tried academics.
Forget about sports.
Now it's infrastructure.
What's next Pro Bowlers?
Wait he already tried that.
Guess when you have nothing to brag about your football team or your athletic department you have to make up stories about infrastructure.
Why not talk about lakes?
You do have a lake on your campus don't you?
That makes as much sense as infrastructure, academics or NFL players when talking college football.
So you have a wimpy man made lake full of guppies and tadpoles.
We got Lake Alice full of gators.
We also got Lake Wauburg.
Beat you again.

"Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog | June 03, 2013 at 03:03 PM"

hmnmmm, confused here with the logic-challenged Gatr maggot. You spout on and on about your facilities, yet when you are factually and accurately refuted, it is somehow irrelevant?

Just like when you take a pounding, you don't hear too much "SEC SEC" talk, do you?

You inbreds can't get it straight.

For the time being, there is a roach infestation problem in your crumbling computer lab. The sewer has backed up into the streets.

Hold a bake sale and get someone on that, stat.

"no Money."

"No Money."

"No Money."

Crumbling infrastructure and budget cuts. Hmmms, seems like a nice place to go.

Yeah but Lake Alice beats your wimpy man made lake.
And alligators are way cooler than guppies.

"Yeah but Lake Alice beats your wimpy man made lake.
And alligators are way cooler than guppies."


The epic post of a defeated maggot. Lake Alice. Yep. That shows me. Of course, with the way the crappy pluming is deteriorating, the students will have to bathe in Lake Alice.

"No Money."

"No Money."

"No Money."

Is this dude serious? This guy is commenting about infrastructure at UF during the day!! Great successful life you have.

Well, at least I don't have a worthless diploma from UFailure. That puts me ahead of the 18K mindless grads every year.

There is no such thing as a worthless diploma. Your problem is you have no diploma at all.
You also have no sense of humor or common sense to know when someone is being facetious.
The Lake Alice poster is making fun at the absurdity of your recent obsession with infrastructure. His post was very clever, while your response is the same old manure.
No originality, no common sense, no reading comprehension, no diploma, no life.
Typical Miami Moron.

Someone get a mop in the computer lab! Stat!

We gots no money to fix anything. Tie those wires into a bow and grab a beaker. Let's make a light bulb because it gets awful dark in here with all the broken lights.

What up, Gator Pigs? Your diploma is worthless. They lied to you the day you enrolled and the day you graduated 7 years later. It is the SEC way.

Jim Gallo

I just checked the cane blog. You have been online on that blog since 9:00am which leads me to believe you don't have a job nor financial responsibilities(wife, kids, life) Try match or eharmony. Move on - get a life! Perhaps you can find another drop out(male or female) that is as passionate about UF's infrastructure as you are.

Canes baseball was not expected to do anything this year, yet the gators were ranked 17 and you all talked about a CWS this year, blah, blah, blah. The canes surprised with their play this year and yet the gators limped into a regional and got pounded by two second tier schools but lets not put facts in the argument, right? GOOOOOO FAKERS

UM was 9-0 and the Gators had lost 5 straight before we took the series. Head to head, Gators won. Keep telling us how bad UF baseball is, we still beat you!UF 13-1 vs the canes.


Such typical Gatr garbage. 18 year old Olsen leaves the scene and it is an indictment on all Miami players.

The president of that trash school UFailure does the same and these pigs try to brush it aside.

Maybe Bernie was using all the maintenance money for his legal defense team.

Such.. Typical..... Gatr....Trash.

"That’s right. The Pres left the scene of an accident while dining downtown Friday night. The police report apparently says a parking attendant told him he might have hit a Camry on the lot, but Machen went on to the restaurant.

Officer Jeff Kerkau verified there was an accident and, with another officer, went to the restaurant and got Machen, according to the report. They returned to the car and Machen was issued a citation for failure to leave information to an unattended vehicle causing damage."

Gordon Gee had it right. Gatr Trash suuuuucks.

Don't fix the crumbling buildings. I need money for my legal defense.


Ol' Pres. Bernie

Orange and Blue you nailed it, this obsessed Moron is posting about the Gators most of his day either here or at the Cane blog. His latest rant is about infrastructure, how relevant.
SoMiami it is funny he brings up baseball when we have owned the Canes in baseball since 2008 but facts don't matter to an idiot.
Cane football, mediocre since 20002
Cane baseball, mediocre since 2008
Cane basketball, mediocre since inception
Yet we have massive cheating for many years in football and basketball with Nevin.
And now we have a PED scandal brewing in baseball.
The NCAA will be busy with the Canes for years to come.

Swamp donkey, get your gator garbage off the canes blog. Otherwise, I will continue to torture you and your unfounded arrogant selves with facts about your trash school.

In the meantime, lend me $50.00 to fix your grand facilities which are in a horrible state of disrepair. How do you expect your pointy-eared inbred Quaddaback to practice in conditions like that?

Internet tough guy making threats. The dumb just get dumber. Imbecile does not know what a fact is. His key words today are:
swamp donkey & gator garbage, juvenile attempt at insults
trash school, as if he ever went to school
facilities in horrible state of disrepair, right
poiny eared inbred QB, slander insult at a 19 year old kid

unfounded insults, slander, lies and exaggerations

Try the truth and it will set you free.

I have read the cane blog and there is no one more pathetic than you.
You know what you can do with your empty threats and internet thuggery.

If you trailer maggots, after 7 years of undergrad at UFailure could read, you may want to peruse the Gainesville Sun about how shabby your touted facilities really are.

Instead, you live in a world of delusion where UFailure i:

1. An excellent academic skeeewwl;
2. In a beautiful college town;
3. A rich athletic history; and
4. Better than the U.

Each on its own is laughable. Together, pure comedy riot.

Delusion in the trailerpark. It's what a UFailure grad does.

Only in Trailerville is the town considered as beautiful as Princeton, NJ.

Back on earth, it is a cesspool closer to Knoxville (which is no slouch in the cesspool department).

1. An excellent academic skeeewwl;

Yes it is, school that is

2. In a beautiful college town;

Not only that, but the UF campus itself is a beautiful setting

3. A rich athletic history; and

For sure, best in the State

4. Better than the U.

In both academics and athletics

Glad we agree on something
Now on Sept 7 we can agree the Gators will run all over the #117 defense
Go Gators!!!

This dude: "peruse the Gainesville Sun much"

Obsess much? No life and no wife but he anonymously is the resident expert on UF infrastructure. What a joke.

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