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Emptying out the notebook...

SEC Media Days are ova, and it's a relatively slow day around Gator Country.

Here's some lite lunchtime reading anyways. 


CBS Sports updated its TV schedule Thursday morning, listing the Tennessee-Florida game (Sept. 21) in its Game of the Week Spot (3:30 p.m.) However, hours later, the game had been removed from the schedule. Here's betting the original time is confirmed sometime next week.


Former Gators safety Matt Elam agreed in principle to a four-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens, according to ESPN insider Adam Shefter.

The former Dwyer High star was the Ravens’ first-round pick in April’s NFL Draft, and in an unusual case, never hired an agent and negotiated his own contract. Elam's older brother Abram, a seven-year NFL veteran, guided the ex-All-SEC performer through the process. 


NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout for the Ravens, Browns and Eagles, ranked the top-50 college football players in the country, and two Gators made the list.

Florida’s all-purpose cornerback Louchiez Purifoy ranked 24th overall, while teammate Marcus Roberson was listed one spot ahead at No. 23

In all, 20 of the 50 players were from the SEC.  

With a nod to the late, great Lewis Grizzard today’s DAMN BROTHER. DON’T BELIEVE I’DA TOLD THAT…

An Alabama fan referred to Nick Saban as Hitler… Emphasizing it as a sincere compliment.

Meanwhile, a semi-overhyped signal-caller walked right into a field of land mines with his comment:

“It’s not like I’m Tim Tebow and have terrible mechanics.” – LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger  

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Jesse even on a slow day you bring it, what a difference from the previous writer.
Mettenberger would be lucky to be half as good as Tebow was, what an idiot.
Around Miami, Saban is known as Nick Satan, for his stint with the Fins.
As always Go Gators

Surprised that Easly was not in the top 50. He needs a solid breakout year to improve his NFL stock and I'm sure that's why he came back for his senior season. Not surprised that the SEC has the most prospects, they always do lately.
Did Powell get a redshirt for last season or is he done at the end of this year?
Mettenberger hasn't done squat to be talking trash and I agree he is no where close to what Tebow was at this stage of the game.

Powell is a redshirt-junior. Easley has no business in a top 50 list -- for now.

Our defense will certainly be our rock this year. The one part I'm uncertain about though, is safety. Elam covered up for a lot of mistakes last year by the other guys. Who is going to step in and fill his shoes?

Gators picked 3rd in East which equates to 6th in the sec:
Texas AM
S. Carolina

Miami picks up second 4* recruit to commit today. Golden is killing it, the bagman at UFelony, not so much.

"Gators picked 3rd in East which equates to 6th in the sec..." -- again, not necessarily. You're stating an assumption not a fact. Hypothetically, the top three teams in the East could be the best three teams in the SEC after Alabama, we simply don't know yet.

InsaneCane getting all excited about a verbal commit. Nothing is binding till signing on the dotted line, so bragging about recruiting this early is laughable. Lets see what all these recruits do when the hammer drops, before you get too excited. Golden looks a lot like Zook, great recruiter terrible coach.

gatoralum, don't project your terrible former coach onto Golden. You are also one to say don't get excited on commits because you have done nothing but post about the gators landing 4 and 5 * recruits. When the NCAA rules in the next couple weeks, I don't think it will be a hammer because all of these recruits are still committing without the ruling, I am thinking Miami is somewhat aware of what's coming and relaying that to the recruits. I think you need to worry about UFelony with the drug test and violations reported by Urbie on your team.

Morrison arrested for "barking," at a police dog? Where was this, outside a Gainesville bar or night club with a police guard dog hired to keep out Gator trash?

I guess you can say Morrison "barked up the wrong tree?" ROFLMAO, this is better than FIU stripping in public, which makes one wonder, why would FIU players want to make the public aware that the cupbord is bare? Or show opposing teams that there is no depth on the squad?

He was arrested for interference and resisting arrest. He has violated his terms of deferred prosecution. No worry gators.....huntley will step in....or will he with the ncaa looking at troubled programs now? I was kidding...of course he will, how else is he suspossed to play next month. He should get 90 days in the pen but that will never happen....or will it? Just kidding, the judge is a gator too, it will never happen.maybe they will jail him before he shoots 6 people....just kidding, that will never happen.

I would bet he choked muschump down and thats why he doesnt get suspended

Take all the fun to latest thread. Enjoy.

No more watts I see.....probably get tired of the stench hovering over turdville.

Not projecting at all InsaneCane, just stating facts. Until Golden wins more than 7 games, he's done nothing to prove otherwise. At least Zook was able to manage 8 wins.

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