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Florida pitcher, Okeechobee native Jonathon Crawford selected by Detroit Tigers in first round of MLB Draft

With the No. 20 pick overall in the first round of Thursday's Major League Baseball Player Draft, the Detroit Tigers selected Florida pitcher Jonathon Crawford, erasing any doubts that a less-than-stellar junior season would hurt the Okeechobee native's chances of going early.

Crawford (6-2, 205) burst onto the scene as a first-year starter as a sophomore in 2011-12, throwing a no-hitter against Bethune Cookman in the NCAA Tournament Regional to cap a year in which he compiled a 6-2 record with a 3.13 ERA and 73 strikeouts in 77.2 innings. However, with a much younger and inexperienced team behind him in 2012-13, Crawford put up a 3-6 record with a 3.84 ERA and 69 strikeouts in 86.2 innings.

Still, Detroit saw enough to make Crawford a first-round pick Thursday.

“The Tigers organization is pleased to select Jonathon Crawford this evening,” Tigers vice president of amateur scouting David Chadd told the Detroit Free Press. “He has a power arm with a plus slider and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to add him to our organization.”

While Crawford has been to known to reach mid-90s with his fastball and has great movement on his slider, some critics pointed to the lack of a strong third pitch as to why Crawford would not be selected in the first round. Additionally, concerns about his delivery leading to control issues with his fastball also led to criticism during pre-draft analysis. It's possible Crawford could end up as a setup man or closer if those issues are not sorted.

Crawford's performance while a member of Team USA certainly helped his case for a first-round selection. He earned a win against Cuba after striking out six over 6.1 innings and finished the summer with a 3-0 record and 2.02 ERA against some of the best young talent in baseball.

Baseball America had Crawford ranked 19th overall and the ninth-best pitcher available in the draft.


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Congrats sid insane cane you managed to get 2 pages of mostly worthless posts all by yourself. I see you really like my screen name and made a fake profile using it. Have fun infantile Moron, but what comes around goes around.

SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! Straight puke from the dregs of that conference (Arky and UFailure) to the supposed top Vandy). Straight puke.

Allegations have emerged in the investigation into the Vanderbilt football team that led to the dismissal of four players. Former Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge, who now hosts a daily sports talk radio show in Tennessee, disclosed what he termed “very reliable information” on the investigation, saying that one Vanderbilt football player allowed three of his teammates to rape his girlfriend after a night of drinking.

“They were out,” Ainge said, “they were drinking, they went back, the boyfriend, a Vandy football player, had sex with his girlfriend, then allowed his three drunk teammates with him to also have sex with his girlfriend, and she obviously did not want that to be the case.”

As we say in the sec. 50k will make it go away!

Ho hum, another day, another piece of Gatr Trash sent to lockup. As if there was any doubt that redneck rat-trap skewwwl was anything more than a garbage dump for this state's finest white trash:

"A 41-year-old Redington Beach man faces a charge of child abuse after authorities said he left a 3-year-old girl alone in a car while he went into a strip club.

Monty Ray Grow, 41, was caught Sunday night at the Diamond Dolls club, on U.S. 19 near Clearwater. Grow is a former NFL player and also was a Florida Gator."

You disgust me, Gat Trash. Pure an simple. You should be ashamed at the garbage your skeewwwl is.

"Guess PED's and dinners at Hooters kind of pale in comparison to felony murder, battery and drug use."
Says the idiot cane fan.
I guess he hasn't heard of Ray Lewis, Bryan Pata, Warren Sapp, and the list goes on. If true, Hernandez still has nothing on your boy Lewis.
Posted by: erng 'n blue | June 20, 2013 at 09:57 AM

Actually I've never put my foot in my mouth once, because I've never made any comments about Ray Lewis. Posted by: GatorAlum | July 03, 2013 at 07:19 AM

Nice try at deflecting, but it isn't just in your GatorAlum ID that we are talking about, but there are SUPPOSEDLY other Gator fans on here. And I have already posted some of the racist and hateful stuff you have posted on the Herald as GatorAlum, which you claim was not you. So either we are allowed to claim that you are this erng and blue guy, (since you claim I am this 100 years UF guy), or you can accept that there is more than one Gator troll and we might be talking about one of your buddies, that have been trolling Canes threads 24/7 and using murder victims as fodder for their hatespeech.

jls, keep posting those long diatribes excusing everyone for this guy, while you attacked all Miami players and fans for that actions of Nevin Shapiro. Shapiro bought a couple of dinners and gave a boat ride, Hernandez shot at LEAST one guy, and maybe two others. Funny how you choose who to protect based on what their helmet read in college, hypocrite.

"what comes around goes around."
Posted by: jls14234 | July 10, 2013 at 12:22 PM

EXACTLY. However, you and your sick racist friends were dishing it out for years on Canes threads, unapologetically, and now you reap what you have sown, trolls. You can't whine about it when you earned every bit of it, sicko.

jls, you are like the pouncey twins. You figure that they should Free Hernandez because he is a Gator, even if he did commit murder. At least Zimmerman wnet to trial, but the Gator players think that it should be just like when they were i college and Huntley would get them off the hook for murder threats, beating women, and stealing bloody credit cards from ying women to use them on shopping sprees while the family pays the bill as they are still in mourning.

Hernandez needs to go to trial, despite the pressure the Pouncey brothers are trying to put out there with their social media blitz and hash tag campaigns for #freehernandez. I bet you would put that in your twitter messages though, you sick hypocrite troll.

Not enough evidence to convict? Please, your guy is doing down, and huntley can't stop it this time.

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Academics? BWWWaaahaha. In the gutter nationally.

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All those alleged 4 and 5 stars and nothing? Wow, who will the pointy-eared inbred Driskell throw to?

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Dude you can't read..


Quinton Dunbar is on the list. Get your raincoat on because there are more grocery carts to collect in the parking lot.


Naahh. There is a line of Gatr grads just waiting for me to tell them to get the carts. There are so many, I have to make some take the carts back out just to employ the rest of them.

You know how it is. UFirstdegreemurder diplomas are worthless.

Gator Logic don't know why you come here and attack me and others with unfounded accusations and calling us sicko and racist? Get a life, I won't respond to race baiting and false accusations.
The what comes around goes around post you reference is directed at Sidcane. He is a real sicko who steals my screen name and who made a fake Typad profile with it. I post here and defend my Gators from trolls like him and you.
You don 't know what I think about Hernandez or anything else, you don't know me and we will keep it that way.
Get off your fake high horse and your fake indignation, for all we know you may be Sidcane or another such troll who changes their name every other post like the idiot who posted before me.

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