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Morrison arrested (again), suspended

Florida sophomore linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested late Saturday evening on charges of impersonating DMX harassing a police canine and resisting arrest without violence.

It’s Morrison’s second arrest in just over a month (35 days), and this time it officially earned him a suspension.

Gators coach Will Muschamp released a statement saying, “I’m extremely disappointed in Antonio Morrison’s decision-making. He has been suspended from the team and will miss at least two games (Toledo, Miami) to begin the season.”

UF’s prospective starting middle linebacker was booked into Alachua County Jail at 4:15 a.m. on Sunday and was released on his own recognizance sometime later.

According to the police report, Morrison walked up to a police car with a K9 unit in tow and began barking at a dog, named Bear, in an open window. Morrison then resisted arrest when officers tried to detain him with handcuffs. 

The police were actually responding to an unrelated incident at “an after-hours business,” before engaging Morrison for barking at the dog.  

Morrison allegedly made multiple “woof-woof” noises at the dog, after insisting Bear had barked at him first.

Florida’s sophomore linebacker was previously detained on June 16 on a simply battery charge for allegedly punching a bouncer at a Gainesville nightclub.

He received deferred prosecution, which included two ride-alongs with University of Florida police.

Morrison’s latest arrest doesn’t count as one of those rides.

I’ll have more later, specifically on how Morrison’s absence will impact an already inexperienced linebacker unit.


This via David Jones, writer for Florida Today

"State attorney Bill Cervone said Morrison "subject to revocation" to deferral first charge if finds "crime involved" to warrant.Cervone said he is "concerned about the legality of this arrest" after early look. The technicality that could help Morrison is that statute requires element of "malicious interference." Dog was sitting in car."

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I remember when the bag man muschamp became coach a couple of years ago stating the arrest would stop because there was a new sheriff in town, did he mean the elections in Alachua county for Sheriff? This circus at UFelony keeps getting better, I don't think a TV show writer could come up with this stuff. UFelony fans must be so proud. GOOOOO FAKERS

Have your fun now cane Morons but I doubt any one would be arrested in Miami for barking at a police dog.
The UPD continues to be very aggresive when it comes to UF athletes.
Having said that, this is no secret an thus Morrison should know better and lay low. If he is guilty f someting is mssive stupidity.
So Morris and Due will benefit from not havig to face this animal but we ve more players ready to step up.

A police dog is a police officer and yes he can be arrested for it. If u kill a police dog your charges refer to a police officer , not a dog. He ought to claim the roids made him do it....that would at least be a defence. Gotta give huntley something to work with. Its like the guy who stole the taco....lmao remembering......he said " I was just playin' "...

How in the world did a 19 year old this stupid get into UF in the first place?


Hey Jesse...welcome to this stinky little Turd blog. Did a judge give you community service....because....your gonna feel like that's what your serving as us Canes fans rip you one each and every single day. You must have been desperate for the money to have to come here every day and make light of how pathetic and "stinky" this Turd football program REALLY is.




OH MY..... the fodder is great.....

It makes perfect sense now....as....I am perfectly convinced that "DOG BARKING 101" is actually an elective course at UF.....hahahahaha....you cant make this stuff up!!!!!

I jut checked the UF recruit board for Rivals...they only have like.....7 commits at this time....what up with dat? If we flip Cook I think the entire Gainsville community will start to riot.

The Tebow Tears era is way way gone....sit back and watch how a TRUE football dynasty takes care of business in the State of Miami!!

Ruff ruff....ruff ruff ruff.....

JLS....seriously....animal? Dog perhaps? He seems to speak canine!!

Honestly...if this was a Cane player I would be calling for dismissal...just plain STUPID....can we agree? You all were already gonna lose by 14 to us this year....now it may 21....

You REALLY don't understand what you team is in for come Sept 7th!!

Now comes the Pouncey brothers wearing, "Free Hernandez," caps, you Gators make this so easy I won't even comment about that stupidity!

Morrison "barking up the wrong tree." ROFLMAO

and the beat goes on......and on, and on, and on, and on and on, and on, and on, and on, and on!

There you go Jesse the Miami Morons are now threatening you and calling you out as if they are the ones in charge. Welcome to having to deal with losers on a daily basis, they had been somewhat subdued so far but it was just a matter of time before they showed their true colors.
Moron, keep checking Rivals for meaningless recruiting rankings so early. It's the only place you are ranked, in recruiting that is, not your actual team, that one is not ranked anywhere, not even in "others getting votes".
Glad to see you continue to be infatuated with Tebow and cannot take your mind off him. We like Tebow too, but have moved on years ago.
What dynasty could that be, you can't be a dynasty when you have been mediocre for a decade. Unless it's the State of Miami Mediocre Dynasty. Have your standards fallen so much? Weak.

