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Muschamp hits Meyer with an uppercut

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart loves to pump his fist and yell, “BOOM!!!” after delivering one of his patented slams.

Florida coach Will Muschamp prefers to deliver his shots with a sheepish grin and some aw-shucks candor.

During Tuesday’s Southeastern Conference Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Muschamp took several hearty jabs at Ohio State coach Urban Meyer over alleged UF recruiting violations over the past year.  

Muschamp told reporters at the Wynfrey Hotel, “It’s a dead issue for me. In both situations we were turned in by Ohio and we didn’t do anything wrong.”

According to multiple published reports in June, Meyer purportedly turned in his former school (something he denies) to the NCAA for supposed secondary recruiting violations involving an illegal “bump” (i.e. contact) between Gators running back coach Brian While and five-star tailback prospect Curtis Samuel.

The NCAA investigated the allegation but cleared Florida of any wrongdoing. Last summer, Ohio State also notified the NCAA about a situation involving current UF freshman defensive end Jordan Sherit. It too amounted to nothing.

“We appreciate our friends from Ohio making sure we were compliant with NCAA rules,” Mushamp said. “They certainly know a little bit about NCAA rules.”


A passive-aggressive one-liner and a sarcastic thank you?!?!  Brady Hoke is impressed.


Muschamp said Florida starting middle linebacker Antonio Morrison could be suspended for his June 16 arrest for simple battery, but UF’s coach hasn’t made a decision yet.

“It hasn’t even crossed my mind,” Muschamp said Tuesday.

Morrison allegedly punched a bouncer at a Gainesville bar over an admission fee, and the linebacker later accepted a deferred prosecution agreement on June 28.

Muschamp was quick to declare Morrison is currently being disciplined, and that Florida’s coaching staff is focusing on educating their players and preaching personal responsibility.

“When you sign a student-athlete to come to the University of Florida, I look at his parents, guardians, whoever is important to him in his life, tell them it’s my job to be an extension of what’s already happened at home. But you’re 100 percent responsible for the young man,” Muschamp said.


Full disclosure: I hate these things. They make zero sense (see: Dunbar’s inclusion as a 'top wideout'). They’re like a Pro Bowl roster where half the players in the NFL are named to a team. Don’t bother deciphering how UF cornerback Louchiez Purifoy is nominated for both the Bednarik and Nagurski Awards (top defensive player nationally) but not the Thorpe Award (top defensive back).

The lists are flexible though, and I’m sure Purifoy and maybe even Marcus Roberson are eventually added sometime during the season.

For now, here are the Florida players selected for the various released watch lists:

- Jeff Driskel (QB) – Maxwell Award (top player)

- Quinton Dunbar (WR) – Biletnikoff Award (top receiver)

- Jonotthan Harrison (C) – Rimington Trophy (top center)

- Dominique Easley (DT) – Bednarik Award (top defensive player), Lombardi Award (top lineman), Outland Trophy (top interior lineman)

- Louchiez Purifoy (CB) – Bednarik Award, Nagurski Award

- Kyle Christy (P) – Ray Guy Award (top punter)


Muschamp on quaterback Jeff Driskel signing a baseball contract with the Boston Red Sox:

"I said, 'Jeff, if you were my son, I'd tell you to sign the contract."


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No worries,morrison will not be suspended. So happy the blog is alive again. Im getting tired of trolling 'Canes boards. Any info on Toledo would be nice as we start out slow each season and i heard they have a pretty good qb wr combo. Nothing like what we will face in week two but still has me worried.

Jesse what is your middle initial? Would be so cool if my screen name matched your initials.

Does anyone have extra tickets to a game? I have never been and would really like to go. Unfortunately with my situation i cannot afford it. It would be a dream come true.

UFirstdegreemurder's coach is far ahead of the plan to pay players:

"The difference between Spurrier's proposal and the proposals approved by the conferences is that the coaches themselves would fund the extra money."

Me and sammy will be here all year long . We are the only true gators that follow this blog.

For those curious (jls14234) I'll be releasing some preview items, starting with Toledo, next week.

Any word on Powell? Is Kelvin Taylor as good as I keep hearing? I was very unimpressed at his performance in the Spring "Game".

OMG jesse, u are so awsome.

Read Dominique Easley's quotation about Bear Bryant at SEC media days. Does anyone really need more proof that the UFirstdegreemurder is failing our state as an alleged academic institution?

