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Florida pitcher, Okeechobee native Jonathon Crawford selected by Detroit Tigers in first round of MLB Draft

With the No. 20 pick overall in the first round of Thursday's Major League Baseball Player Draft, the Detroit Tigers selected Florida pitcher Jonathon Crawford, erasing any doubts that a less-than-stellar junior season would hurt the Okeechobee native's chances of going early.

Crawford (6-2, 205) burst onto the scene as a first-year starter as a sophomore in 2011-12, throwing a no-hitter against Bethune Cookman in the NCAA Tournament Regional to cap a year in which he compiled a 6-2 record with a 3.13 ERA and 73 strikeouts in 77.2 innings. However, with a much younger and inexperienced team behind him in 2012-13, Crawford put up a 3-6 record with a 3.84 ERA and 69 strikeouts in 86.2 innings.

Still, Detroit saw enough to make Crawford a first-round pick Thursday.

“The Tigers organization is pleased to select Jonathon Crawford this evening,” Tigers vice president of amateur scouting David Chadd told the Detroit Free Press. “He has a power arm with a plus slider and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to add him to our organization.”

While Crawford has been to known to reach mid-90s with his fastball and has great movement on his slider, some critics pointed to the lack of a strong third pitch as to why Crawford would not be selected in the first round. Additionally, concerns about his delivery leading to control issues with his fastball also led to criticism during pre-draft analysis. It's possible Crawford could end up as a setup man or closer if those issues are not sorted.

Crawford's performance while a member of Team USA certainly helped his case for a first-round selection. He earned a win against Cuba after striking out six over 6.1 innings and finished the summer with a 3-0 record and 2.02 ERA against some of the best young talent in baseball.

Baseball America had Crawford ranked 19th overall and the ninth-best pitcher available in the draft.


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Good luck to Jonathan. Hope MLB doesn't raid too many more players and commits. Go Gators!!

Is it puff-puff-pass? or Pass-puff-puff?

I am too stupid to know the difference. Remember, I am dumb Gatr Trash. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to get into this dump of a skeeewwwl.

BWWWHAHA. Not a week goes by that the UFailure is a national joke. Just shut that dump down.

Not a week goes by that the UFailure is a national joke. Just shut that dump down.

Actually, not a DAY goes by that you are not viewed as a national joke and a poor excuse for a human being.
Just another typical Miami Moron, a sad imbecile.

For such an (allegedly) successful program, stellar academic institution and beautiful campus, this blog sure is dead. Wonder what ol' Bernie "hit and run" would have to say about this dump?

He might say:" Dump? That is funny because the skeewl of which I am president is a dump."

Ahhhh, such is life, when you are nothing but lowlife Gtr Trash. Paging ScottieBilliken. Rasta-mon on line 1.

Another Turd arrested...."Hey...IM A UF FOOTBALL PLAYER"!!!!!!!


Its funny how they don't even report the arrest on this pathetic blog....I get it...after 65 of them I would b tired too.

Hey, Antonio. Hey, Bernie Machen. Hey, Wilbekin.

Let's ride around, smoke da weed, punch people out, kill them, then smash into cars and flee the scene. That's the Gatr Trash way.

Typical. Dirtbag. Gatr Trash.

The national joke is located in Trailerville.

Yo! Braaaaahhhh? Gonna commit some murdah up in dis joint. I be Gatah Trash and I be a scumbag losah jus' like all my Gata Trash bruthas.

Hey, Pig. You are right about #1 Gatah in one respect:

Felonies, murders, and all around criminal activity. Do they give a Capitol (Murder) Cup for that?

Guess PED's and dinners at Hooters kind of pale in comparison to felony murder, battery and drug use.

"We got no case."

Unfortunately, the DA will not be saying the same thing about Gatgr Trash Hernandez....Tsk, tsk, Gatr Trash.

We has a biiiiiig case against you, worthless diploma donkey.

BWWWHAHAHA. It just keeps getting worse for that trash skeewl and better for the rest of the country:

"New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sued earlier this month for allegedly shooting a man in the face following an altercation at a Miami strip club … TMZ has learned. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Florida on June 13 — five days before investigators searched the NFL star’s Massachusetts home in connection with a homicide investigation that appears to be unrelated."

"Guess PED's and dinners at Hooters kind of pale in comparison to felony murder, battery and drug use."

Says the idiot cane fan.

I guess he hasn't heard of Ray Lewis, Bryan Pata, Warren Sapp, and the list goes on. If true, Hernandez still has nothing on your boy Lewis.

"Aaron Hernandez was driver of a vehicle Odin LLoyd and 2 others in. Lloyd found dead one mile from Hernandez home." - ESPN

Typical Gatr Trash. Low-life maggots. Shut that dump skewwwl down.

Riiieeeeegght, Gatr maggot. Who did Pata kill? And Sapp? Who did he kill?

No equivalency there, you inbred maggot. Of course, I wouldn't expect a holder of a worthless diploma to be able to distinguish anything.

Wilbekin, pass me the weed, I need to study for my Facebook final.

An. Academic. Backwater.

