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BOOM: FNL, Muschamp nets raise, open practice dates announced


Here's Safid Deen's piece from FNL last night, centered around the South Florida trio who may unite as Gator teammates. 

UF also collected its first verbal commitment for the 2015 Class from Miami Central wide receiver Da'Vante Phillips during the event. Phillips is a four-star prospect according to ESPN and the high school teammate of running back Dalvin Cook, Florida's top-rated commitment in its 2014 Class. 


Tonight (like, right now) Florida hosts Friday Night Lights, its annual recruiting extravaganza (‘a camp’, officially) held in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Top prospects from the 2014 and 2015 classes will flood to Gainesville en masse as Will Muschamp & Co. look to build on some recent recruiting momentum after a blah couple of months on the trail.

Highly coveted five-star prospect Adoree’ Jackson, Rivals’ ninth-ranked player in the 2014 Class, is expected to be in attendance, as are multiple Florida verbal commitments. The rumored list of camp attendees is a who’s who of ballyhooed prospects, but the phrase ‘reportedly attending’ has to be attached with so many fickle 18-year-olds.

The Gators already received some good news earlier in the week with two verbal commitments for the 2014 class: OL/DL Donte Angus, a three-star prospect according to Rivals and Justus Reed, another three-star defensive lineman.

Today, Tre Jackson, a Florida legacy and 2016 prospect, committed to the Gators. Jackson is the son of former UF receiver Jack Jackson.

Full disclosure, I am no recruiting expert and will not be in attendance tonight. I will not pretend to be omnipotent and pass along all the rumors circulating around Gainesville this weekend. The Herald is sending someone in my place, and I’ll link his story on the blog. Later, I’ll post a recap of the event/weekend too.

If all goes well I expect Muschamp to look like…


Then again, we’re talking about kids here, so he could be like…





As first reported by The Sporting News, Muschamp has received a $250,000 yearly raise on a contract that runs through the 2017 season.

Florida’s coach will now earn an annual salary right around $3 million, making him the seventh-highest paid coach in the Southeastern Conference.

The league’s top compensated coaches are Alabama’s Nick Saban ($5.5 million), LSU’s Les Miles ($3.8 million), South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier ($3.3 million), Georgia’s Mark Richt ($3.2 million), Arkansas’ Bret Bielema ($3.2 million) and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin ($3.1 million).

In a statement (via Gainesville Sun), Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said, “[Florida president] Dr. [Bernie] Machen and I believe very strongly in Coach Muschamp and his leadership and we felt it was appropriate to adjust his salary to be more in line with the market value.”


Florida announced four practice dates open to the public this summer, including one session in The Swamp.

The Gators kickoff training camp on Aug. 2 with the following dates open to the public for free.

* Thursday, August 15 – Time TBA – Donald R. Dizney Stadium (lacrosse field)

* Saturday, August 17 – 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
 (with Fan Day to follow)

* Monday, August 19 – Time TBA – Sanders Football Practice Facility

* Tuesday, August 20 – Time TBA – Sanders Football Practice Facility

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Gators always get some good commits during FNL, and why not, these kids will be exposed to an electric and exiting atmosphere in a great football town and University with excellent facilities and solid coaches.
Go get 'em Boom!
About the raise in salary that is money well spent and well deserved.

Jesse who is The Herald sending to Gainesville to cover the event?

This article is a joke !!!! Musscramp is a joke of a coach !!! These kids see all this blitz and commit but lets see what
happens in two years when they are coming out of high school .

MH is sending Safid Deen to cover FNL. He's a copy editor for paper, who is now doing some recruiting coverage too.

Some Cane recruits are gonna be there too...lets see if they get thrown out like last year.

Muschump is the seventh-highest paid coach in the Southeastern Conference. Sounds about right as that fits with the gators predicted finish at 7th behind Vandy this year in the SEC. GOOOO FAKERS.

Yeah, Muschamp is a terrible coach, taking a team no one expected to do anything last year, and wins 11 games and plays in a bcs bowl. Too bad he can't be as great as that loser in the orange tie who posted a 6 win and a 7 win season. Man we really missed out on that amazing coach! You cane fans are so delusional, you'll say anything to make yourselves feel better about that sad excuse of a program.

I believe in Coach Golden and come 9/7 we are going to unleash a Category Five on you. And no I wasn't attacked by a bear.

