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Morrison arrest video released: Cops overzealous?

The Gainesville Sun acquired video footage (via police dashboard camera) of Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison's arrest early Sunday morning for harassing a police dog and resisting arrest without violence. 

In the article published by the Sun, Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell said the arresting officer should've issued a warning rather than detaining Morrison.     

You be the judge...



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Typical gator...maybe he was mad he could.t get into the after hours club across the street.....muschump had to do something this time. All the gator arrests in the news and all. I cant believe he suspended him for barking at a dog but not for sucker punching a bouncer.....? There is something wrong at these government institutions . I say shut them down for 5 years and get thier priorities straight....shut that dump down...its not ok to suckerpunch people because they wont give u five dollars off entrance fees, but at uf it is? Start asking why your taxdollars go to this behavior.

Morrison is a looser! Good thing muschamp has the five strike rule. He will be back.

Now, now, sidecane. Let's not start impersonating posters.

Message is for everyone else (on either side) too.

Wow! So sure the cane players ate perfect citizens at Thug-U!

Not to pile on but doesn't it seem the police are a little over zealous after the games as well? I can't understand how they insist on keeping Univ Ave clear while that initial throng of fans leaves the stadium. One would think getting 90K+ people out of a small area quickly would be the priority, not protect the city from 'dangerous' jay-walkers.

Not to make excuses for Morrison's foolishness, but it seems the cops in hogtown approach their jobs like every night is a small incident away from riots and looting.

Glad this video made it to the fore. When I saw a guy get an open container (with his wife, kids, and elderly family members) a few years ago I marveled at how (back in the '80's) we were allowed to leave the stadium at half time, guzzle dollar kamikazes at the porpoise, and watch the second half without doing time.

This just goes to show that in a small town with 50% of the population college students, the cops really have nothing better to do.

SadidDarnell is throwing her own officrs under the us for arrestng a Gator? I wonder where she went to school.

"BA degree, psychology, University of Florida;
MA degree, educational leadership, University of Florida;"

"educational leadership" is a Masters degree? And pschology qualifies a person to be a Sheriff?

With every step in the process loaded with a biased Gator grad, no wonder these kids get away with so much stuff that is not allowed in other schools.

And sidcane, if you are impersonating jls, please stop. No need to sink to their level, just because the steal IDs all the time doesn't mean we have to do the same.

Let his own words be used against him, like when he said GatorAlum says nothing bad on here. If you impersonate him, he can claim he never said that.

Why was the Po-Po stacked outside a bar in this dinky town? Were they expecting a Travon Martin rally to break out?

Where are the Revs on this one?

First, the officer did not know this was a UF football player when he arrested him, so this was not harrassment of UF football players.

Second, he lied to the officer when he was asked if he went to UF at all, but the check of his ID showed that he was arrested about a month earlier for assault. And then this "edited for time" video shows that he spent almost an HOUR talking to this officer trying to get away with it, until finally the officer explained to him EXACTLY what he was doing wrong.

"He had the right to remain silent, but not the ability".

Third, in the video you hear about a UF coach calling in to try to get it undone while he is still in the car. How did the UF coach find out about this so quick? And WHY is Morrison going out to bars less than a month after getting a plea deal from his last excursion to a bar. Show some restraint!

The bond between an K-9 officer and their dog is strong. When he is teasing and harrassing the dog in front of that officer, that is like teasing a member of his family. So for the Sheriff to claim the officer overreacted is just wrong.

Finally, he was resisting arrest, to the point that four officers were needed to get the cuffs on him. No matter WHAT the charge is, you cooperate with the police, ESPECIALLY when you have a plea deal less than a month in your past.

That video speaks for itself. Why would a recruit from a big city ever want to go to a town where the (white) cops are lurking around every corner, itching to plant a night stick in your skull?

This is pathetic.

Well I see Sid stole my name again but was promptly called out for it, even by GatorLogic a self described Gator hater but a closet Gator Obsessed cane wannabe.
Logic, what's your problem with GatorAlum, you and Sid and other cane trolls should not be here, you bring nothing but B.S. to the table.

It is obvious from the video and transcript that the cops over reacted. It is also obvious that Morrison has very poor decision making ability, he should be confined to the dorms until the start of the season when he should be busy with practice, games and classes to get into any more trouble.

Mike those were the days my man, half time at the porpoise.