Just shut that dump down already before it embarrases the thinking and non-felons of this admittedly mostly whitetrash state.

Hey Jesse the cane trolls got here before I did, all the posts above are from Sidcane who stole my screen name and is trying to make fun of you, in fact the only true Gator post is from Fatty.
Seriously maybe you can look at the IP address from these trolls and block them.
Thanks for the Gator info

You are awsome though. He actually said my momma and daddys are white trash. I cant even argue with him because he is mostly right.

All i have is stuff i hear the fourth graders say to get back at him. Please ban him. Its not my fault i was born plain white trash.

Jesse - please try to ban the cane trolls with IP addresses or make it a Facebook sign in like ESPN has done. It will certainly make this blog more insightful and informative for true alumni and fans.

Thanks and Go Gators!

Muschamp was very high on Powell this week, as he's been all spring during numerous Gator Caravans. He told reporters Tuesday, "Two surgeries. Never complained. Never got down about anything. He [Powell] is truly a great individual and excited that he's a leader of our football team."

As for Kelvin Taylor, there will be plenty written on the freshman as the season approaches. He showed flashes of brilliance in the "spring game," but he also struggled with the playbook a bit. Remember though, he's young and being in Gainesville for the spring was a huge advantage over most other freshmen.

Sooooooo funny....they cant dish it out very well and they cant take it when it comes back at them.....wah,wah,ban sidcane,wah,wahwah....gator fans are ignorant....go take a look at cane blogs before you decide to ban people....will the real troll please stand up....j?.....stand up little buddy....

I come froma long line of proud white trash and momma said nobody can take that away.

Jesse, your post are insightful however way above the IQ level of most gator fans. You will want to dumb it down a little, did you forget how it was at UFelony?
Jism1, stop your complaining, you are projecting how you post on the cane boards 30 times a day. Jism1, maybe you can go to a game with the "Meal Deal" ufelony is offering gator nation to attend games.

Jesse, get used to this loser above. We call him InsaneCane, but he also goes by 100 different names, but usually the same stupid comments over and over again. He lives in Gator clause, and will more than likely be the one commenting the most. Being a graduate of UF I'm going to love seeing how you handle him constantly bashing your education. He's about as big a loser as it gets.

If manny hasnt done it to the real jls14234 yet , what makes u think anything willbe different here...besides ,if they ban jlo for posing as canetrash plus a multitude of other scree names, u will be here all alone.....well you wnd sammy.

Couldnt put my finger on what was wrong with your screen name . U may want to change it to gator alumnus....unless u are a female. Alum has nothing to do with college unless it is in a chemical compound u are learning about. Are you a grad or just into crystal meth? Most people use alum as a graduate term if they dont kno the proper term.....I assume U have not attended college....? Am I right,or am i right?

Good to see Kyle Christy get some love on the all-SEC team. He was the single biggest reason we beat LSU last year. Everyone seems to remember Elam's fumble cause/recovery that changed the momentum late, while they forget Kyle Christy flipped the field half a dozen times in the first half keeping us from falling behind when our offense was doing nothing.

Christy was arguably Florida's best offensive weapon in 2012. He finished the year fifth in the nation in punting average (46 yards/kick).

Christy and Gilleslee. It is obvious our offense needs to get better in the passing game this year, let's see what Pease and Driskel can do in their second year.

Hoping that the Cartoon Network will show a marathon Sponge Bob, Jimmy Neutron, Bear Bryant show. I love that Bear Bryant cartoon.

I am also an ignorant member of the UFirstdegreemurder so it all makes sense.

Are you kidding me InsaneCane, I mean 100 years, I mean sid? That's what you're resorting to? I guess when your team ins't worthy enough to justify talking trash, you might as well criticize my name. I think you're the only person on this planet, with the exception of anyone under the age of 10, who hasn't heard a graduate of a school called an alum. Again, just showing proof that 90% of the hurricane fan base are community college rejects.

Nice job generalizing, GatorAlum. You keep posting your sick comments and hopefully Jesse will ban ou like should have been done over four years ago.

What's your problem Logic? GatorAlum is correct in responding the way he did, and there is nothing "sick" about his posts. If anyone should be banned it would be Sid and the rest of the cane trolls that live here 24/7.

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