Watch out, here comes Pres. Machen and he is tagging cars left and right.

Update – Thursday at 10:30 a.m.: Steve Silva of Boston.com reported via Twitter that he has heard, via a law enforcement source, that Hernandez will be arrested shortly in connection with the murder.

Shut. That. Dump. Skewwwwl. Down...

Gatr trash is as Gatr trash does.

They didn't kill any one you dummy. That wasn't my point. My point is that you have gun runners, wife beating, people killing scumbags that ran through your dump program. And that is only the tip of the iceberg of the scumbag list.

But then again, my worthless diploma didn't lend to my ability to be smarter to not throw rocks when living in a glass house.

Dude, you really are a complete loser.

52 felony arrests since 2006. Leads the nation.

Bloody credit cards. Ronnie "AK-47" Wilson.

Maybe they can add some blue to Aaron "Felony Murder" Hernandez's "erng" jumpsuit.


You were saying, worthless diploma holder?

Aaron "The new OJ and White Bronco" Hernandez.

Police are back at the home of New England Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez today with another warrant based on evidence that “he destroyed his home security system,” an investigator close to the case told ABC News. The investigator, and other law enforcement sources, confirmed that the security system – which included video surveillance – was smashed intentionally. And a cell phone used by Hernandez was handed over to investigators “in pieces” by his attorneys, the sources said. Police also want to know why a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez’s mansion, sources told ABC News. The revelations come as multiple sources tell ABC News that the star NFL player has not been ruled out as a suspect in the murder of a semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, 27, who was Hernandez’s friend.

Not only a dirtbage murderer, but like typical Gatr Trash, a coward.

If only you could field all of your criminals at once, the UFailure would be #1 in the penal league.

Is it a coincidence that Aaron "Murderer" Hernandez had a bloody credit card in the back seat of his OJ mobile?

I think not, trailer donkeys. What a disgusting trash skeewwwl. But worry not. The social media curriculum will make you a top-notch skewwwl in no time.

Didn't know he was still playing for the Gators. Not sure why you keep going on and on about it. Shouldn't you be blowing up the Patriot blogs with your retarded posts? Oh that's right I forgot your computer is permanently stuck on Gator Clause. I don't think the NCAA gives two sh*ts about this, so I'm not sure why you're going off on the fact that he played for the Gators 4 years ago, and why you're even trying to compare it to the canes fiasco. Again it just shows how stupid you are!

Well, since you ended your post with an exclamation point, I guess it must be true! So there! and There! And right there!

Ummmm, Gomer, I know logic and consistency were replaced in the UFailure curriculum with Facebook, Twitter and Flikr majors, but when the Gatr Trash attacks Miami, it is always about Ray Lewis, Sapp, etc.

So now you know why, Gatr maggot. What a June it has been for you, huh?

Would you like to discuss Antonio "aggravated batter" Morrison? Or does that not comport with your parameters? Do you even know what that is! See!

Worthless. Diploma.

"Hernandez, 23, has been tied to homicide since the body of Odin Lloyd, 27, was found shot in the back of the head Monday in an industrial park near Hernandez's home in Boston. According to police, Lloyd was dating the sister of the mother of Hernandez's daughter. Lloyd's body was discovered near a vehicle that had been rented by Hernandez.

SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! The trailerpark never leaves the trash. Garbage into UFailure; garbage out.

Typical Gatr TRash.

So...does this mean I cant have him on my Fantasy Football"??

You disgusting Gatr garbage. Dis ain't Alachua County where you can get away with any felonies. This is the big time. One more Gatr maggot in the pen.

When you learn this behavior in Trailerville (AHEM, top 1%), it is hard to break that.

Shut. That. Dump. Skewwwl. Down.

in Instagram and Obstruction of Justice at that crap skewwl?

"Massachusetts State Police issued an arrest warrant Friday for New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez for obstruction of justice in connection with a homicide investigation, ABC News reported."

Awfully silent in the trailerpark.


JISM1,gatoralum you both must be so proud of the young men produced by your program and left to terrorize the public. Sad, sad day in trailerville. Oh well there is still the sec, sec, sec, GOOOOOO FAKERS.

Man, you're losing it again huh? 5 posts in a row? Sorry, I'm not going to get in a pissing match with you again, you're mentally ill it's kind've pointless. Enjoy the hard on you're getting over hernandez, it's quite hilarious.

gatoralum - the truth shall set you free! Own the felons.

Still no reference to Hernandez or "But I'm a UF football player"?? Hahahahahaha....

What a sorry stinky little blog this is you pathetic bunch of TURDS!!!!!

So Gatorslum, you pathetic obsessed troll, you joked for years about the death of Pata, and trolled out lies about Ray Lewis when he was a Raven, but nodoy can point out your hypocrisy when Aaron Hernandez becomes a repeat offender and a prime suspect in a murder?

Too bad, you earned this treatment on here after the YEARS of hatefilled lies about the death of an innocent man on here and other blogs.

I don't see why you suddenly are claiming we can't bring up Aaron Hernandez, Bernie Machen, and the multiple arrests of Gators, when you were loving the death of Bryan Pata.