Dvonte Phillips, 2015 WR from Miami Central, verbally committed to the Gators last night after Friday Night Lights

What's crazy about UM's recruiting class -- and again, I'm no expert, simply making an observation -- is how many talented players the Canes have let escape from South Florida and yet they've still pulled in enough recruits to have a really, really good class.
It's similar to the battle UGA is fighting right now with in-state players. UM is ranked third in Rivals' team rankings, despite missing out on Michel, Cook, Clark, probably Lane, Brown, Dixon.
It's impressive UM has collected such a nice class without the services (yet, maybe???) of so many great prospects.

You're right about UM's class so far Jesse, but just like the Northwestern class they hauled in a few years back, that was one of the top classes in the nation, let's see how it pans out. It's all about the coaches developing the players, and as we've seen out of the Gables, that hasn't happened in a very long time. That's why it's hilarious when you see cane fans bashing muschamp, who has proved himself already of being a great coach. What has Golden proved? Yes, they would've played for an acc title last year, but that's not saying much when you can only muster up 7 wins. That really shows what a joke that conference is!

also remember that Rivals ranks based on total stars - so a school with 23 commits already should be the near the top of the rankings compared with other schools that have less commits right now

True, RC. UM is ranked No. 7 nationally in ESPN's composite rankings and No. 5 in 247's list.
Most predict UF will finish with a top-7 class (just check out all the "crystal ball" projections at 247 and ESPN) but UM is likely to be slotted somewhere in the top 10 too.

I agree - both should end up with Top 10 classes when all is said and done. FSU as well.

There is too much talent in Florida high schools, so everyone will get their share of players.

muschamp, who has proved himself already of being a great coach.
Posted by: GatorAlum | July 27, 2013 at 11:11 AM

Definition of a great coach to gator fans equals getting blown out by a Big East team ranked #19 in a BCS bowl game, that outstanding victory over powerhouse Bowling Green by 13 points and beating powerhouse Missouri Tigers by 7 and beating Louisiana Ragin Cajuns by 7 points. Boy that is definitely a great coach, BAWAHAHHAAHHHa

gatoralum - just think Golden have the #3 class even with the NCAA sanctions not resolved yet, just think about the next few years as the canes pull in multiple #1 classes after the NCAA cloud is gone. Must really suck for gator fans to know the U is back and building momentum again. GOOOO FAKERS

InsaneCane, success is measured by victories, and last I checked, 11 wins is a great season, something cane fans can only dream of. I'm curious, how is the u "back"? If multiple 6 and 7 win seasons is back, than that's a pretty sad definition of "back".

Again with the name calling Jls, I mean gatoralum when someone other than a gator fan post, grow up please. Come 09/07 when the Miami sends your gator team back to Gainesville humbled, what say you then? I am sure you will hide or have many excuses, its what a gator fan does. Please also note that an 11 win season while good the gators played 6 games against bottom dwelling, subpar teams last year does not make a great coach, please note the 3 I mentioned above and add Kentucky, Vandy and Tennessee.

Again, laughing at a comment about the schedule from an ACC team. Hilarious!! And a 7 win ACC team at that! I love the false confidence that spews from Cane fans, EVERY preseason, until the season starts and reality sets in. Believe me, I can't wait till Sept 7th!

Florida beat four ranked foes in 2012 (not counting Texas A&M). The Gators absolutely played down to their competition (see ULL, MIzzou, Bowling Green games mentioned) and it nearly haunted them. Twice.

Miami beat just two teams with winning records last season (Va Tech, NCState -both finished the season 7-6).

These Miami Morons live in Bizarro world where everything is twisted
and and upside down.
Fist some imbecile calls Mus "a joke", the SEC coach of the year coming off an 11 - 2 season is a joke to a fan og a 7 - 6 team playing pansies in the ACC, right. The joke is Donofrio and his #117 defense, Golden Boy may turn out to be a joke too, right now he is just mediocre. That's not my opinion, that's a fact.

Then the next Moron complains about me name calling before I start to do so and proceeds to post some more garbage about the schedule.
Sorry but when you and your ilk come here to post crap that doesn't make sense and has no truth in it then you must be called out. SEC >>>>>>>>>>ACC
And you mention Vandy as a weak team? Check their record the past 2 seasons, Vandy would win the ACC coastal every year by a wide margin. Idiots.

