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Driskel sidelined with appendectomy surgery

Florida will open training camp on Friday (Aug. 2) without its junior signal caller.

Starting quarterback Jeff Driskel underwent surgery on Tuesday at UF Health Stands Hospital, the team announced.



UF coach Will Muschamp released a statement saying, “[Driskel’s] surgery went well and how long he is out will be determined by how his body responds, which could be two weeks.”

According to Muschamp, “[Driskel] had acute appendicitis and fortunately the medical staff caught it very quickly.”

While the emergency operation is a setback for UF’s incumbent starter, the timing could’ve been much worse.

Florida’s backup quarterback situation is uninspiring, at best, but Tyler Murphy, a redshirt junior, will likely see the majority of first-team reps in Driskel’s absence.

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Oh no! Well the backup cant be much worse. Thats a serious surgery. No training will set him back. May not play first couple of games.if he pushes it he could make it worse.

Great...now my Canes have to possible play against a back up or "not ready" Driskel. This is such BS.....WE WANT YOUR ENTIRE TEAM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats gonna hurt us all season:(

What to do now?

Uninspiring....atleast jesse is honest.

Think Jacoby Brissett is kicking himself right now?

Wow, the cane fans are out in force! Must not be much going on in their neck of the woods. I just wish the season would hurry up and start, so we can watch the usual scenario of false hope, followed by crushing reality!

'Rut Roh: Think Jacoby Brissett is kicking himself right now?"

No. It's a two week injury (maybe a tad longer). It is highly, highly unlikely Driskel misses a single game due to this injury -- UM game included.

No excuses UFelony fans. The beat down is still coming on 09/07. Book it! GOOOO FAKERS

The first 5 posts were by Miami Morons with no reading comprehension or common sense. Rather have this setback now than during the season. 2 weeks or so to get ready, still plenty of time. The one positive is that Murphy will get more snaps now and be better prepared.
Go Gators!

I had the same surgery a few years back and was told to wait 4-6 weeks before i did any thing strenuous the stitches inside will disolve over time but you cant pick up a gallon of milk for the first two weeks because the incision may open and require further surgery. Look for murphy in week one and an mri will tell if driskel will be back for week two.

"2 weeks or so to get ready, still plenty of time."

You may have read this sentence from my post above and wondered why a graduate of UFirstdegreemurder would still write in run-on sentences.

Pot calling kettle an ignorant Gatr maggot.

Wow, I thought the name stealing was over and done with. Guess not. Is that you Sidcane again?
"Pot calling kettle an ignorant Gatr maggot" you come up with this gem and still complain about run-on sentences?
Can't get enough of the Mighty Gators I see.

Per poster's comments and questions regarding Driskel...

There's a major difference between appendicitis and an appendix bursting. Also the recovery rate for laparoscopic surgery is much faster than an open procedure. As Muschamp said, the issue was caught early and fixed immediately. I would be stunned if Driskel missed the UM game because of this.

I hope he does play, that makes the sitting target easy for the Miami D to target.

I think you meant to ask , is that you again sidcane?The 10 th 12 th and 13 th post was a gator moron.

Jesse, i had the same surgery. SAME SURGERY! Is that hard to understand? Ufelon for ya! It was 3 small incisions. The part you have to be careful with is the inside incision where they remove the appendix. Its not like an external wound. Any strainig can reopen it. External wounds take less time to heal. You cant just put tape on it. I went back to work after 3 weeks but had to hire someone to do my strenuous labor for me for another 2 weeks before i was cleared to work on my own.

I understand your condescension is wrongfully aimed, Abe.

People recovery differently from the same procedure. For example, earlier this season Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward missed just over a month of games following an emergency appendectomy. Dude is built like a truck and the operation was a laparoscopic procedure, yet he still missed four weeks. However, Matt Holiday of the St. Louis Cardinals (also well build) had the same thing done and missed just 10 days of action (2011).

Therefore, it seems the phrase "it depends" is quite appropriate here when talking about Driskel's recovery.

Jesse you show so much patience with these Miami Morons that you should be commended.
They come to our blog and insult us, the have threatened you, called you UFelon, not to mention the things they call the rest of us and our school, yet you respond to them with civility and common sense. Must be driving them crazy and it's just a matter of time before they get nastier.
Keep up the good work.

For idiots that have been saying all year that Driskel sucks and can't throw they seem giddy now with the possibility that he may not face their pathetic team.
I would say that even a combination of Tyler Murphy and Burton and the wildcat would run all over that pathetic excuse for a defense they field.

"I would say that even a combination of Tyler Murphy and Burton and the wildcat would run all over that pathetic excuse for a defense they field."

Disagree with you here, jls. Burton is vastly overrated, IMO.

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