You reap what you sow, troll.

My point is that you have gun runners, wife beating, people killing scumbags that ran through your dump program.
Posted by: erng 'n blue | June 20, 2013 at 11:36 AM
Really? I don't recall any gun runners, wife beaters, or murderers in Miami. No matter how profane and disgusting your language chooses to be. Accusing a murder victim like Sean Taylor of a criminal, weak. And accusing players of being wife beaters when you have players texting death threats is hypocritical. And when a man is killed after dating a player's sister and is found a mile from their home and they destroy evidence, that is nothing at all like what any Miami players have done.

But then you have trouble spelling orange, namechanging troll, so I can not expect class and reality out of you.

I am ashamed to be associated with this dump skewwl.

More murderers and felons on the way up the ranks. We are UFailure.

Hermano - you are giving Cane Fans & #canesfam a bad name. Papo, let our players do the talking on in September not blog trolls.

#canesfam is looking forward to a great game!

When the po' po' look in Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez's eyes, they see a murderer.

I look in them and see Gatah Trash.

"'Erng 'n blue shackles."

BWWWAHAHA, You dumb hillsnakes with your false superiority complex. Your school sucks.

Worthless. Diploma.

Yup, these UM and UF trolls are absolutely pathetic.

I would prefer there not be comments sections on UM and UF blogs than to see this and what's going on with the UM blog.

"FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Patriots have announced the release of tight end Aaron Hernandez following his arrest in the investigation of a homicide last week in North Attleboro, Mass."

Uh, huh. Yep. Keep the trash train rollin', Gatr Trash.

Worthless. Diploma. Skeewwwwl.



Hey watts...you on vacation bro? This stinky little blog reeks of death......little Turddunkins.....how will your teame ever catch up to The U TD streak when you got guys going to the clink?


ESPN looks like geniuses after hiring Ray Lewis who will be able to give insight in murder cases.

Yep, only difference is, Ray was acquitted. This Gatr maggot did it and is going away and flushing the whole Gatr Trash program with him.

Don't think the issue of all the failed drug tests is going away. Pretty much going to bring that crap program to its knees when they sniff around and see that everyone, including the buck-toothed varmint Foley, was actively engaged in concealing failed drug tests.

Ta ta, Gatr maggots.

"FOX 25 has learned exclusively that investigators are looking into Aaron Hernandez as a possible suspect in a double murder that happened on July 16, 2012 in downtown Boston. According to the Boston Police blog from that date, officers responded to the intersection of Shawmut Avenue and Herald Street just after 2 a.m. When they arrived, they found three people had been shot, two fatally, as they sat in a car at a traffic light. The men were identified as Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu. The FOX 25 source said the men, who worked at a cleaning company in Dorchester, had just left a bar in the area.The source said that investigators were looking into Aaron Hernandez’s connection to the killing."

Straight. Gatr. Garbage.


Really quiet around here. No "rah rah Gatah" from ol' jls14234? Why not, you worthless diploma holder?

Is it because your dump of a skewwwl is the embarrassment of a nation right now?

Redneck trash is as redneck trash does.

At least Aaron "MURDAH" Hernandez knows what the feel of steel handcuffs is like. He had plenty of practice at UFailure.

Come to think of it, so did 45 other Gatr Trash maggots.

Ahhh, truly a fine institution.

"During his first 24 hours in jail, Hernandez has been "polite and cooperative" and a "model inmate," Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson said."

Well, at least his UFailure education was good for something.

Did he double major in "Model Inmate and Instagram."

Soldy, the jokes just write themselves. There is enough material from the past month on this joke school to last years.

How funny.....they didn't even let Hernia put his arms through his shirt....this is a stinky little Turd blog....Watts has gone AWOL.....don't blame him....

I would say that Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez is a stain on the UFailure, but really, can you stain sh*t?

What did Tim Tebow have to say about this? I really want to know.

Oh that's right, Tebow would never hang around such people as that, he is such a saint, LOL!

Three weeks with no good news about the Gators, and of course they try to bury their bad news, or in some cases, just leave it in a field a mile from their home, so no comments here about Aaron Hernandez.

Meanwhile, two straight days of good news posts on the Hurricanes page, and the trolls are posting over there more than they are posting here, trying to turn the good news into bad news.

No matter how you twist it, current and former gators are getting suspended, arrested, and meanwhile current and future Canes are getting lauded and improving their TEAM.

But Keep trolling the Canes oards 24-7, Curse Piggy, we know you have nothing else to do here Gatorslum.

Gatr Trash has had as many murderers this week as players taken in the NBA draft.

So, you know, at least you have that going for you, maggots.

Awfully quiet here. Where is all the "Orange and Blue" or "SEC!" talk?

Hmmm, one little murder shuts you trailer donkeys up?

Calling Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez and all other sleazebag Gatr Trash athletes (which is redundant, I know):

"Two convicted murderers are running a summer day camp for children at a Raleigh University."

Maybe Aaron is interested in being a counselor?