Sid, first thank you for not stealing my name in the past 2 days. But dude you are still one dumb cookie, "A police dog is a police officer and yes he can be arrested for it. If u kill a police dog your charges refer to a police officer , not a dog

Who the heck killed a dog? Settle down. We are talking about barking at a dog. Turns out since the dog was sitting inside the car and not doing any "police work" the officer was wrong in arresting Morrison. I admit Morrison is stupid but it is obvious that the officer over reacted.

Jesse I told you these Miami Morons were only looking for trouble. The guy that threatened you brings nothing of value to this conversation, only threats and insults.

A police dog is a police officer ...read what i wrote . Sorry if i didnt dumb it down enough....

Jesse, look at the log in info for "He Barked First" post above, I believe you will see that JISM14234 is trying to outsmart himself. Silly Santa Fe Comm. Coll. grad. GOOOO FAKERS

There's a little pot calling the kettle black here, I believe. UF has absolutely had some issues keeping players out of trouble lately, but UM isnt immune to stupidity either. Since the end of the 2012 season, three UM linebackers have "left" the program including talented playmaking linebackers Eddie Johnson and Gionni Paul.

My dog is a cousin to the police dog, he told me that Antonio said to the dog, don't you know who I am? I am Antonio! Why was he arrested for just carrying on a conversation in dog speak?

Sad situation. At this point it is inevitable that he will do something silly (again). Muschamp putting him on the shelf will give Morrison ample opportunity to do just that.

Unfortunately the question around Morrison's departure is a 'when' not an 'if' IMO.

Posted by: UF100yearsofmediocrityandcounting |

First of all, the correct name is 10 years of mediocrity and counting, which describes cane football to a T.
Secondly you are suggesting I'm posing as a cane troll and then answering my own posts with my real ID.
It is Morons like you that steal others IDs, constantly change names, and post garbage.
But I welcome Jesse to check IP address for the poster you reference, as well as other cane trolls here.

Jesse, actually 4 cane defenders have "left" the program in the past few months. Besides the 2 you mention there is also Thomas Finnie and another I forget.

GatorMike, hopefully that won't be the case and he can stay out of trouble. However the trend has been that these players cannot endure punishment and do transfer out instead of sucking it up. Jessamen Dunker was the last one I remember to do that. Hopefully Morrison can break the trend and wait it out. We will see.

I hear you JLS - throw Marcus 'bong hit' Thomas in that category too.

Still wondering if Jesse has any input on our safety situation (per my earlier comment on the previous thread). I think our corners can do an adequate job and I feel pretty good about the pass rush, but the first team we play that can threaten good play action (cough, cough, UM, cough, cough) will test us deep. A guy like Matt Elam was physical, fast and smart..not convinced we have anyone like that protecting the back side of the defense.

Gator Mike: I'll have lots on Florida's safety and linebacker situations as we move closer to the season, but yes, the position is an area of concern for Muschamp & Co. Elam and Josh Evans were both really good players in 2012, as was Pop Saunders, who has since left the program. If there's a positive for the Gators it's this: cornerback is the team's deepest position and is LOADED with talent. VHIII, a true freshman, is going to compete for playing time immediately in a group that already includes two potential first-round draft picks (Purifoy, Roberson). Brian Poole is set to play nickel for the Gators and Watkins, probably UF's most consistent corner in 2012, will shift to safety to lessen the burden of losing Elam, Evans, etc.

" Hopefully Morrison can break the trend and wait it out. We will see "

Yes..............lets give this cerebrally challenged Univ of Florida student more time, at least until he matures enough to put a bullet in the back of someone's head. UF kids need a second chance to prove their ultimate capability to society.

Is Will Muschamp any different than Urban Liar ?

Posted by: JaxCane

If you believe the crap you posted then you are an imbecile. Actually since "cane" is part of your name you are automatically a Moron.
A 19 year old college student goes out drinking and starts a fight. Then he barks at a dog and gets arrested both times. First time is warranted, second time is overkill. Is that going to automatically translate into him becoming a murderer? Not only is that a reach, it is stupid too.
Some 19 year olds go out drinking and start fights, others go out drinking get behind the wheel and crash into a tree. Which one is worse? If Kevin Olsen had hit the tree in Gainesville and had he been a UF player he would have definitively been arrested. Then some dumb cane fan would call for his head and say he would grow up to kill someone. Pathetic reasoning.
Typical cane idiot troll.
Muschamp kicked off his team a top 5 corner in the nation because he is not Urban Meyer. He has disciplined every player who got in trouble to the point that most of them transfer out instead of putting up with the punishment. Muschamp is doing just fine, worry about your coach and see if he can reach that elusive 8 win milestone some time soon.