"Logic, what's your problem with GatorAlum,"
I posted some of the stuff GatorAlum has said in the past, about Cubans, Haitians, and people from Miami in general. You ignored all that, decided that using Aerosmith in a quote invalidated the whole thing, in your zest for defending his racist comments.

"you and Sid and other cane trolls should not be here,"
Jesse has said we could be here, You CLAIMED that you are willing to have non-Gators here, yet in every post you take personal shots at anyone not wearing Orange and Blue blinders. We face each other on 9/7, and then the Gators have chosen to avoid renewing the rivalry, so likely after about 9-8 or 9-9, I will have no reason to show up here, but for now, you are a rival team in my hometown newspaper, and unless Jesse, (not you, Mr. censorship fan) says that Canes fans cannot post here, your confusing claims that we can and cannot post here do not matter in the least.

"you bring nothing but B.S. to the table."
I posted BS? I gave five points about the arrest, none of which were BS, and one you even agreed with (unknowingly I guess) when you said he should stay in the dorms until the season starts.

I just started posting here, and you accused me of being sidcane, UFelony, and every other person you disagreed with. You were wrong, and just won't admit it. But have been posting in the Canes blog for a long time. Tolerated all the insults, lies, and cheap shots, far worse than anything sidcane has done here, but with the information Jesse is providing, I am giving him attention he deserves. He is doing a good job, even when calling out Cane trolls. I wish the Gator trolls had that level of controls placed on them.

Gator Logic and all other Cane, Nole, Gator, etc. fans are welcome. Have some fun. So long as things are civil, no one needs to take things so personally. Logic has posted multiple engaging posts (whether you agree/disagree) to continue the discussion, since I've been on board. That's what the comments section is all about.

Call me out all U want...wah,wah,wah....blah,blah,blah.....U guys come to our blogs and talk about something that has nothing to do with the blog U are commenting on and jls poses as me and canetrash and speaks like a 10 year old. I will continue to come here and comment on all the arrests as they happen( stolen taco and barking my favorites so far). Dont dish it if U cant take it. U are a bunch of crygators....pouncy twins are going down next when hernandez talks , thats why they were wearing those hates. They dont want to be on his bad side. He knows too much. At least the gators havent beaten any women lately .
And jesse, you call me out then i will call U out. Why ,with all the national spotlight on gainesville for arrests havent U done a piece on muschump and 18 arrests since he has been here? He is on pace to surpass urban. I think jesse simonton is jls14234...thats why....

As for Morrison:

He absolutely was an idiot to go out and place himself in any sort of comprising situation just weeks after his first arrest. He did violate his deferred prosecution agreement, no matter if the police were overzealous in their arrest.
The establishment where everything took place can only be described as seedy -- at best. It's off the beaten path in Gainesville (not downtown or near campus), way down SW 13th Street near Williston Rd. Cops (both ACSO and GPD) frequent the bar en masse (as video evidence illustrated) because police have been dispatched to the place more than 200 times (per Gainesville Sun, ACSO records) since August 2012.
So having said all that, I understand how cops might be a tad jumpy at an establishment obviously on their radar. But watch the video. After 20 minutes in the car, Morrison should've received just a stern warning because he wasnt "maliciously interfering with an investigation."
He will remain suspended -- even if the charges get dropped -- because the true punishable offense here isnt a semi-bogus arrest, it's that Morrison AGAIN placed himself in a totally avoidable situation.

Not to change the subject but, I find it hard to believe that no one else in Coral Gables tagged along with Ryan Braun to the 'juice shop' across from UM campus back in the day. The 'day' happened to be right around when the Hurricanes won their last NC. Hmmmmmm...

Typical gator...the 6 bama players that were treated the nightt before the nc game havent been brought up either.....just curious too...

Those bama players had the drugs administered to them and the guy came forward and admitted it....sounds like another sec payoff...50 k will make it go away....

'Bama doesn't explain how Braun/Biogenesis/Cane NC aren't related.

Twisted Logic,

1- I have not read any racist comments posted by GatorAlum, don't know what you are talking about

2 - Obviously you can post whatever you want here, there is no confusion I welcome an intelligent and civil conversation with rivals

3 - Don't get so offended when I say you post B.S., thing is you did post some reasonable stuff but it gets lost in the other B.S. like SOS and such and I get all you trolls confused sometimes I just skim through your nonsensical posts without reading them carefully, don't want to get exposed to that garbage too much. You can thank Sidcane and other cane Morons that only post B.S. for that.