"Did you see who I was with?" said the first message, at 3:07 a.m. on June 17. "Who?" she finally replied.
"NFL," he texted back, then added: "Just so you know."
It was 3:23 a.m. Moments later, Lloyd would be dead, McCauley said.
Since noone else here is keeping Gator fans up to date on these important developments, I figure you should get the info.

BTW, looks like he isn't NFL anymore, -1 on the Gators list of NFL players, with Tebow soon to join him.

you know the Gatr Trash won't post anything, well, except for that mentally disturbed Soldy Pig who just posts repetitive garbage.

Gatr Trash is best at looking at just one side of the ledger. It's all SEC! SEC! until facts smack them in the pock-marked face, then just silence.

Poor Gatr Trash. There is no more deserving skewwl than your cesspool.

Let's recap what a remarkable month it has been for the Gatr Trash. In order of occurrence:

1. Scottie "Rasta" Wilbekin, you know, that ugly-as-sin-but-god-looking-by-inbred-Gatr standards, suspended for da WEED.

2. Antonio "aggravated battery" Morrison is arrresed for yet another felony.

3. President Bernie "One for the Road" Machen is cited for driving into a parked car and fleeing the scene.

4. The academic backwater that is UFailure announces it is offering a major in "Social Media" so now, as if the UFailure diploma were not utterly useless, they add a cherry to the joke. This on top of the course in StarCraft and cutting Computer Science from the budget. Wow. What a skewwl.

Ever wonder why every skewwwl in the SEC outside of Vandy is joke academically.

5. And finally, the coup-de-grace, the Tower of Power, the Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez" who needs no introduction.

So there you have it folks. The alleged flagship school of this mostly whitetrash state is leading the way albeit the wrong way.

You are a joke, Gatr maggots. Even Missy State, which is barely a university located in one of the worst towns in the US, is laughing at you. A nation joins them.


Forgot one:

6. The school admits it has no funds to repair or replace aging and decrepit infrastructure as water mains crack, sewer lines leak, electrical conduits crumble and buildings, in dire need of repair, remain in poor condition.

You may applaud now.

I just burned my diploma.

Wow, you truly are Insane! You actually make Hernandez look like a choirboy. The funniest thing is you're actually turning this into a Gator thing as if he learned to be a murderer in college. You really are a sad excuse for a human being InsaneCane.

gatoralum, how much was covered up at uf for this guy? This isn't something he decided to do, this is part of who he is. I can also recall several post from uf fans regarding Ray Lewis during the Superbowl, difference is he was found not guilty after a full trial, so now as usual gator fans don't want to take what they dished out. What about the multiple failed drug test at uf that have now come to light? Don't be foolish and attack canes fans.

I'm not denying stuff was covered up, but that just says he was a looney bin like you, long before he came to UF. Obviously things were covered up in New England as well. We can take anything thats dished out but seriously, 50 comments in a row? I think 1 comment and a response to someone's comment towards you is enough to get your point across. I mean to come on here and post 50 comments in a row using different names as if we don't know it's the same person is a little insane don't you think? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be known as InsaneCane now would you? I mean you even go as far as posting as jls. I'm surprised you haven't posted as me yet.

I just burned my diploma.

Posted by: jls14234

That post was obviously not mine. I haven't read these comments in weeks and find the cane troll has gone bananas with the Hernandez case, he is truly obsessed.
Gatoralum why argue with this insane idiot? Now he claims Gator fans posted about Ray Lewis back then so he is paying back. I doubt no one has ever posted as much and as often as this Moron has done here.
Sept 7th can't get here fast enough.
I won't be checking these comments again until a new story is posted. Let the fool talk to his many personalities it only highlights what a disturbed idiot he is, and like Laz said, gives all Cane fans a bad name.
Go Gators!!

When New England drafted Aaron Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, there was not a single person who cringed at the idea of Hernandez returning to the area of the country where he grew up.

But in hindsight, don’t we now look back at the friendship between Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick as a piece of this terrible puzzle?

Because the two powerful coaches are friends, Belichick knew more about Hernandez’s issues at Florida. He knew what Meyer had done to try to get the tight end heading on a straight path.

Meyer brought Hernandez into his home. He tried to help Hernandez get through the grief of losing his father, Dennis, who died at 49 in 2006 after complications from routine hernia surgery, and worked tirelessly to make him understand how the incidents that were popping up at UF were going to hurt him in so many ways.

For that, Meyer is being called an enabler today, a coach who sold his soul to win national championships. Kind of like Tom Osborne with Lawrence Phillips. Osborne said in 1995 that he was letting Phillips play in the Fiesta Bowl because he was trying to save him. Didn’t work.

Phillips was drafted in the first round by the St. Louis Rams and in two years there spent 23 days in jail. He is currently serving time in California and will be 57 years old when he is released.

Osborne was mildly-criticized for allowing Phillips back on the team, but Meyer is such an overwhelmingly big target for the media because of the 30 arrests during his time at UF, the circumstances of his departure and his lack of transparency when dealing with the media.
When Hernandez was suspended for marijuana use, Meyer announced to those of us in the news conference that his tight end “didn’t get himself ready to play.” That was code for “busted.”

