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History Buried... Hernandez brick removed

Aaron Hernandez was an Associated Press All-American tight end for the Gators in 2009. His brick, honoring said accomplishment, was removed by the University of Florida on Thursday morning. 

Just a day after New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick officially condemned Hernandez, Florida too is now erasing any memory of the troubled star.

Hernandez awaits trial in Massachusetts on first-degree murder charges for the execution-style shooting of Odin Lloyd.

UF journalism professor Ted Spiker first reported the brick removal, and later the University Athletic Association released an official statement (via Julie Quittner, GTN News).

AH brick

“We didn’t feel it was appropriate to celebrate Aaron Hernandez. We put together an immediate plan after the initial news broke to remove his likeness and name in various private and public areas in the facility, such as the South Endzone team area, locker room, football offices, Heavener Complex Kornblau Lobby and the brick display entrance to the football facility.

“We were able to implement some changes immediately and this (brick removal) was a more complex process to complete with our vendors.

“The plan was to have everything completed before the end of July.” (emphasis mine)

Was the UAA’s decision appropriate or premature? After all (as many have pointed out), OJ Simpson still has a bronze bust in Canton, OH.

To me, this isn’t a guilty or innocent dilemma, but rather a proactive move by an institution distancing itself (via advertising, showcasing, whatever you want to call it) from an alleged murder.

Don't worry Gator fans, the 2008 banners won't be coming down. 

What do ya’ll think?

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I can't stand the idiot, but what happen to Innocent until proven guilty?

This whole situation is so bizarre and unusual. I think in this media driven society everyone wants as much distance from him as possible without waiting for the trial that will determine if he is guilty or not.
So he is innocent until proven guilty in theory, meantime he sits in jail and no institution wants anything to do with him. Whether he is guilty or not of murder we are yet to find out. However there is no question he is guilty of being stupid, guilty of wasting his God given talent and wasting the opportunity given to him by the NFL.



The troublesome aspect of all this (Patriots and UF) is that the man has been convicted by his team and his alma matter before a trial or even a conviction has taken place. Obviously the spin masters are running both places.

Oh Ernest, what a dumb ass you are. convicted or not, he was, and is, not a nice person and if I was Gator I would not want his name associated with the program either, it has nothing to do with race, or color. You do not want that kind of exposure related to your program.

Kind of like Ray Lewis..er, wait a minute. Bad example.

Why putting bricks in if you're going take them out? Stupid, stupid. Just what does his u of f football have anything to with his life today. Are you telling me that the life he was leading at the u of f lead to his life today. Hell, you could take out the brick on just about every athlete that played for a college. Why are you judging him now? Just what hold does the u of f have on anyone who graduates and leaves. Ten to one the u of f wouldn't have taken out the brick if he gave 5 or more mil to the u of f.
I writing this as a Miamicane Fan. Maybe the u of f should take out everything of Myer.

The U.FL. is so full of Do Do now they are in a hurry to distance them selves from the young man befor he has been offically charged and all the facts known.While he was a player an they needed him when he got in trouble it was over looked,as is done with many players at Fla. so when he leaves Fla and the protection is not there what happens ,case in point a player got involved with a young lady being held in her apartment suddenly it was said nothing happened,the last incident involving a player and the dog you guessed it nothing happen.They need him,how many incidents with players at the U Of Fla in the last 3 years.

Muschimp cant sell the whole family and we got your back thing anymore. They should have waited for the trial outcome. But, UF did put a crocodile on thier 2003 media guide ,so they cant be that smart. The whole world already knows for godssake!

UFelons living up to their reputation.

Be careful removing that brick from that deteriorating dump as one of the buildings may fall down. Remember there are no public funds to keep the maintenance up.

M m m m m m mamma says gatahs is so honery cause they gots all dem teeth and no toothbrush.

Addressing couple of posters...

1. Muschamp's "family atmosphere" -- which mind you, EVERY coach parades -- has zero connection with Hernandez's legal issues.

2. As I stated in the piece, Hernandez's innocence or guilt isnt being addressed by UF removing the brick. The university is simply deciding it doesnt want to showcase something positive about its football program (aka the Hall of Fame plagues, All-American brick, etc.) connected to an alleged murderer.

Hahaha how is that for laughing a little.

Posted by: ssidcane | July 25, 2013 at 11:29 AM


How about that 4-Star D.T. that chose Kentucky over u or that ESPN 4-Star D.E. that chose the GATORS over u, FSU, Ohio State ?

Boom....most kids cant get into UM so they have to go somewhere...SEC is gaurenteed admission. Heck even vandy lowered thier standards for football players. Alot of players cant go where they want, they go where they can.

Look at all the cane wannabes piling on for a non event. Yes dummies in the grand scheme of college football, this is a non event. In the bigger stage of life it is a lesson of what you can lose if you make the wrong decisions. But no one here is interested in life lessons all the bitter cane trolls just want to pile on. Then there is Mike The Idiot cane making a comparison between Hernandez and the Morrison dog barking incident.
Are you really so stupid Mike?

Then all the tired talk about trash, dumps and such. Every cane should know about trash, dumps, cheating, corruption and filth since they follow a team from Miami.
Miami, the banana republic and the seat of corruption. For the latest trash see the new Biogenesis story on the Herald. Makes the Shapiro scandal child's play.
Turns out not only were MBL players doping in the Gables, so were college and high school kids, police officers, lawyers and judges.
In Gainesville the police is quick to arrest any athlete for the most stupid things, like barking. In Miami the cops are either escorting Shapiro and the UM recruits to strip clubs or are in the Gables shooting up PEDS next to the players. No investigation cause the lawyers and judges are also doping. What a great city this is!
Sad thing for UM fans is all this cheating and filth and what do they have to show for?
No wonder they are so bitter and angry.
Like Mr T said, I pity the fool(s)

Those canes do have more championships than uf does and thats with uf cheating too.

r u including the one you share with U-dub? We're counting 'outright' NC's.

Pwell with outright championships you must be undefeated. Thats all i have to say .about that

We just call them Championships up here in Seattle. Like the one we won in 1991.

You you gotta have some h h high quality h2o to go undefeated

I'm pointing at the plaque in U-Dub weight room. Says National Champions - 1991.

Bobby would that be GATORade?

H2 o is water .... most people know that.

Drinkin' some right now, while looking at the plack in the U-Dub weight room that says National Champions - 1991.

H2o or onockoff koolaide?

You can bury it but you cant get rid of the smell,

Canes suck! Gators Rule!

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