State attorney Bill Cervone said Morrison "subject to revocation" to deferral first charge if finds "crime involved" to warrant. Cervone said he is "concerned about the legality of this arrest" after early look.
Bill Cervone is supposed to be the PROSECUTOR, but whenever he gets involved, the Gator player gets off the hook.

But then you only need look at his CV to see why: He (Cervone) was first employed as an Assistant State Attorney in 1973 upon his graduation from the University of Florida Law School."

The man chooses to back out of doing his duty when the criminal behavior is perpetrated by a Gator player. Combined with Huntley giving pro bono defenses for these gentlemen, they rarely face justice until after they leave the UF campus.

@jls14234 !!

Would you have the same sentiment if your brother was named Odin Lloyd ?

I think not............

jls says "since "cane" is part of your name you are automatically a Moron."

He tells Jesse he is willing to have civil conversation, but then makes these kinds of hatefilled generalizations. Since Gator is in my ID, does that make me a genius then? I would not claim that, but toe paraphrase Aerosmith,

"If you can judge a wise man, by the color of his helmet, then mister you're a better man than I."

I should make it clear that Aerosmith was being SARCASTIC in that line, and so was I.

Hernandez, Lewis what's the difference??

Hysterical !!!!!!!!!!!

This one's for you JLS !!

Morrison has taken the lead in being named the winner of newly minted annual "Aaron Hernandez Gator Felon Award".

Should Morrison go on to win the Hernandez award he will deserve a tremendous amount of credit when one considers the volume of Gator football players (felons) competing for that honor.

Not surprisingly, the dog commented that his conversation with Morrison convinced him that Irish Setters have been given a bum rap as the world’s dumbest dog, because whatever breed Morrison is--he has set a stratospherically high bar in the world of dumb.

Courtesy of Putney Swope

"that elusive 8 win milestone" That's good stuff!

8 win and more will happen as you will see.

BTW .............where were the Gaytors when the canes were winning all the championships ?

Oh........that's when all the inbreeding was happening in Gays'ville !!!

Stop the nonsense dude. Did anyone say Ray Buchannan was going to stab 2 people later in life after he got arrested in the grove for fighting with a policeman?
Of course not. You are dumb to keep bringing Hernandez up after every arrest.
And then you go on and make up crap like the "Aaron Hernandez Gator Felon Award" and your conversations with dogs. You think this is funny but it only makes you look stupid.

I am willing to have a civil conversation but your friend above is not reasonable. When he posts such garbage he deserves to be called out.
Now you start quoting Aerosmith then definitely you cannot be a genius, even if you use Gator in your name.
For a self described cane fan and Gator hater you sound more like Gator obsessed. Not only do you use Gator in your name but you post here every day.

Orange and Blue, glad you liked that. What makes it real funny is the fact that it's true. A skill my cane rivals have not mastered, they come up with made up crap like Jaxclown does and it's all weak and stupid at best.
Golden has a good chance to break the 8 win barrier this season since he has dropped every good team in his schedule while playing a pathetic ACC slate. Only faces two good teams this year in UF and FSU virtually guaranteeing around 10 wins. Unless he reverts to his usual of losing to one or two ACC doormats, still could end up 8 - 4. All cane clowns celebrate!

JISM1, you are not capable of an intelligent conversation as you start every post off with an insult. I am guessing your about 18 yrs. old and living with your mom and dad. Saying Miami schedules weak opposition, you obviously have not looked at a UFelony schedule in the past 10 years. This year UFelony plays Miami, LSU, FSU, GA & USC that could be tough games otherwise your schedule is a complete joke. Lets not forget the real tough games against Toledo and the GA Southern Eagles, truly pathetic, not withstanding you have to play all of the tough teams above except Miami and UFelony has been trying to get out of this game for the past 3 years. GOOOO FAKERS

Florida plays a VERY difficult schedule in 2013 -- Phil Steele tabs it most-difficult in nation. Comparing it to Miami's is an insult that makes zero sense. Whether you believe UM is better than UF is irrelevant. SEC >>> ACC.
UF plays four teams probably slated in the preseason top-10, three away from Gainesville.
The only two top-25 teams on UM's schedule are in-state rivals UF and FSU.
In 2012, the Hurricanes faced three ranked opponents, losing to all three by a combined score of 126-36. Florida faced six ranked foes last season, not including Texas A&M, who finished the year ranked in the top-5.

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