The red flag the positive test sent up to the NFL was exaggerated by an NFL executive who said Hernandez tested positive as many as six times, which simply was a made-up story.

With the positive test and other incidents that happened around UF (many of which were not reported because no police reports were filed), the NFL was wary of Hernandez.

But Belichick knew what Meyer had been doing, how he had been having Bible study classes in his home with Hernandez. It wasn’t that the Meyer family thought they had rehabbed Hernandez, but they thought he was pointed in the right direction.

I have talked in the past to the Meyers about the situation and they felt like Hernandez was part of their family. They spent countless hours with him in their home with their children. Meyer played the role of the surrogate father.

When New England drafted Hernandez, you thought, “Belichick will keep him on the straight and narrow.” When he started putting up big numbers both on the field and with his new contract, you thought, “That was a brilliant decision to draft him.”

And now, you wonder, “What were they thinking?”

We Americans lead the league in hindsight. Now, as we look back, we realize Hernandez would have been a lot better off going to Dallas or San Francisco or Seattle. Because once he went to New England, he was back in the area where the bad element began to take over his life.

Certainly, that’s not an excuse. We all make our own choices.
Meyer made one several years ago when he tried to save Hernandez instead of just letting him go. Would he have done the same thing if Hernandez was a 5-foot-9, 140-pound walk-on? Probably not. Hernandez was a special talent and helped Florida win a national title in 2008. That certainly played into it.

It’s easy to pick on Meyer, especially for Gator fans whose egos are still bruised by his departure and never warmed up to his standoffish nature.

But let’s look at what happened — Florida recruited Hernandez, tried to help him and then sent him to the NFL, where he would make millions of dollars and hopefully take the life lessons with him.

No souls were sold, no morals compromised. Hernandez was a troubled young man who was still only 20 when he left Gainesville. He hadn’t been fully shaped as a person. So now everyone is firing darts at Meyer and UF and even at Belichick because it’s convenient.

Whoever executed Odin Lloyd is a terrible person. If it turns out to be Aaron Hernandez, it’s not because Meyer or anyone else failed him.

He failed himself. And everyone who tried to help him

Aaron Hernandez is not an indictment of Urban Meyer. He's not a stain on Bill Belichick. He's not a product of the SEC drug-testing policy.

What is Aaron Hernandez? A murderer, prosecutors in Massachusetts say. A fairly large idiot in the best of circumstances, possibly a killer who should never breathe free oxygen again. The legal system will decide which, but it won't be soon.
More trouble for Hernandez
Report: Hernandez eyed in 2012 double murder

While the case grinds slowly toward trial, that gives us time -- too much time -- to decide what Aaron Hernandez is. But already in some corners he has moved on from Aaron Hernandez: tight end. He's not even Aaron Hernandez: accused murderer.

Now he's Aaron Hernandez: convenient example of (your agenda here). He's Aaron Hernandez: excuse to bash (your target here).

He's an excuse to bash Urban Meyer, whose tenure at Florida was full of players being arrested or failing drug tests or both. It happens at big-time football programs all over, but it seemed to happen more commonly at Meyer's Florida, which means it's open season for people who don't like Meyer -- and that's a lot of you, for whatever reason -- to link Hernandez's alleged crime to Meyer's alleged discipline.

Hernandez was an adult of 23 when prosecutors say he and two other men picked up Odin Lloyd on June 17, drove him to an industrial park and executed him. You can say Meyer should have done more to punish his misbehaving players when they were at Florida. I've said that myself. But what you cannot do -- not in anything resembling good conscience -- is suggest that Odin Lloyd would be alive today had Meyer been harder on Hernandez or Chris Rainey or any of the other jerks on those Florida teams. Odin Lloyd is dead because he ran into evil. Evil doesn't become evil because it wasn't suspended for the Georgia game.

For some reason Aaron Hernandez is an excuse to bash Bill Belichick, whose tenure at New England has included players who were signed because they were sterling at football, if not life. It happens at franchises all over the NFL, more at New England than some others, which means it's open season for people who don't like Belichick -- and that's a lot of you, for whatever reason -- to link Hernandez's alleged crime to Belichick's philosophy.

Belichick can be cold to the media and ruthless to opposing teams and accepting of players with pock marks in their past, and his Patriots did cheat by videotaping opposing coaches during their 16-0 season of 2007, all of which has nothing to do with allegations that Aaron Hernandez filled Odin Lloyd with .45 caliber bullets until Lloyd stopped breathing.

For some reason Aaron Hernandez is an excuse to bash the SEC drug-testing policy, or lack thereof, which has created a competitive disadvantage whereby some schools are more willing than others to suspend players. One-time Heisman finalist Tyrann Mathieu says he failed more than 10 drug tests at LSU. Hernandez reportedly failed multiple times at Florida.
Companies cut ties
Ex-Pats TE loses deals with Puma, CytoSport

SEC football has its issues, whether it's rogue coaches or stupid boosters or the general feeling that too many resources -- legal and otherwise -- are being devoted to winning. None of which has a thing to do with allegations that Aaron Hernandez thought the proper way to deal with Odin Lloyd was to exterminate him.