And yes we are all waiting for Sept 7th. I know once we beat you up you will be quiet for just a few days and then start your delusional banter again. It's what Miami Morons do.
Go Gators!!!!!!!

JISM1, projecting again, tisk, tisk. Your sophomoric banter is as always not witty and weak. Jesse, my point was a great coach does not let his team play down to the competition. The teams I named such as Tennessee, Kentucky and Vandy are the doormats of the SEC for many years now and JISM1 comes up with his ridiculous claim that Vandy could win the ACC, not in this lifetime. I was simply commenting to the ludicrous claim that muchump is a great coach, I believe my point is confirmed.

The following are definitions of a great college coach:
Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson, muchump not so much. Of course this is Urbie, but he bailed on UFelony the minute he got a chance.

And Schnelly and JJ didn't bail on UM?

"I was simply commenting to the ludicrous claim that muchump is a great coach, I believe my point is confirmed."

You cant "confirm" an abstract statement. There's no proof yet -- either way -- Muschamp is a great coach or just a good coach or even a bad coach.

Right now, I'd say Muschamp is a solid coach. This is a big year for him, especially with all the Year 3 stats of really successful coaches.

Schnelly was a revolutionary coach, but he went just 14-9 (5-6, 9-3) in his first two seasons as a college coach at Miami. Jimmy Johnson went 10-11-1 in his first two seasons as a college head coach at Oklahoma State.

Would you make such a bold statement about them so early in their careers?

What is that,9 commits. shouldnt they have more and better than that commits by now?

Jism1, didnt one of those acc pansies just beat lsu in a bowl game? Didnt a big east pansy just beat uf in a bowl game? Didnt a big 10 pansy just beat Mississipi st?

Jlsm , sorry read the other guys post.gotta admit it is a funny spin.

Yes, the 2nd best ACC team, Clemson, did beat the 6th best SEC team, LSU, by 1 point.
But didn't the 5th best SEC team, UF, whip your ACC champ, FSU, by 11 points? In Tally?
Didn't the 4th best SEC, South Carolina, team spank your 2nd best ACC team Clemson?
Didn't SEC East champ, UGA, destroy your ACC coastal champ, GT, 42-10?

SoMiami, once again, cane fans refuse to let facts get in the way of their moronic trash talk. The fact that they're trying to argue that the ACC is even in the same ballpark of the SEC, shows how little these idiots know about college football. They'd argue till they're blue in the face that snow isn't cold and the sun isn't hot, if a gator fan told them it was. I've never seen a group of fans, so obsessed about a team that they play once every 4 or 5 years in my life. We never hear a thing from teams we actually play every year, till the week we play them. They just can't seem to grasp the fact that they're the 3rd best team in the state, and have been for about 10 years now.

Jesse, my point is confirmed that stating muchump is a great coach is ludicrous at this point and invalid, there would need to be more of a sample to make that claim. To another post, Shnelli and Jimmy did leave Miami for the pro's, Urbie bailed with some lame excuse and took another job less than a year later and then reported violations against his former employer, now that is funny.

gatoralum, nice spin that Miami fans are obsessed, the issue your felony ridden institution refuses to play Miami on an annual basis because of the beatings we laid on your institution, yea I know its about money rigggghtttt! Organizations are judged in sports by number of championships so that would easily make Miami the number 1 team in the state with 5 NC's but you try to convince yourself of your teams relevance over the past 10 years, when Miami has 30 years of relevance in recent history.

Ya'll brag about lsu being a top team and now you say they are 6th best in the conference? Man yall change your stories more than aron hernandez.

My point is if the sec is so dominate why didnt they win all thier bowl games against " sec self proclaimed inferior conferences that vandy could easily run the table in". See how stupid it sounds with facts after you imagine stuff like that. Yard time is over, back to your cells.

Why UM doesn't take the money game in gainesville every year baffles me. They could use $1M a year and UF would get their 6/7 home games and still keep playing UGA in J-ville.

UM is willing to play in G'ville every other year and the turds can play in Miami every other year, unfortunately the spineless publicly fund felon camp is not willing to take the chance of getting pounded on an annual basis. The cycle is changing and Miami is coming back to the top, get used to it and embrace it.