4 - I do not post over the canes blog, that is Sidcane stealing my ID and impersonating me.

or U can blame the diploma mill for not teaching standard reading....

Dont lie jlo...u do post there as canetrash and when i connected the dots and called u out u started using my screenname....

Right Sid just because you say so and you "connected the dots" then it must be true.
Just grow up and stop using my name.
It is you that made that fake Typepad profile with my name and it is you who uses several different names in this and other blogs.

About the PED scandal in MLB it can be traced to UM, not only are several former cane players involved and others with UM ties like A Rod. UM fired their baseball trainer over the scandal, he had been at UM for about 9 years and is now suing them.
Canes are dirty in baseball, now that they stopped the flow of PEDS the cane team has reverted to mediocre.
Canes are dirty in football and basketball with the Shapiro scandal still to be resolved.
So in all 3 mayor sports the canes have been cheating for years. And still they have nothing to show for.

Sorry Sid, I did not read your prior post completely but you did accuse me of being Jesse Simonton and canetrash and others. Again that is very weak you must be projecting again.

Those bama players had the drugs administered to them and the guy came forward and admitted it....sounds like another sec payoff...50 k will make it go away....

Posted by: sidcane | July 23, 2013 at 11:46 AM

Is this from the same conspiracy factory that claims ESPN, the sports writers, refs, NCAA, and _____(insert institution name here) are all conspiring on behalf of the SEC to make it the master conference and bury UM?

Jesse you have the best blog by far, Matt Watts posted once a month and never paid attention to the comments, it all deteriorated from there with some crazy cane fan posting daily to the point where most of us stopped reading/posting.
You are even better than the cane blog writers since you answer comments and interact with your readers. Good work.
One word about the cane blog, I went there today and saw that Sidcane is very active there as well as here and he seems obsessed with jls even talking about him in the cane blog, go figure.
Now enough cane talk let's concentrate on our Gators.
This video seems to show that the GPD overreacted by arresting Morrison when he should have been let go with a warning. However he is at fault for getting himself in a position to make that happen. Agree with whoever said he should stay in his dorm and stop going out to these bars.
Our D will definitively miss him in the middle, someone else will have to step up in his place. Taylor, Kitchens or Ball I suppose.
Looking forward to the upcoming season and to see what Driskel and Pease can cook up to wake up the passing game.
As always, Go Gators!

jls again CLAIMS that he is willing to discuss civilly. Yet these are his words:

"And you have the audacity to come here and rant about SOS?"
1. Jesse brought it up, I responded, without audacity, and at no point did I "rant". You did not respond to the points brought up, you went with the personal attack instead. At least the next guy was willing to discuss the points made.

"No logic, not a Gator, a complete fraud."
Posted by: jls14234 | July 23, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Ahh, you call me a complete fraud, for daring to ask Jesse a question? Okay.

WOOF WOOF Mu' Fu'kers

See u Sept. 7th.

Twisted Logic don't be so thin skinned.

The fact still remains that the f'ing dog....

BARKED AT HIM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's okay to fabricate lies and call me a racist, but it's not okay to call him an a-hole for it? it's okay for a cane fan to attack my character in GATOR Clause, but my reaction gets deleted?? Come on Jesse that aint right. You can't tell me you wouldn't react just as angrily, if someone said you made racist comments, when you never have. Don't be Matt Watts and only delete Gator fans comments, while allowing cane fans free will. Racism is not a joke!


That's weird, my post disappeared right after I posted it. Sorry for accusing you. Keep up the good work! Just a little pissed off right now, about this idiot calling me a racist. Cane fans are really good at getting under your skin. Be nice if they actually acted like a 7 win team, and not like a 10 straight national title team.

They're like Kim Jung Il in Team America:

"We're so ROAN-RY. Prease Pray Us. We're so ROAN-RY"

Jesse is doing a fine job, so far he has given every troll his say. Must say that they have been more subdued than when Matt was in charge, probably testing how far Jesse will let them go.
Typical Miami Morons to come here and accuse us of racism, posing as others stealing IDs and more when it is them that do such things.
Don't get too upset GatorAlum, remember they are Morons and have to make up stuff because they have nothing good to feel about their team, nothing to show for a decade.
They are here to try make you feel bad, misery loves company as they say.

I hear you, but falsely accusing someone of being a racist, is taking it to an all time low, even for a loser cane fan like sid.

I mean gator logic, not sid, they're all the same anyway.

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