I understand the news cycle, the temptation for easy clicks, the need to advance the fascinating, awful story of Aaron Hernandez. And there's lots of time between now and trial to do that. Hell, there's almost a month between now and his next scheduled court date, July 24, for a probable cause hearing. Then comes the possibility of a grand jury, indictment, depositions. Trial could be a year away.

Meantime there are stories to write and things to say, but Aaron Hernandez is not a mallet to be used to whack the moles in football's yard. He is not a device to further your agenda. He is not an excuse to mock the coaches, teams or leagues for whom he has played.

He is a cautionary tale, I'll go along with that, but not for the discipline of Urban Meyer or the roster of Bill Belichick or the drug-testing of the SEC. Hernandez is a cautionary tale for young men everywhere, athletes and otherwise, who think it's OK to settle their differences with deadly violence.

That's what happened to Odin Lloyd sometime after 2:30 a.m. on June 17. He ran into someone who thought five squeezes of a .45 caliber semi-automatic's trigger was the solution to a problem.

A jury will tell us whether that someone was Aaron Hernandez, but I can tell you this: Whatever the jury decides, Odin Lloyd is dead because he got too close to evil -- not too close to the wrong locker room.

Unfortunately, seen in the light of the 40 + arrests since URban Liar took over, he does not get a pass. Context matters. If, this were an isolated case, then perhaps you would give the benefit of the doubt.

But there were too many felony assaults, trash like Jamar Horsnby, Ronnie "AK-47" Wilson to simply say Urban is not at fault.

He is. This from someone who claimed to recruit the top 1% of the top 1%. Hold him accountable.

gatoralum, its funny how you think all the post are one person, actually delusional really. We are football fans pointing out how inept and pathetic uf and it culture of helping criminals, I mean football players. Own Hernandez because he is the player gator fans on this blog including you talked up as one of the best NFL tight ends but really he was just a thug from uf.

Man you are great at putting things in peoples mouths to justify your insanity. Quite hilarious actually. The funniest thing of all is you trying to deny your insanity. If you're going to post a comment using a different name, don't use the same terms you use all the time like diploma mill and gator trash, and ufailure etc etc you idiot!

gatoralum - stop projecting please. I am just pointing out that you and JISM1 have put your foot in your mouth way to many times and I will make sure I call you on it. Get used to it, come Sept. 7 you boys wont have anything to say once the Canes take care of business. GOOOO FAKERS

Stop projecting? Wow, you really are insane! Actually I've never put my foot in my mouth once, because I've never made any comments about Ray Lewis. Again, I could give 2 sh*ts about the canes or anything they do or how corrupt they are. The only time I ever talk about them is to idiot cane fans like you who come on here and act like idiots. If you don't want to hear trash talk about the canes, then stop coming on here and acting like a maniacal insane idiot. It's really okay to step away from Gator clause for once in your life!

So the rats are turning on each other. Just another day in the cesspool that is UFailure:

Outkick the Coverage has learned from sources in New York that Meyer and Ohio State turned in Florida assistant coach Brian White for an alleged improper "bump" violation related to the recruitment of Curtis Samuel, a running back/defensive back from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Investigations into Ohio State's complaint this spring uncovered no wrongdoing, the sources said, but Samuel subsequently revealed Florida no longer is in his top five schools — while OSU is.

Meyer's willingness to turn in a former coach — one he hired — as well as the program he led for six seasons is unheard of in college athletics. Indeed, no one Outkick the Coverage talked with could recall a former coach turning in his former program and a former assistant coach.

The police mug shot of Aaron Hernandez now becomes the face of the Urban Meyer Era at the University of Florida.

As it should be.

As it should've been all along.

Tim Tebow played a contributing role on the two Meyer-coached football teams that brought national championships to Gainesville. He won the school's third Heisman Trophy. He became the most-celebrated Gator athlete ever.

And a gushing state media, filled with UF alums, eagerly embraced every opportunity to focus their attentions on Tebow and grow the legend of the charismatic quarterback.

They gave Gators fans exactly what they wanted.

But they ignored the rest -- or, to be more precise, the ARRESTS -- until the numbers became so alarming that, as journalists, they no longer could look the other way, especially with the national sports media starting to take notice of prominent UF players showing up on police blotters.

It was in 2009 that the Orlando Sentinel began keeping a running list of Gators arrested on Meyer's watch. And when star running back Chris Rainey was booked on a felony charge of aggravated stalking in September 2010, the UF crime wave made national headlines.

Rainey sent a threatening "Time to Die" text to his girlfriend and was dismissed from the team. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and rejoined the Gators two seasons later.

But Rainey was merely one of many.

Overall, 25 players were arrested 31 times during Meyer's six-year run at UF, where he compiled a 65-15 record -- or roughly two wins per arrest.

And those numbers don't include other incidents in which Gators were suspects or were questioned but weren't charged because there wasn't enough evidence. Nor does it include players suspended for failed drug tests and other violations of team rules.