Keep convincing yourself that the Gators are afraid of playing the canes. That again goes to show how much you guys know about college football. And keep living in the past, you cane fans are great at that. Based on your argument, I guess Harvard is a better football program than the Canes, right? I mean they won 7 titles. The last title was almost 100 years ago but 7 is more than 5, right? Now do you understand how ridiculous it sounds when you morons always say you're better because you have 5 titles, when you haven't won more than 7 games in 6 out of the last 7 years and haven't won more than 9 games in 10 years? Pretty pitiful!

Hey Big East, LSU is considered a top program, however; last year when the 2nd best ACC team, Cleamson, beat them by 1 point, LSU finished as the 6th best SEC team:

Final AP poll:

1 Alabama (59) 13-1 1475
5 Georgia 12-2 1230
5 Texas A&M 11-2 1230
8 South Carolina 11-2 1038
9 Florida 11-2 933
14 LSU 10-3 756

No, we don't change our stories, we just know the facts.

gatoralum, don't overlook the facts, UFelony does not want to play Miami and they are the ones who backed out of the series, just seems logical that you boys were just not up to the arse whoopin every year, oh well you replaced us with LA Ragin Cajuns, riggghttt! I guess Harvard is better than your pathetic 3 NC's also, thanks for pointing that out. Championship are all that matters but hey you guys are just happy to make the SEC CG, however that has not happen in some time either.

More Billy Corbon propaganda -- "..the canes beat the Gators 7 times in a row, so they dropped them in 1987."

Half these dummies were in diapers or not even born when that series was going on (at least they have an excuse for not knowing the circumstances around ending that series). The rest know that the series wasn't renewed in MAY of 1987, after the 1986 game with UM riding their 1 game winning streak over UF.

But then again that kind of history makes for boring message boards.

So harvard is better than the canes, you are agreeing with that? By the way, here's some more facts for you, miami leads the overall series 28-26, 25 of those games were decided by a TD or less, which to me, is far from an "arse whooping" every year. Here's some more facts for you, the game was cancelled b/c the SEC required an 8 game schedule, thus requiring the Gators to schedule the non-conference games with teams that do not require a home-and-home arrangement. But don't let the facts get in the way. The truth is, the Canes need the gators to strengthen their weak ass schedule way more than the Gators need the canes, so go ahead and keep living in your dream world Giant! It really is comedy every time a cane fan makes that ridiculously stupid comment. Maybe you guys should focus a little more on the ACC CG than what the gators are doing, because you guys haven't won a single ACC title since joining the league. LOL!!!

You forgot to mention that it wasn't until 2002 that the canes actually pulled ahead of the Gators in head to head matchups. So, canes have been leading the series for 11 years, Gators led before that.

I see the Miami Morons are on another envious and obsessed rant about the Gators. As usual they bring up delusional claims to try and make their weak point. The facts are that the Gators do not need the canes, but the canes need to Gators.
Fact is that so far Mus has proven to be a much better coach than Orange Tie Boy.
Fact is the Vandy is a much better team than any ACC team except for FSU and Clemson.
For the idiot that keeps calling Vandy a doormat, they went 9 - 4 last season. # of their losses were to UF, UGA and USC. And they beat up the 2 ACC teams they faced, Wake and NCState.
So this SEC "doormat" beats up on any ACC team it faces and has a better record than most of the teams in that conference.
Then there is Louisville, being called a pansie by these same Morons. UL finished 11 - 2.
That is the definition of delusional, unable to see reality and making up their facts as they see fit.
Get ready Morons your beat down approaches.

BTW, I said that Vandy would easily win the Coastal division. The one where all the pansies reside. I know that FSU and Clemson are better than Vandy.

Quick recruiting update: Trent Harris, a three-star defensive end (Rivals) from Winter Park, chose Miami over UF, Ohio State and others. It's been largely rumored by recruiting insiders that Harris lost his spot at UF with the recent commitment of three-star DE Justus Reed.

So he's another player afraid of competition, a la Anthony Moten? Don't blame him, he'll probably start immediately. I think this Gator recruiting class will be one of the best when all's said and done.

GatorAlum: That's not what I said. If you believe the recruiting insiders, Harris literally didnt have a spot to commit too because of Reed's verbal.

Oh ok, took it as he de-commited because another player committed.

Take it easy on the players, they are just kids. Let's not act like the bitter canes with the "afraid of competition" line every time a kid chooses another program. Kids commit and de commit and transfer for a myriad of reasons. We are loaded at D line so we will be fine.
Go Gators!

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