The arrest numbers do include several cases in which the charges were dropped, often as a result of the legal work of Gainesville attorney Huntley Johnson, who represented so many accused Gators that some of my more-cynical media colleagues would refer to him as Meyer's real defensive coordinator.

As for Hernandez, he hit the arrested-questioned-suspended trifecta in his first two years at UF.

As a freshman, before he turned 18, the talented tight end from Connecticut was arrested for getting into a fight with a bouncer at an off-campus bar. He was charged as a juvenile and escaped with deferred prosecution.

Months later, the Sentinel identified Hernandez as one of four players questioned by police investigating the shooting of two men in Gainesville after UF's loss to Auburn.

Then, Hernandez was one of three players suspended for UF's 2008 season opener, and he later acknowledged that his punishment was for testing positive for marijuana.

Yet he continued to don the orange and blue, helped Meyer win a second national championship in 2008 and was a key player on the team that lost the Southeastern Conference title game in 2009 before skipping his senior year to enter the 2010 NFL Draft.

To be sure: Hernandez wasn't asked to leave. It was his decision.

Same goes for Meyer.

He left UF citing health concerns, took one of those cozy TV gigs at ESPN and, after only one year away from coaching, accepted the Ohio State job.

He left behind three 13-1 seasons, a couple of national championships, two SEC titles and a Heisman Trophy.

But at what price?

The answer to that question came with Hernandez's arrest Wednesday on a first-degree murder charge in Massachusetts.

That's as much a part of Meyer's legacy at UF as anything Tebow and his teammates accomplished on the field, and probably more so.

Many Gators fans will say it's unfair to pin this on Meyer and trash an otherwise-successful, six-year run, just because one player went bad.

But it wasn't only one player.

Besides, many of those same fans didn't hesitate to snidely take shots at the University of Miami ("Thug U") and Florida State University ("Criminoles") in years past.

Call it karma.

No matter how much Gators fans might want to cling to fond memories of Tebow, they never will be able to forget Hernandez.

The face of the Urban Meyer Era at UF is now a police mug shot.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As the nation's media descends on Trailerville, albeit 6 years late, they will uncover all the trash that is endemic to that disgusting trailerpak skewwwl.

Shut that crap program down before someone else is shot and killed.

Shooting and felonies. It is your legacy, Gatr maggots. SI and the Globe have their teams in Trailerville. You think this is going away like a felony charge under Urban Meyer?

Think again, trailer donkeys.

A dumb Gatr maggot say:

Attempted murder/Aggravated battery? No big deal.

Free lunch/boat ride/tix to a concert? Free sneakers? The HORROR. Death penalty.

I would say you shouldn't throw stones... but you dumb trailer maggots have no education, or class, or sense of measure, so it would be lost on you.

We, FSU and Miami, join all of the SEC in dancing on your grave, Gatr Trash.

BWWAHAHAHAHA. Who's insane and delusional now?

"Nothing to see here." Famous. Last. Words.

Wow, must've hit a nerve, huh InsaneCane? Going off on the multiple named multiple comments in a row explosion again. Man what's that one comment like 40 paragraphs? Really spent a long time on that one! I guess when you're an unemployed lowlife, you've got all the time in the world to show your insanity.

gatoralum, projecting again, tisk, tisk! This is just the truth being brought to light by fans of many teams namely FSU and Miami. The years of gloating and bragging have come back to bite you in arse. Sept. 7 is going to be fun, then of course you will have excuses or will disappear. You say you care nothing about the canes yet I see you on the canes blog many times. You are a joke like your team. GOOOOO FAKERS

Man you really are nuts!!

gatoralum, I will leave you alone for now as I know you must be so embarrassed to say your a gator fan. I don't want to keep kicking down a team that was never close to the U in stature anyway. Maybe Hernandez will get the 3 for 1 discount in the Pen. GOOOO FAKERS

Not nearly as embarrassed as being a cane fan! You're right about one thing though, the gators will never be close to the canes in that mediocre stature they have perfected. Keep harping on arrests and former players, because again that's all you've got to get excited about. It really is comical!

Gatorlum ...they do have 5 ships...

Jls14234, I know but I just cant help myself. I ramble on with no point or facts to back it up but I like calling people insane cane. :)

Wow, so that's what you've finally resorted to? You truly are a sad excuse of a human being! And you live up to that name every day.

Happy belated Indepence Day to all my Gator brethem

Gatoralum, that was not my post. Just found out someone used my ID to make a fake profile on Typepad, when the name appears highlighted it is the faker. I suspect it is sidcane he is very active on Typepad and a complete douchebag.
Now that I reread your response it is obvious that it was the same cane douche that also stole your name. The guy is so pathetic now he is talking to himself and answering his own posts.

BTW go to Typepad and claim your name before some douche makes a fake profile like they did to me.

I knew it was him using your name. The sad thing is he actually tries to argue that it's not him. The true sign of an insane pathetic loser.

gatoralum, you are obviously confusing the mediocre stature as that of uf. Let me define mediocre for you, ready?

Miami 5 National Championships uf 3 National Championships

Ta Da, facts not fiction. Keeping it real.

Keep living in the past, because that's all you've got InsaneCane! What have the Canes accomplished in this decade that actually warrants you talking as much trash as you do? I mean the canes haven't even played in a conference championship game EVER! But keep harping on those 2 extra championships you won 20 years ago, playing in the easiest conference in the land that doesn't even have a conference title game. Had the BCS been around back then, you'd have 3 titles. No 1 loss Big East team would ever sniff the championship game. We all saw what happened after they left that joke of a conference and moved to a slightly less joke of a conference. They became a powerhouse 7 win team every year. Again, another reason to talk trash every single day, all day long, and again why you're known as InsaneCane! Keep talking though, because literally that's ALL you have to get excited about.

gatoralum, projecting again and not providing facts. We now find out just how tainted the 2 NC's under urbie were with the failed drug test, 35 arrest in 4 years and the field littered with felons representing uf. You reference the BCS like it is legit? It is the biggest joke in sports and hated by all true college football fans, that why it wont be around in a few years and there will be playoffs, please get your facts together before you comment. Facts are that Miami has 5 NC's and your team is pathetically years behind and no NC's in the near future on the horizon as to where Miami will be back on the National Stage this year. Facts stated and confirmed. GOOOOO FAKERS

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What has Gatr Trash accomplished in this decade? You have more murderers than titles and almost as many felonies as wins.

Gatr Trash's last title was 7 years ago. That was a long time ago. What is it you like to say? Stop living in the past?

Take your own advice, worthless diploma holder.

I hope you contributed this year to the General Fund. Maybe they can fix the crumbling pipes.

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Front page today's New York Times: 31 Arrested During Meyer's Time at UF

You can't hide that any longer, Gatr Trash. This is just the beginning of the whole country dumping on your dump program.

WWWHAHAHA. This will be fun to watch as that crap institution gets what it deserves.

InsaneCane, we're coming off an 11 win BCS bowl season. We were in the discussion for a national title all season long till the final BCS poll came out. We've got 2 titles in the last 7 years. Hardly irrelevant if you ask me, but don't let the facts get in your way. It really is hilarious how you refuse to ever answer the simple question of what have the canes accomplished in the last 10 years to warrant the trash talk you spew every single day? But we all know insane people don't use logic, so continue on with your regurgitating of dipolma mill, and arrests, and gator trash, and all the other non-factual arguments you've become an expert at, that have nothing to do with the successes of each team ON THE FIELD. Because the plain and simple fact that you have no argument against is, THE CANES SUCK!!!!

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Like I said, you have no argument against it. Hilarious! I'm done!

gatoralum - BCS bowl season for which you got your arse handed to you by Louisville, you know the team that plays in a conference you make fun of but they owned you, so can you say uf really played in a bowl game or just showed up? I believe I pointed out how flawed the BCS system is and no the gators were never really legitimately considered in the NC Talk, Alabama, yes, floridah not so much! GOOOO FAKERS

"Florida Football's Top Lawyer
Huntley Johnson Represented Aaron Hernandez and Many Other Gators; NCAA Rules Allow Pro Bono"

Oh, No. The Wall Street Journal's reporters are sniffing around that trash dump of Trailerville. When they start poking around that good ol' redneck Huntley Johnson's finances, they are going to find some payments for all the representations of the countless felons.

Yikes, Gatr Trash. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and a thousand suns are coming to that cesspool.


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gatoralum, your right that about sums up the university of floridahhhh GOOOO FAKERS

Heading into this season, Florida is still searching for reliable downfield threats to emerge from a group of upperclassmen featuring Quinton Dunbar and Andre Debose. The team also added five wide receiver signees with its 2013 recruiting class.

While early enrollee Demarcus Robinson, a consensus top-10 receiver prospect, drew praise in the spring from UF's coaching staff, Doering believes it's going to take more than one strong freshman class to fix the Gators' issues at the position.

“It's a sad state of affairs when you're talking about players being that home-run threat that have never even played a down of college football yet,” Doering said. “Having to bring in a kid as a true freshman to be your stretch guy, I think it's a pretty poor commentary on where you are right now.”

You got nothing but a stinking campus in a trailerpark, maggots.

OH SNAP! wall street has found a link between Huntley and UF. Thats not good. I hope the NCAA doesnt get involved. If we have been paying him then we are in big trouble. Oh , did I mention I love Muschamp? Because I really do. Almost a stalker kind of love.I also still love hernandez....Love is crazy like that,it doesnt just go away. I will wait for you arron.

I still love Urban also. And Brantley. If I list all the people i want to touch at UF maybe we can get our first two page blog.

I fantasize about foley, no not axle foley from 48hours, ok maybe him too, when i am alone on the internet. Does anyone know where I can find naked pictures of tebow? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm naked pictures of tebow!

Oh my god, we did it . Two pages. Well ,while I am at it , does anyone have any pictures of johnny football in a thong? my email is anythongsec@gaypride.com.

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